JFKTV: Segment Six


 Oswald the Damned


Once you get past the suffocating and contradictory details of Dealey plaza, the largest amount of time lost is in chasing the elusive character known as Lee Harvey Oswald; it should not surprise you that this fictional creation is named after a cartoon rabbit.

The researcher who chased Oswald the furthest is the author John Armstrong. In his thousand plus page tome, Harvey and Lee, Armstrong presents a pair of eleven year old boys, one named Oswald, born in the state of Louisiana, the other one from Eastern Europe, the latter brought into the United States and assimilated into the culture while retaining his ability to speak Russian. This was all part of a false defector program run by the CIA that was years in the making and finally bore fruit when the second Oswald was able to successfully defect to the Soviet Union in 1959.

Armstrong uses an impressive amount of documentation to track the two Oswalds, from elementary school records to their time in the Marine Corps. He tracks Oswald’s brother Robert, his mother(s), his father(s) and wife, the Russian born Marina. He concludes, as do all other researchers who are in print, that Kennedy was indeed killed. He has it that the original Oswald was on the sixth floor of the Book Depository. He explains how the two Oswalds were apprehended in the Texas Theater, the one we all know about from the newsreels was taken out the front (the Eastern European) and the one we aren’t supposed to know about, taken out the back (the Louisianan).

In this author’s opinion, Armstrong may in fact be right about the false defector program. He may be right about two eleven year olds being tracked for thirteen years. I can live with the idea that the program involved these two young men working as assets, until, of course, their usefulness was up and they went into hiding under different identities. The witness protection program for Intelligence assets is probably a vast and expensive operation, but that’s what black budgets are for. Working psychological warfare operations, from planning, to execution and finally to maintenance across the years costs a lot, I imagine. Part of the maintenance of a hoax is keeping “dead” operatives comfortably “dead”. These dead tell no tales, either.

My one rather substantial reservation about all of this is that it requires one to accept the Cold War at face value. If one is going to insist that Kennedy was not killed then what else in this government-sourced reality we see broadcast all day every day is also a sham?


Mockup of the two Oswalds by John Armstrong. Armstrong contends the top row is the original American Oswald and the bottom row depicts the ethnic import. The sliced pics on the right are the two halves of a composite used by both Oswalds as needed.

(Mark’s recent look at Oswald is worth a gander- The Oswald twins)

Sense Certainty

It’s very difficult to keep two contradictory thoughts in one’s head; the resultant condition is termed cognitive dissonance. And that’s the government’s point: When confronted with this condition, one is apt to retreat into the safety of consensus. And nowhere is consensus manufactured more compellingly than within the intelligence agencies of the United States government.

It’s well documented that Wall Street and the City of London paid for and maintained the communist revolution in Russia. The most accessible source for that claim is the work of Anthony C. Sutton. He shows categorically that the dichotomous split between communism and capitalism was manufactured from the beginning.

The truth is, the republican revolutions of the mid nineteenth century were infiltrated and superseded by the unworkable system of communism, prompted by assets like Karl Marx*. The manufactured conflict of WWI was the opening needed by western bankers to supplant Russia’s monarchy with a western funded collectivism that cost millions their lives and made billions for the ghouls that perpetrated it from the bank boardrooms.

The ongoing tension of the Cold War was the unquestioned justification for billions upon billions of dollars being squeezed from the tax base to “defend democracy” from those that don’t value life the way we do; Godless communist cannibals that would think nothing of kidnapping and indoctrinating the flower of American youth and use them in slave labor collectives to perpetuate this foul and unholy evil. And if that lie wasn’t compelling enough, the hoax of nuclear weapons backed the chanted mantra, “better dead than red!”

*Karl Marx was a western Intelligence asset. He was bankrolled by his uncle on his mother’s side, Benjamin Philips, head of one of the richest families in Europe. Marx’s own wife, Jenny Von Westphalen, came from old line Prussian aristocracy. In Marx’s writings he appears to be advocating the overthrow of all that his family lines hold near and dear until you realize Marx was controlled opposition, and his writings and actions were eternally subdividing liberal factions into useless cadres distracted by infighting over semantics. The emancipation of slaves and serfs in the nineteenth century was quickly countered by pseudo social scientific principles such as dialectical materialism, a brain drain of collective mental masturbation equaled only by theoretical physics, another manufactured non-reality pushed by the psychologarchs through tax dodging schemes underwriting their academic asylums.

(See Miles Mathis’ paper: “Reading the Signs- Today’s Lesson: Karl Marx” for the source on Marx the Intel tool)

Given how easy it was for Oswald to enter the Soviet Union, as did more than a dozen other American “defectors” within the same year, and how easy it was for Oswald to leave Russia and return to the United States, and with a Russian wife, a niece of a KGB officer to boot, without being arrested for treason, one has to wonder just how much tension there really was between East and West.

