Fake events of my lifetime

In working on Columbine I realize it is going to take not just a few days or a week, but a long time – good lord, it reads like John Wick! There are so many angles to explore, including the outside possibility that there were deaths that day. Dylan Klebold is in the Social Security Death Index, for instance. His Social Security number is 524-45-5481, and his date of birth September 11, 1981.

The amount of planning, the logistics, the existence of a monument, the story line, the (fake?) relatives, the school kids who had to know it was a hoax – or did they? There is so much ground to cover.

Anyway, rule number one of blogging is to put up fresh material regularly, and I was thinking about a list – I was born in 1950. Below the fold here would be the most important fake events of my life, that is, those that frightened me, or affected me deeply at the time. Keep in mind, I believed in every one of these events at the time:

  • The Cold War
  • McCarthyism
  • Sputnik
  • JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations
  • Moon landings
  • Arab oil boycotts
  • Chicago Tylenol murders (I have not researched this – I am guessing fake fake fake).
  • John Lennon assassination
  • Columbine (happened on my 49th birthday)
  • 911 (duh)

As it turns out, that’s ten, though I did not set out to remember ten. It is just a good place to stop. Please add your own in the comments, with the understanding that the event had to deeply affect you personally. Our European commenters will have a much different perspective.


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  1. I put a list together of fake events and after hitting over 3000, I gave up and assumed every event was fake… I tried to make a list of real events but as yet the page is empty..


    1. I don’t know much of the overarching details to be true, but know that Vietnam was real, as was Korea. I assume the 1993 and 2001 attacks on Iraq were real. I should not have led with my chin into the “everything is fake” stuff. Everything is not fake. The list is of fake events above are some that were done with intent to affect our mental state of being, to destroy our minds with agitprop. Though he events are fake, the intent is malevolent.


      1. Some of the events in Vietnam and Korea happened including past wars. Fake events inside a real event. High ranking officers of opposing sides, media, etc work together. I wonder where they put Dylan Kleobold, Eric Harris and others of past events. Are they in South America, Russia Even if you were on vacation and bumped into anyone that was relocated, there isn’t enough time or money for an average joe to actually prove it.


        1. What was real about Vietnam Nam? A lot of American soldiers were deposited in a non consequential area of the world to see if the march of gold and money is quicker with force. And a whole lot of experiments were run in the process. I was once in an alcohol class with a Vietnam vet who wanted to offer up horror stories but the instructor of the class always shut him down. I talked to guy and he said every mission he was tasked with was billshit and meant to elicit native reaction and resistance.


        2. Way too big a subject to do justice to, so I don’t know what to tell you. I assume parts of it were fake – we have already exposed Hanoi Jane, Napalm Girl and Saigon Execution here, along with the Kent State “massacre.” We know that much is fake. It also looks like John McCain was never a POW. He was being groomed, given his PT109.


          1. What exactly did military control of South Vietnam entail? What were the goals of each mission? I’ll submit just pure terror and submission to the “democratic” order of full monetization of every aspect of life and society. There were no strongholds, no fortresses, no keeps- no cities to take. It was a war against he simplest of the people of Vietnam Nam and nothing else. Fire and blood brought by paid soldiers – whores- to rural people. With a veneer of ideological nonsense thrown over it. The only thing a Vietnam Vet should feel is total shame or at the least anger at having being duped into something so completely without honor.


      2. maybe causes are fae but effects are real.the CAUSE OF THE VIETNAM WAR WAS FAKED-but thousands of americans,and hundreds of thousands maybe millions of asians died,lost everything ect.?


  2. I have quite heavy doubts about numerology, to put it mildly. With a generous amount of “magic numbers” and combinations, you hit a spooky number by pure chance. For example:
    Month and day of my birth add up to 11.
    I was born in the 7.th month, and my wife in year ’77. (Remember the Lagarde’s “Magic Seven” speech ?)
    I married at age 33, at (in our local notation) 03.02.’01.
    One of my children was born of on a 22.th day of the month.
    Does that make me/us spooks or spook projects … ?

    I once heard an interview with Jonathan Cahn about his “7 years shemitah cycle” theory. His fact-bending (stating false dates for events) to get to the 7 year distances threw me off quickly, and made me attentive for such details.
    Needless to say, Cahn is a numerology-based religious fear monger …


    1. I have the same doubts. But I apply a heavy standard. Dates that add up to the magic numbers of 8 and 11 and 22 and 33 and then recur those numbers in the details of the story . . .

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    1. You Tube has been shutting down truther channels at a fast a furious rate as of late. I guess I always knew this day might come but it’s still very disturbing none the less.

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  3. Back in 1993, at the time of the first World Trade Center bombing, the story of how the perp was caught sounded too implausible for me. Maybe add that to the list? And of course, the OKC bombing was fishy even at the time for the amount of damage done by a mere truck bomb. I heard munitions experts at the time say as much. The media has gotten better since those days at circling the wagons and keeping dissenting analyses from public view.

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  4. If your definition of fake includes manufactured events -though with real, tangible victims- please add all 80’s onward: “Financial Crisis”, “Bubbles”, etc.


      1. That model, installation of fake leaders to feed the ambitions of a rebellious population, worked as well in 1776. The Cuban people were allowed to think they had won, and were being punished by the Great Satan when all that was going on was reinforcement of Cuba’s resource colony status.


  5. I wonder if even things as seemingly mundane as the subway having a fire in NYC are on the level. The video of the two ladies halfway down the page is interesting, as the white woman has the face of a man, and seems to have duping delight as she retells the story. It even seems as if her accent changes when she comes back into the interview.

    Maybe I’m looking too hard, but it jumped out at me when I saw this article.



    1. Super weird! She appears to have male hands as well (ring finger longer than pointer). And yes, her accent switches from an East Coast patrician to a full-on parody of a lower-class Queens denizen, à la Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She forgot which borough of NYC she was supposed to pretend to be from.


  6. Not an event but a thing: fake money. Not an event but a place: Wall Street. The dollar bill, the “Lincolns”, the “Benjamins”, etc. as fake as anything. In fact, fiat dollars are so fake, China denied they make the dollar bills… something not very nice will happen when rest of the World dump the dollar as the international medium of exchange. There is a lot of fear mongering regarding that topic; but a realistic scenario for that will be patent around 2025… I say it will be way earlier, perhaps 2021, not that far away though.


  7. The Socialist Experiment and the Eastern bloc.
    Nothing felt so unreal and out of touch with reality as this time – except the last recent years.
    No wonder, man current European “Leaders” were groomed in a socialist/stalinist environment.


  8. “the OKC bombing was fishy even at the time for the amount of damage done by a mere truck bomb”


    This one was big for me as a 1983 HS grad , Four classmates enlisted after ,
    one a USMC , shot himself after returning three years later , RIP.
    So how can a truck bomb take out so many ?

