A flight of fancy

MBE stands for Order of the British Empire. It is an honor handed out to civilians on a semi-annual basis, by Queen Elizabeth, and now by King Charles. I do not follow it. 

The Beatles were given MBEs in 1965.  I was listening to Conan O’Brien discussing this, and he noted that John Lennon had given his back in 1969 while Ringo still wore his (on his forehead) even as it was covered with gravy stains. That’s Conan.

Lennon did some highfalutin excuses for his act of returning the medal. He said it was due to British activity in Biafra and for British support of the US in Vietnam, and, sardonically, because his song Cold Turkey was falling in the charts. I’d never thought about it before, always taking things at face.

We know from following the work of Sage of Quay, Mike Williams, that (as I had long suspected) the Beatles did not perform their studio music live, did not play their instruments on albums, and did not write most of the songs, maybe none of them. (Sage has a Billy Shears fetish, but I forgive him that.) George Harrison referred to his early work as “shit,” so I give him that. He actually did write that stuff. But Lennon and McCartney, no.

An idealist is a person who strives to be consistent, to be the same person on the outside as on the inside. For instance, Ted Danson, who played Sam Malone on Cheers, at an event honoring the entire cast, made it a point of removing his hairpiece so we could all see he was balding. “I’ll be darned,” I thought. “The man is an idealist, and could not stand the idea that he was not true to his real self in his outer appearances.”

Was John Lennon an idealist? Did he return his MBE because he knew he was not worthy of it, that the Beatles were a fake assembled group living a large lie?

NDAs and all of that, he would not be able to go public, but what if the phoniness of the group bugged him constantly over the years, so that he needed to stop being John Lennon, public phony, and go back to his real name, whatever it was (John Stanley?). Was his fake assassination arranged to placate him, and in exchange for his vow of lifetime silence about the Beatles?

That’s a new take on the guy for me, and as with everything ever, I could be dead wrong. Prior to this time I considered Lennon to be a “killing hope” project, raise up as an icon adored by followers, and then taken down. We will never know for sure.

16 thoughts on “A flight of fancy

  1. Here he lays it out in his song, “God”-
    I don’t believe in magic
    I don’t believe in I-ching
    I don’t believe in Bible
    I don’t believe in Tarot
    I don’t believe in Hitler
    I don’t believe in Jesus
    I don’t believe in Jesus
    I don’t believe in Kennedy
    I don’t believe in Buddha
    I don’t believe in Mantra
    I don’t believe in Gita
    I don’t believe in Yoga
    I don’t believe in Kings
    I don’t believe in Elvis
    I don’t believe in Zimmerman
    I don’t believe in the Beatles
    I just believe in me, Yoko, and me, and that’s reality.
    (Zimmerman would be Dylan.)

    Can’t be any clearer. And the timing of his exit was thought to be a favor to both him and Reagan because whatever Reagan did, many would want Lennon’s opinion, for what it’s worth.
    (Just remembered- John shows up at a Rams game on Monday night football in 1974 and Cosell gives him some air time. I read that Reagan was at that game, too, and sat John down for a long chat.)


    1. I had forgotten about that song, even as I had it on my playlist when at the gym. It’s been years since I listened, having lost all respect for him. The song is more like a chant, not very melodic, meaning he might have written it. “I don’t believe in Beatles” may be the line he could not cross, NDAs and all that going on. I knew that Zimmerman was Dylan, another fake. Nice comment.


    2. The infamous Catcher in the Rye book was found both on Mark David Chapman (falsassassinator of Lennon) AND with John Hinckley (of Reagan attempt fame).

      Fakill the “sane voice” against clown Reagan… I expected they’d repeat this in 2016, to get Shillary in, but they have become more creative over time…


      1. As I recall, Catcher was also said to have been checked out of the library by Lee Harvey Oswald, who could well be related to Woody Harrelson (whose mother’s maiden name was Oswald). As MM said one time I think, all the players in the JFK play were related to one another.

        Anyway, as I see it, Catcher was a signal to masons all over the world saying “This event it fake.” These days it is not needed, as all are in communication via other means. They still use 33 (JFK assassinated on 11/22, first shot fired at 12:30). The fake pandemic was announced on 3/11.


        1. Yes, so much.

          I actually consider ALL news “fake”. Nor that I am an “autohoaxer” (term coined by Flat Earth dead rapper carny IPS/Tim Ozman), because that is reactive.

          My principle stance is that the media were never there to inform us and always to mislead us.

          Meaning ANY story they concoct, even in case of real events (fires, tsunamis and the occasional madman do happen), is false.

          No Catch Her in their Eyes needed.

          But it must be some Masonic Easter Egg thingy, a wink or a nod of some kind like you point out.


  2. That’s a take on Lennon that I would like to think is true Mark. We will never know as you say

    Btw, a minor point old chap, but an OBE is an “Officer of the Order of the British Empire”. The OBE is more precisely the “Officer if the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” :-)) It’s still awarded of course. Even thought the Empire is supposed to be defunct now, it is still excellent!