Given Sutton’s premise that the west carried the Soviet bloc economies, I would conclude that the Cold War had no substance behind it whatsoever, especially given the assertion that there are no nuclear weapons. There may have been a flesh and blood Oswald, but his tour of duty in Russia was playacting. Like the false defector objective of giving Oswald a traceable identity for the KGB to be duped by, the larger objective was to dupe the public into maintaining their fear of nuclear annihilation. Little details like Oswald’s idyll in Russia fueled those fears. Though he wasn’t eventually portrayed as working for the Soviets, the association was just enough to keep suspicions, and fear, at near stroke levels.


Oswald’s mother (left), the squat, disheveled Marguerite Oswald that was paraded before the cameras, she was the caretaker, according to Armstrong, of the imported Oswald, the one we see Ruby “kill”. She was the train wreck that sold the image of a disgruntled lone nut wife beater Oswald to the public: a son who had the damaged personality to murder the President. Who she really was, Armstrong doesn’t say, but she’s definitely nothing like the documented and photographed mother of the genuine Oswald (right). That Marguerite was nearly six feet tall in heels, had an elegant presentation and was married more than once.


If you have two Oswalds, you need two mothers. On the right is the imposter. On the left is the genuine article. Eyebrow ridges and necks don’t match, among other things, such as height.

Armstrong also has Robert Oswald, Lee’s older brother, in on it. Robert joined the Marines when Lee was eleven. This enlistment probably kicked off the Oswald project. Without Robert as a corroborating witness, the postmortem legend of Lee would have great difficulty holding for history. As it was, his presence made independent inquiry into just who and what his brother was extremely difficult. Robert became the mouthpiece for the family and the historian of his despised brother. Toward Robert, some sympathy was extended and another brush fire of emotion kept critical thinking at bay.


Robert Oswald confirmed all the worst aspects of his brother’s personality in order to sell the con of the lone nut shooter. His book-length portrait of Lee affirmed the first official story rendered by the Warren Commission of a single assassin; which inconveniently did not jibe with the later HSCA findings of a conspiracy. That may explain the lack of reprints for his book.

Of course you could say Armstrong is dealing with a paper trail and what’s easier to forge than an old document, even so many as he quotes from? It could be done, especially Marine Corp documents. To chase that rabbit you could compare the shoddy work the FBI and certain officials in the US Postal Service did in trying to frame Oswald for the mail order purchase of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle he allegedly shot the President with.

With such a transparent forgery that Armstrong reveals of the mail order fraud, and the orderly and thorough Marine Corps logs he builds part of his case upon, in such a comparison it is easy enough to make the bad work sell the good.

It doesn’t really matter in the end. Oswald’s backstory is so rife with potholes and blind alleys one could waste a decade, as Armstrong did, chasing that elusive hare. Given there was no crime committed, Oswald the man is irrelevant. Oswald the icon sticks to the bottom of the researcher’s shoe, impossible to shake.

Just one more example of the deliberate goose chase (switching metaphorical species): The Oswald in Mexico trap. This is the biggest pile of time waste in the whole Oswald drama. The story goes that Oswald attempted to defect to Cuba by way of the Mexican embassy. The objective was to show Oswald had some association with Castro and that if the assassination could be laid at Castro’s feet, the public would demand an immediate invasion and put an end to the threat of a communist Cuba. Further back from that, the whole affair south of the border was to implicate the CIA in this skullduggery and lay the blame at the Agency’s feet.

For many researchers, the CIA, or the Pentagon, will always be the leading suspect in the crime of the century. And that is just fine by them if that’s where you want to place the blame. Remember, the PRIMARY objective is to sell the hoax of Kennedy actually being shot dead on the streets of Dallas. The CIA is untouchable. There is nothing you can do about that organization even if you blame them. Most people don’t take it further than “there probably was a conspiracy”. Most people trust the system, if not the people who run it. The rest don’t want to know. If you blame James Jesus Angleton and the CIA, fine. You’re blaming someone or some group. That’s all the perps want. Blame implies a real murder.

As mentioned earlier, JD Tippit, the officer Oswald allegedly shot, was the initial hook to pull Oswald in. Since no one was immediately caught red handed at the Book Depository, a second crime had to be staged to get the suspect into custody. From there the interrogations would reveal to the police that Oswald was their man in both killings. The fact that Oswald never confessed to anything and was denied legal representation did not matter to the shocked and desperate public. The faster this could be resolved, the better. And no one was questioning what they were seeing and hearing on television.
As a tip to those in the clandestine milieu but not in on this particular operation, several clues were laid out for their benefit that this was all a hoax. The capture of Oswald in a movie theater was one of those clues; the whole operation being nothing more than a stage show.

