BroncoMany months ago I was reading the Mathis paper on OJ Simpson, and was of course enthralled. I am well satisfied that the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was staged, that the trial was scripted and that actors merely read their lines. That the white Bronco headed down the freeway was canned footage timed to be released for maximum effect. (Is that even OJ driving that vehicle? Very hard to tell, and it doesn’t matter, as it was just part of the TV show.)

What follows below is part of a longer section from Mathis on the purpose of OJTV:

Here is just a short list of much more important events that were happening in those sixteen months. In January of 1994, NAFTA had been signed into law, and by the summer of that year the negative aspects of that agreement were already being seen in the US, with the loss of more jobs and the outsourcing of American jobs to Mexico. In the same way, GATT was being updated in the World Trade Organization in 1994, with the new provisions kicking in in 1995. These provisions mainly took control of trade out of the hands of localities and countries and gave them to multinational corporations and their “global” puppet organizations. This had the same negative effect as NAFTA, except the damage wasn’t limited to North America. Both NAFTA and GATT laid the groundwork for the forcing of genetically modified crops on the entire Western World, among other crimes against farming and humanity. In the summer of 1994, genetically modified foods were first approved, and although this is not normally linked to NAFTA or GATT or the WTO, the timing was not an accident. …

All of that is important,  but none of it escaped us! I’ve since concluded that our leadership regards ordinary people as a management problem, nothing more. The truth is that most of us are not given the intellectual ability to navigate in matters of public policy. It could be that NAFTA and GATT and genetically modified foods are really bad for humanity, but the OJ trial was not done, in my view, to deflect our attention from that.

Why bother? People are not looking anyway.

I have a different theory that is slowly taking shape. This is a first attempt. The recent events with James Comey (or Donald Trump even being given the seat in the White House anyway – c’mon!) tend to reinforce it. These events are scripted. They are not done to distract us from more important affairs. That would be pointless. They are done merely to occupy us. Without them, our lives would have less meaning, we’d be less engaged, and life on this planet would be a whole lot less fun.

That in mind, OJTV was an enterprise and was done as part of an ongoing series of enterprises to keep us occupied. Without them, we’d be really bored.

It is true, I think, that we ordinary people get in the way. It is true that people in power often hold us in contempt. It is true that certain type people in the corporate world are filling our stomachs and minds with garbage and laughing at us as we buy their overpriced and over-hyped junk. We present a rich target environment. All those telemarketing calls we get happen because enough people fall for them to make it a lucrative enterprise.

It is always left to us to improve our lives. We are always free to avoid the consumer cornucopia. We are free to learn about nutrition and to eat well. We are able to seek out information and improve our minds. Education could serve us better, it is true, but learning is a magnet that only attracts the more engaged minds.

If earth is a training ground, if we need to lift ourselves up by our own boot straps, then there are limits to what they can do for us. I could go out and recruit people to read this blog, maybe even pay them $10 a pop to visit. It would do no good. I’d soon be broke and readership would still be what it is, some very interesting and energetic people.  The only useful motivation is self motivation.

So I think the purpose of distractions like OJ, and now Comey, along with the usual sports and entertainment is just to keep us busy. Nothing more. It might even be an act of kindness. Boredom is a valuable commodity for brighter minds, but has led the bulk of the population to soap operas, elections, sitcoms and sports.  Why fight it?

*Hat tip to Tyrone, who coined “JFKTV.” I didn’t exactly steal the concept. Well, yeah, I did.

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  1. FYI: The BigEyeBlog by Stewart Ogilby

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    | | | | The BigEyeBlog by Stewart Ogilby Discussion of NASA and 9/11 television myths and narratives. | |




  2. Amazing scene from : The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

    Horatio Jackson: Ah, the officer who risked his life by singlehandedly destroying...
    Functionary: [whispering in his ear] Six.
    Horatio Jackson: Six enemy cannon and rescuing...
    Functionary: Ten.
    Horatio Jackson: Ten of our men held captive by The Turk.
    Heroic Officer: Yes, sir.
    Horatio Jackson: The officer about whom we've heard so much.
    Heroic Officer: I suppose so, sir.
    Horatio Jackson: Always taking risks far beyond the call of duty.
    Heroic Officer: I only did my best, sir.
    Horatio Jackson: Have him executed at once.
    Soldier: Yes, sir. Come along.
    Horatio Jackson: This sort of behavior is demoralizing for the ordinary soldiers and citizens who are trying to lead normal, simple, unexceptional lives. I think things are difficult enough as it is without these emotional people rocking the boat.