    “The suicide bomber, an Iranian national named Ismail !!!!Ascari!!!!,[36][37] detonated his explosives, which were later estimated to be equivalent to approximately 9,525 kilograms (21,000 pounds) of TNT.[9][10] The force of the explosion collapsed the four-story building into rubble, crushing to death 241 American servicemen”

    I read that as wordplay of Sicarii


  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicarii

    I was trying to connect to ” Jerusalem Terror Conference ” 1979 .
    As Bibi Netanyahu is largely running the show , but did his brother really
    die at Antebbe ? that and the highjacking now look fake as well .
    Hegelian dialectics at work ?
    Then we go to ” al Quaeda ” literally meaning The (intel) Data Base .
    No one caught that at the time so onward for the cabal to WTC ’93 , OKC ’95 & 911 .
    I’m starting to believe we are all caught up in a aeons old struggle for
    domination between two opposing groups .


    1. Dave, would you consider articulating your reasons for thinking their might be a struggle between two groups? Miles Mathis has said something similar in the past (though not recently), and I am curious to learn what the data are to support this conjecture. I am not disputing the claim: I just want to understand what others see.


    2. I see people talking about some struggle when they talk about East vs West, but this struggle seems to be manufactured to accomplish the new world. Putin is usually seen as the leader of the East and the BRICS. Many alt right people make Trump the ally of Putin, playing 4d chess with the western establishment. This is laughable. Also the members of the committee who came up with the chess or 4d chess stuff are probably laughing their ass off.
      Some people say USA is run by 2 factions, the Pentagon and the Wall Street. For example you can see some posts by this blogger http://akinokure.blogspot.com/. There is also talk about deep state (belongs to Pentagon or it is something else?). I also don’t take this scenario seriously.
      I don’t remember exactly in what contexts Mathis mentioned the 2 factions. I think one time he mentioned that on faction makes some psyops (like shootings) look like obvious psyops, so that people that research this stuff see the obvious mistakes. The mistakes probably have nothing to do with 2 factions. Maybe they test the waters, or maybe they want to multiply the talk about the baby hoaxes. These baby hoaxes can also be tied to the Evil West and the Good East. I think that Mathis also talked about the 2 factions in his James Bond paper. Many things discussed in that paper are probably related to the East vs West psyop. Mathis doesn’t talk about East vs West. Ken at redifininggod is much better regarding this topic (I agree with the basic assumptions, but sometimes he comes up with convoluted scenarios).
      Maybe there are more factions, but the members of these factions probably belong to the same families. An historical precedent is found in the Guelphs vs Ghibellines rivalry. Maybe this rivalry was manufactured or maybe it ended a long time ago. I end this comment by saying that we should look at particular families. Mathis’ approach is good in my opinion (despite some problems, even great problems). Knowing about deep state, CIA, Pentagon, Illuminati can be useful but lets see (or at least attempt to discover) the people behind these entities.


    3. D: You seem so sure in your concepts… “Satanyahu is running the show?” Really? Not really, bozo. “al Quaeda… no one caught that at the time…” Good grief. Speak just for yourself; do not generalize.


  10. I was in Atlanta during the early 80’s when the “Missing and Murdered Children” psyop went down. Of course at that time there was no internet and I had no idea of what we know now, but several people began to see through the charade at the time.

    Mark, you could explain this better, but the number of children missing and found dead fell within actuarial predictions, there just happened to be a bit of a blip towards the high end of the scale, from what I recall hearing at the time.

    Thinking back, they employed “ghetto” crisis actors, I guess. They were ridiculous at the time, and looking back on it, but there are quite a few low IQ folks in the demographically challenged cities like Atlanta. If you haven’t lived around it, it can be hard to understand, and the “programs” put in place to supposedly help have had the opposite effect, which we now know wasn’t just government incompetence but planned maliciousness.

    The news would carry interviews with the alleged mothers, who were sadly comical in many cases. I still remember a couple of them. One appeared with a teenage daughter, who had to correct her about which child was a victim… “No mama, it was Leroy, not Lucious” or something to that effect. Another said, “I thought he was with his uncle…” and musing, “you ‘thought’ your five year old child was somewhere else?” Good grief.

    They eventually convicted a guy named Wayne Williams for one murder, and blamed the others on him as well. I haven’t looked up Wiki to see what sort of markers are there, but they’ve been able to milk this one for years, debating whether he was framed, etc.


    1. I skimmed the Wiki article on WW, and while the footnotes are in numerical order, some of the main points of the case are flagged with 8, 9, and 11. Several others are numbers that add up to one of the suspect ones.

      The biggest flag is the thing about the KKK being possibly the real culprit, as they have been a well known front group for ages. For one (or more) of them to actually venture into those neighborhoods multiple times to murder little kids is ridiculous. It would form the basis of an insanity defense.

      I don’t have the time to devote to it, but will see if I can gather any tidbits from old contacts over that way.


      1. What I have found is that they are not rote … sometimes footnotes will give it away, but not always. Other times it is in the number of victims or illogical evidence. If it is spooky, it will give itself away.

        I was up too early a while back, and had printed out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Wiki pages, and read them thinking “I am going to out you, you phony.” What I found was no signals, or I missed them all. He seemed genuine.


        1. Hi Mark. Were you examining Tyson as a physicist, or as a person? From a physics standpoint, he’s a total charade and fraud, just like Hawking. The first red flag is numerous “honorary doctorates”. The second is his bibliography and “body of work”. He hasn’t done anything of note that I could find, and much of his work is (again, like Hawking’s) complete rubbish, based on fiction and falsified dogmas.

          I don’t think he’s a spook in the Langley sense, but in the NSF-funding science sense. I’ve engaged him multiple times on various topics, often with Mathis’s postulates and hypotheses as ammo, and the guy could only as hom and attack me. Never a worthy response.


  11. This doesn’t strictly belong on your list, but for me the realisation that literature is very much part of the project has been more than a little unsettling. This started when I read Dr. Kirill Yeskov’s The Last Ringbearer, an epilogue to the LOTR starting from the premise that history is written by the winners. This book was really a proof to me that LOTR was a fake narrative, so that when I watched in horror the extreme and dark violence in the movie of The Hobbit I was not really surprised.

    And this goes on and on, this unraveling of literature. I’ve just read The Scarlet Letter, which Miles has suggested is a project book, and the signs are all there, again.


  12. Intuition more than evidence , I was reading this


    and saw this as a clarifying event for me .
    But perhaps the mind needs to come to conclusions and will fit
    our square pegs of wishes for explanations into round holes of reality .
    History is filled with secret family feuds , some wealthy and famous actually fathered
    by outsiders , vendettas , the whole ‘Aryan’ vs ‘Semite’ meme , maybe
    it’s not as controlled by one group as we may think .


