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Note to readers: I have been vacationing on Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands. While there we spent a lot of time on the beach. The ocean is like a a drug. I was sleeping more, and was enthralled by waves. I sat passively and watched them, the sea foam, the colors and sounds. It was so relaxing. Only a couple of times was I distracted by a human body – we are all so ordinary, there is so much obesity, so that “people watching” is not fun.  Has it ever been fun outside of TV and movies and those LA bodies?

While there I received the following email from our friend Straight which includes permission to publish it. I have missed his input and insight, and so do so gladly. He is referring to Miles Mathis’s latest paper on “trannies.”While I agree that the whole tranny business is, like flat earth and pedophilia, a professional psyop, I also agree with Straight that it is not aimed at Mathis due to his work. It is a larger program aimed at de-sexualizing us. If my beach experience is any indication, it is working.

All words after this are from Straight.


“I haven’t read anything on POM or MM in a few weeks but I just checked in to read MM’s tranny paper and, my lord, he’s gone off the rails with arrogance, ego, and closed-mindedness. I’m stunned how blind I was to it.

Look, at this point, I don’t necessarily believe the celebs are trannies either but Mathis is closing off so many lines of inquiry in his paper, it’s borderline misdirection in itself.

I mean look at this stuff. Let’s start with self-importance.

The more real hoaxes I uncover, the more fakes one they have to come up with to keep you diverted. Who wants to slog through Hitler’s genealogy when they can look at trannies instead?

I have shown Swift is a project, but she is not a tranny. Funny, isn’t it, that all the people they are saying are trannies are people I have written about? Bob Dylan is supposed to be a tranny now too, as of about a month ago. Like Swift, I have written about him recently. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. I have also written about them.

In short, they are trying to sully my research by surrounding it with all this crap. They want to get you so lost and confused in an excess of contradictory information you can’t tell real research from fake research. Eventually, they hope, you will just give up and run back to the safety of the old mainstream story you grew up on.

Billion dollar tranny psyop – all about Miles Mathis and his 10k-20k visitors a month. Whatever, man.

“I give soooo much evidence, and these guys don’t”. Same thing we heard in the POM paper.

For instance, if you search on “Taylor Swift tranny or trannie”, thousands of things come up even though this project on her just started. No one thought Swift was a tranny a year ago, but after I wrote my paper on her, all of a sudden we got all this weird stuff on her and everyone else. The first video listed on a search is this one. But he gives no evidence. Zero. His argument is that she wears a lot of makeup, therefore she is tranny. He shows a lot of pictures of her and says, “That is a dude”. That isn’t evidence. That isn’t an argument. It doesn’t resemble my method at all, which is so heavy with research most people can’t get through it. I give you an 80-page pdf, for instance, while these people give you a 5-minute video with nothing in it but empty speech and a few snide laughs. Whenever I tell you something, I show you how I got there. I show you lots of evidence of many types, and footnote it all (or link it). So you can come to your own conclusion from all the same things I looked at. But this guy gives you nothing. Just a raw opinion backed up by nada.

After an appeal to quantity of evidence (which is a semi-fallacy in itself), and dismissing someone based on a lack of evidence he goes on to provide the following evidence the very next paragraph.

They are hoping to snare me with this tar-baby, but it ain’t gonna happen. They are hoping I will confirm some small part of it, at which point they can say I was pushing trannies. But I’m not. I don’t confirm any of it. Yes, they are using admitted trannies like Jenner and the Wachowskis to mess with our sexuality, but that isn’t the same thing. I confirm that—although there is nothing for me to confirm —but that isn’t the same thing. I do not confirm the rest of this ridiculous psyop, since I have better things to do. People are writing in telling me Jessica Alba is a trannie. What? I say, “Are you blind? Did you just get here? Have you never seen Jessica Alba?” Not only is she not a man or even an androgyne, she is extremely feminine. She is on the feminine end of femininity. If you can’t see that, I can’t help you.

If you think that is a trannie, you need to buy a dick somewhere. You don’t know who to get it up for.

That’s it. After dismissing somebody for lack of evidence, he provides the same exact type of evidence but in the reverse. Instead of “That’s a tranny! Use your eyes!”, he says “That’s not a tranny! Use your eyes!”.

The ego and arrogance is just awful. It makes me shudder. Look, I don’t even care about “facts” and “evidence” as much as most people since I think they are limiting tools that education brainwashes us with from an early age. But when somebody dismisses others and pumps themselves up by talking about evidence, they should provide some themselves.

The rest of the article provides no other evidence, but instead preaches that this is nothing but noise and misdirection to confuse you, make you question your sexuality, and shop more. While there is truth there, I believe it only scratches the surface of what’s going on.

While Mathis is being closed-minded, he misses the fact that there are some really questionable celebs out there like Chloe Grace Moretz, especially from the younger celeb crowd. He misses the point that they plant subconscious clues in movies, shows, and music videos (like I showed in the Ariana Grande video) to make you see women as men and men as women. There is subliminal stuff going on that Mathis completely misses with his perfect artist eyes.

Then there is his obsession with “it’s all about making you buy more stuff” which is perhaps not even in the top 10 of what’s REALLY going on.

IMO there is something very real going on with this tranny thing. As usual disinfo takes it completely overboard to make people dismiss it or go in the wrong direction, but they don’t start projects from nothing. There is always a kernel of truth, otherwise it wouldn’t ring true with people.

Mathis himself knows deep down he is closed-minded, that’s why he included the email at the end of the article where a reader accuses him of being closed-minded. He is trying to convince himself (and us) that he’s not. That’s why it bothered him enough to write about it instead of the dozens or hundreds of other emails he gets. I am so over this guy.

If you want to post this on POM, feel free to do so. Mathis is a loser, and not anywhere near as brilliant as he wants us to think he is.

I recommend you don’t fall for it. For myself, I have had a lot of firsthand experience with girls that look like Swift, Alba, and Fox, either as girlfriends or models, and believe me I have studied them as closely as I could. I have never seen the slightest indication of any of them being trannies. My second hand experience is even greater, since I have looked at millions of photographs of beautiful women.

Ughhh, yeah whatever dude. Keep bragging. That’s like the 5th paper he had to remind us.

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  1. I am so sick of the transgender psy-op shoved down our throats; having said that, this paper that MM wrote rubbed me the wrong way and I am pretty much a fan always scouring his papers for brilliant diamonds but this paper was so bad, I am not sure where to begin but Straight nailed it. It was completely beneath Miles and a bit raunchy. Like Mark, I visit the ocean for my breath of fresh healing air. I needed it after that paper. Where and when did he go off the rails? That paper had very little redeeming value. And again, I despise the tranny project but miles offered little substance to put the pushers of that project in their place.


