The Second Restoration

This blog was started in 2006 as a joint project between my son and I – he wrote for a year or so and then moved on, leaving it to me. I found it a nice outlet. Each morning my mind is awash in ideas, some even mildly interesting. So I kept at it, but did not understand how the concept of “blogging” had been captured by the two parties and was being used as a mechanism to keep the herds inside the fences. To my dismay I was removed from the links of party-affiliated blogs and banned from commenting. My manners were less harsh and my insight far better than people who remained loyal to the parties. Still, isolated and ignored in all the right places, I kept at it. It was something to do.

Finally, some time in 2015, I gave it up. I shut it down, and after an absence of a couple of months, renamed it and vowed that if I were to continue this game, it would have to be with forward movement. I had enough of pointless party sniping, the same issues rehashed again and again, constant rewriting of the definition of “boring.” I was in the same holding pattern, but was unconsciously searching for an exit from the mundane. I stumbled on it one day while looking for a YouTube, searching for anything there that was interesting. I found this:

I did not know it, but this was the answer to the question I had failed to ask: Is there another way to view our world? The video above is a slap in the face, an awakening, and most importantly introduced me to a man in Taos, New Mexico named Miles W. Mathis.

I have since met Mr. Mathis, and while he and I will never agree on all things, I will never say anything derogatory about him anywhere to anyone. He is just a man, flawed like all of us, but he gets enough crap from enough sources that I will not be part of it. His is a mind powerful and unique. His work on the Tate murders was fresh – and most importantly, empowering.

Thus did I dive into Mathis’ work, and was immediately slapped again by another revelation – my childhood idol, John Lennon, was still alive. I had a hard time with this one, read and re-read the paper (53 pages now), looked at the evidence, and finally managed to get hold of the movie Let Him Be* to view it for myself. Yes, I realized, that is the voice of John Lennon singing, and yes, in the final third of the movie, that is John Lennon performing. My world view needed a reboot.

But there was more in store.

Since high school, even though life would interfere, I tried to understand the mystery of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is the premier rabbit hole of the twentieth century. I spent hundreds of hours in there. Mathis brought fresh eyes to it. Here are his words from his paper, The Hidden King(s): Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin:

“It has long been clear to almost all intelligent people who study the evidence that the Warren Commission was a cover-up. Something like 80% of those polled admit they don’t believe the Warren Commission report and we must assume that the other 20% are very gullible. Some have also studied the so-called conspiracy theories—the alternate theories, that is. But it should be equally clear that the alternate theories are, in most ways, just as full of holes and just as poorly constructed as the standard theory. Like the Warren Commission report, the alternate theories also read like propaganda. The style of all counter-stories, in whatever form, has been just as fishy as the Warren Commission story. To those of us trained to look at form as well as content, the counter-stories also read like a script, or like a transparent effort at mind control.

Let me suggest to you that both sets of stories were created mainly as misdirection and disinformation. This is not to say that all alternate theorists are controlled by the government or by anyone else. It is only to suggest that alternate theories—in all forms but one—seem to be encouraged by the government and the powers that be. We have always assumed that alternate theories would be frowned upon or discouraged, and yet we have never seen much real effort at suppression. In fact, in most cases, the dissemination of alternate theories would seem to be abetted by the mainstream, not suppressed. You should ask yourself if the alternate theories and theorists might be selling the main lines of the desired story just as fully as the standard theory. For the powers that be, it may not matter whether you believe there was one shooter or many, or even whether you believe that the CIA or FBI was involved. The only thing that is critical is that you believe Kennedy was assassinated that day, and the alternate theories sell that fact with even more emphasis and gusto than the Warren Commission.

As it turns out, the alternate theories make a much greater hero out of Kennedy than the standard theory, and it may be that this is a welcome side-effect to the real conspirators. The first desideratum of those controlling both stories is that you, the public, be kept monumentally confused, so that you can never ask the proper questions. This end is achieved by having many competing theories. In this way, the Warren Commission was only the official fake story. But the other fake stories are just as important in the long-running effort to make it seem that there is no right answer. The storytellers are quite satisfied to have an ever growing mass of speculation and opinion, which almost inevitably must overwhelm all investigators. The more diversions that are created, the less likely it is that anyone will discover the real clues.”