    1. I really don’t take seriously the 10000BC date. I am more towards a shorter chronology with regards to written history. The history of the human race can be thousands of years but in my opinion the events from our written history should look shorter (some events were duplicated with different names, plus they used other methods). Maybe the structures were built 10000BC and we had a great catastrophe also near that period. Was the catastrophe so bad that it required 7000 years to achieve a civilization like ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia (according to standard chronologies). In my opinion the people would be back on their feet in a much shorter period. For example I believe that there was a major catastrophe around 900AD. In 1900 AD the technology of the world was beyond the technology of ancient Rome. So we are back on our feet and went beyond. According to the 10000BC scenario, the world remained ignorant for 7000 years. Maybe weed was more available in that period


        1. I was referring to 900 AD and it is connected to the theories of Gunnar Heinsohn. For small pdf presentations see http://www.q-mag.org/gunnar-heinsohns-latest.html.I believe his chronology is closer to the truth than the standard one. There are other alternative theories that I consider less likely to be true like Fomenko. According to Gunnar, the Roman Empire fell around 930AD due to a comet. My point was that in just 1000 years or 1900AD, our civilization was more technological advance than the Roman period. In 1000 years after a great disaster, people recovered and even topped the period before the catastrophe in technological terms. I don’t believe that people need several thousand years to recover from a catastrophe as it is implied in the 10000BC date.
          Agricola my revenge is nigh.


          1. Calgacus: Ok, thank you for expanding on your comment and link. Will check it out. I praise your erudition on that topic. As for your revenge: BARRITVS!! “Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas…”. Be safe and have a great weekend!!


          2. I work with my hands. I didn’t always do so. In the decade or so that I have worked with my hands I’ve come to understand that the human mind is genius when stripped of distraction and focused. The amazement people have for things like the Pyramids and other ancient structures- attributing them to Ancient Aliens or some super tech ancient civilization that is being hidden from us- I find simply laughable. The only mysteries I see in ancient mega structures are the mind fucks and social constructs that were used to bamboozle people to building them in the first place.


          3. I was referring to 900 AD and it is connected to the theories of Gunnar Heinsohn. For small pdf presentations see http://www.q-mag.org/gunnar-heinsohns-latest.html.

            Just dared to check about the “father” of this web page, Alfred de Grazia, and his Quantavolution. Like here: http://www.q-mag.org/alfred-de-grazia.html
            It tells you straight into your face:
            He … [did] participate in six campaigns of World War II, from North Africa … and Germany. He was instrumental in a number of psychological warfare operations.

            Having a hard time to believe he ever stopped doing “psychological warfare operations”. With the background of Heinsohn himself (check his bio out), I consider none of them (de Grazia and Heinsohn) as honest scientists or historians …


      1. Does the Wikipedia narrative of Derinkuyu in Turkey- the “underground city” that supposedly supported 20,000 people and their livestock and food stores and built in 700 or 800 BC make any sense? It supposedly has hundreds of only inches wide airshafts going down as much as 60 meters. Really? The technology for sinking such airshafts existed back then? And not only that- but it supposedly has miles of tunnels linking it to other underground settlements. Assuming this is real at all- it makes zero sense as a viable place for humans to inhabit for any length of time given the technology we are told existed of the time period.


        1. I was not aware of this city. I will look closer. I believe that the world was hit at least 2 times by comets (maybe around 850BC and again in 230=540=930AD). This city seems to be connected to the AD comet hit (since it was fully formed in Byzantine era according to wiki). The conditions were probably bad immediately after the hit. The dust covered the sun and probably destroyed crops. Malnourished people caught various plagues (the plague of cyprian 250AD, the plague of Justinian 541AD, were they different or maybe the same or from the same period).Maybe this is the reson for the other Cappadocian caves.


          1. The Wikipedia entries on these underground cities say they were used as defensive retreats in times of trouble. How defensive are underground habitats that rely on air shafts that could simply be plugged up or have smoke forced down them?


      2. I have read Heinsohn too. And, as a matter of fact, I mention Formenko to highlight the idea that the touted chronology is mostly fiction. Heinsohn extensively dwells on the fact that the 700 year period between about 200AD and 900AD is stratigraphically absent (no artifacts/remains in the ground).
        Just think for a moment what would fall with it, too.
        And what’s the implication if those two periods directly followed one another…


  13. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong ,but
    I think what Miles was saying is that one group outside the Rockefeller group
    was running obviously fake events to pee in the pool of the winning group
    , to clue the general public that something is going on .
    R.A. Wilson ‘s Illuminatti trilogy has the theme of a good vs bad Illuminatti ,
    Yes I know he was a spook pushing mostly BS , but there is often a kernal
    of truth in such writings .
    Perhaps there is not one overarching group at all , but an eternal war ,
    Like a Crypts vs Bloods for trillionaires .


    1. My sense is that there are not two groups engaged in an eternal struggle, but occasional flare-ups between powerful factions that are not used to hearing the word “no”. Generally, though, they work in concert. Blood is a big expense.
      The wars fought between factions are most often stage managed in the wake of power sharing reforms. The war narratives are for the masses to explain why mass migration is necessary, which is to get cheap labor in place for innovative industries that are part of the fallout from these clashes.
      Mention of the Guelph/Ghibellines is apt in that I think a stale mate produced real reform caused by the rush to exploit the New World. The War of the League of Cambrai looks to me as a completely stage managed affair to move Venetian capital to the west (Britain) to take control of the Americas. Rome and Venice were never at odds but worked in tandem to facilitate the expansion of their mutual financial interests.
      Behind that, though, was the disaster of the Black Death of the 14th century. It appears that rival factions caused bankruptcy that collapsed the fragile health care system and mass extinction followed. IMO, the Renaissance was a series of experiments to “modernize” the world in order to avoid such a disaster recurring.
      But why would these elites have a problem with mass extinction of slaves? Because the surviving labor force saw an opening to demand wages and an embryonic movement to unionize was born. Even the kings had to acquiesce in the wake of the plague as crops were going to rot and land was losing its value.
      Wage slavery followed, but class structure of a finer distinction was the real reform. Guilds and fraternities with the attendant pomp and heraldry gave the illusion of a meritocracy for the low born talent placed and promoted within the government regulated guilds. Then, as now, you only get so far unless you truly support the agenda with your talents and that would also require a strategic marriage to bond the children and their descendants to the tree.
      I digress. My point is that internal rivalries produce innovation as part of the settlements between them but by and large they are all related and work together.


      1. Tyrone you should write about the issues/speculations mentioned in your comment. We can only speculate on many of these things, but our speculations are much better than the nonsense historians provide. I am also a big believer in managed migrations. I would also be interested in speculations regarding why they move their capitals. In a way we can say that we live in a large empire, and this empire sometimes wants to make administrative changes. A city like Venice was useful in the past (trading routes) , but when the new world was “discovered” London was in a better position (probably the reason goes beyond geography). I believe that Venice appears in many James Bond movies, so this city is probably a capital of more shaddy matters even today.
        La Rouche and Webster Tarpley can be useful if you want to mine some information. But they appear to be agents that are assign to misdirect a certain demographic group. Nonetheless they can be useful regarding Venice, Guelphs, Ghibellines, Fourth Crusade etc.


      2. That is the best comment I’ve read lately from you, sir. Though highly speculative, worthy comment nonetheless… since perhaps the one with the “Satan Inside” Intel logo knock-off :). As our Gaelic fellow wrote, this is an avenue of “history” worth writing about. The Republic of Venice!! The De’ Medici’s bank… So much to say about it and I think you have the talent to purse a post or paper on it. Not even our conspicuous texan has a full paper devoted to them. Perhaps it is that he does not like topics that have to do with the concept of Money. What it is and how it is created. I get it. As an artist, he should repel the materialistic idea of such dirt thing Money is.