  2. While I would not have used such harsh word, I agree that MM seems a bit self-absorbed.
    Reading this paper of him, my first idea was the same – HTF he thinks all those elaborate psyops are solely directed at him ?
    The number of his followers is tiny on a global scale. Leaving all content and truth/lie/disinfo consideration out, he is not a real threat to TPTB. If he was, he would be dead already. Artists and drug abuse always went together, don’t ya know ?
    IMHO he seems a bit left-brain imbalanced, being strong on the analytical and rational side, but having problems with other people, say, on the emphatic side. That doesn’t stop me from reading his scientific papers, through …

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  3. Thank you, Straight, for saying it. And thank you, Mark, for posting it.

    “Sex sells.” This we all know. And by that is meant plain old vanilla heteronormative straight boy+girl sex. The revenue stream from SOP birds-and-bees salesmanship is lucrative enough. MM’s suggestion that the cultural elites would tamper with that golden-egg-laying goose in order to make more money off weird-looking, neither-fish-nor-fowl, gender-bending, mind-fracking, stomach-churning s/he shite is … well … he’s not that smart but he’s not that dumb, either. It’s intentional misdirection of the same sort that he’s been doing all along.

    It could not be plainer, in fact, that there is a tranny psy-op going on, and that the reason for the it is NOT financial gain.

    Oh, yeah … AND … if the list of celebs that get attention from MM is identical to the list that Langley works with … well, there’s an alternative explanation for that, too … without the megalomaniacal suggestion that the CIA is pouring billions of dollars into discrediting one fringe blogger.

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  4. I ponder MM sometimes trying to find his angle. His arrogance has always been clear, but I enjoy most of his papers, none the less, if simply to receive a different viewpoint. After recently watching a “Questions for Corbett” on, I had a realization. Someone had written in essentially questiong Nomi Prins’ work due to her handling of the sinking of the Lusitania within the book All The Presidents’ Bankers. Corbett was appalled that someone would discount a well documented tome in its entirety simply because of Prins’ lack of labeling the sinking as a false flag. It made me realize that Matthys does this. He encourages his readers to throw out entire ideas, works of film, art and literature, historical events, etc. simply because someone is related to a Jewish person 10 generations ago. He encourages people not to parse information for the bits and pieces that might be relevant and true but to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s good to question everything, but he’s sort of like the abusive spouse who wants to gas light and isolate you until he’s the ONLY person you will look to for truth. (IMHO of course)


  5. I am a 56 year old, married female and am a grandmother.
    I have been “awake” since 1993, probably earlier, because there were many instances growing up that I was skeptical about certain things that I was taught in school and saw or heard in the news or read in books.
    I also do my own research and check into others work too.
    Over the years, I have had to reevaluate or expand my knowledge on various conspiracy subjects.
    I no longer believe in the Manson murders, serial killers, mass murderers, Princess Diana was murdered or any of the Kennedy assassinations(JFK, Jr. included).
    After much research, I have come to the conclusion that this one is unfortunately true.
    I also believe that this is one of the biggest issues of our time.
    If I really thought that this was a CIA hoax, I would certainly say so, without hesitation.
    These people have been doing a lot of serious damage to men and particularly, women (leading feminists, fashion magazines, beauty advice, abortion, etc.).
    The elite have been transgendering for centuries and in Hollywood since the very beginning.
    This isn’t just a matter of believing or trusting what you are told by someone, as is usually the case.
    Anyone can learn to do a transvestigation by following the guidelines of male and female anatomical differences in Anatomy and Physiology.
    There is no hocus-pocus involved.
    These are the same guidelines used by people in the medical professions and by coroners when skeletal remains are found.
    It does not matter what race or ethnicity you are, these differences are the same for men and women.
    It also does not matter how much plastic surgery is done, you cannot change your overall skeletal structure.
    Before the internet, the only times you saw celebrities, politicians, and royalty were photos in a magazine, grainy images in newspapers, and on television and in movies.
    Today, there are thousands of images on Google that you can see and compare.
    Many people (my late mother and my daughter included) over the years, have occasionally noticed that something was “off” with celebrities and others.
    They just could not put their finger on what it was and no one suspected that they could have been transgendered.
    Transgenders comprise approximately 0.3% of the general population, yet there is this sudden, out-of-nowhere push in favor of transgenderism.
    No one saw this coming. Not even most gay people.
    They are now targeting children.
    Miles just went after low hanging fruit.
    He did not bother to watch any more detailed videos, because if he did, he would have to debunk the anatomy and physiology of males and females.
    He can’t do that and he knows it.
    I have always like Mile’s work, but after this crap, I am going to be more suspicious of him.
    After all, he is a portrait painter and would be in a position to know the anatomical differences between men and women.
    I do however, think that there are some shills that are adding nonsensical stuff to the transvestigations to make it look ridiculous and are not going through the specific elements of a transvestigation.
    This may or may not be on purpose, but it’s still damaging.
    I really think that the powers-that-be really did not expect us find out that they have been deceiving the public with these trannies.
    This information did not come from one of their pre-approved conspiracy gurus (I won’t mention any names, but you can guess).
    A YouTube Transvestigator , Jon Humanity, has many excellent videos on this subject.
    He has also issued a rebuttal to Mile’s hit piece and has sent him his documentary and other information.
    He does side by side comparisons using real women, men and known transgenders which also helps to illustrate the differences.
    Below are a couple of links from a Christian website.
    Even if you are not religious, they are very interesting.
    Here are a couple of links from;,%20Royalty,%20and%20the%20War%20on%20Gender.pdf

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  6. I find my self reading Mathis primarily for his observations about society which are sprinkled throughout his writings. I skim past the genealogy stuff and don’t place too much stock in it. I was of the mind that he was being tongue in cheek about TPTB launching psyops against him but after this essay I don’t know. It’s bizarre.


    1. There are problems with the genealogy stuff but it is very important if you want to study the elites or history in general. It is a study from a very important angle. Of course, the genealogy study/approach must be complemented by other things.


    2. I was attacked for saying Miles was a limited hang out months ago. Your article on the other site and Grace’s comment had me thinking about control. Maybe the plan was to use POM and MM’s site as way to catch all of the thirsty knowledge hungry folks in a net. By seeing who regularly visits each site, the comments we make, the insight we gain and share, and the obvious or not so obvious mistakes they make, the Matrix grows stronger around us. There has been a couple subjects that have been shut down by both Mark and Miles and Simon Shack. Pizzagate is one of them. The investigation that I have done shows that it is indeed a real thing but the very real deaths and pedophilia are things that would be the straws that break the sheep’s back and cause a revolution. The Saturn worship and the occult history is traceable back to the bankers families and puts a lot of what’s left of our belief in history as well as the world around us into perspective.
      At first it didn’t make sense to me why the subject of Pizzagate was shut down so quickly and made out to be a psyop. Using the genealogy, the historical families connections as well as the info gleamed from other truth sites, it is easy to see that all the truth we have been given is the misdirection. What they don’t want us to see is that the sacrifices and murders are real. The Saturn worship and the Kabbalah off shoot that the Banking Families follow are real and they will continue on as long as the masses don’t believe the practices are a real thing. The numerology, the interbreeding, the obelisks, timed announcements and date specific events all speak to the following of an ancient belief system. It’s older than us. It’s stronger than us. And I think there isn’t much we can do about it. Most people will think I am nuts just reading this. And the readers here are way more open minded than the sheeple.