I stumbled on this, questioned him, brought in different angles – the Parkland doctors, the Oswald mystery, the Tippet murder, Sam Giancana … all of it, he said, was fake. All were players, including the witnesses in the grassy knoll Dealey Plaza.

That was mid-2015. Slowly it settled in. Not only was JFK not killed, but neither were Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Martin Luther King (a work in progress for me), Hale Boggs, Jack Ruby, Lee Oswald … those deaths were all faked. The greatest mystery of our time had been solved. I never thought I would see the day.

I will leave it there, as each of us travels on a private journey. I have come to think of 11/22/63 (note the date – 11+22=33) as the Second Restoration of the Monarchy. The process had been in the works for decades, if not centuries. That day was the final purge – the last lingering remnants of republican government were exorcised from the United States of America. The government was taken underground. Never again would royalty suffer the indignity of having to court votes.

Understanding all of this had two important consequences:

  • No more heroes. John F. Kennedy, his brothers, his son, and John Lennon were/are schmucks, con artists, liars, phony through and through. I waste no more time honoring them! All leaders should be distrusted, always.
  • I am excited about life and the prospects for individual freedom. I have optimism that carries me even now as we here at the blog uncover one hoax after another and delve ever deeper into the deceit about us in every facet of our life in these United States.


*In case you wonder that YouTube might be heavily censored in all aspects, follow this link. For a very brief time a window was open, as someone managed to get the movie online. YouTube shut it down.

29 thoughts on “The Second Restoration

  1. Mark,
    Thanks for the brief description of your “path.”
    While our journeys may be private, I believe it is beneficial (and enjoyable) to learn about other’s stories.
    I appreciate the time and effort you and the other contributors/writers put into this endeavor.
    The spirit here at POM is welcoming and open-minded, and that is extremely rare in the blogging/conspiracy world, as we all know.


  2. It was a pleasure to read this post, I would have never guessed the way you concluded this one, bravissimo (or kudos, as they say around here).

    If it makes you feel any better, I got slapped few dozen times on Mathis’ site so far, still counting 😀 beginning with his physics, I was led to him as I was looking at Jim Murray’s and Bob Babcock stuff on “the feminine side of physics”. It was somewhere on some obscure forum that the link to Mathis’ page was waiting for me to click on it, for me it all changed suddenly from there on . I slapped my forehead countless times, which was funny and sobering at the same time. I just couldn’t stop reading his physics epics, taking my laptop even to the toilet with me…drugged and dragged to the end with his revelations in physics, I started with his earliest non-physics pieces just to realize how monumental is his work on other parts within this orchestrated reality.

    I will say to you and all other contributors at PoM as I did to him, no word is enough to thank you for all I learned from you.


      1. I was at cluesforum site, actually, went there more or less to find some poeple, that would be saying/debating/discussing anything in connection to Mathis. Came there using search engine, can’t remember the terms used. It was fun and sometimes meaningful there until I got banned for realizing it’s limited-hangout fog-distributing site….


  3. What began with good poitical fun and games — “Eyebrows or Highbrows” — has returned to its original “mission.” Will never forget “David (Bob Kelleher) vs. Mini-me “Goliath” (Sen. Max Baucus) in a 2006 political mismatch never before (or since) witnessed. Thanks for it all.

    Congratulations! Without enthusiasm, and a good chuckle every now and then, what good is life, anyway?


  4. I have probably stated this in other comments, but I too researched everything I could find concerning JFK. I was 12 years old in 1963 and felt things were not as reported. I also remember that certain classified documents, pertaining to the assassination, would not be released for 50 years. It was my hope that I would still be alive at the ripe old age of 62 so I could learn the truth…what a let down. I did discover the 9 part documentary “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” and even though I learned new information, it was, like you said, more information solidifying that he was assassinated. I discovered Miles Mathis in July of 2015 from a comment made on another website. That comment led me to his site. I was blown away by the info on The Tate murders being faked and then I read Hidden Kings. It was a lot to digest, but resonated with me. A couple of months later I ran across JFKTV on Fakeology, written by Tyrone. I no longer research JFK, RFK, JFK Jr and many others…I’m convinced that the assassination in 1963 was the 1st step, in a long line of steps, to destroy this nation completely. The knowledge that the CIA manufactured the Laurel Canyon music scene, Woodstock, The Grateful Dead, Deadheads and LSD usage, pales in comparison to the evil committed by “our last true president”. What a monstrous deed.