        1. Besides, it is very interesting fact to note The Most Serene Republic of Venice did not even exist, the city of Venice did not exist during Roman times, not even existed when the Roman Empire “fell”. Quite an interesting fact for a powerful city for more or less 1000 years.


  14. The “DC sniper” comes to mind.

    I lived in Maryland at the time, and I can tell you the fear was very real. People were terrified. Gas stations put giant tarps up around their pumps, to shield their customers from view. People stopped mowing their lawns, for god’s sake. It was pretty crazy.

    The police at one point put out a sort of public APB on a white van. A white van. This was announced on virtually every radio or tv station in the area. “We’re looking for some guys in a white van.” Would you like to take a guess as to how many white vans there are in the DC area? At a rough guess I’d say oh about a gazillion or so, so you can imagine how flooded the switchboards were after that little announcement.

    It took me many years to wake up and realize something that in hindsight should’ve been obvious: the “gubbermint” doesn’t want to take your guns. They aren’t trying to physically disarm you. They’re trying to mentally disarm you. Gun sales go UP, waaaaay up, with every single one of these events. During the DC sniper nonsense gun stores in the area were literally selling out of many of the more popular models, and forget getting your hands on ammunition. The shelves were empty from store to store.

    The same can be said for Sandy Hook, Pulse, Columbine, et al. Any of these manufactured events is always, ALWAYS, accompanied by an astounding increase in gun and ammunition sales.

    Regarding Mathis, mentioned above several times, as I understand it the general outlines of his theory of internal opposition amongst TPTB is that it’s an ongoing war between “aristocracy vs. relatively new merchant class.” In practice it ends up being “old nobility vs. jews”, but ironically that’s where his theory begins to breakdown, because as time goes on he’s increasingly connecting everyone, aristocracy or no, to “jewish bloodlines.”

    And this is where the can of worms turns into a gigantic wormpit for most people. I happen to live in a country where it is actually against the law to question the validity of certain events or claims having to do with this particular group of people. Whether you believe in the truth of these events or not, to me the idea that certain ideas are “crimethink” is unacceptable. The truth needs no defenders, or walls put up to safeguard it from “fake news”. The truth stands on its own merits. If it can’t, then it cannot be said to be “true”.

    But I also feel that there is never just one “truth” to just about anything. The land of Egypt, where these people claim to have fled from, was known among other titles as “The Land of the Two Truths”, because they had a very keen sense of the duality inherent in just about everything we experience. There is no light without dark. No Horus without Set or Sut. No growth without decay. And the more I learn the more I lean toward the conclusion that these people did not flee from the Egyptians in the way it’s portrayed, but rather they are Egyptians, or I should say a sect of Egyptians that went it’s own way.

    I could write a book or ten on that subject, however, so I’ll leave it there.

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    1. @Joki: Please check out the writings of Gerald Massey, a special kind of genius, eschewed by academics because he wasn’t in their club; yet, he wrote 6 volumes of books (1.2 million words) tracing the history of astronomical mythology, and the origins of both Jews and Christians. Here is a summary of Massey’s findings below that a friend of mine put together. Also check out The Secret Teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within by Gene Kieffer, another outsider. I can personally attest to the integrity of both Massey and Kieffer… for they have been promoted by nobody. There was no one big exodus of “Jews” as some would wish to believe; there is no chosen people. There were many small exoduses of the “Mother Cult” being pushed out by the “Father Cult” or vice-a-versa. Open any page of Massey and one will find a precious nugget. I opened Book of the Beginnings Volume 2 and found this: “The driving out of Sut Typhon being one of the prime causes of the colonization of the world.
      Note: Sut Thyphonians were assimilated to the “Mother”.

      Here’s that summary and I hope you get around to writing a book one day. Keep us posted. I enjoy your comments.

      “The earliest “organized” religion was the worship of the Mother and Son. In Egypt, this culminated in a cult centered at Heliopolis, or On (Annu). On is mentioned in the Bible. The Mother at that stage of development was called Iusaas, and her son was Iu-su.* From the IU we get Jew.*

      So the Jews were simply ordinary Egyptians who worshiped the Mother and Son. Of course, it dates back much further than the cult at Annu, but for “biblical” purposes, that’s far enough. The Pharaoh Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid, was assimilated to Isis and therefore, by definition, an IU, or Jew. The same for the kings of the twelfth dynasty, and probably the sixth, also. Certainly Akhenaten and Nefertiti were Jews, and that is why a lot of Jews today speak of Akhenaten as the probable Moses.

      But way back, even before the first dynasty, there was a split, and many Egyptians began to assimilate themselves to the Father and his son, who was called Horus. Actually, Iusaas and Iu, were of a later cult. The very earliest “Jews” were assimilated to the Mother and Son known as Typhon and Sut (Seth).

      In the myths, Sut and Horus were twin brothers who were always contending for supremacy. Many scholars think there was a real Sut and a real Horus and that they waged war the whole length of Egypt. This is true to an extent, because the worshipers of the Mother-Son and those of the Father-Son, were always at odds with one another. That is why there is a complete blackout of the dynasties from the 13th to the 17th. These dynasties were mostly assimilated to the Mother-Son religion, and after they were overthrown, the winners, the Father-Son cults, systematically erased all traces of their rivals from the monuments.

      So the mythology was all in place long before the “Exodus headed by Moses”. The Jews of the Mother Cult decided to switch to the Father cult, and that is what the first five books of the Old Testament represent. They made Eve the temptress who brought about the Fall in the Garden. They went to Mt. Sinai to get the New Law from the Father-God on the Mountain. They castigated all the Children of Israel when they were “backsliding” and taking up the old religion of the Mother, which at that time was centered around Heliopolis and Iusaas and Iusu, or we can say Hathor, and the Golden Calf.