    1. This was a jarring scene when I saw the movie after it first came out. If I recall correctly, the hapless soldier was played by “Sting” the musician. While I dislike movies for the most part, I’ve been a fan of Terry Gilliam’s work. I hate to think he’s part of the racket, but “Brazil” foreshadowed the false flag terror games, and he gives glimpses of what’s really at work with scenes like the one you describe…


  3. we definitely can eat (and live) as healthy as we want and inform ourselves also as good as we desire. Everybody can avoid malnutrition, schools give as basic skills, like the ability to read and basic mathematics and everything else is up to everybody. So why are there so many sick, obese and ignorant people? I think TPTB are following a long term plan to unify the humanity. They first put the national state upon us after the French Revolution, and now they are taking this back. They mix different cultures together to create the necessary tolerance and to give all children the same opportunities to develop as they want. It takes maybe three generations to make a culture dissolve into other culture. I’ve sen this in Turks living in Germany. How would our live be without the events of the last centuries. How would it be without the first and second world war? We still would have strong aristocracy for the very few of us and the majority would have to live as their slaves. We’re still slaves in some ways, but it’s different. The process is not completed yet. I think all the smaller events are part of it. People have to be conditioned for some things. We have mass production of everything now, overproduction of goods and food, yet people still think in the pre-war (2WW) terms and simply consume to much. We don’t need enough labour to give real jobs to all people so maybe it is necessary to reduce the population to this 500 millions the Georgia guide stones tell us about. In between we have to maintain all the bullshit jobs to keep all people busy. It’s complicated.


  4. Every animal possesses the instinctual fight-or-flight response to fear, or perceived fear. The response is neural and physical. Responses are intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you to either run for your life or fight for your life.

    The brain is directed to focus only on big picture in order to determine where threat is coming from. This distracts from essential details that help us understand what, who and why we are feeling threatened. When we have trouble focusing on “small” tasks we cannot process or analyze our situation calmly or rationally. This is by design the constant state of our culture today. Take expensive pills and become a zombie is one way out. Suicide is another. Each to his/her own way of dealing with the unreality of our reality.


  5. “Without them, we’d be really bored.” “and life on this planet would be a whole lot less fun.”
    I would like to disagree with those statements as I wouldn’t call it fun, or keep us from us from boredom. I do think these staged events are done to occupy and repress our collective conscious and to distract us from more important affairs such as national public policy and especially at a local level, “pay no attention to that property tax increase”. Also I think the top brass group that masterminds these events besides monetary rewards get promotions from within for pulling them off. Al Cowlings was driving the Bronco with Simpson supposedly in the back laying down. Yet it probably was filmed before June 17, 1994, the day of the chase.


  6. Boredom is the mulch of creativity. (Spinoza?) Anyway, I agree up to a point: Given enough time to ourselves, we’d create plenty of boredom killers on our own. They wouldn’t be as toxic to the mind, body, heart and soul as the synthetic crap we are fed now, but frivolity seems like an apt reward for developing an advanced civilization. I mean, why build all this infrastructure if you can’t then spend most of your time goofing off?


    1. I’ll take it up a notch: We have brains that far exceed what is needed to survive on this planet. We have consciousness. Consequently, we are bored. Perhaps our challenge then is to make ourselves into everything we can be, given our inherent limitations in physical and mental ability. Perhaps our overlords realize that we cannot be at peace, free from fear, and at the same time grow. So they are constantly running psyops and operations to keep us in the game.

      I would say you and I and others here who read and comment are pushing the boundaries, making new discoveries, outrunning the masters and seeing through them, and are perhaps growing as we are meant to do. That is why we are left alone, to our own devices, as we are doing nothing naughty.


