More holders of the Get Out of Jail Free Card: OJ Simpson, Sirhan Sirhan (Part 2)

It was 1968, I was sound asleep. My mother, a light sleeper, kept a radio at bedside and listened to the news in the wee hours, when we were told that stories would sometimes sneak through unfiltered. That night she woke me up to say “They shot Bobby.”

I was horrified. Mom was no Kennedy lover, but no hater of anyone (except frank Sinatra, whom she called “Snottrag.). I was too young to have opinions of consequence. She was distraught. Whereas on November 22, 1963 she told me “Well, we have a better president tonight than we did this morning,” this time there was no consolation.

The RFK shooting always troubled me far more so than his older brother. Bobby was to me more glamorous. His antiwar posture, while not appealing intellectually, was an emotional stand that I liked. I wished I could agree with him. Decades later, having come through one of the many barriers to enlightenment in our society, I would also be (retroactively) an opponent of the Vietnam War, and would imagine that RFK was just another victim.

So the Bobby hoax was more powerful. His acting was superb. He really sold it. I hold him in contempt for that, really putting one over on us. Below is a famous photo, one I thought just sloppy when I originally saw through it (so to speak), but now know to be a manifestation of the hidden hand, a Masonic (or spook) signal that many knew of at the time, but which went right by almost all of us.

Hidden Hand

The man’s head has been superimposed in the darkroom on another body, elevated by a missing appendage. This photo fakery was not done that night, or the day after, but likely some time before, indicating the missing hand is a signal. It cannot be oversight. The events of June 6, 1968, were scripted far in advance. Bobby could not be president, as it would be expected in  that role he would solve his brother’s murder. The best solution was to remove him from the picture too.*

The event was foreshadowed. I won’t be able to find the footage, but he was on a flatbed truck in Los Angeles while campaigning, and there was what sounded like a gunshot, and he flinched, but then recovered his composure. Of course, looking back on it, no way do they put him on a flatbed truck in full view – that event too was staged, probably on a back lot at Universal or Paramount. Earlier in April he was called upon to speak in public upon Martin Luther King’s (also fake) assassination, and said he knew what people were going through, as he had lost a brother in this manner. The phony f***.


Tyrone found the footage, also mentioning that it cost the campaign a lot of money, as it is a collage of clipped footage injected into some live (but staged) shots of RFK, probably in a cordoned off area with paid actors. The shots at the end, a deliberate dramatic device for maximum effect, are gold.


This post is not about RFK, but instead, his fake shooter, Sirhan Sirhan. Since he was not killed, no one killed him, hence no one is in jail. Sirhan is a lifetime actor. His attorney is a real person, but also an actor, William Pepper. We occasionally hear Pepper on Black Op Radio, an Eternal Flame used to keep assassination mythology alive. The last time I heard him speak, still fooled, he warned that the dogs were barking,  and that Sirhan’s life was in danger.

His only danger is death by natural causes, advancing age the most prominent threat.

I am always surprised when these mug shots are taken without benefit of the height markers behind. I think these are the same two guys – I notice the lips are much less full on the older man, and head angles distort ear height. But the nose is a dead giveaway, identical in both photos. Sirhan is indeed a lifetime actor, in my view.

Here’s an interesting passage from Wikipedia, the source of all lies:

Then in 1966, he joined the occult organization Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross, commonly known as Rosicrucians.[8]

The Rosicrucians are a Masonic order, deeply secret about their activates. I don’t know much about them but have a difficult time imagining you just join them, as deciding to become a Catholic, for instance. Perhaps you can be a fringe member. It is rare for Wikipedia to speak so openly of them. That’s a huge ‘tell’ as to Sirhan’s identity, even though we don’t know his real name. (Note the footnote, a magical ‘8’.) He was hired at a young age to play the assignment.

There is an outside chance that the California Supreme Court decision (The People of the State of California v. Robert Page Anderson) caught everyone off-guard. That decision commuted all death sentences in the state. It could be that Sirhan was going to be offloaded via fake execution, but once his fake sentence was commuted to fake life imprisonment, he had a lifetime gig.

There is more foreshadowing going on in the RFK affair, with a subplot regarding hypnosis, making Sirhan a Manchurian Candidate. Those who construct these fables are gifted in the art of suggestion and misdirection, offering any number of rabbit holes from second shooters to this scene, a hypnotized boy. They’ve even gone as far as to imply to us, via a Harvard professor, Daniel Brown, Ph.D, that Sirhan was programmed, and that the girl in the Polka Dot Dress was the trigger that made him do it. (I suggest Dr. Brown to be an honest man here, and mean no disrespect towards him. He probably assumes RFK really died.) William Pepper says now he knows who the mystery Polka Dot girl is, but won’t tell us, last I checked, until he has access to the courts.

In 1971, Sirhan was housed in the Adjustment Center at San Quentin State Prison.[29] He was subsequently transferred to the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad, California, where he was confined until 1992.[30][31] From 1992 to 2009, he was confined at the California State Prison (COR) in Corcoran, California, and lived in COR’s Protective Housing Unit until he was moved to a harsher lockdown at COR in 2003.[30] In October 2009, ostensibly for his own safety, he was transferred to the Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California, where he was housed in a cell by himself.[32] He was subsequently moved back to Corcoran.

