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The list below is offered as a start whereby an expanding list of elements consistent with hoaxes involving gun-toting crazies can be compiled, if anyone wants to add on. (Part of a list building project to streamline the approach to arguing in favor of hoaxes when engaging the doubters, i.e. almost everyone else on planet Earth)


Magic numbers alert fellow spooks to the nature of the incident (HOAX!)

Crime scene photos after the fact look like movie sets (i.e. ubiquitous water bottles to refresh bystanders as they mill about after a mass murder)

Eyewitnesses from afar confirm parts of the narrative with anecdotes (bad crisis actors)

Beefy cops/riot gear troops stand around, surprisingly relaxed in posture

Media sources parrot police sources

Location of the incidents are in controllable areas (often government property or nearby)

Media outlets report from outside facilities allegedly involved (watch for green screen glitches)

People who know people who know one or more victims chime in (spreading urban legends)

Lightning fast processing of grief/mourning/acceptance/forgiveness for surviving family members

Calls for legal reforms usually regarding gun access and mental health (drug access) services

Mass murder/suicide mentality: Is that even possible within a brain that can coolly plan and execute such terrors? I strongly suspect it is not possible. What we have been indoctrinated about human nature by the mindbenders is probably largely and deliberately false. Tropes rule our fears.

Rinse and repeat


Ab Irato over at Fakeologist has asked from time to time whether close proximity to a hoax makes it seem more real. As there was a “live shooter” incident in my burgh this morning, I broke my streak of ignoring these drill/hoaxes and deigned to have a look.

Same old, same old from my front row seat. However, since a colleague/roommate of mine knows the wife of one of the UPS employees (he not directly involved and so as good a witness as me: useless) a heightened level of diplomacy is required to maintain harmony. None of my friends or acquaintances have any patience for hoax-busting, to purloin Chris Kendall’s term, so when one of these drills is close by, very little can be spoken of. This is another level of disconnection that is embedded in these ops: No real dialogue can occur face to face. I can only sort this out on a blog with friendly strangers.

The DC incident has the feel of foreshadowing: Will his nibs be next???

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    1. Annette- Good one! I’m certain that’s how they pay for these things. Also, its another opportunity to launder cash. That ploy is used in Breaking Bad to raise funds for Walter White’s cancer treatment.

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  1. I’ve noticed in these events when they are interviewing a witness they don’t show the person on tv that is being interviewed very much. They ask the person a question then the person starts answeing the question about the event then they start showing pictures of the event and not the person speaking.
    they will show pics of the cops, ambulances, etc.
    i believe they do this so that we at home can’t notice that the person being interviewed is reading off of a script and also that the person is a really bad actor.
    brilliant distraction technique, watch for it, it is done all the time in these events

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  2. I tried to link to the photo of dead shooter , but it’s at the wiki page.

    Blaming society as being the cause ,

    I found two songs about Charles Witman’s crime and they both seem to do that .

    one from Kinky Freidman and one by Harry Chapin , they are both a waste of magnetic tape , artistically .


  3. I have developed a sneaky feeling that we, in responding predictively, are playing into the game. As others grasp the extent of manipulative lies the masses will react with resignation. Despite this concern I’ve published my new site. Any thoughts appreciated here.


  4. It’s like that for the Cosby trial for me , Montgomery is my county near Philly .
    Last year I was in that courtroom I’m seeing in the sketches .
    Very original memorable paintings behind the judge ( I was there for hours )
    I was jury pooled for a three defendant murder trail with 110 others , I did not get picked .
    Proximity is make it harder for me to think the whole thing is staged .


  5. I bookmarked it yesterday , Stewart … .thumbsup !

    McGowen is marked as an probable agent here , I disagree . But you have to admit his NASA
    material leaves nothing out , no limited hangout .


  6. Blaming society as being the cause

    ” how dare you not support our gun control laws , we told you , now even the
    Bernie supporters are out to kill hard working decent american heros ”
    ” See , now all citizens should submit to police state security measures ,
    not even our lawmakers are safe “


  7. After the Charleston A.M.E. church “mass shooting”, the federal government gave $19 million to victim’s families…um….that works out to about $2 million per “victim”. So basically, there’s a new government program where you die and your family gets $2 million? Anyway, usually a drill conducted by federal law enforcement training centers around the same time, and can be verified on FLETC website. They list all upcoming drills…not all of them necessarily “go live” obviously.


  8. Look into the corporations that own all the firearm manufacturers and I think you’ll come to the conclusion that these events and all “we need more gun control!” screaming in the aftermath are designed to sell guns, not pass laws against them. Obama sold more guns in 8 years than anyone before him.


    1. Yes, Mathis already touched on this subject. Some people say that the new generation is the target. They may limit the guns in the future when the white population will be under 50% (whites are the most pro 2nd amendment). But like you said, they can make a lot of profit. They play the reverse psychology game and they laugh their ass off while collecting more money. Obama was the boogie man. Alex Johns plus other people from the alternative sites were also very important.


  9. This whole story is so ridiculous that I find it almost painful to write about it. It is an insult to 4th rate psy-ops. But it really doesn’t matter as the vast majority of the population have no use for evidence, facts, analysis. But on the plus side, it outs a number of limited hangout sites along with not a few important people who are acting as though it were a real event.I already figured them for actors but it was really swell of them to prove it for me. So keep up the good work Mark and crew, there’s not much out there that is real these days.


  10. Excellent summary, Tyrone. I have also noticed that with these shooting hoaxes—unlike with real murders in local news—names and photos of the perps are made immediately available, AND that the photos the perps used for their social media pages are always the most unflattering, creepy, evil-looking pictures, usually posed liked a mugshot, that no real person would ever use for himself … much less even keep a photo like that. The latest DC shooter, James T. Hodgkinson is a case in point.

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  11. I saw the shooters wife on tv this morning , just me or do they have the same nose ?
    Brother/sister ?
    But at least John Goodman can get work as the shooter in the docudrama ,
    maybe he can play the wife as well .
    And maybe this congressman needed a hip replacement surgery
    last week anyway , look folks real scars , how convenient .

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  12. Jean-Paul Marat
    A “for the commoner” “Revolutionary” “load mouth” with a skin problem , murdered in a bathtub , by someone who did not even flee . I see that as – into protective custody , then she ( her patsy ) was executed four day later , ok , I’m not reading the whole page , So throw this one on the scrap pile of fake history .


  13. Fake me out to the ballgame
    Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

    At least I have learned some new slang “his nibs” — I thought you were referring to the whip’s quill pens until I looked it up.

    PS Mark you are back on my white hat list since your site clearly calls out this pathetic psy op.

    When will we see a pained Governor Connelly interviewed from his hospital bed, I wonder?


  14. Just goes to show … clearly Repubs should stick to safer recreational activities like hunting with Dick and napping at big Texas ranches… Plus it could only be a matter of time before someone on that congressional baseball diamond is cut down by a line drive, anyway. Oh the humanity.


  15. I’m guessing the game went on as planned, showing the bravery of both parties involved. Not going to be deterred by “terrism” as the Shrub would have put it. What little I’ve read about it I get the idea the whip was shot at 2nd base by the lefty with a pistol from the dugout. No mean feat of marksmanship.

    Reminds me of an old timer’s remark about the scene in “To Kill a Mockingbird” where Atticus Finch is asked by the deputy to take his gun to shoot a rabid dog, because the old deputy’s eyes weren’t good any more. It was a gratuitous scene put in to show that “liberals can be just as tough as anyone if they have to” according to my friend.

    I was impressed that they were up and sober at 7am.

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