Mary Sheehy Moe, baton twirler and … controlled opposition

This is written on an iPhone, so will be mercifully short. We are off the Haute Route, tired and smug and self-satisfied, two people in our late sixties climbing and descending thousands of feet, crossing a glacier with fast-running streams and icy banks, enduring seemingly endless rock slides, some unsettled. Magnificent views we had, and wonderful people we met, and we are tired.

I had a Facebook exchange last night that turned out so funny I wanted to share it. Mary Sheehy Moe is an up-and-comer in Montana politics. Her dad was a well-known judge, and the name “Sheehy” is in the peerage, though i cannot make American links.

Mary is, like Bernie Sanders, controlled opposition. That is the only kind of opposition the Democratic Party tolerates within its ranks. I know this because she has been heavily promoted at the “Montana Cowgirl” website, a faux-populist blog run behind the scenes by the Montana Democratic Party.

I don’t get why people ‘trust’ politicians. But they do. They have faith in them, and endure endless disappointment, but always stay the course. It is perhaps an expression of helplessness. IMG_1206I suggested to a soon-to-be ex-Facebook friend that politicians are people who, like Hoover in the movie Animal House, look to see where the parade is going, bump off the real leader, steal the baton and lead the marching band down a dead-end alley. Like Bernie did.

By accident during this exchange I clicked on Sheehy’s Facebook page.  I had to laugh – she is right on cue and right out of Animal House.




9 thoughts on “Mary Sheehy Moe, baton twirler and … controlled opposition

  1. Hi Mark
    I discovered your site in a comment on YouTube about 4 months back and once I begin reading your blog, I could not put it down.I believe that I’ve read everything on your site, that is, that you’ve written. I begin trying to decipher “public hoaxes” after OJ was arrested for the second time and I noticed 33 was a constant with him; it was also with Travon Martin. I begin making mental notes but I had no idea how far down the proverbial rabbit hole I would be taken until I read your work, which directed me to Miles Mathis-Wouah!
    You have inspired me to start my own blog. I tried to start my own site about 2 months ago but got side tracked and a bit perturbed, but I am getting the hang of it. Thank you for the great work you have done and continue to do, and thanks for being an agent provacateur.

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    1. Keep at it. Never accept contradictions at face. They are keys that can unlock hidden truth. Your brain plus hard work plus willingness to make and learn from mistakes will get you through it. I will watch your blog with great interest.

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  2. I don’t get why people ‘trust’ politicians.

    Did ponder on this question as well.
    IMHO because the truth is too painful to accept, and taking care of oneself too difficult for a brainwashed galley slave. So most people succumb to slave-think/hive-think, and ignore the cognitive-dissonance-creating reality.
    And resort to binge eating, alcohol or antidepressants if the subconscious flares up.

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  3. why do people trust politicians (or doctors, or priests)? The most of us like it simple and prefer to “believe” in something instead of question things. Questioning is a pain in the ass, for you have to invest precious time to learn new things. It’s harder than work. That’s why those politicians, doctors or priests are able to make a living. You can either be a leader or a follower. I stumbled upon “The Truman Show” on TV recently and watched it for some time and it made me think of something. Would there be any “fakeologists” if there wasn’t movies like “The Truman Show” or Matrix or They Live, or Fight Club? Would any of us ever be able to question his status quo? I mean those movies are given to us on purpose. The powers that be are obviously caring that not all of us become sheep. They want us to know. Why is that? There is election time in Germany now and I’m surrounded by people who get excited watching politicians making empty promises on TV. All I can see is some sort of silly comedy show. Political posters on the streets make me smile. My friends, well not all but the most of them, still prefer to believe in the system instead of question things like I do. They want me to vote and they will make it my fault when after the election nothing will change. They are educated, they have degrees, phd’s, etc. they are respected and make a lot of money doing some bullshit jobs, and maybe that’s why. The most of us will never question it selves. It won’t do you any good, you know.

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  4. I certainly agree with you, Müller. I remember how sad I used to be, as a child, when I would turn on the telly and there was nothing but news on wars and violence; nothing has changed. Even as a young child, I knew something was wrong with our society but I didn’t know what was happening or how to define it nor how to put it perspective, and yet it frightened me. Their agenda was effective for the unenlightened.
    As I got older, I did question the newspapers and the broadcast news events. The media seemed to constantly report violence and terrorism, which made me feel sick, sad, angry and depressed; and not just the media, but religion, politics, and even public education, as well. It took me years (I’m in my 40s now) to realise that our media is owned and operated by the elite, who have an agenda to keep us divided and sidetracked with their fake news events so we don’t focus on what is really happening in our government-keeping our eyes off of them and also preventing us from expanding our conscious awakening.
    “When a system of power is corrupt, it usually has two main objectives: to keep the current system of power in place as long as possible and to expand this system of power for the sole benefit of those who own and operate it. To bring about this agenda without the public catching on to it, those in power cannot allow the masses to identify where the rots of corruption are stemming from, while also employing deceptive tactics to covertly expand its influence in the shadows. As I have written in the past, one strategy stands alone as the most effective go-to tool for the powers that be when it comes to keeping/expanding power. Some refer to it as the Hegelian Dialectic, others refer to it as Problem-Reaction-Solution, here it will simply be referred to as Divide and Conquer; the oldest trick in the authoritarian manifesto”. THE LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND
    I am extremely happy that I have found like minds on Mark’s blog. It’s not easy to speak to some people on topics such as the ones on this site; some of these topics I had questions about and some, I had no idea about.
    Now, for the last 15 years or so, I question everything: everything.

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    1. Well stated MatrixFree, we’ve accepted a conflict creating society for one primary reason, people profit from manufacturing it at all of our great expense, but again, it doesn’t have to be that way. Solutions currently exist to our most complex problems. I mean we have the technology, skill, function , and an infinite supply of energy resources to actually solve most every crime problem by simply distributed what we ALL require to sustain our lives from the cradle to the grave… Most every conflict within our current political/financial operating madness is related to the perception that there’s simply not enough to go around.

      Now what psychological need would there be for us to hoard, be greedy, divide people, and go to war if we all knew the reality of abundances that are all around us?

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  5. I recently read a book from Nelson Demille (Catherdral), which he wrote in the 80-s and it is about IRA fanatics who captured some people in a church in New York on the St.Patrick’s Day and intend to kill them all and destroy the church and the narrative is like: the Catholics from IRA are reckless fanatics who may have their reasons to hate others, especially Brits, who are also reckless and they are terrorists preparing themselves to death singing Irish songs, and they wear their traditional clothes and they has to be destroyed , etc. In other words no difference to today’s Muslim terrorists from ISIS or whatever. It’s a fairy tale. All of it. the book is a very good read though. I enjoyed it a lot.

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