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      1. I don’t like being included in the list of psyops and prefer to think of myself as one who can be fooled, my only unique quality being the ability to admit it. That’s why the header quote from mark twain. I was just thinking this morning that my name is Mark Tokarski, that I was born on April 20, 1950 in Billings, Montana to Steve and Eileen Tokarski, that I had three older brothers, Tom, Steve and Joe, all gone now. I know the other writers on this blog to be real. Beyond that, I know nothing about anyone! Everywhere I go it is people who are afraid to be known by their real names.

        So, about Pizzagate, yes, I can be fooled. I don’t know if I was. I don’t know that you are right either.


  7. This is not the first time he overestimates his importance. I learned to overlook this matter. But as a writer, Mathis should be more careful since this is off-putting for many people. You don’t want to ruin your message due to things that can be avoided.

    Personally I also agree that this is a psyop or psyops. I don’t care about the tranny investigations. But I believe that this tranny trend will be combined with the transhumanist agenda. It is not hard to see some similarities between tranny (transgender) stuff and transhumanism (beyond the trans prefix). I just googled “transgender and transhumanism” and you get this book on top . The transhumanist connection can be a serious study in my opinion.

    I listened to the fakeologist podcast with Jon Humanity (am I harsh if I say that Jon has the voice of a castrato) a few weeks ago, but I didn’t watch his videos. I don’t believe these types of investigations will awake more people or give greater insights into the elite machinations. But like I said above, the study of the possible transhumanist connection can be more useful.

    I already mentioned Akhenaten in many of my comments. He was usually depicted as androgynous (see ). I already said in a few comments that I believe the top elites are descendants of Akhenaten or people from his circle. In a way this can be tied to the tranny investigations, but also to the inbreeding of the elites. Nonetheless a funny coincidence . According to Herodotus, in Egypt the woman were peeing while standing up and the men standing down. Maybe the archaeologists will discover a relief that depicts Akhenaten doing number 1. Then we will know if Akhenaten was the first tranny in chief.

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  8. I am so sick of the transgender psy-op shoved down our throats; having said that, this paper that MM wrote rubbed me the wrong way and I am petty much a fan always scouring his papers for brilliant diamonds but this paper was so bad, I am not sure where to begin but Straight nailed it. It was completely beneath Miles and a bit raunchy. Like Mark, I visit the ocean for my breath of fresh air. I needed it after that paper. Where and when did he go off the rails? That paper had very little redeeming value. And again, I despise the tranny project but Miles offered little substance to put the pushers of that project in their place.


  9. I’ve long observed that many female celebrities have masculine characteristics/qualities. How much of this is a psyop is unclear, but it is extremely prevalent.
    I’ve heard that HGH is widely used as a “fountain of youth” in Hollywood, and that prolonged use of growth hormone can lead to changes in facial structure and decrease body fat %. That could explain a lot of the females looking more masculine as they age.


  10. One of many shout outs that I can give to Miles, in spite of his latest detour, is that he has repeatedly stressed that gender is NOT fluid, and whenever someone is pushing that line of thinking, watch out and beware. I don’t really think that Miles believes that most psy-ops are being perpetrated as a result of his papers, even though his latest paper goes a bit off track. if he is for real, then the spooks are watching him. I’ve seen an internet page calling Miles Mathis poop-pants or some silly thing like that and for me that page has “spook” written all over it.

    I know in my nuclear family, we have raised our children to have a strong sense of right and wrong and not fall lock step into the lures of celebrity culture and all that entails. My son who is raising three young boys has canceled cable, and they enjoy the outdoors quite a bit. But are they needles in a haystack? We can see this feminization of men and masculinization of women as what it is: messing with the family and traditional gender roles, tried and true religious views, confusing the hell out of people, and that is what TPTB want, so we can be beholden to one overarching, overreaching authority, and put all our eggs in that one basket.

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  11. I have been surprised at how quickly many seemingly intelligent conspiracy researching people reject this crypto trans agenda without conducting any real depth of research on the topic or just claim it is something made up just to distract the conspiracy researchers. I expected more from people that are awake. I expected that they would be smart enough to know they don’t know it all, and that the conspirators can always be one step ahead of you with their tricks (Scooby Doo mask uncovers). I don’t agree that just because something is on a shill site that it is to be ignored, because part of the trick is to put truth on a shill site to confuse.

    I invested a good amount of time investigating the claims that the majority of the “elite” are transsexuals (which includes MTF & FTM, with the latter much harder to spot by the untrained eye). I was interested in this subject because I had always tried to sculpt my body to look like a female celebrity (slim, long, lean), but despite intense low carb diet and consistent daily exercise, I came close but not exact. I couldn’t look like them because I was not competing with females (my ‘problem’ area was the area of the body where females store the most fat, the hips/thighs), which most of these ‘female’ celebrity’s don’t have…because they are transgendered boys.
    I used to watch beauty pageant’s and notice the large toothy smile and think it was interesting that most of these women had these huge mouths with big toothy smiles which I rarely saw in the women I saw in everyday life. When you look closely at the ‘average’ type of ‘woman’ who is famous, you start to see a pattern of clues that the majority of these ‘women’ are crypto transgenders. Every female in the movies, tv, or supermodels are suspect. It is easier to spot the famous females as (MTF) crypto transgenders, but female to male (FTM) transgenders are getting exposed daily too, one at a time.

    Why are woman confused? Because women are listening to transsexuals to tell them how to be women?!? Because women are subconsciously held to a standard of beauty that is impossible to obtain, because the standard of beauty in Hollywood for a woman is a transsexual.
    Effect: Men are lusting after transsexuals and women want to be like the transsexuals.
    Effect: Confusion of male & female identity.
    Effect: Disharmony between males & females, unrealistic expectations.
    Effect: Subconsciously promoting gayness, and ultimately population control.

    These “elite” are not being outed based on flimsy opinions. They are being outed on people who understand the identifying bone structure of a man & woman, and how they are presenting themselves does not align with their skeletal structure. This is not just about plastic surgery, and in fact all the elite’s plastic surgery is not simply to obtain the fountain of youth, but also to hide their true sex features & poor aging from years of hormonal treatments.