  7. “the Roman people still considered the Circus as their home, their temple, and the seat of the republic. The impatient crowd rushed at the dawn of day to secure their places, and there were many who passed a sleepless and anxious night in the adjacent porticos. From the morning to the evening, careless of the sun or of the rain, the spectators, who sometimes amounted to the number of four hundred thousand, remained in eager attention; their eyes fixed on the horses and charioteers, their minds agitated with hope and fear for the success of the colours which they espoused; and the happiness of Rome appeared to hang on the event of a race. ”
    Maybe our tech-no-logical world has another kind of Circus Maximus and snake oils. Now it takes care of most demographics with sports, video games, porn, gadgets, shoes (passing a sleepless and anxious night to buy an iPhone or Jordan shoes) , drugs etc.


  8. I have to say that this was also part of the “race war” or race tensions. Rodney King was another psyop from the same category and the same decade. They have all these statistics (real or not) that say whites (majority) saw OJ guilty but blacks saw him not guilty. Also 9 jurors were black women (I don’t remember the details). Nonetheless a lot of race talk regarding all the aspects of this psyop. In 2016 they also made a series (I remember from some ads ) called The People v. O.J. Simpson:American Crime Story. Of course now this is proper because in the last few years we had Mike Brown, Black Lives Matter etc.


  9. Who’s bored? I’m not bored, and pretty much no one in my circle of friends and family are bored. Are we the anomaly?

    There is so much magnificence to be gained by turning inward (know thyself!) – if people only knew. There are millions of people around the world working in 12 step programs… these programs are not just for the addicted, but also serve the friends of family affected by addictions of others. These folks around the world are cultivating happiness beyond the externals that TPTB hope we will latch onto – whether it’s soap operas, the latest pop star or movie, celebrity, professional sports team or intoxicant in any form. The work in the 12 step programs is not glamorous (it’s deep and demanding work) but the richness of rewards such as inner and outer serenity can not be understated. The people in the 12 Step programs are the light of the world. We don’t always know who they are, because they pretty much remain anonymous. But the self perfection work going on those rooms is simply breath-taking. I highly recommend visiting an open meeting. 12 Steps can not be infiltrated, because there is rotation of leadership and dominance by any one member is forbidden.

    the point is; there actually is a good number of people seeking to know themselves, to work on themselves, to become better people, and to serve. they are in the 12 Step rooms.


    1. P.S. And I tend to think life is a whole lot more fun without hoaxes and scripted events to supposedly keep me either in fear, on my toes, or safe from the grip of boredom. If any of us had a ” fun loving uncle or aunt” who constantly lied to us, pulled the wool over our eyes, engaged in chicanery and trickery, and downright abuse – what would be the response of a healthy person? * it would be to put distance there as much as one could.* and detach That is what I have done as have many of my family members – turned off the TV, ignored the Oscars and Hollywood’s blockbuster of the moment; said to hell with professional sports all up and down the line. Instead, we are doing our best to become better people and to raise good human beings. That is indeed soul satisfying. It’s the riches within. I do realize that most folks are externally focused, but not all…as I gave with the example of people in 12 step rooms.


    2. I did not mean “bored” in the sense you are using it here. I meant that our cranial capacity exceeds our survival needs, and we have consciousness. Consequently, we have time to do things that have nothing to do with survival, like thinking about the meaning of life, playing and watching sports, and running all these damned psyops and operations on us. The people who do that have way too much time and money.


      1. Yes much more that Nature has in store for our brains and consciousness than we can imagine at present. At some point, as you say, we have more time to contemplate the mysteries, if that is how we choose to use or focus our “energy”. Yet, the multitudes squander their energy on frivolity and triviality. I don’t judge; I just hope more see the light. Thank you for your comment.

        I come to this blog for the comment section. So much to learn.


      2. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Talk to some people in the “third world” and they’ll probably call your proposition “white people problems”.


        1. Ouch.

          I don’t know much about Africa. I have no desire to go there. My travels to the other continents include Peru, Nepal, Mexico, where poverty was abundant. In Nepal, Ecuador and Mexico I sensed hopelessness in some places. In Peru I did not, but I was only out and about for three days.

          I a trying to inject a spiritual element into this without looking like a buffoon. Have I failed?


  10. Mark, every time I about come around to figuring you as one of the white hats, you come up with something like this.

    With respect, my intuitive read on your theory is misdirection. Yes, it’s a matter of boredom, alright. But it’s the other way round. The true useless eaters — oh, I’m sorry, those at the top — are bored out of their little elite minds, so they toy with the rest of humanity like a cat with a mouse.


