JFKTV: Segment Five


Praetorian Guard- The Dallas Police Force

Along with the Secret Service, the Dallas motorcycle cops escorting the President were ordered to remain behind and to the side of the limousine so as not to obstruct the public’s view of the President and First Lady. Like the leashed in Secret Service agents, the trailing motorcycle cops gave the shooters an unobstructed view of their target. Again, the opportunity was seized upon to blame the President for his own death. Kennedy’s detractors in the postmortem literature have kept up this barrage.

Kennedy’s apparent reckless disregard for his safety echoed these detractors’ assertions: that the commie loving traitor had a total disregard for the safety of the nation, to which these claims invariably implied America didn’t lose much with Kennedy’s murder and almost subconsciously suggested a vote of thanks to the assassins for getting rid of such a dangerous peacenik.

As for the Dallas detectives entrusted with the investigation, one of their ranks was chosen to appear as a sacrificial lamb for the conspiracy crowd. Roger Craig, a sheriff’s deputy who was on the scene quickly, maintained to his death that he had witnessed Oswald leave the Book Depository several minutes after the shooting. This of course did not jibe with the Warren Commission who claimed Oswald was confronted on the second floor of the Depository by motorcycle cop Marion Baker a minute and a half after the shots were fired. And Oswald then allegedly left the building and went on his way.

This second Oswald espied by Craig was part of the manufactured backstory put together for the accused, one of the most elaborate elements in the entire hoax.

This sighting by Craig, who would not relent, caused his early dismissal from the department and he eventually had his name added to the Mysterious Death List when he was found dead from an apparent suicide in his father’s house. The Second Oswald story that Craig promoted, along with the choreographed harassment and exit from the force, his sad demeanor when interviewed and his unwillingness to see the logic in keeping quiet, all of this made Craig taking the easy way out seem plausible. As with every other faked death, the impenetrable wall of emotion was carefully erected and in this case the conspiracy crowd got to mourn one of their own.

But, please, for just one moment think about it: Craig, a Dallas deputy sheriff; a police officer on the Dallas Sheriff’s Department staff; a man who could not achieve such status without swearing oaths of loyalty; who would have been tested and vetted long before the assassination; a man whose patriotism and faith in a Christian god would have to be demonstrated; a man who had proven his willingness to follow orders without question; a man who could strictly observe the esprit de corps of an exclusive fraternity; a man of rank in one of the most corrupt police forces in the country. That man is suddenly going to get a conscience and put himself and his family at risk by insisting there were two Oswald’s? And insist unto his dying breath?

Sorry Grassy Knollers. This Craig character was inserted into the narrative to fan the conspiracy flames and once again detract from considering the fact that the assassination never took place.

Then another sacrificed officer, JD Tippit, entered the narrative. He was on patrol well outside of his usual beat and approximately thirty minutes after the assassination someone approached his prowl car. Witnesses said the man appeared to know Tippit and when Tippit got out of his vehicle, he was gunned down at point blank range, dying as he fell.

This “murder” had several purposes. One was to gain sympathy for the force as a whole so that whatever method they used to “solve” the case the public would be in sympathy given one of their own had fallen while hunting down the Presidential assassin.

Another reason for the Tippit ploy was to get the entire force behind the charges against Oswald. Not everyone on the Dallas police force knew what was going on, not that there would be a lot of disagreement with their superiors, but cop culture being what it is, every officer knew herd mentality was the operative system and dissent was simply not an option. It was also a fairly sure guarantee that no officer would ask questions over time, at least while they were on the payroll or pensioned. Save for the carefully orchestrated “dissent” of Roger Craig to give the conspiracy crowd a rabbit to chase, no officer wandered away from the official verdict. Such are the protocols of armed gangs.