    Note that no single physical feature is a 100% full proof telltale sign that someone is a transgender. You need to look at as many features as possible to corroborate.
    It is based upon having the majority of the opposite sex traits you are presenting yourself as. The MAJORITY. Not just 3 – 5 main main things. There are literally 10 – 15 traits to look for:
    -Squared jaw from side, jaw being wide from front
    -Brow bossing / Set-back eyes
    -Sloping back forehead
    -High, wide cheekbones
    -Large vs. Small ears
    -Width of the eyes
    -Having a widow’s peak
    -Adam’s apple
    -Shoulder SHAPE + Proportion, because these are done prepubescent so they don’t get the full wide shoulders, but they are SQUARE
    -Ribcage size
    -Shoulder to hip ratio
    -Hip indentation in comparison to navel
    -Hip proportion to shoulder
    -Fat distribution at the thighs
    -Straight up and down body contour
    -Proportion of hip to thigh
    -Size of feet
    – Finally, men and women move differently. That’s the ULTIMATE tell. Really. It’s undeniable when you watch a real woman vs. a real man. This is why we have recognition software available.

    Plastic surgery is utilized to promote the deception: chin implants to give the appearance of a wider or more narrow chin, jaw surgery, shaving down or constructing a brow ridge, shaving down or implanting an adam’s apple, breast implants, construction of a more vertical forehead to appear more like a female skull, hip & buttocks implants, liposuction from one body area and grafting it into the hips or buttocks to give a more feminine appearance, & rib removal to give the appearance of a female type waist.

    Hormonal: For MTF the testosterone and estrogen blockers make quite the disguise, the whole face changes and the longer they are one it the more masculine they look. Note the altering of hormones such as taking testosterone promotes an adams apple, and if testosterone treatment ceases the adams apple recedes.

    Aging: The masculine traits strengthen with age. That’s why they can fool us when they’re young, but progressively it becomes more evident that they are men. This in part is why ‘women’ don’t get work as they age in Hollywood, all that estrogen they pump into their bodies doesn’t promote youthful aging.

    Many of these crypto transgenders may be vocal “castratos”

    Here are more detailed notes I took on the differences between men & women, which is interesting as although some of it is common sense, it is interesting how little the majority of people understand about the differences (e.g., who really knows that woman have flat foreheads while men have sloping foreheads, and that men & women’s belly button placement is different).

    Differences between male and female bone structure size of the: head, jaw, brow ridge, forehead (slanted or straight), cheekbones, finger length (length of ring & index finger), feet, hips, neck, adam’s apple, shoulders width, shoulders in proportion to hips.

    Male shoulder width is 3 heads, while female is less than 3 heads wide. Male shoulders wider than waist, while females have hips as wide as shoulders. Male hand is 2/3 the size of one head, female hand is smaller. Males generally have longer ring finger digits, while women generally have longer index fingers (or equal length). Males have a line across crotch splits figure in half. Females have angle from hip to knee sharper than a mans. Male feet are cubic & conic shaped, female feet are smaller. Females have a smaller ribcage. Females have shorter collarbones, so they don’t have the broad square shoulders men have. Male skull is bigger & wider, female is smaller & more narrow. Men have more square jaws in general, while females have oval shaped jaws. Men have a more prominent brow ridge above the eyes, somewhat of a bump. Men have a long straight jaw line, higher cheekbones, & receding forehead. Men have larger mouths, with more exposed bigger teeth during a wide spread smile. Women have widows peak.

    Male Skull: square chin, prominent wide high cheekbones, jaw is more angular – sharper – square – right angled, forehead that slopes back (has a slight angle to it), bony ridge that runs along the brow region (protruding lumpy browridge)

    Female skull: more pointed chin, less prominent cheekbones, jaw line will appear softer and more rounded with a wider angle – sloping back with a curve– jaw can be wider than cheekbones, the forehead will be flatter and more vertical with a much less pronounced or nonexistent brow ridge, forehead is more straight & less angled – straight up and down – it gracefully curves up and back in one smooth arch to the rear

    Female Skeletal Features: shoulders more narrow and slightly sloping, wider hips, waist that is higher than a male, natural waist indentation points about an inch or two above the belly button, belly button far below waist, higher spinal arch, ribcage is closer to hipline

    Male Skeletal Features: wider and more square shoulders, should be able to fit 3 head widths across the shoulders, shoulders wider than the hips, male waist sits naturally lower than the females with consequently male indentation points below the belly button, high belly button – above hipbones and just a little below his waist – extremely close to his waistline – as soon as a man’s hip bones end we will see his belly button, spinal arch that is lower than a female which is closer to the buttocks. The angle formed where the femur connects to the hip is called the Q angle – the woman will have more of a Q angle than a man.

    Hips: The skeletal structure of the men and women are different. Females have wider hips and the narrowest part of the waist occurs above the belly button. Men have hips, but come to an end well below the belly button and an indent in the sides that a woman just doesn’t have. Again, females have wider hips.

    Muscle mass and strength…While individual muscle fibers have similar strength between males & females, males have more fibers as a result of their greater total muscle mass. Males remain stronger than females, when adjusting for differences in total body mass, due to the higher male muscle-mass to body-mass ratio.

    Recommended sites. Youtube: Jon Humanity, Rebooting Christianity, Apostle Laura Lee (see playlist).

    I am inspired by Laura Lee’s words: “We women are going to expose that these are men.”

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    1. Thankyou Marsinvirgo. You have expressed what I have felt as a woman and the battle of
      ”submitting this poor body” to someone elses view of how it ought to be. This has been my struggle for 50 odd years and being with a husband who too bought into this deception.
      This has been my journey to uncover why I have felt the way I have. Hence now more of how deep this rabbit hole goes. Coming across this information has been ecstatically liberating but also very very sad to think that’s how deep the deception has been. And this is in this area. I have come to realise that somehow I have been hypnotised, hallucinating , sleepwalking but desperately seeking the truth for many years and the veils of illusion have been coming down drip by drip as much as I can handle.

      Just when I had thought I had gone in deep , now all of this is unfolding thanks to all out there exposing this and having the courage to do so. This is now personal as it touches on womens self esteem and body image and how its affected our marriages etc.


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  12. My first post here. Over time I have read everything on this site and most of Mathis’ articles. Recently I began ‘transvestigating’ and imo everything in Marguerite’s post is unfortunately true.
    There are many who put a lot of time and effort into exposing the tranny deception, just as a lot of time and effort have gone into exposing the twin/zombies/hoaxes on this site. My thanks to all who help us wake up to the deceptions.


  13. A couple of points: in looking through some of the links, I was reminded of the 7″ single labels that Lennon and Ono used in the early 70s, with the two faces merging together, and thought this is not a new project. And there are all the books by Iain Banks. His first, The Wasp Factory, had a teenage girl who thought she was a boy, her father giving her testosterone every day, and all the Culture novels, where the members of the Culture could change gender by volition. Again, not a new project. Having said that, I’m sure, inevitably, there is a lot of misdirection.