    1. I am not so quick to presume evil, as I see so much goodness in ordinary people. Is it such a stretch to presume that the upper tiers may not be evil? I know there is greed, never enough, and a sense of entitlement. They generally get better educations than us. I am just not ready to condemn them.


      1. I don’t know about evil but I do believe strongly that greed, sense of entitlement and wealth are poisons to the nervous system and brain. Thus we see degeneracy in the progeny of the most affluent. And it’s this progeny who no doubt inhabit the inner circles of the global elite. No sense of warmth or empathy for fellow humans – I suppose that might be called evil. But that’s a loaded word – because I do believe that the spark of the divine exists in every single human being, but that spark can be covered/smothered by illness and I think the controllers who perpetrate the lies, hoaxes, and terror are very ill. (The very sick faces of David Rockefelker, Soros, Kissenger come to mind, but I am sure there are hidden faces behind them whose eyes are mirrors to a black depth). Whoever the controllers are, they are all about themselves and have been for a long time, robbing the regular folks so they can become billionaires and trillionaires.

        ” Few are the years allowed to us
        To rise above our me and mine
        To think of self a little less
        And a bit more of thee and thine

        A world in which each one of us
        Exists but for oneself alone
        Must end in sorrow and distress
        Selfish and callous to the bone

        The aim should be to make our life
        A fountain of happiness for all
        To keep aloof from lowly strife
        And rise in action straight and tall ”
        (Pandit Gopi Kiishna, 1903-1984)


  11. Mark, so glad to see the question of “Why?” being raised. The question of “Who?” (Freemasons, Jesuits, bloodlines) is irrelevant without asking the “Why?” of this fiendishly elaborate, multi-layered deception that we inhabit like hamsters in a Habitrail. I agree that distraction/divertissement is a part of it. But if you think about the sum total of hoaxes (9-11, school shootings, celebrity deaths, world overpopulation, terrorists at the gates, …), the net product is a chronic low level of fear. You can smell it in the sweat of everyone who still believes in the veracity of the New York Times and CNN.

    The man we need to weigh in here is Straight …


      1. Assuming that the “upper tier” aren’t Gods, I cannot justify their actions, even if they somehow believe they are acting in our best interest.
        It is not a casual interference that they are running, it is a complete controlling of our lives.
        If we are indeed capable of acting and living freely, then we should be allowed to do so. Nothing is more valuable than being able to act and think freely. If our world is nothing but lies and deceit, than how can we truly be free?


        1. BmSeattle: great comment. Not to get overly spiritual, but I am fond of saying by virtue of being a child of God (however one views that), I arrived here a free human being. I prize and value the freedom to think and act in the best and most authentic way I know how. That is why laws about hate speech, social justice warrior nonsense and the like rattle my independent spirit to the core. I would like not to pay taxes to deprive support for warring activities etc but try that for one second, and we find out how un-free we really are. It’s a most perplexing existence … feeling this palpable inner freedom, but living in a world where everything is controlled and freedom is an illusion.

          I wish you much success – love your comment!


        2. If our world is nothing but lies and deceit, than how can we truly be free?

          A matching quote from Voltaire here: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
          Those Nazis eliminating vermin races, or those communists robbing peasant of their winter stock mostly believed they are doing good ..


        3. I realize that the corporate and political worlds are rife with people steeped in greed and narcissism. I wrote this thinking in terms of a more ethereal plane where our lives are less important than our spiritual development. We have far more brain than we need to survive, giving the lie to evolution. MM mentioned last year his own meanderings wherein we don’t seem to belong on this planet, wondering how we got here, maybe why. At age 67 I think more about these things, what happens when we die. I’ve lived a lot, seen a lot of pain and suffering and death, propaganda everywhere, schooling deliberately robbing people of the ability to think properly, and through it all realize that no one can take away free will. We have to get through it, use our intelligence and strength to hang tough, be good people, and charitable and kind to one another. I have seen a lot of that too. So I wondered if perhaps this planet is deliberately made to be a tough testing ground. If life were easy, what would be the point?


  12. Yikes. That answer from Mark seems to confirm Olde Virginian’s theory. “The ‘upper tiers’ may not be evil. They generally get better educations than us. I’m just not ready to condemn them.” LOL.