Thirdly, Tippit was chosen, it is claimed by some of the Grassy Knollers, because of his resemblance to JFK. This alleged resemblance pinned him for use as a body double for Kennedy in the likelihood that the wounds to Kennedy would not match the 6th floor window origin of the shots that the Warren Commission made claim for. This ghoulish proposal makes absolutely no sense as Tippit would be shot by a handgun from point blank range and not by a distant rifle. Any forensics expert and/or doctor conversant with gunshot wounds would spot the difference. Any ballistics expert could discern between the ammunition of a rifle and a pistol. The only reason Tippit would be shot deliberately in the head after he had fallen, as some witnesses claimed he was, would be to provide a photogenic cadaver that could pass for the corpse of the President. Such gory photos exist which claim to be Kennedy but there is no absolute certainty with a photo. A photograph is an object of a faith-based mindset, not tangible reality. Photographs are not admissible evidence if they can’t be authenticated. The chain of possession must be established as well or they are useless as evidence. By that measure, enjoy the autopsy photos at your own risk. They exist as the Zapruder film et al exists: to corroborate the claims by the authorities and that the assassination actually took place.

xxx4-jd-flanked-by-jfkJD Tippit/ JFK composite flanked by a wax dummy corpse.

(Here’s Mark’s updated look at the photos)

Proof that morgue photos of John F. Kennedy are fake

Finally, the Tippit hoax was also staged in order to pay for all of the planted witnesses and crisis actors involved. Donation funds were immediately set up for Tippit’s “widow and orphans”.

Charitable donations from the gullible public have been source funding psychological warfare operations forever. From Tippit to Sandy Hook, money from sympathetic sheeple who live with the certain knowledge that the media is fair and unbiased has been an evergreen resource for paying the willing participants, most of whom don’t know anything more than their own role which is handed down from superiors and obeyed without question. Other monies transferred from illegal accounts into these tax free charities also help launder cash from a variety of illegal operations. Whatever the amount that was reported which the Tippit family survivors were said to have received, it certainly did not all go to them. It went to all the participants, which did include the character named Tippit and the character of Mrs. Tippit. What scale pay was for such actors is beyond the scope of this book, but it likely comes in the form of a monthly pension, not a large lump sum. With Tippit having to relocate and change identity, he probably got a lot more initial support than, say, Mary Moorman.

We know how Abe Zapruder was paid, but he almost certainly did not receive 50 grand from Life Magazine and his estate no way no how received sixteen (16) million, U.S. in 1999.

Once Oswald was shown to be in police custody, the search for other suspects ceased. He was paraded in front of reporters several times and was even allowed a brief Q and A session with the press; Captain of Homicide Will Fritz was put in charge of Oswald’s interrogation by Chief of Police Jesse Curry. No notes or audio recordings were said to have been made during these interrogations. Within a few hours it was announced that Oswald had been charged with the murder of Officer Tippit and President Kennedy.


The faux Oswald confronts the paparazzi inside Dallas police headquarters.

Outside the interrogation rooms, the press was allowed to cram themselves and bulky television equipment into the narrow hallway. The pressmen were not two feet away from Oswald when he was escorted in and out of these rooms. Nothing seen on television that day and into the night had ever been allowed during a real police investigation. Nothing of what was produced for the public and broadcast over the airwaves was legitimate in any way, shape or form. It was television programming, not a police investigation. It was stagecraft, not police procedures being properly observed. No one but defense lawyers would ask themselves why these illegal proceedings were being shown to the nation. No one but defense lawyers would raise an eyebrow as to how anyone could charge a man with capital crimes in such a short time without a confession and/or positive eyewitnesses. And no defense lawyer who wanted to keep his shingle would make a stink about this spectacle to anyone, even a spouse.

The two men handling this end of the farce, Fritz and Curry, were up from the bottom lifelong cops. Curry, the more ambitious of the two, rose to the rank of Chief of Police. Fritz had at one time been offered the job of Police Chief but turned it down. This in effect made the two more or less equals. To handle the public through the pliant press, Curry was far better suited, a man who could say his lines with some conviction but could equivocate when necessary. Fritz appears as a man of a blunt few words and so was put in charge of keeping Oswald away from the other officers and brought out be inspected by the press periodically so that the viewing public could get a good look at the accused in order to sell this product more easily.


Fritz and Curry on white bread with extra mayo and a vanilla shake to go.