      So the Jews were simply Egyptians until the “Mount Sinai” incident. The Egyptians mined turquois at Mount Sinai, and a lot of the workers were of the Mother cult. There they intermingled with other miners, who were Hebrews. Of course, some Hebrews were already in Egypt in the Delta region, known as the Nome or District of Sut, meaning the old Mother religion. So the Hebrews and the IUs, or Jews, fused into one”


      1. In my opinion many of these dynasties were concurrent. I believe that Herodotus said that there were 30 princes in Egypt when Cambyses 2 conquered it (I have to check this statement). Check the pillars of the past series at http://immanuelvelikovsky.com/. I don’t agree 100% but the info from these volumes is probably closer to the truth. You should look also at the Persian connection at http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/index.php. Remember that in Isaiah, Cyrus the Great is called the anointed of God=Messiah (they give the English translation so most people don’t make the connection, see Isaiah 45). So the events probably didn’t happen before 1000BC. We are talking about the Persian era (after 600BC). Ralph Ellis (freemason) also did some good work regarding the Egyptian pharaohs and their Bible equivalent (but still uses the standard chronology). Massey is good regarding the astronomical symbolism but is almost useless if you want to track the elite families. My best guest right now is that Akhenaten and his priests were banished from Egypt and went to Persia. Herodotus says that some Egyptian priests told him that the mother of Cambyses 2 was Egyptian, but he doesn’t believe the story. Then Herodotus tells the story of Cambyses making a pledge to his mother that he will turn Egypt upside down. Why did Cambyses hated Egypt so much? Herodotus gives some weak explanation about another Egyptian wife that was the favorite of Cyrus, so his mother was jealous.Also observe the similarity between Media and Midian. Moses and the burning bush at the Midian’s wilderness (Zoroastrianism is connected to fire, actually fire is their symbol). Moses marries Zipporrah the daughter of Jethro, the priest of Midian. Maybe the daughter of Akhenaten was the wife of Cyrus (or maybe it was the 3rd, 4th generation from Akhenaten). In the Pillars of the Past series, they say that Mitanni=Persians (and they give good reasons not just play with phonetics). There is some speculations that Kiya (one of the wives of Akhenaten) was Mitanni).
        The connection between Akhenaten and Persia is my speculations. But considering the info from the Pillars series, the askwhy website and the stories from Herodotus, the speculation doesn’t seem to be total garbage. Again Massey is good, but I am more interested in the elite connection. I read Francois Dupuis and other writers from the 19th century that made various astrotheological connections (my first alternative studies) . Astrotheology is very useful if you want to understand our culture (religion, architecture, mythology etc). But I am more interested in Miles Mathis type of research, discovering the elite connections throughout history.


    2. Joki:

      Your suggestion that the Israelites were Egyptians is great food for thought. At one point I had come to the conclusion that Akhenaten, Moses, and Oedipus were the same man: The pharoah Akhenaten, originator of omnitheism according to Western history (atenism was definitely NOT monotheism), faced backlash from the priestly class for doing away with its pantheon of animal deities, and was expunged from history for that. The parallels to the story of Moses are clear, and if you remember that Oedipus was abandoned as an infant and rescued and raised as an orphan, killed his father (the old gods?) and married his mother (a garbling of the tradition of a pharoah marrying his sister?) it’s easy to see parallels there as well. Remember too that Oedipus is credited with answering the riddle of the Sphinx.

      It could also be true that all of these myths are retellings of one man’s story – a story that really happened. That interpretation comports better with how I look at history now, since I don’t believe “ancient” history happened at all.


  15. For anyone’s consideration. Driving around today looking at real estate in suburban Greater Boston area- I came across a former Nike Missile site. Which pretty much shocked me as the Greater Boston area- though heavy with “defense” engineering and tech firms- is not really known for military bases. In fact- this is an area of the country in which it is rare to see military people at all. Apparently these were anti missile and anti long range Bomber missile systems that were literally all over the country- ringing major population centers. Massachusetts alone had over a dozen. And they were not rinky dink. These were BASES- hidden- and isolated- but not by any means rural. The particular one I saw today was on a wooded hilltop. The military housing for this base was extensive- with adjunct administrative buildings. Hidden from the local public- but in no way would these bases be hidden from aerial enemy surveillance as their footprints were not small. Though seemingly in “private hands” now- the entire compound was spooky as hell. These places operated officially as bases from the late 50’s to the early to mid 70’s. The rocket technology purported to be at these sites seems utterly implausible for the time period and since “Nukes” are more than likely fake- I assume the entire Nike project was a cover for local domestic Intelligence operations. And I grew up literally a few minutes away from this Base- and NEVER knew it was there until today. Driving through it with my father- as he had been in the military in the 60’s- he instantly recognized the pre-fab cheap military family housing and the accompanying shitty administrative buildings. And it hit him that it must have been a Nike Site. Looked it up online- and sure enough- it was.


  16. Regarding the Tylenol murders- that was when everything sold with a lid became encased with a plastic covering. I think the monetary angle on that alone explains that ridiculous event.


  17. Storytimesend-

    Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using man-made stones, which look exactly like natural rocks. The limestone blocks were cast in situ, employing an advanced technology that was later lost, leaving a puzzle hidden for thousands of years inside the pyramid stones. This theory undoubtedly shed an amazing new light on what really happened in Egypt in that remote era.



    1. I believe that this geopolymer hypothesis is interesting and can be true. There are a few people on youtube that use this theory to make the point that the pyramids are from 1700’s or 1800’s. But it is not impossible that the ancients knew about geopolymers. They also show some videos of people moving the Stonehenge in the 30’s. There are a few videos from the 60’s that show how they moved the temple of Ramses from Abu Simbel (because of the Aswan Dam). Most likely the elites want to destroy some important clues that are found in these ancient building or artifacts. I believe in a shorter chronology for the written history, but many of the claims seem dubious. The revisionism is probably polluted by the flat earth psyop (what is not polluted by this psyop?).


      1. My theory: geopolymer is the legendary philosopher’s stone sought by alchemists (from the ancient name of Egypt) for centuries.


      2. Fomenko dated the Dendera temple to (roughly) the European renaissance period, based on astrological inscriptions on the temple. That would make sense. The pyramids shouldn’t predate it much.
        BTW, by interpreting the first chapters of the Revelation of John as astronomical constellations, he dated this text to about 1485..1490. (Can’t remember the exact year). Would make sense as well.
        Not sure if this is correct, but much more plausible than the current mainstream “Ancient Egypt / Ancient History” psyop.


        1. I have to say that I am very suspicious of Fomenko considering the connection between Russia and the alt-right crowd. Also he seems to be the only chronological revisionist promoted by the truther movement. I already gave links to other revisionists that I believe that are more useful. I also don’t trust these people 100%, but their analysis is more in depth. Fomenko puts an emphasis on astronomy and parallels between rulers. Other writes also look at agriculture, languages, pottery, evidence of great disasters, metallurgy, coins, technology in general etc. Nonetheless, read Fomenko. His astronomical interpretation of the Bible can be useful, but not necessary because of the dates obtained.
          I also want to add that I am a bit suspicious regarding the mongol invasion. It is possible they were Cossacks with a few Asians. Also I believe the disaster were due to comets or meteor activity. Many death assign to the 100 years old and Mongol invasion is probably due to natural phenomena. For propaganda purposes the death was assign to war. I recommend this website that has a pdf book https://abruptearthchanges.com/2017/05/25/1619/ . The author doesn’t mention chronological revisionism, so this is more about natural disasters (dis-aster, from Greek astron=star). He also has a non-pathogenic explanation of Black Death. The floods, earthquakes and the destruction of agriculture are the probably the reason why people died in great numbers. People had less nutrition, so they were weaken. The overall situation was probably unsanitary, so we would expect diseases. But plagues were probably secondary to natural disasters.


          1. With respect, I wonder if you really have read Fomenko, as you express “suspicion” of his work based on flimsy grounds, then promote ideas, as apparent alternatives to Fomenko, without mentioning that he himself promotes those ideas (i.e., the “Mongol” horde may have been Russian; “a non-pathogenic explanation of Black Death”).