A larger motif was embedded in the double feature that was playing at the Texas Theater. Both Cry of Battle and War is Hell are war pictures set in Asia. Both films have a morally ambiguous air to them; the nominal leaders are murderers and rapists, charges that will be leveled at several veterans of Vietnam in the coming years. In particular, War is Hell is a tale of suicidal fury on the part of the American leader fighting in Korea. It’s as if the films were presaging the suicidal mission in Vietnam, part of the controlled demolition of the culture at large that began with the Kennedy assassination show. But the double bill also serves as a “Stand To” order as LBJ is about to engage proactively in Southeast Asia. The films are subliminals to prep the public for the inevitable. That war is a fluid situation and the larger causes (Stemming the tide of communism, avoiding the domino effect, etc.) are the fixed foci, not the details of the slaughter. But even as a young Oliver Stone is heading In Country in 1964, preparing to help televise the war, the staged horrors in the jungle will be hiding the opium production and smuggling that is the primary point of engagement with Charlie.


There is another, more obscure clue in the twinning of Oswald in this act of the play. In ancient mythology a righteous man would often have a divine twin. The mortal man may come to his end through martyrdom while his divine aspect remained eternally alive.

The slow and arduous route that the fictitious figure of Jesus Christ took in his development as the god of the west, from ancient Egyptian mythology as Osiris through the Greek magic of the neo-Pythagoreans to the psychological warfare of Imperial Rome and the Herodian courts selling a pacifist Judaism, and finally to the scribes in Charlemagne’s scriptoria who wrote the first identifiable gospels specifically employing the name “Jesus Christ”, this mortal/divine duality remained attached to the various Divine Men of sacred literature well into the common era. It was only excised when the formation of a new Holy Roman Empire to follow along the Ancient Roman model codified the pan European religion we know today as Christianity, which by its nature required the presence of a verifiable, named, historical figure, embodying in one person both the human and the divine.

The idea that the assassination was also a fictitious passion play would not be lost on those who could interpret the symbolic gestures. To wit, Kennedy’s administration/ministry lasted three years, as did Christ’s. Oswald should be seen as Kennedy’s twin in this reckoning. Oswald in the Anglo-Saxon means “Divine Ruler”. Kennedy in the Gaelic means “ugly head”- “Cinneidigh”, referencing the fetish object of Kennedy’s blown out head in the Zapruder film and the autopsy photos.

The Catholic Kennedy versus the atheist Marxist Oswald enhances this dichotomy. Kennedy is ambushed along the tine of the triune highway junction, speared on a trident as it were, and surrounded by the trappings of a sham execution of the King.

Oswald is taken before the Sanhedrin and ritually disposed of by a Jack Ruby; read: Fake Gem. A “fugazi”, which means, alternately, a “fake”, and an acronym for “fucked up, got ambushed, zipped in” (Vietnam era speak referring to a full body bag).

The real Oswald is taken out through the back door of the Texas Theater and vanishes from history while the fake Oswald is transported to jail and his sham martyrdom becomes a major point in history, immortalizing his fake name. This ritual appears to destroy the phony Oswald while the real Oswald’s identity is eliminated even as he lives.


The fake Oswald hauled out the front doors of the Texas Theater into the waiting viewfinders of the pliant press. Stogie Man tangos with his quarry as the bulbs pop. James Ellroy couldn’t have written a better script.

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6 thoughts on “JFKTV: Segment Six

  1. It’s very difficult to keep two contradictory thoughts in one’s head; the resultant condition is termed cognitive dissonance. And that’s the government’s point: When confronted with this condition, one is apt to retreat into the safety of consensus.

    IMHO, the “normal reaction” to a cognitive dissonance is suppression of the unpleasant fact, and fall-back to the group-think implied opinion and world view. And the latter, of course, is fixed by the MSM and state propaganda.
    The curious ability to keep that unpleasant thought and topple the present worldview in favour of this new information seems a “rare disease” (ODD, anyone ?) that is not related to IQ, at least according to my experience.


  2. I think this kind of “specialness” is a CONSCIOUS awareness of peer pressure and group think – in difference to most other people that register and adapt on a sub-conscious level. Like sheep or automata.
    From early childhood on, group think induced painful feelings and reaction in me. As a child, one uses to think everybody else – at least ever child – feels and thinks the same. It took me years to realize that most others submerge with ease in groups, sometimes I even envied them for their “capability”. Think of authoritarian youth organizations or the army (a conscripts army). The times I spend there (because I was forced to) gave me the creeps.
    I see the same thing now in one of my children. She is mobbed by her classmates, because the sheep subconsciously feel she is different.
    I think it can be a curse or a gift, depending what you make of it. And IMHO places (websites) like this are mostly populated by people that view it as a gift.


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