Oaths and Opportunity

Police officers belong to a fraternity. There are female officers but in effect police departments are fraternities. Police are almost always military veterans who have previously belonged to the military fraternity. In Dallas at the time of the assassination, police officers with any ambition or goals within that fraternity were also in the fraternal order of Freemasons: three fraternities, three oaths of loyalty and obedience. There were no strays in the upper ranks of the Dallas PD or Sheriff’s Department. There were no rogue elements and no resignations over conscience. These men did what they were told and without question. The oaths of the Freemasons are spoken in service to The Great Working. This is not democracy in action nor is it to “Protect and Serve” the public.

The public is subject to law enforcement. Police are under no legal obligation to help any member of the public. They are bound by law to enforce law. They are bound by their oaths to take orders from superiors without question. Masonry and the police were one and the same in Dallas.

In many professions in 1963, the man on the way up was a Freemason. Business leaders, military commanders, police officials, medical men and politicians were Masons or they weren’t promoted. Anyone or anything in Dallas of any significance was controlled by Masonry. And Masonry in Dallas meant an extremely conservative position in all important matters. It meant conservative economics and patrician family values. It meant a cold shoulder to racial integration. Most of all, it meant a complete prohibition on all talk of appeasement with the communist world.


Handbill circulated in Dallas by fascist supporters of defrocked General Edwin A Walker.


Demoted head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lyman Lemnitzer, author of Operation Northwoods, the 911 style inside job terrorist attack designed to provoke a retaliatory strike against Cuba. Lemnitzer is occasionally fingered as the prime suspect engineering the murder of his former boss for being soft on the commies.

That Jack Kennedy was pushing against most of this conservative agenda, and was a confessed Catholic to boot, he therefore represented the Mason’s worst nightmare. Freemasons had been excommunicated by the pope in the 18th century and were an anathema to the faithful of Kennedy’s religion. Anyone analyzing the assassination from this angle could see the interior logic; that powerful Masonic forces had to do him in. This level of influence appears to the naked eye as being capable of regicide and getting away with it. Anyone going down the Masonic rabbit hole will conclude therein lies the primary motivation for the President’s murder. And that suits the perps just fine. Masonry is at some deep level just another front that they hide behind. If the Order is trashed and abandoned by the true believers, so what?

Those in the deepest background simply erect a new façade because they never believe the hokum these fronts espouse in the first place. These fraternities are machines of control and they eventually break down. It doesn’t matter in the long run that many people believe the Masons did it because the myth of Kennedy actually being killed still holds in that scenario.

“The Pentagon designed and executed the plan to kill Kennedy”. This was at one time probably the most wildly disseminated answer to the question: “Who Killed Kennedy?”

Oliver Stone’s film JFK came to that conclusion. Mae Brussell, the doyen of the first generation of conspiracy researchers, thought the same thing. If life is laid out in script form and events have a beginning, middle and end, a good guy and a bad guy, then, yeah, whoever is still standing year after bloody year, without review or input from the civilians of the greatest democracy on the planet Earth, must have done it: the military, of course. They have the most guns and personnel and they get the most money. Was not Kennedy’s stated agenda all about peace? He wasn’t talking about enforcing peace at the end of a gun barrel. His Pax Americana speech laid that out in black and white. He spoke openly of bringing those “advisors” home from Vietnam and leaving the people of South East Asia to work out a democracy for themselves. This was not the rhetoric of a man bent on maintaining a war economy. This was not the man that would spearhead military action that would lead to huge profits for the military and their private sector contractors. The internal logic is there for all to see. The military had to take him out. They had an even more immediate need then the Freemasons. Hell, the top brass in the military were also Masons. They had double the motive!

But wait… We had one of the largest militaries in the world before, during and after Kennedy. No country on earth has been as generous to their military as have the United States government and the gullible public who will believe anything a white man in a suit or uniform says. Woodrow Wilson ran on an isolationist platform and as soon as he won reelection the armaments industry went into full-scale production. He was a tool like any other President. Kennedy was also just as big a tool. Like Wilson and all the rest, Kennedy’s words were written for him. They scroll up on a TelePrompTer and the actor-in-chief reads them verbatim.