            It’s sad these days that one can simply say “Russia” or “alt-right” in one’s dismissal of scholarship and most readers will probably think you’ve said something with substance.

            The Palmer


          2. I reads many pdf documents from his website. There is also a pdf document that contains a book called Chronon 1 that has more than 500 pages (this is the biggest Fomenko pdf book that I have on by laptop). I read smaller pdf from his website plus a big chunk of Cronon 1, so I probably have a general idea of Fomenko (but there are probably more than 6 Chronon books, or whatever they are). Plus I told people to read Fomenko and that I also don’t trust the other revisionists. Fomenko also cites Mozorov who belongs to elite families. To give another example, Ralph Ellis is a freemason so people can be suspicious just because he is freemason (he talks about the alter egos of Biblical personalities).
            Don’t worry, Russia and US are two multicultural golem sisters that are the bane of the white race. When I say Russia, I don’t say Russian (the victims of Soviet Union and Russian government). Some aspects of my philosophy contain white nationalist ideas and race realism. But Alt right rubbish talks about white sharia and other nonsense. Also you find many elite Jews and crypto-Jews in this movement (these are not average Jews, so I am not attacking all Jews). Fomenko has no connection to alt-right, Dugin or similar characters from what I know. But I believe that it is fair to put a warning sign, like I did for other writers like Ralph Ellis or Hugh Montgomery( I wrote a comment about him here on another post not long ago).
            Some other guy also wrote about Mongols and Tatars on Barnes review. Of course, Fomenko says that a lot of things happen in Russia. He assigns Russia a very central role. I have to look more into the history of Mongols and the 13th-14th century era. For now I will focus on European history. I made other comments on this useful blog https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/guest-post-by-louis-hissink-2/. I consider Fomenko weaker because he doesn’t discuss pottery, agriculture, coins, evidence of great natural disasters (see the link) etc. fm pointed once that Fomenko can be useful with regards to possible elite numerology in the years of reign of various kings and emperors. I also said that people should pay attention to his analysis of astrological symbolism in the Bible.
            Again when I say Russia and USA, I don’t mean the average citizens of these countries. But we should be suspicious of people from government institutes, military, freemasonry or people from elite families. Also we have an increase in flat earth youtube videos, alt-right-characters , elite gender inversion, promotion of BRICS as fighters against NWO. Some of Fomenko ideas probably align with Eat vs West false paradigm with German writers rewriting Russian history (I believe he mention a Russian German as an important falsifier of Russian history).
            Maybe you can correct some things but please don’t give me “you didn’t read” or russophobia (I actually have a grand-grandmother that was Russian or Ukrainian and I am from Eastern Europe). Lol, I believe that my comment is long enough but I hope it is very clear regarding my intent or suspicions.


  18. Not sure if this is a real event or not, but sounds fishy. Just happened across it surfing this morning. French singer dies on stage during a concert.


    What’s odd is “she” clearly isn’t. Do a search for pictures of her. In your face with the title of her album just out:

    On 3 February 2017 she released her first studio album, Le grand H de l’homme (Man with a capital M),

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  19. I don’t think anyone here believed for a moment that Charlottesville was anything but a psyop, and obviously designed to put the “Trump plan” into action. While an obvious lie on an MSM program designed for airheads isn’t proof, it does show the level of contempt they have for us.

    It’s only a couple of minutes and the lie comes inside the first minute or so. I won’t be the spoiler, so take a gander…


  20. Another “old” event comes to my mind – the Tienanmen massacre.
    Does anybody have some additional information and thought about that ?

    Growing up in the Eastern Bloc, I remember the “leadership” did hem and haw in the MSM, trying to explain it away.


    1. Uhmm, to explain myself, this event simply radiates an extremely foul scent.
      China, like the other “Socialist” countries, obviously were a great Total-Surveillance-State field experiment. People were kept in permanent fear by the mass media, and incited to monitor reach other. There were no real opposition groups, all were infiltrated of controlled by the “party”. In China, the Soviet Union, and all other eastern bloc countries. One could not really trust his workmates, friends, even spouse.

      And studying older chinese philosophers, one of the main principles is always obedience. The Chinese had been, IMHO, historically the most successfully brainwashed population.


      1. This is the reason why China plays an important role in the transition to the NWO. Regarding their philosophies, you have to remember they were very diverse in the beginning. Many books were burned after the first empire was created https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_books_and_burying_of_scholars . The elites also conquered China during the Opium Wars of the 19th century. So China was raped and then transformed in a very useful tool .
        The constant surveillance in the communist countries was probably an illusion. They probably created a few incidence to give the illusion of great surveillance. Plus you have fake stories like Pavlik Morozov. Regarding the massacre, I will say that the year 1989 looks to be very managed. Communism played its role, so it was the time for the next phase. The only remnants of old communism are Cuba and North Korea. Cuba already started a new phase. North Korea will probably play a great role this year and the very next years. But I believe that North Korea is near its end of life.


        1. Working backward, agree with you about North Korea and Cuba. About N-Korea – some weeks ago I posted a Link to J Dyer’s page, showing that the Great Missile Thread is just another CIA scare crow.

          The communist surveillance was not an illusion. I lived through it. People become “informal collaborator” for the same reasons they work with the CIA or as FBI snitches: greed, seek for petty revenge, delusion, and blackmailing. I could tell several personal stories here. As I said, the atmosphere of fear and distrust (Divide and Conquer) was the main objective – IMHO.

          China’s history is as suspicious as European’s. Don’t forget that Jesuit priests were among the first to arrive there with “merchant” ships, to stay permanently. Were they really just proselytizing ?
          Fomenko (that man again) argues that the “Great Chinese Wall” is a very recent construction, mainly built in the last century. I would not drop all Chinese events and empires, but I’m convinced the timeline is pure fiction.

          Not that I wholly trust Fomenko – especially is “Russia everywhere” recreation of history is just over-the-top unbelievable. And he is still a rather well-paid state employee (mathematics professor). Compare that with Kammeyer, who was anathema for the national socialists, and starved to death under the inter-national socialist reign.


          1. I can’t understand why open-minded, intelligent people find it so hard to accept the possibility that what is (and since long before modern history began has been) geographically the largest nation on the planet, could once have been the center of a world-wide empire!

            If one can accept that history is fiction, how rational is it then to challenge a dedicated and meticulous scholar’s reconstruction of that history without once mentioning his methods or his data? Saying “he’s Russian, so his placement of a past empire centered in Russia at the crux of world history is suspect” is like saying “he’s Mexican, so his claim that an empire centered in Mexico called ‘the Aztecs’ once ruled Central America and southern North America is suspect.”

            I don’t accept Fomenko’s New Chronology unquestioningly, and would enjoy some reasonable discussion of his mind-bending claims, but neither unfounded criticism (“I’m suspicious!” “His recreation is over-the-top unbelievable”) nor character assassination through guilt by association (“Russia!” “alt-right!”) presents rational discussion or argument.


