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I have been busy researching an event from 2002, the failed coup d’état in Venezuela. Then-president Hugo Chavez was taken hostage for a couple of days and then restored to power. The upshot is that Chavez was controlled opposition and that the event was manufactured for the benefit of the Venezuelan people. It instilled confidence in Chavez, its whole purpose. (Wikipedia clues us in in the first sentence with the number “47.” That is a spook marker telling us the event was fake. We are not supposed to know that.) [A better word than “fake” is “manufactured,” as thousands of honest people were sucked into it by agents provocateur.]

However, in writing about the coup, I was bringing in too many subjects and making it far too complex. So I decided to break off this portion of it as a separate post.

Vladimir Lenin is attributed with the words “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Whether he or someone else invented the concept, it is so deeply ingrained all over the planet that it is more a truism than a stroke of genius. Just in my lifetime we have seen Joseph McCarthy, Fidel Castro, Robert F. Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, Jane Fonda,  the Chicago Seven, the whole of the leadership of the 1960s radical antiwar movement, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Bill Hicks/Alex Jones, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Pete Ham/Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, Christopher Hitchens, Alexander Cockburn, Noam Chomsky, the 9/11 Truth Movement, Occupy Wall Street, and every television journalist who ever powdered up her face to go on screen …

…they are all controlled opposition.

That is, of course, only a partial list. Ours is a full spectrum dominance environment. Every side of every debate is planted in our minds and controlled. Shakespeare wrote that all the world is a stage. Everyone listed above is an actor – a paid liar.

That might be discouraging to some. Yet here we are, at least at this blog,  knowing more about the world we live in than ever intended. Look at the menus on the right – the Twins/Replicas, Zombies and Public Hoaxes. I know of no other source anywhere that has compiled such a list.We did it all without trusted sources, without leaders.

Right now we are supposed to be worried about the Trump presidency, his cabinet appointments, Pizzagate, Vladimir Putin and the Russians hacking our vote, terror attacks … here at this blog we are delightfully worry free. We are not afraid of the future. We are the calm zone.

Soaking up news requires no effort or thinking. The see-it-on-TV/believe-it-to-be-true process is merely a form of thought control. It is easily avoided. Don’t watch it.

In 1989 I was adrift and turned on my TV to C-SPAN one night to find a man lecturing at American University, saying things I had never heard before. I was captivated by him, and because he was kept off mainstream news and TV, I assumed he was the real deal. I followed him, trusted him, read everything he wrote.

My nature is more curious and intense than most. Consequently, I was not going to be suckered in by newspapers, TV news and party politics. It was going to take more than that to get to me.  But they got to me anyway. Noam Chomsky had all the earmarks of a spook, working at a university MIT that is virtually a subsidiary of the Pentagon. He is widely read and published, travels the world to lecture, is all over Facebook and YouTube. All of that is a clue. He was meant to be discovered by curious people like me. But he is just another gatekeeper.

The advice I follow is to trust no one. No one ever said this truth-seeking business would be easy. It is not easy. It is very difficult, and yet intensely fun.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the calm zone

  1. ‘trust no one’ – so why should we trust you? And about all this controlled opposition, who’s doing the controlling, and to what ends? And the spook numbers? Why would wikipedians even put that there? You’d think that those who need to know don’t need spook markers to let them know anything.


    1. Good questions all … first, you should not trust me. You’re on your own.

      Who is doing the controlling? Think of our country as a household – do the parents allow the children to make decisions? No – instead, they control them by filling their head with Santa Claus and other fairy tales. It keeps them busy and distracted. It is the same with countries – “the people,” in the eyes of our leaders, we do not have the intelligence or emotional stability to run the country. So they keep us distracted. 24/7 news is part of the distraction industry. None of it is to be trusted.

      As to who … Nelson Rockefeller suggested in a memo to Ike that the cabinet be replaced with a secret government that could run the country without being visible. This was in the mid-50s, and here is the important part: By that time Nelson Rockefeller had been replaced by a body double and had gone underground to be part of that ruling council. The memo was misdirection, to hide the fact that it had already happened. Others who have served might include Joe Kennedy Jr., JFK, RFK, JFK Jr., representing that family after faking their deaths, and members of other powerful families including DuPont, Rockefeller, Morgan, Hearst, etc. Of course since it is so highly secret we can only speculate. The country needs a governing body, and since nothing is ever left to the voice of the people, there has to be a secret council at work.

      Wikipedia is an intelligence front, and not some gathering of experts. It is the official repository of the lies of our times. If you know how to read it, you can glean some truth. That is why it is littered with spook markers, so insiders can read it and know what is real. In the Venezuela article, circling as I read, I found 42 potential spook markers, all built around the numbers 8,11,33 and 555.

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      1. Just another number noticed, Chavez was ‘captured’ on 11th April, 4/11 or 11/4, which we can subtract as 11 – 4 = 7 , so 4 7 is repeated twice in the first sentence, hidden just for a short while disguised with words instead of numbers when adding a date to the sentence.


  2. Wow. Very good answers, Mark- and they WERE very good questions!
    In the very limited time my eyes have started opening to the REAL world – I find myself espousing my views to all + sundry, like most newbies to anything tend to do. The discouraging thing I’ve found is good ole George H.B. may have been right about how Americans don’t WANT to know the truth. People I was sure I knew VERY well (like an ex-bf) actually said they don’t want to believe things are so screwed up, so they won’t! And I don’t associate with philistines either, these are intelligent people…Scary. Well, since I just found out about the Barack /Michelle thing, I have a lot more to learn, so I’ll go back to my education. I just regret I donated $10 to Wikipedia last week…


    1. I used to send $30 a month to Democracy Now!, and feel the same way as you … that is just where my head was at. You are on a path of discovery now, and I can feel the excitement in your words. Please do stay in touch with us here at this blog. Soon your own ideas will be churning and you will need a place to release them.


  3. I remember watching this unfold. The coup happened when Chavez was out of the country (Cuba I think) and the new ‘government’ were in the presidential residence. The story was that the guards were still loyal to Chavez, and allowed pro-Chavez forces to enter and arrest the coup members; this was all filmed and they showed it on TV. Now I see what a load of baloney that was; if you’re going to undertake a coup properly (and this was CIA-backed), you get rid of the guards and replace them with ones that are loyal to you.


    1. Yeah, the documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised was a large part of the scam, done to have camera crews on hand to capture the events as they unfolded. They just happened to be everywhere, inside and outside of the palace, there to catch a moment when a woman sees her dead son/spouse. Some of the crowd scenes look like how they film political rallies, camera angles used to make the crowds appear larger. I watched it with new eyes over the weekend.

      I am just finishing up the piece, but it seems that everyone is miles ahead of me on this … Straight mentioned matter-of-factly that Chavez was a Lt. Col., the usual rank for spooks. I suspect he faked his death – part of the “they have weaponized cancer” psyop that goes all the way back to Jack Ruby, who also faked his death. Judyth Vary Baker, also an Intel asset, recently promoted this psyop further, as did Bill Hicks/Alex Jones.


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