So why the bait and switch from peacenik JFK to war monger LBJ? To knock the country back on its heels; to slingshot the public from appeasement to confrontation; to leave a dazed and confused America open to suggestion while they cowered in fear at the senselessness of the murder. The idea that a Marxist shot Kennedy was never meant to fly. That myth was just more frosting on the sixth floor windowpane. The logic of attacking the commies specifically because of one whack-job pinko was not sufficient motivation. The swift removal of Kennedy, a man who rekindled youth’s enthusiasm for the political process by his manufactured charisma, put the country in stasis. The next guy in would find a disoriented generation of young people who could be used to field an army. They would fight for a world where such senseless violence could no longer occur. Moscow may not have ordered the hit, but they were an inspiration to such violence and that had to be checked on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

That the youth earmarked for cannon fodder fought back with enough vigor to chase Johnson out after only one term speaks volumes to just how much LBJ’s handlers miscalculated this appeal to patriotism. As the signs of resistance became too obvious to ignore, the youth movement was drowned in drugs and temptations to decadence and this they did not resist. Then special interest groups fractured the anti-war momentum. Black power. Feminists. Homosexuals. All against the war were now fighting for themselves. Divide and conquer. The war lingered for years but its damaging effect on the country was decisive. It would take a generational cycle to start in on a new crop of kids, and it required not dropping out but buying in.

For a time another popular trope dominated conspiracy research: “The mafia did JFK in”. That facade held for quite a while, not the least because it was the actual stated conclusion of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, a congressional committee convened in the wake of the Watergate scandal/controlled demolition of the Nixon regime.

A critical look at the history of the “Mob” will reveal in short order just how intertwined they actually were with the military, overtly during WWII, and covertly afterwards; conjoined with the CIA in facilitating illicit global drug trafficking. Going all the way back to prohibition, one can see the mob cooperating with Wall Street and the banksters in moving vast amounts of undocumented cash behind the back of the Internal Revenue Service. This in turn favored the federal government over states’ rights as interstate criminal commerce helped ramrod federal laws through congress, spurred on by lurid fictions surrounding wholly owned and operated characters created by the feds. Cartoon characters like Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde, or John Dillinger and Alvin Creepy Karpis; these headline grabbers were total fabrications of the FBI and the socialist administration of FDR.

The stampede of a quickly expanding federal law enforcement apparatus being able to supersede local authorities bottle-necked interstate investigations and placed national intelligence in the thoroughly compromised hands of arch Mason and closet homosexual J. Edgar Hoover and his personal gang of thugs at the Bureau. All the while Joseph P Kennedy, JFK’s father, oft noted as the biggest crook on Wall Street, was commissioned by FDR to regulate that casino/bordello and write the rules for the newly created Securities and Exchange Commission, a further expansion of federal interference in the affairs of the governed.

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24 thoughts on “JFKTV: Segment Five

    1. The interrogation of Oswald was not recorded, we are told, and this too was conspiracy bait. “Why, of course if they did not record anything, it was to hide what was said!” The obvious answer, that there was no interrogation and nothing to record, blew right by us. (GIven all of the planning, they could easily have manufactured a transcript, meaning they planned this aspect too.)


      1. Declaring that Oswald acted alone before being picked up did it for me. Of course, being such an important story it is believable that they may have wanted to be first to broadcast it.


  1. Another good analysis! FWIW, If I was a Dem candidate who was such a good match for Kennedy, albeit with a bit of plastic surgery and a stint at Jenny Craig. Why would I part my hair on the right side and grow my hair long? Why not play it for all its worth? Sorry but I’m having a Mark Staycer moment here. BTW I agree with your analysis of Charini or whatever his name is. Did anyone ever do any comparisons outside of the chops? Favorite foods maybe? ( Take your eyes off the Grits for a moment ), A school board member winning a senate seat who entered the campaign 15 days before the election? Perhaps google photos showing another Carter who was a whole head taller than Rosalyn? I’m guessing probably not. Would this not restore ” All ” of his previous privileges? Just sayin……….