  14. So Miles wrote a weak paper. Who gives a shit? So Miles thinks the world revolves around him. Well, that’s an occupational hazard when you’re as brilliant, innovative and creative as he is. Let me remind you. He’s singlehandedly uncovered a Jewish/crypto-Jewish conspiracy that’s extended over centuries and penetrates every aspect of people’s lives today. He gives proof that will convince anyone with the nerve to face reality. He upended relativity theory with a few sentences pointing out that the transform is between local and distant, not stationary and moving. Then he built a new and better theory. A third grader can understand how he crushes the twins paradox. He created a whole new theory of electrodynamics. He paints portraits. He invented the techniques of using genealogy and fake photo analysis to uncover conspiracies. One day his reputation will exceed Da Vince’s.
    What has this website ever done besides run ops against Miles? Think I’m kidding? Why is there an article on this website exposing the Tate murder as fake without crediting Miles?


      1. Ahmmmm, just to state an example, MM writes in his text about Hitler’s genealogy:

        “His mother is given as Franziska Matzelsberger, so they want to be sure you don’t miss that. Why? Because it couldn’t be more Jewish if it were Matzoball. We learn nothing else about her. No parents. Why do they use that name? Because it is almost extinct.”

        That’s a bit sloppy. Why ?
        In Austria and southern Germany, about 50 percent of the people bear surnames derived from their origin, i.e. location of birth. And the suffix “-er” means “from, the one from”.
        If you dare to search for Matzelsberg, you find one about 5 miles south-east of Braunau. That would make more sense, doesn’t it ?
        And if you look closer, Matzelsberg is just 3 or 4 farmhouses – so nothing mysterious about the low count of this surname. There are hundreds of similar small villages in this region, so expect similar names, sharing the same fate …

        And I know, it is just a small side branch of his research, and proving everthing would take endless. But just brushing over with above stated assertions is a bit … bold.


      2. So let’s see. You won’t mention his name when you copy his stuff, but it’s ok to run threads bashing him by name? I get it.
        Also, Mark, in your copycat Tate article, you show a version of the 3 Tate sisters photo which is different than the one Miles used. Your version has been professionally color balanced to eliminate the baby’s overexposure and colorize her eyes. Funny, I can’t find it anywhere else on the web. Where did you get it? I’ll say this: it doesn’t come from 1969. Your picture has undergone sophisticated digital processing to fix the exposure while leaving the weaker tampering evidence.
        Also, your copycat.article is generally much weaker in evidence than Miles’. Hence when your version gets search priority, it whitewashes the Tate case. Hmm, wonder why?
        Do you think we’re stupid?


        1. The article was written and due credit was given. All references to mm except the link are now gone from this blog. He wanted that. The mm evidence that Tate had not died was weak at best, the left ear matter. The face chops here make a far stronger case that she became Patti. That is all I have to say on the matter.

          I allowed Straight to use this forum as a base to attack mm because Straight did some of our best work and some of the most original research I have ever seen, and took the brunt of the heat from the mm attack. It caused him to leave here, which still chaps me. He was a strong creative force, brought far more energy to these topics than anyone else I know. He needed and got some catharsis, so I let his words go through unedited. I willingly let that happen even as Straight could have published under his own name. I did that for a friend.

          I thought mm’s JFK work was original and groundbreaking. He opens it by debating with himself when he wrote it. I never thought that odd but now realize he did that so he could claim it to be original work when there was a rush to publish. It was not original. That is why he inserted those words. There was a boiling cauldron of debate and research, and he was in a rush to be first. Now I understand,

          I am done debating with you. You want to draw me out for quartering, you have gotten all you are going to get.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s singlehandedly uncovered a Jewish/crypto-Jewish conspiracy that’s extended over centuries and penetrates every aspect of people’s lives today.

      No, he had by far not been the first one. For that, he is at least a century too late.

      He invented the techniques of using genealogy and fake photo analysis to uncover conspiracies.

      His genealogy research offers no proof – he knows it, and he never claims so.
      He use to prepend his texts with : “As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by internet research anyone can do.”
      Does that imply bullet-proof research ???
      Especially his often cited claim “this-or-that name is jewish” is never ever substantiated.

      One day his reputation will exceed Da Vince’s.

      Perhaps, but I wouldn’t put my head so far above the parapet.
      I like his scientific papers, and I’m sure he is onto something.
      But blind adoration won’t get you far. That’s what is called a cult.


      1. “…he is at least a century too late..”
        I was previously unaware of this. Could you please provide a Reference? I would like to learn any information on this topic. Anything would help. Thanks much.
        D. Duck


        1. See Dave’s answer below, or use your favourite search engine.
          Not to belittle MM, but there had dozen of researchers making the link between banking and control of politics. Every one knew who was meant with “bankers”.
          If you were famous in academics, you either avoided too much names (e.g. Carol Quigley), or gave up hope for any career (Anthony Sutton).
          I recommend the latter (Sutton) and his “Wall Street” series for a start …


  15. No one on Earth can any longer afford the luxury of simply believing anyone or anything they’re told, and probably not half of what they think they see. It is incumbent on each and every one of us to investigate for ourselves. That the majority of people simply don’t have the time to do this, much less the inclination (the OJ show is coming on in a few minutes, dontcha know), is a fact. If each of us were taking the time to independently verify or disprove literally everything we’re exposed to on a given day, we’d get nothing else done.

    Written language in the form of letters, alphabets, are seen as superior to earlier pictograms or hieroglyphs. After all, write the word “hand” and everyone knows what it means, yeah? But draw a picture of a hand and it could mean any number of things. It might mean fight, give, take, the number five, tree, move, etc etc.

    But humans don’t think in language. We think in images, which we apply language to. Written words are a limitation on us. They constrict our thinking, which I doubt I need to explain to anyone here. If you are in doubt, read 1984, particularly the Appendix on Newspeak.

    Interpreting what you see in the language of symbolism can be very rewarding, but it carries its own dangers. A symbol being so open to interpretation in various ways, it is easy to get off track. But the process is not without its own merits. If nothing else it helps formulate a new, different way of thinking for most people.

    So what do we have with Miles Mathis, and his website, as symbols? (I am not advocating the “correctness” or “rightness” of my interpretations here, simply offering them as a bit of food for thought.)

    To start, his very name poses a question. “Miles’ Math is……”? That he is so heavily associated with mathematics/science topics makes this a relevant observation, to me. His name leaves us to fill in the blanks, when our brain hears the word-language association of Mathis vs. Math is. What do we think his math “is”? Correct? Faulty? Absurd? Groundbreaking? The name itself invites further study of the man. Perhaps “coincidence”, however you wish to define that word.