On November 22, 2013, Sirhan was transferred from Corcoran to the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County. The transfer occurred on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said that the transfer was “a routine matter of housing allotments” and its timing was “simply an unfortunate coincidence.”[33]

There, if you are looking for it, is the magical footnote “33.”We don’t know where Sirhan lives, or by what name. But  the spooks are telling us by that footnote that he is not in the San Diego County facility.

Where in the world is he? Given what we know about people and faith in authority sources, being told that Sirhan is in jail and out of sight is enough to cause us to stop looking for him. Even if he lived down the street from me here in Colorado, I would pass him on the sidewalk without notice. He could be anywhere, but I suspect is kept close to access of the prison system for the fake parole hearings. Just a guess.


*Chappaquiddick, another fake event, was used to remove Ted Kennedy from presidential contention for the same reason. John F. Kennedy Jr. was faked-killed in 1999 for the same reason. Where it has been speculated that the Kennedy’s are leaving the scene to serve on some sort of underground ruling council, and all things are possible, it could also be that they are just actors and in real life people of little gravitas. As such they have to play their parts, exiting the stage when they become a plot hindrance.

14 thoughts on “More holders of the Get Out of Jail Free Card: OJ Simpson, Sirhan Sirhan (Part 2)

  1. I didn’t realize Pepper was also involved with Sirhan Sirhan and the RFK “event”. Less than a year ago I listened to a podcast about the MLK “event”…Dr William Pepper was being interviewed. Supposedly, Ray, took the fall for a murder he did not commit…there was a trial and everything and I don’t recall ever hearing about it. This is all such total BS! The pot continually stirred to keep the myth alive. Here is a sample of the story from this website:
    Thanks to the nearly four-decade investigation by human rights lawyer William Pepper, it is now clear once and for all that Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and that also involved the U.S. military, the Memphis Police Department, and “Dixie Mafia” crime figures in Memphis, Tennessee. These and many more incredible details of the King assassination are contained in a trilogy of volumes by Pepper culminating with his latest and final book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King. He previously wrote Orders to Kill (1995) and An Act of State (2003).

    With virtually no help from the mainstream media and very little from the justice system, Pepper was able to piece together what really happened on April 4, 1968 in Memphis right down to who gave the order and supplied the money, how the patsy was chosen, and who actually pulled the trigger.

    Nice that it has been so neatly tied with a bow.


      1. When I heard that podcast, I was still under the impression that MLK actually happened….had not really given it much thought and was so upset to think the wrong man was in prison….and I was awake at this point! The “follow-up assassinations” failed to register until recently.


  2. I remember that night vividly, or as much as a ten year old boy could remember after being roused from a dead sleep to then soon fall asleep at the feet of his terrified mother while the grownups watched in stunned disbelief at the television reports-
    My brother and I were being watched by our step-father’s grandmother and her house in Pasadena was down the street from the Sirhan family- I remember Arab looking kids rode bikes along the main street we played in and they were older and not very friendly- I don’t know if some of them were Sirhans, but when it came out later that they lived so close, we all assumed- The street number for their house was 668, which I thereafter referred to as the neighbor of the beast- Ten year old humor-
    RFK is coming up in my JFKTV segments, but just as a reminder, John Frankenheimer, allegedly, had just left Bobby at the Ambassador Hotel and was retrieving his car from the hotel garage when he says he heard of the shooting from his car radio… Priceless-
    And, of course, Bobby was at Frankenheimer’s house in Malibu the night before along with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate- Clearly Frankenheimer was the field commander for all of these ops, and I would imagine a young Oliver Stone was part of his entourage-

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    1. Fascinating insight! I didn’t know much about Frankenheimer until I read that portion of your book. The truth of all the shenanigans becomes clearer and clearer.


    2. I know who a lot of these patsys are and I knkw where they live. I was raised around them. I just realized all of this and dug up all of this info myself. I know where the patsy works who was involved in the shooting, he is an attorney. I have a copy of the hearst (hurst will). 918 4243575. Maybe someone can help me get a better understanding of why everyone I love, loves money more than they do me.


  3. I have a picture of a man that says otherwise. Ha. He is an attorney now who has told people that he paid his way through law school by selling himself. I have a bunch of info about all of these fake stories. It is all political and things like the OKC bombing, it raised gas and oil prices. It is sad that people love money so much. If you are interested in hearing the truth, please feel free to contact me. 9184243575…


  4. Regarding the name
    Sirhan= wolf

    Bishara is probably good news/omen(also gospel, annunciation) . I googled the arabic spelling (I have almost no knowledge of the Arabic alphabet) and got this page

    Lyceum in antiquity was the meeting place of the peripatetic school (founded by Aristotle). Lyceum comes from lykos=wolf. The point is that a wolf can mean an initiate. The original Fabian society also used the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Since we know him as Sirhan Sirhan (Wolf Wolf), maybe they mean wolf among wolves or lone wolf (lone gunman). See the wiki page for Lone Wolf (terrorism).

    Of course this is speculation that maybe can be coupled with other symbols (like the hidden hand). I would also bet that this is not the real name, so the name can be a symbol/joke/message.

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  5. Hate to break the news to you, but the missing hand is fake alright, but doctored after the fact. In the original crime scene photo the image on the left is no where near RFK. The Kitchen staff that was shaking his hand during the shooting is holding his head on the right.I’m not saying there isn’t false evidence (13 shots from an 8 shot gun, 3 shots fired before Sirhan was subdued, etc.) But the photo provided of the missing hand is no doubt someone doctoring photos to over-prove the point of conspiracy. The conspirators aren’t the only ones who fake evidence


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