  2. Tyrone it astonishes me anew each time to realize how far ahead of the curve you are on so many different topics.

    I am to curious to hear your thoughts about Jim Leavelle, the detective wearing the light-colored suit who was handcuffed to Oswald as he was led out to the garage. I saw an interview he gave where he was also a witness to the Pearl Harbor attacks. I looked into Pearl Harbor a bit (there was actually a good thread on it at Clues Forum) and it seems like the event did not happen the way we were told and much of the photographic evidence is fauxtographic. He has been doing interviews for years on both events. So it seems we have another lifetime actor. What say you?


    1. Josh- Thanks-
      Leavelle’s privileged position within the Oswald procession left him with a lifetime of interview ops which he no doubt cashed in on at every opportunity- A loyal soldier that kept his end of the hoax alive with constant recollections- It’s a living, I guess…
      As for Pearl Harbor, the place to start is a possible “vicsim’s” list, to light-finger Clues Forum’s term- The fireworks and fauxtographs/films would be done in post-production- The claim of Washington’s complicity, ala the later Gulf of Tonkin, seems solid to me- Add Leavelle to the mix and both hoaxes gain a smidge more credibility in the minds of the uncritical- Plus he’s big and tough so no one would think to offer pause and suggest a few more details about Big Jim’s own loyalties- Yes, a fine actor, this time because of the type-casting-


      1. Visited the memorial site close to 30 years ago…long before I suspected anything was a lie….didn’t feel much of anything…no awe, no anger, no sadness One thing that did cross my mind….why were the men left on that ship? As a mom, and if my son was a fallen military man, I would have wanted his body, his remains, for a proper burial. To me, that is more proof that Pearl Harbor certainly didn’t happen as we have been told.


  3. The final nail to the Camelot hoax coffin.

    It has been said that minutes before President Kennedy was “shot” inside the presidential motorcade on Elm St. in Dealey Plaza, there was a phone call made in Oxnard, California by a woman who exclaimed that the president will be killed, which was picked up by a telephone switchboard operator.

    The call is said to have been made by TV show actress Karyn Kupcinet, who so happened to live in the area where the call came from. She “died” under suspicious circumstances a week after JFK was “assassinated”. I believe this was another hoax death and she reappeared as Natalie Wood, who would also fake her own death (under suspicious circumstances, again) many years later.

    Natalie Wood:

    Karyn Kupcinet:

    Even their signatures match.


    1. The only noticeable difference is the eye colors, although I believe they already developed colored eye lenses decades before they were released to the public in the late 60s-early 70s, just like all the other technological advancements released to the public such as computers and sound capture technologies.


      1. Plus, they also were coloring photographs, as many cameras were still snapping black-&-white photographs back then. The video below will give you a good idea on how it’s done, although I know that they didn’t have digital photoshop available before the late ’90s.


        1. Here’s Natalie’s sister Olga (she’s to your left and in a yellow dress):

          Haya Harareet:

          I find it interesting that Olga was named after Anastasia’s eldest sister. Anastasia also had an aunt named Olga. That’s perhaps another clue to the Romanov-Wood connection proposed by Miles Mathis.


          1. They both share a receding chin, which gives an overall noticeably rounder appearance to their faces in comparison to Natalie Wood.

            Correction: that’s actually Lana in the first picture, not Natalie’s eldest half-sister Olga (born in 1928). There’s little information on Olga herself, besides an obituary and a few photographs of her, which is suspicious. One of her pictures were taken when she was young, and she looked remarkably like Natalie in her youth (assuming that photo wasn’t misattributed). She passed away in 2015.

            Olga (?) (younger):

            Olga (older):

            Her obituary:



  4. Natalie’s husband, Richard Gregson; his maternal great grandfather had been Lord Mayor of London, so it was a juiced marriage. Gregson was a talent agent so read that as handler. To pile on: Gregson’s uncle, Charlie, mysteriously drowned in the Thames in 1933 so, like the Kennedy’s and plane crashes, drowning was the hoax of choice for this lot.


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