    And of course he’s an M.M. Perhaps to you that’s Master Mason. Perhaps some deep part of your brain, long used to associating “mmm” sounds with mother, maturity, etc., feels comforted by the alliterative name.

    Most people might tend to have positive associations with a “web kitty”. Cats have, after all, seemingly taken over the internet. All those web kitties are near impossible to avoid, aren’t they? And of course a “kitty” is slang for a purse/wallet/the pot in a game played for money/etc., so the “web kitty” that you donate to is literally a kitty, as well, in both senses of the word. Perhaps this, too, is “coincidence”, however you wish to define that.

    I could go on but maybe you get the point. Whether the symbolism is intentional or not, it exists. Your brain is taking these images in, and relating them to other images and ideas at a phenomenal rate of speed. Is this site giving people a full piece of someone’s mind, peace in their full mind, or is it simply a piece of my fool(ishness)?

    When those of you who may have watched the series Breaking Bad tuned in every week, did you see Ra, the dying sun god, descending into the abyss, aided by his wife/consort Isis? Did you see her sister Hathor/Nephtys, the nurse-mother? Did you see the alchemical transformation? Perhaps you missed it, since instead of being represented as mummification we instead saw Ra getting chemotherapy, and the transformation from Ra to Horus was done via the “alchemy” of crystal meth. Maybe you saw Horus rise from the Pit or Put, the Circle of the Dead, at the end of the show. Maybe you saw him metaphorically and literally slay Death, in the form of Todd (Tod: german “death”). Maybe you saw Horus at the Crossing of the Gate, when he bursts through it into the night, having completed the transformation from the dying Ra to the newborn Sun/Son.

    I tell you that whether you “saw” these things or not, you most definitely saw them. Your brain gobbled them up. This story, of the dual-son/sun is so old it is probably engrained in your very cells. The words spoken may have told you that you were watching a show about a decent man gone bad. The symbols say, unambiguously, that you witnessed an alchemical transformation. Would it help if I remind you that Jesse/Horus drove away in an El Camino? Would it help if I remind you that “BA” is Egyptian for the soul? That “BR” is most likely Bar/Baal/El? Neato, eh, that the show’s logo can be read as “The soul of Baal”. Bar Ba.

    I apologize if this seems off-topic. For myself, it’s directly on topic. Spoken and written language is based on earlier pictorial or symbolic imagery. All of us would do well to acquaint ourselves with these older stories, and the methods by which they were communicated, because they’re still being used everywhere in society. The number 8 attained significance in ancient Africa thousands of years ago, as representative of the Great Bear (aka the Big Dipper, The Thigh of Heaven, etc.) and her seven stars, with Sirus the child being the 8th. They were also the “7 and 1”, the child seen as completing the 7. 8 means old. Established. Fixed. That this ancient mother was denigrated to playing the “Whore of Babylon” or the Harlot in later times was a result of the rise of a patriarchal society which had finally understood the role the father plays in conception. She went from being the divine Mother who conceives the Son of Herself, i.e. the Virgin, to being a whore, thrust into the underworld along with her son Set/Sut, he being likewise denigrated to the role of personifying “evil” or all that is dark. The “abba Father” was to reign supreme over all, but there still exist, or seem to, cults or orders that adhere to the old Mother/Son group of 8 or “7 and 1”, that still worship Sut or Set, starting their day when his reign begins at sunset, organizing their calendars in the same old way they did when they were Egyptian, long before they had a falling out and were ejected or left on their own to spread their philosophy elsewhere.

    I could go on and on, but likely I’ve bored you by now, so I’ll leave it there. Whatever Mathis is or isn’t is not something that I think can be judged solely on his written or spoken words. The language of symbolism may come in handy. Cheers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Joki: I am not bored, in fact I am and entranced and totally aligned with your thinking as having apprenticed somewhat to the work of Gerald Massey who wrote about the old mother religion warring with the father religion again and again. 7 became an important number due to the number of stars in the Great Bear constellation etc. The Egyptians loved their skies. The Virgin Mother and her child (Isis and Horus) became the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The monuments post Nefertiti and Akhenaten were destroyed to erase all references to religion of the Mother. And yes, most definitely patriarchy arose and became entrenched for eons when the male discovered his role in conception. Before that, the Mother was worshipped in every possible way. Out of her came life, and until the man’s role was discovered, the Mother was everything. Gerald Massey scoured every possible historical source and taught himself to read the hieroglyphics – he discovered Jehoshua Ben Pandira as the prototype for a historical Jesus, and all the Jesus stories were already extant in the Egyptian mysteries. Ben Pandira was stoned and hung upside down on a cross for practicing sorcery, but he was learned in the ancient Egyptian healing arts. I urge everyone to research Gerald Massey – a towering genius ignored by academics because he was not one of them. The erudite Gene Kieffer also wrote a book condensing Massey’s thoughts titled: “The Secret Teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun”. But Massey’s books easy to get: the Natural Genesis Vol I,II: Book of the Beginnings Vol I,II; and Ancient Egypt, Light of the World, Vol I,II. These books take a lifetime to study as in the late 1800s, early 1900s, Gerald Massey jotted down in long hand 1.2 million words.
      Joki: I don’t know you are, but you have your knowledge down. Please keep sharing!


  16. ” He’s singlehandedly uncovered a Jewish/crypto-Jewish conspiracy ”

    Hennecke Kardel titled ‘Adolf Hitler: Founder of

    or the very brave Douglas Reed

    The controversy of Zion
    Book by Douglas Reed

    ” One day his reputation will exceed Da Vince’s. ”

    Leo was a spook from the spook families


  17. I can almost hear the honky tonk piano underscoring this comic barroom brawl.
    Here are some observations, which in no way intend to settle anything:
    I have seen female models naked, which is to say in the parlance, without make-up. In general terms, the naked model is gaunt, horse faced, with a sallow complexion and bug eyed. Underfed and a bit taller than the average female and with thin, lank hair. She lives her professional life in wigs. If she treats her real hair at all, its likely with baby shampoo to rinse out the stray drops of wig and/or extensions glue.
    She is a type, like tall basketball players are a type specific to the demands of their trade. The armature of her face is used to support an unnatural, hyperization of female facial features (Thus the need for large eyes; large eyes photograph well. Just ask D W Griffith at your next séance)
    Her nutrition is compromised by the demands of the trade and the illusions required to sell whatever it is they are really selling that requires such mutants. She does not have a long shelf life, which is why the natural inclination is to take acting lessons to stay in front of a camera once she turns 18.
    These women are not trannies. Real women who complain about the illusory level of glamor proffered by these costumed creatures are chasing the wrong rabbit. The gay men who run the fashion industry like their men to look like men, whether butch johns or limp limbed twinks. To these guys, a man in a dress is comedy fodder, not a lifestyle they would involve themselves in. They speak of acceptance and diversity in public, but trannies, by their reckoning, are for straight guys who have gotten fed up with not knowing when a woman is actually satisfied. With a tranny, you know when she’s all done for the night. (That is basic logic from a man, not from real world experience…not that there is anything wrong with that, Jerry)
    If I were to blame anything on the gender convergence, it would be the usual suspects: Something in the water, food supply, hormones in cattle feed, a forced change in gender roles to damp down population growth of the most affluent- yes, white people, the group with the most disposable income. That Bi-something A, the gender-scrambling agent in plastics and light metals that come in cans. I preach Population Replacement as the big conspiracy behind all the other conspiracies, and confusing us, and shuffling gender basics, is a big part of the actions to keep us from reproducing; rather to go for the short term thrills, and leaving long term planning and romance on the shelf.
    Running trannies in secret isn’t necessary. Plenty of addle brained girls with star struck dreams and bad diets are available for the trouble of placing an ad on Craigslist for a cattle call.