          2. Palmer, I believe that nobody dismissed Fomenko 100%. I also pointed some red flags when I mentioned other alternative historians. The elites probably want to misdirect honest research, so they may assign various individuals to do this job. Maybe the suspicions are paranoia, but it may help other people research/read with a more critical eye. In a previous comment I already mentioned that Fomenko seems to align with the East vs West false paradigm pushed by alternative writers. I found this quote from wiki “James Billington, formerly professor of Russian history at Harvard and Princeton and the Librarian of Congress from 1987-2015 placed Fomenko’s work within the context of the political movement of Eurasianism, which sought to tie Russian history closely to that of its Asian neighbors”. Recently the Euroasian Economic Union was formed with members such as Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan etc. You also have Dugin and Euroasia movement.
            Wiki also says that Garry Kasparov played an important role in promoting Fomenko. It is not hard to believe that Kasparov is a spook.
            Maybe Fomenko has nothing to do with Euroasian movement and other things mentioned. But can I at least point out some things that my intuition considers suspicious (or possible suspicious). Are my observations above superficial?
            I also said that his methods seem a bit weaker in comparison to other alternative writers . I believe that I am familiar with general Fomenko ideas, but I only read a small fraction of his writings (plus there are some youtube videos). Some writers also talked about agriculture, coins, pottery, strong evidence of natural disasters possibly connected to meteors and comets, languages. Fomenko puts an emphasis on astronomy and parallel lives (other writers also cover similar issues). I know that he also covers the similarity between the Pompeii mosaic of Alexander the great and the painting called “The Battle of the Milvian Bridge” by Giulio Romano. Fomenko also points out some interesting parallels between Plato, Plotinus and Gemistus Pletho and other similar parallels. He also points out the character called Poggio Bracciolini that may have forged or at least added text to ancient writers like Tacitus, Cicero etc. People should be aware of other people associated with Poggio like Leonardo Bruni,Niccolo de Niccoli and other friends.
            In the end by reading Fomenko you learn a lot of history and it can help you see history in a different manner. You also learn about various players. From time to time I read from Fomenko. Today I found this convenient link https://archive.org/details/AnatolyFomenkoBooks


  21. @Palmer:
    I guessing you mean me – I do not exclude the possibility that China once played a more dominant role (as it is scripted to become soon). But don’t forget that a label like “geographically largest nation” (which is not even true, the Russian territory is greater) shifted forth and back with wars and conquests during history.

    Saying “he’s Russian, so his placement of a past empire centered in Russia at the crux of world history is suspect” is like saying “he’s Mexican, so his claim that an empire centered in Mexico called ‘the Aztecs’ once ruled Central America and southern North America is suspect.”

    If you dare to read foreign accounts of history, this is most often actually the case. Many nations (nationalists) use to exaggerate the historical role of their “people”. Try turkish history, for instance. The “Us vs. Them” a.k.a. “Divide and Conquer” method is almost universal.

    But read Fomenko carefully. His analysis of historical text is scientific (statistics-based) and comprehensible, but his Russian-centered recreation is solely based on linguistic conjectures. Not that I outright reject them, but he provides hardly much “meat” (proof). But I can see a motive shining through.


    1. @fm

      If you’re going to respond to me, I suggest you read my comment carefully; I was talking about Russia. And of course I was responding to you – I hit “reply” under your last comment and my text was just below yours and indented.

      By the way, I’m well aware that “many nations use [sic] to exaggerate the historical role of their ‘people’” – I’m not a child.


      1. And of course I was responding to you – I hit “reply” under your last comment and my text was just below yours and indented.

        There is obviously a comment nesting limit in the forum software, so I could not respond with “Reply”.

        By the way, I’m well aware that “many nations use [sic] to exaggerate the historical role of their ‘people’” – I’m not a child.

        I did expect you know. But just for the record.

        And I’m sure Russia played a significant role in former times. The belittling of Russia in mainstream history suggests so. As well Russia’s long-established good relations to the muslim world, and Fomenko’s reported burning of archives in the 15th century.
        But linguistics itself is no proof. To be honest, Fomenko never claims so, as far as I remember.


        1. Yes, I don’t think we really disagree all that much, fm.

          One thing I’ve been reacting to on this page is that it seems impossible to mention Fomenko on any forum without someone criticizing the fact that he places the center of the world-spanning civilization he posits in New Chronology in Russia, trivializing that as some sort of nationalism. Honestly, the more I hear that, the more I see it as a sort of jealousy, since we in the Americas (although I don’t know if that’s where you’re from) have no culture.


          1. I think the Anglo-Saxon faction of historians can easily compete with other nationalists: Aren’t the Anglo-Saxons actually the cradle of civilization, according to (at least some of) them ? 😉

            Just remembering some really strange fact here peripherally concerning Russia.
            Fomenko has a reproduction of an old painting in one of his books, showing a view of Vienna before the alleged Osman siege (AFAIR the second). And a detail of the famous Stephan’s cathedral, showing a strange cross on the spire – a combination of the cross, the crescent and a star. And he reports this painting was conveniently removed from display, and shoved to the store.
            Perhaps I try to post an image here later on, if I find it …
            The Russian connection are the proven good relations to the muslim world. There are, for example, several pieces of medieval russian armor and weaponry preserved, having cyrillic and arabic inscription, praising Allah and Jesus …


  22. The PC business.
    Progressing miniaturization allowed affordable computing performance with reasonable power consumption and prize, even for private persons. And computing performance is the most important premise of information processing.
    Thus, the elite saw the need to capture this market, with giants like IBM being hated universally. Shell companies like Microsoft and Apple were created, with imposters like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the lead. And over the years, they placed their giant trojan-horse OSes in almost any PC and portable device.


  23. Greetings: just to get back to the original topic of “fake topics of my lifetime”, what about Richard Speck and the 8 student nurses he murdered on July13, 1966? This was called by NBC News “the first random mass murder in American history”. Could this have been a trial run for the other mass murders that have since followed?


    1. Dear Moody Deb,
      I believe miles Mathis has outed Speck episode as a psy-op and contrived event. It scared the bejebus out of me too at the time. And to add to that I knew someone who was kidnapped off streets of a major city in the mid 70s (that was a defining moment for me in my formative years) by two strangers and repeatedly assaulted but she was let go and survived. Bottom line, I had enough to fear as a result of that real life event so if there wasn’t a Ted Bundy or a Richard Speck (per MM both projects), I was already traumatized by a real life event that happened to someone I was very close to. Now these subjects are bringing up another memory – serial rapists (cousins) in Southern California who went on a rampage. I can’t remember if they murdered too and I gratefully don’t remember their names. No doubt another flippn project/hoax to terrorize and torment. There is a truther in Australia who likes to challenge his readers and viewers “well what have the controllers stolen from you, what!?” as if we, the bystanders to TPTB’s tortous chicanery, are at fault and haven’t really lost anything. We only lose if we think we’ve lost. It’s a game. Well IMHO, TPTB stole peace of mind from an entire generation per their intent . I was too young (naive) back then in the 70s to even assess hoaxes – now I am wiser.