    The looters at the top are indeed malevolent–thieves at a minimum. They extract massive amounts of money from productive people. It’s worse in America than elsewhere, perhaps unsurprisingly given that this is the seat of military empire. Pharmaceuticals cost 5X more here than elsewhere, property taxes are higher, the middle class has been gutted by student loans, the weapons manufacturers drink taxpayer money like blood, etc. etc. etc. Stealing money is the same as stealing people’s stored life energy. It is quite clearly evil. It’s embarrassing for an alternative researcher to pretend not to see that.

    Mark is right that citizens don’t follow the details of all the new treaties. The distraction isn’t designed to hide new developments. It’s designed to hide the way things are. And it’s designed to keep people occupied so it doesn’t even occur to us to organize and rebel. And it’s designed to weaken the social fabric–it actively works to undermine family, religion, etc.

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    1. I don’t disagree with any of this … you can make a substantial case in every detail. What I am saying is that as people of free will, we can still maintain our dignity, independence, and charitable impulses and get through it. We have so little control over things, but we do have our own brains and the ability to figure things out, make choices, and be happy.


  13. I think people gravitate to this site from being archetypes of free thinkers and seekers rejecting herd mentality . I’m the kid who got in trouble in Catholic religion class for asking too many questions , and was told I would burn forever in a lake of fire …..
    ” I did not mean “bored” in the sense you are using it here. I meant that our cranial capacity exceeds our survival needs, and we have consciousness. ” , Mark , what Gautama Buddha was asking 1500 years ago , how can I , who has been given every luxury and possible physical pleasure of life be dissatisfied ?
    Some people like me can’t work those thoughts through with the faith systems that came through the middle east .
    I do ponder what the true faith system of the global criminals is , soulless animals intent on bloodline/tribal dominance ? Clearly they see their secret histories and the nighttime sky as their bible . Do they believe there is a scorecard being kept on them ?
    The ideas that get no promotion usually get my interest , Taoism , Buddhism, Gnostic theory
    I do agree with your – life as a test ideas – , have we advanced enough to separate our spirit from this physical existence and cross to the nonphysical one . So people like George Soros and Gloria Steinem won’t be there , and look at their faces , they are dissatisfied as well …


  14. I think I realized today, pondering this on our plane flight, that what I am trying to say is quite simple: The truth will set us free.

    I remember in 1989 or so finally coming to realize that Communism and the Cold War were all a big hoax. I felt the weight of the world off my shoulders.

    Then to realize that JFK, RFK, the litany, faked their deaths, that the shooting and terror events are fake, and lastly, coming to grips with zero deaths on 9/11.

    The truth has set me free. I am no longer in angst, nor full of hatred for those who do these awful deed. I know they are hoaxing us, keeping is in economic slavery, and hampering our intellectual and emotional ddevelopment development. I do not like that, and most importantly, I don’t know why they do it other than fear of the spread of wealth, health and happiness, that’s pretty disgusting .

    Also, I do not know what goes on overseas when we have a war.

    But the feeling that resides in me is not the deep resentment and angst I once felt, and which I have picked up in in some of the comments here. That resentment feeds on itself, becomes a part of us that we do not to want to let go. I have simply decided that no matter the world, I get to be at ease.


  15. I referenced Terry Gilliam above, and another of his films, “The Fisher King” seemed to make your point. The traumatized “knight” played by Robin Williams lived in a fantasy world, but still showed character and bravery, and inspired it in the radio “shock jock” who was the main protagonist. We don’t really know what is going on, but can rise above it through not succumbing.


  16. Yes , great point .
    And we know that Terry Gilliam is also ” one of them ”
    pretending to be on our team , but he is not


  17. Watching the new OJ documentary on Court TV while re-reading the MM paper on the subject, and it’s abundantly clear that “Denise” is Nicole. “Denise” tells stories from Nicole’s perspective. She gets personally emotional telling a story about “Nicole” being grabbed in the crotch by OJ and cries in a way that she only would if SHE was the one who was grabbed. She tells a story about domestic violence also in a way that should leave no doubt that SHE is the person who suffered that abuse. Very interesting spin on the whole thing. The emotion is not second-hand, it is personal. I have virtually no doubt that Denise Brown is Nicole Brown. OJ must have known. Could the whole thing have been a high level Masonic public shaming on his way to 33rd degree?


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