    PS: The randiest woman I know, and she is a woman, has broad shoulders and womanly hips that aren’t as broad. It’s affected her posture and she tends to slouch, but she comes from broad shouldered people. Whadd’ya gonna do…?


  18. Thank you Tyrone for breaking through the crap! I watched a couple of John Humanity videos the other night and would have lost some sleep if I had stopped there. Luckily, I decided to check out his Fakeologist interview with Ab..once I heard he still believes in dinosaurs and nephilim giants I was able to sleep soundly.


    1. I think it was jon humanity who was giving Flat Earth a chance. When I heard that, I thought “you are stupid” and switched the channel and won’t return.


        1. Whenever anyone pushes FE, I turn my back and hustle away. I can’t stand that Psy-op.

          Keep up good work Mark!


  19. I hope the Irish Catholics never stop breeding. I married into a large one and this particular clan had 10 kids (right after WW II) and engendered over 30 grandchildren and now over 30 great-grandchildren. Most married couples in this clan have 3+ children, some have 5. Marriage, children, strong family values are part of our central core. We are currently led by a 91 year old matriarch whom we view as the Queen of Heaven. Her late husband went through Pearl Harbor and they raised 10 kids in the aftermath of WWII when having children and raising them was the most natural and important thing in the world: clan, family, spirituality. We never looked outward to celebrities to get our male or female self esteem. It springs from within. We know who we are– we are looking at the NFL and other more important pressing matters in the world and thinking WTF? I think we are all pretty grounded and sane. I think this type of people are the salt of the earth and personally I would not trade my place for any damn Rothschild or Rockefeller or any other billionaire-trillionaire in the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. One of the things that I’ve noticed living in one the pulsing centers of the Matrix, Boston, is the extent of grooming I see in young men in their 20’s and 30’s today. I wonder about the extent of prep time these well primped and coiffed young men must go through ever morning and I imagine it must rival or even surpass the prep time of women. The hair styles are elaborate and sculpted. nails are manicured, their faces exfoliated to a shine. Clothes are impeccable. Colored patterned socks seem to be the order of the day. They appear almost cartoon like- like they stepped out of a video game- not real. The old time barber shops do not draw this age cohort as their hair and beard styles require female levels of attention and these young men are paying upwards of 100 bucks to get their “hair done.” No dropping in to the local barbershop for a quick cut for 12 dollars for these guys- they are paying upwards of 100 or more- and get appointments for their hair grooming. To me they are reminiscent of fops. This over concern with their appearance can’t be attractive to women. It seems overly self absorbed. The overall effect to me is they appear weak and feminine. And another thing I’ve noticed among younger people in general- men and women- is a sorta of hypochondria- normal cuts and abrasions that would merit a band aid at most- bring them to the doctor.


      1. Yeah. I remember watching a show called “Gay eye for the Straight guy”- which I’m pretty sure was the vanguard show for the whole “metro sexual” thing. The idea was that a bunch of portrayed gay men would answer a letter from a concerned girlfriend, wife, of family member to help the slob straight male in their life look better. But when I think about it- that show was tame to what I now see- just about 5 years later. On that show- they basically offered sane advice- buy a shirt with a collar, stop wearing flip flops . . . and of course some product pushing. But the end result- the “after”- was that guy basically appeared groomed and decently dressed with a good haircut. What I see now is primping in the extreme.


        1. Queer eye for the straight guy was the androgyny agenda’s coming out party. Susan Faludi wrote a book called “Stiffed” where she equated the grooming fetish of men today (well, then it was the 90’s) with the objectification of post war women. I trusted that book and she was more than right as we now know, but her latest book is about her later in life transgendered father so now I don’t trust her at all.
          Not to put too fine a point on it, but out here in Frisco the Asian cultures and what is perceived by white folks as males somewhat feminized in physiognomy has, in my view, had a definite influence on local young men. I’ve found that a significant number of people couple with members of the opposite sex who bear a striking resemblance to themselves and to bridge the gap between white men and “exotic” Asian women, a certain “preciousness” has infused the wardrobes and grooming strategies of this male techie generation.
          Yes, old white man’s disease is ever a danger, but these are observations, not complaints. It really is none of my business what young women find appealing or not as I am comfortably removed from such youthful anxieties. As some dowager once quipped: Eventually you do get wisdom, but by then it is way too late to matter.


          1. I often accuse myself of “Old Man syndrome” myself even though I’m only in my late 40’s. But when you add the sing songy feminine pattern of speech- along with the high style grooming- the overall effect on me at least- is to question their masculinity.

            Mix this in with the super woman meme of all entertainment and advertising and culture- strong females/weak males . . . I can’t imagine the messed up world of courting and dating that exists today. It was pretty damn well messed up in my generation- but it must be a total disaster area today.

            Liked by 1 person

      2. Just thought of this . . . If you have seen “The Hunger Game” movies- the inhabitants of the evil Capitol City all have a highly stylized foppish decadent look to them- a rebooted 1700’s dandy look to them. Dial that look down a couple notches- and that is the look I’m talking about that I see ascendant today among the youngsters.


    1. ” … weak and feminine …”. Exactly

      It shows up in their language as well. Twenty years ago, young women (proud, strong, independent feminists, mind you) were characterized by the awful speech habit of ending every sentence with rising intonation. If you didn’t know English but recognized the intonation of question-asking, you would think that every utterance from their mouths was a question—even when they were making statements. Like the Good Book says, “Thy speech bewrayeth thee.” Those 90s chicks were neither strong nor confident: they were unassured, ill at ease, and in need of constant affirmation. They were, in a word, weaker than the unliberated women I went to high school and college with.