  24. Greetings: I’ve finally had some free time to start researching “the first random mass murder”, and I must say that I’ve developed a whole new respect for all the writers on this blog. You guys make it look easy – it’s not.

    I remember hearing about this on the radio when I was in my early teens (I’m younger than you, Mark, but not by much); it scared the bejeezus out of me.

    Anyway, I found conflicting statements between NBC news, Wikipedia and Biography. There are 2 pictures of Richard Speck at Murderpedia.org, one from 1961 and one from 1965; I know that people change in 4 years, but they don’t look like the same guy to me. He granted one interview in 1978; I thought interviews were against prison protocols. There was an anonymous video made in 1988 in the Stateville Correctional Center, that is beyond bizarre according to Wikipedia’s description, and for some reason makes me think of Charles Manson.

    Something about this doesn’t feel right. I’m not saying nothing happened. It did – but whether, these were actual murders and some sick controller decided that this was a great way to keep the masses in line, or it was manufactured to see what kind of reaction TPTB could get from the masses, or a combination of factors, I’m not sure. I’m just feeling my way right now and devoting free time as I can find it.

    Thanks for letting me add my 3¢ (no longer 2¢ due to inflation).


      1. Greetings: As much as I can. Gaia, below, hit on a lot of the points that raised my suspicions (told you I was learning from you all! 🙂 ). I can incorporate his research and add what I’ve found – as long as there’s no deadline. I don’t know how to incorporate links, but can cite sources so that people can check out what I’ve found for themselves.

        Free time is at a premium; my better half is a Nam vet who left there in 1970 after heavy exposure to Agent Orange (AOE), and 33 years later (honest-to-God) had a heart attack which heralded the onset of diseases associated with AOE. Life here is an endless cycle of care taking and MD appointments, but I do get the odd moment where nothing’s going on, and I can do research. Do you want me to just post it as a comment when I finally get it done? I don’t recall seeing Richard mentioned in any of Miles’ papers (I’ve read them all up to 2017), but I may have missed it.

        Oh…and I don’t know about genealogy…that’s beyond me at the moment. I’ve just gotten to the point where I can distinguish between possibly real and probably not. Thanks!


    1. Moody deb: please see my comment above put in the wrong place. It may or may not add to the discussion. Thank you for your truthseeking.


  25. Thanks Moodydeb, interesting case (I was always intrigued by those murder cases), never heard of him, but when I typed ‘ “Richard Speck” m…’ the Google suggestion gave “mindhunter”, not murderer…

    Read this:
    “Speck [=bacon in German] died in 1991, but provoked an enormous controversy several years later when a prison video shot in 1988 was leaked, depicting him having sex with several inmates, snorting cocaine and shouting ‘If they only knew how much fun I was having here, they would turn me loose‘” (Telegraph.co.uk, article named Mindhunter: the profilers, the killers, and the “”””real””” people who inspired them [my parentheses])

    This is storytelling. Real prison videos, even if they were real, are not “leaked”. But the whole scene is from a movie, no way this is spontaneous. They only release such footage if they can use it for a psyop.

    “Speck found work immediately after obtaining the letter of authority, joining the 33-member crew of Inland Steel’s Clarence B. Randall, an L6-S-B1 class bulk ore lake freighter, on April 30. Speck’s first voyage on the Clarence B. Randall was brief, since he was stricken with appendicitis on May 3, and was evacuated by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hancock, Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where he had an emergency appendectomy.” (wiki)

    Within 5 days after applying to the US Navy, one goes on a freighter? I am not familiar with the US Navy first hand, but that seems highly highly unlikely to me…
    Note the “early [3 days] dismissal due to disease”, something we’ve seen a lot in Miles Mathis’ papers…

    “Armed with only a knife […] he entered and then killed Gloria Davy, Patricia Matusek, Nina Jo Schmale, Pamela Wilkening, Suzanne Farris, Mary Ann Jordan, Merlita Gargullo and Valentina Pasion.” (wiki)

    sound like vicsim names; made up. Only “Mary Ann Jordan” would sound like a ‘normal’ name (remember this guy was military).

    “Two days after the murders, Speck was identified by a drifter named Claude Lunsford. Speck, Lunsford, and another man had been drinking the evening of July 15 on the fire escape of the Starr Hotel at 617 W. Madison. On July 16 [7-16], Lunsford recognized a sketch of the murderer in the evening paper and phoned the police at 9:30 p.m. after finding Speck in his (Lunsford’s) room at the Starr Hotel. The police, however, did not respond to the call although their records showed the call had been made. Speck then attempted suicide, …” (wiki)

    Numerology, schizowiki writing, Lunsford sounds like an invented name too…

    Dr. Ziporyn did not testify for the defense or the prosecution, as both sides were troubled to learn before the trial Ziporyn was writing a book about Speck for financial gain. Ziporyn also earned the ire of the Cook County Jail, which fired him as its part-time psychiatrist the week after Speck’s trial ended. At some point during his interviews with Speck, Ziporyn had obtained a written three-sentence consent from Speck authorizing him to tell “what I am really like.” Ziporyn’s biography of Speck was published in summer 1967″ (wiki)

    Movie script again.

    Zal rule:
    * Japanese “pink film” director Kōji Wakamatsu based his 1967 film, Violated Angels (犯された白衣 – Okasareta Hakui) on the Speck murders.
    * The 1994 film Serial Mom written and directed by John Waters references Speck when Mr. Sutphin finds a letter Speck wrote to his murdering housewife Beverly Sutphin, played by Kathleen Turner.
    * The 2002 film Speck portrays Speck’s murders from his perspective.
    * The 2007 film Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck also portrays Speck’s crimes.
    * The 2012 film 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck follows investigators who try to film Speck’s ghost at the site of the murders.

    Wallace rule:
    * The story of the investigation of Townhouse Massacre, the arrest, and trial of Speck was featured in an episode of Investigation Discovery’s A Crime to Remember entitled, “And Then There Was One”.

    My conclusion just after 20 minutes: Big big psyop, Manson-Bundy-Zodiac style.

    Really, I can recommend to training yourself in reading those schizowiki pages and other sources “Miles Mathis style” and you see the hints popping up as red flags on the Tiananmen Square…


    1. Lunsford is a real name, I’ve known people with it, and you can google it and find many examples. This popped up from the Urban Dictionary, which would be ironic if somehow connected…


      An extremely attractive, highly intelligent, super courteous, and extraordinarily successful male with an incredibly charming sense of humor. Women find these men wonderfully satisfying in every way and commonly refer to them as the total package. Originally from the Southeast and known as Southern Gentlemen wherever they go, Lunsfords have been spotted across the Rocky Mountains and as far west as California. Lunsfords are often flanked by other Lunsfords and as a group they are collectively known as Lunsford Brothers.
      Unimaginably Gorgeous Lady #1: My man is absolutely awesome. He’s handsome, polite, funny, owns his own jet, and is a tremendously satisfying lover.

      Unimaginably Gorgeous Lady #2: Wow! He sounds like a real Lunsford, does he have a Brother!?


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