    The MBE, which Lennon received, is “Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”

    There are 3 ranks, in order of seniority:

    Commander, Officer and Member hence, CBE, MBE, OBE
    Mere entertainers get the MBE
    Commanders are “to recognise a positive impact they have made in their work”
    Officers “for making a great impact in their line of work”

    The whole caboodle was set up during WW1

    I bet that you didn’t really want to know all that. But you do now ;-))



  3. MBE’s are awarded for ‘excellence’ or ‘service to the community’
    The Head master of my school was awarded one.
    Being awarded an MBE in no way means that one is in league with a shapeshifting reptilian cult, or swilling back pints of adrenochrome at sex parties hosted by Jimmy Saville.
    A few months ago I sent you a link to a channel that proves beyond any doubt that Mike Williams is a fraud.
    If one were genuinely in search of ‘truth & Justice’, and all that malarky, isn’t the weeding out of those who pertain to also be in search of truth, but in fact do the very opposite, a crucial act?
    I’m interested in how all this shenanigans works, are you generously remunerated for mentioning MW in such a favourable manner?, is it to drive more viewer’s to his channel?,
    I am paraphrasing someone else here but it goes along the lines of ‘Anyone spreading disinformation and lies, no matter how small, is a traitor to humanity’


    1. I am familiar with all of that, and the movie Let Him Be. I was able to separate the two of them and do facial comparisons, not even close. However, the idea that “Paul” McCartney is a set of twins sparked interest that maybe Lennon was too, maybe all of them. But I could never nail that down. Lennon appeared to be intimate with Andy Warhol (fake death 2/22/87), aka Stu Sutcliffe. If that is the case, and if his romance with Yoko was genuine, that would make two of them. Possibly. Who knows with that group of spooks.


      1. “If that is the case, and if his romance with Yoko was genuine, that would make two of them.”

        Would you please explain what you mean by this? I guess I’m lost….


  4. I would also be interested to see the link Pete mentioned. Is it possible Sage is just operating at a certain level of knowledge, which doesn’t accord with everything you hold to be true, and trying to describe this confusing artificial reality we live in as best he can? I’m not being snide, that is a genuine question. Words like fraud and shill are thrown around a lot in these circles, but it would be nice to think there are still some genuine folks left. Maybe that’s naive at this point.

    My own ‘scales falling from the eyes’ moment came 10 years ago whilst reading a David Icke book my brother lent me. I didn’t know anything about Icke, but he absolutely demolished the 9/11 narrative in a way that blew my mind. I finally understood what this reality was about, and how the control apparatus operated behind the scenes, and the scale of what they do. This led me to Wagging the Moondoggie and other such works. Whatever these people are, they drop a lot of truth, and opened my eyes to the reality manipulators. I’m grateful for that.

    Mark, you probably havent seen much SofQ stuff of late, but he had a video a month or so ago about McCartney having an artificial/glass eye. It’s kind of convincing, and explains why he was always pulling and tugging at the skin around his right eye. Doesn’t change much, but I thought it was interesting in light of the occultists fascination with one-eye symbolism. Also a heck of a thing to disguise for 50+ years if true.

    This is it, if of interest:

    (the All-Seeing Eye of Paul McCartney, if the link doesn’t work).

    I hope you had a nice Christmas. Thank you for all of your own work these past years, which has also opened my eyes to many things.



    1. In a prior post, I demonstrated to the best of my ability that “Paul” was merely a set of twins, easily seen if one looks into childhood photos. “Billy Shears,” which has hooked Quay, is misdirection, leading people away from the truth. Intel does not lie as much as misdirect, getting people to ask the wrong questions, wherein the answers do not matter. He was obstinate, Billy Billy Billy, so I gave up on him. Whether deliberate or just deluded, his is misleading people.

      The Siren Song of Sage of Quay

      Also, Mike McCartney made a movie which was revealing if not much watched, called Give My Regards to Broadstreet. If you can get hold of it, in it you will see both Paul’s in their younger post Beatle years. If the singer is sitting and crooning, it is original Paul. If he is standing while he performs, it is Mike, or Macca. Actually a lot of talent on display there, plus some other intriguing stuff (John Lennon as a tramp?). The movie script itself was not much, but the hidden content was worth the watch.



      1. Yes. But all I mean is, irregardless of whether one believes in twins or an imposter, to even believe in PID and discuss seriously with strong evidence a swindle of this nature was not something I ever encountered growing up in the late 80s/90s. No one I ever met thought like this or spoke of these things. My parents did not seem to question reality in this way. So irregardless of points of divergence, it is still refreshing to hear people talking openly and intelligently about this stuff imo. Apologies for posting the lengthy vid above if you have soured on his stuff, perhaps you can remove it. I just thought it was another layer of oddness. I do not agree with his Billy Shears/Vivian Stanshall business, I sort of skim through his videos for tidbits. Perhaps I am too mouse-like in my hunt for morsels. His 4-hour vid did open to my eyes to a number of things.

        Btw, do you give any credence to the Dana Carvey/Olivia Harrison videos where they appear to refer to Faul as Billy? It’s just a nickname, or? His name seems somewhat immaterial in light of the fact they can pull off such a switcheroo, but I thought the Carvey clip was interesting at least.


  5. Has anyone seen this? The Beatles aging together video –

    [There are also a similar video for David Bowie and Queen.]


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