      Now it’s the young men whose speech has changed, giving away their weakness and uncertainty. Every sentence has the approximating “like” in it. Charging a nickel a pop, a man could get rich quick on every “like” uttered in an hour-long discussion with a roomful of college kids, if my experience recently is representative. The youth can speak no opinion with conviction. They will commit only to uttering something “like” what they might actually think. Like.


      1. If it isn’t the hyper primping dandy look among young men- it’s the little rascals look- cut off short pants- tshirt – sneakers – and this look isn’t complete without a 75 dollar ridiculous broad rimmed baseball hat. The effect of this look upon me is to dismiss the person as a man child.

        The other common thing I see is people appearing in public in basically pajamas or work out clothes. The idea that you should appear in public dressed appropriately so as not to be an eyesore for other people who have to look at you is out the window. It’s all about the self and personal comfort. Ok- that may be old man syndrome.


      2. Not necessarily … I always thought it odd, but did not comprehend why, that Charlie Sheen in 2-1/2 Men always dressed in shorts and bowling shirts even though a man in his forties. He was a perpetual adolescent in the show, of course. His counterpart, his brother Alan, dressed more like a mature man, but had a way of making everything he wore look nerdy.

        I guess you could say that show embodied every aspect of social engineering of the time, from attitudes about sex, homosexuality, transgender, contempt for women (even as most men in the show were idiots), nutrition, divorce, child rearing … all sold with humor.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Two and Half Men is a show I have caught in reruns and you described it exactly. I wonder if Sheen’s meltdown and firing from that show was real and not just script written “Actor does something weird” drama to explain his retirement? He seemed to display the signs of someone waking up himself and just going a little nuts- finally realizing exactly what his role is- and how sick it is.


          1. It involved an appearance on Alex Jones, followed by him waking up in a New York apartment covered in cocaine and with hookers. The script would be that he spoke out on 9/11 and was warned to STFU. All scripted, as I see it.


  21. I don’t think it’s just Old Man Syndrome for me. I think the imprint of popular culture on the younger generations is far more effective and immediate than it was on my generation. The differences in style from my generation to my Dad’s and even my Grand fathers time hadn’t changed that much in real life than it had in popular culture. Those who modeled their appearance to closely upon the standards then present in popular culture were seen as somewhat off- as someone easily lead about by the TeeVee. I don’t see that resistance today among the young. No clinging to local custom of dress- because they never had one really. The younger generation seems to pattern themselves much more closely to what they see in popular culture and do so far quicker.

    Among Townies- working class whites in Boston- there was a standard look for generations and it differed from neighborhoods. For Southie- it was the whiffle hair cut- the super starched blue or white dress shirt (long or short sleeved) and the pressed pleated pants. And you wore shined shoes- not sneakers.) That’s been dead since the end of the 80’s early 90’s. Anyone who popped up looking like a yuppie or a hippie- or seemed to modeling themselves after something they saw on the TeeVee would get ripped on and made fun of.


  22. Miles’ site has been down for two days now and my emails to him have been returned undelivered. Whether Miles is real or not, I have a bad feeling about this.


    1. This has happened before… I wouldn’t worry just yet.
      Miles hosts his own site, I believe, and his setup isn’t cutting edge. I’d bet he’s working something out with his computer, and things will get back to normal eventually.


      1. I hope you are right. Thanks for the reassuring words. I have only been following him for a year and it hasn’t happened during that time.


  23. Miles Mathis has taken a dive, no more web site. Bye bye. He is a flawed genius and probably corrupted by CIA or “they made a night time visit”. Maybe he was really Michael Crichton, my all time fav. author.


  24. Just to add some more strangeness. Miles’ disappeared on Good Friday. Many thought he had a Messianic Complex. Unfortunately, for some of us, he did not reappear on Easter Sunday.


    1. Well, on Thursday night, responding to MM’s mentions of Bonnie & Clyde, I sent him the two links to my depression-era gangsters posts and reminded him that there are in fact other people out there trying to help the public. Hope he wasn’t hurt by that… Nah! He’s probably doing something like this:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tyrone, you are always able to cut through the noise (and make me laugh)….I need to watch Network again and view it as the documentary it was obviously meant to be. I re-watched “Wag the Dog” several months ago for that reason and it contains a lot of relevance pertaining to current psyop events.


        1. After you watch Network, watch Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper et al. Paddy Chayefsky clearly used that film as his template for Network. Dunaway and Stanwyck are inter-changeable at times.


  25. I still think it’s too early to make assumptions, but it is getting a little concerning. His house isn’t listed as “on the market” on Zillow, for what that is worth.


    1. I just checked and he is back up and running…he was forced to switch servers and rebuild, no attack, just people retiring…per the message in “updates”


  26. I think this article deserves revisiting. I also find the final comments endearing in a naive way, although I’m certain that Straight was viewing my concerns about MM with derisive contempt (justifiably so.)


  27. Full disclosure: I write for Miles Mathis’ site and while I have problems with some of his stuff and have said so in public overall I see him as a very useful guide to understanding some topics, and I admire his courage in putting himself out there, usually on his own, to kick against the pricks.

    On the transexual subject, my contribution is to suggest that we are once again and very ironically in this case being forced into a series of binary choices. Transexuals are not the same thing as crossdressers. Genuine hermaphrodites are very rare. However hormonally related sexual dismorphism is quite common relatively speaking. The problem is that a series of Hegelian binary choices are the only ones the control system of the political-media class try and allow us. It has to be EITHER heterosexual dominance of some sort of sexual political hierarchy OR open season with no defined sexes at all. With the useful idiot term “gender” being used in the same way other loaded coined terms like “racism” and “anti-semitism” are used in other contexts. Even homosexual political campaigners are trying to fight back against the transexual political movement because of the forced dichotomy. But once one gets past the first binary choice a new one is presented, and this one is much more sinister. This is the choice to allow or not allow extremely detailed and deviant sexual “education” to be fed to young children.

    It would be less sinister if writings from the 1890s through to the 1930s didn’t list in specific terms these very politicization of sexuality topics as being definite objectives to destroy the pre-existing monoethnic and monocultural countries of the anglosphere.

    As for the transexual epidemic itself, I don’t believe there is any genuine upwelling of desire to physically alter bodies through surgery to mimic the other sex. What I do think is happening is that more and more consumers are realizing how downright odd many of the “beautiful” women the media push on us are, how odd looking and square shouldered they are. “Mannish”, in short. I attribute to inbreeding the apparently greater than normal occurrence in the media females of a known genetic inborn error called Klinefelter Syndrome. Heterozygous sufferers are square shouldered mannish women in some cases. Homozygous sufferers can resemble hermaphrodites and once some images of sufferers are investigated the resemblance to some of the allegedly “beautiful” media puppets is striking.


    1. This was an informed and insightful comment. Thank you for sharing it here.

      Forgive my curiosity: which articles have you authored over at


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