    1. Out last “true” president? Who then was our first “true” one? Here’s something I just read but have not verified, a letter from FDR to Col. House … “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers have owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson …”


      1. agreed, this nation is in a hell of a mess and has been for a long time….I put that portion of the comment in quotes because people still believe it…Here is a really good presentation by my favorite researcher, Clint Richardson…..Clint Richardson – Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Privatization…almost 3 hours, but worth the time

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Years ago, decades actually, I read a book called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen, and I was so wet behind the ears that I took it all in whole. Then I drifted and got away from all of that, and have spent the intervening years digesting propaganda from all the other angles, not aware at any given time that I am just living in another part of the matrix. As I listened to Richardson I thought “Wow, I’ve come full circle.” He is bringing the old Gary Allen thrust, rebooting, just as Servando Gonzalez is in his “Psychological Warfare and the New World Order.” It’s 1970 again!

            I don’t care for all of that, the doom and gloom aspects of fighting the masters and manipulators and their machinations. I don’t care about Agenda 21 or Common Core, won’t be enlisted to fight an apocalyptic battle. I am enjoying my new found freedom too much to reenlist. It’s all any of us can do to keep our head above water, try to place a grab on hold on a slice of reality, and live happy lives free of worry.


            1. I don’t plan to fight either, not possible… but I do like understanding how this totally corrupt government works. Clint’s research has made that possible and I feel empowered just knowing. We can’t change the fact that the wool was pulled over our eyes and things like JFK and the Tate/Manson psyop happened in the 60’s, but I feel miles ahead of 95% of the population because I have been able to lay that to rest. I sometimes feel downright giddy as POM uncovers another zombie, fake event, fake picture. I just enjoy the knowledge of what I see as the truth.

              Liked by 1 person

            1. Absolutely, and Clint has been there and “tried” to do that and fully understands it is not possible. He is not an anarchist. He has researched exhaustively and shares that knowledge.


        1. Annette, I started watching this last night and I agree that he’s a real guy. Lots of interesting stuff that I was not aware of (like Agenda 21). He knows his stuff in a down to earth way. I didn’t watch the whole thing yet but I will. Thanks for the video.


  5. Mark, I really appreciate your optimism in this face of the onerous knowledge we have all been arriving at by our own paths. My personality is not as upbeat as yours, and it is a great boon to read your consistently positive appraisals of human nature and the future, despite our present predicament.


    1. Our “present predicament” is our permanent condition. There is no jailbreak in store for the vast majority of us. You will never see me standing on a corner holding a sign or marching in a parade or protest. But still, I am happy … I wish people were smarter, that TV was not so effective, but what a gift I received from Mathis, to be set free of it all! If people were not as good as people are, they would not have to fake all these events, these mass killings, these assassinations. They want us worried, scared, pessimistic, and I am none of those things! That is why I said Mathis was “empowering.”


        1. We’ve had a number of spooks come here trying to derail our work by various means, one of which is Jew baiting. We don’t deal in that sort of thing, that is, we know there are powerful Jews out there, but don’t reduce things to that, as it is hateful. The fact that they are Jews is not the guiding light here. It is something else. Most Jews, like most Catholics and Muslims and Hindus etc. are good people making their way. We refuse to be led down that path.


  6. in keeping with dr. phil

    The Show Must Go On
    Empty spaces, what are we living for
    Abandoned places, I guess we know the score
    On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for
    Another hero, another mindless crime
    Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
    Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore
    The show must go on
    The show must go on, yeah
    Inside my heart is breaking
    My make-up may be flaking
    But my smile still stays on


  7. I believe it is Hyper Realistic Drill Portrayed As Real…or something very close to that…either from Clues Forum or fakeology


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