How to spot a fake event

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Both shot

This is an attempt to come up with a set of criteria by which we can judge whether a terrorist event is real or fake. I put together a list of behaviors by police, medical and news people.

My idea is to take that tragic event and by objective standards judge it to have been real or staged. Because I wanted a two-column format, I ended up typing it out in Excel and then doing screen caps. I broke it down in to the crime scene, the police and medical responses, the behavior of news outlets, and the investigation.

[The irony here is that the “real event” is fictitious, and the fake events are all real.]

Crime Scene

Medical Response

Newes Copverage



I did not intend for the list to be so long. As one editor I know described the process of reducing a story to its essential elements, it is “addition by subtraction.” I am not very good at that.

I hope this is useful.

44 thoughts on “How to spot a fake event

  1. I hope this information will not help the TPTB “up their game” in performing convincing faked events that seem real. But they probably don’t care. They’re still good enough to trick the normies that are 99% of the population that can’t think and reason and see through this stupidity.


  2. I am amused how easy most people believe anything they see on to tv. There is one reason why they get away with it, because tv or media is seen as an authority. They don’t need to get their facts straight as correct reporting is blindly expected by the viewer. No democracy or education will fix stupidity.

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  3. When’s the last time a major Real Event even occurred? Seriously. And I for one don’t even believe in ‘natural disasters’ anymore.
    When one ‘strikes’ I automatically think TPTB were pulling ‘Find/Aim Target Natural Disaster’ levers and pushing ‘Start Natural Disaster’ buttons on a hand-held remote while pinching a loaf behind the green curtain.
    Either way TPTB can always kiss my bad boy white Irish a** everytime because throughout my entire life I have never cared about, nor been effected by, anything negative or tragic that happens to a person or to people that I have never been in contact with or associated with.
    ‘Better you than me’ or ‘better luck next time’ is more like it.
    And now thanks to POM and MM my having an understanding of the concept and reality of ‘fake events’, it’s very easy for me to understand why I have always ‘could not have cared less’ about tragic mainstream news of people I have had zero association with.


    1. I spent quite a bit of time looking for a real event – forget terrorist attacks, as they don’t happen. That left us with major accidents and natural disasters, and the best I could do to compare to a fake terrorist event was an explosion in Texas in the late 1930s where natural gas or propane had leaked and a school building blew up. There were almost 300 casualties. But it was not comparable to modern times due to absence of TV. So I went with the assumption that a terrorist event could be real. Might happen someday.


      1. I discovered POM June 2016 and MM Sept 2017.
        For me personally, not only does your POM site and MM’s site put both of you (and both of your associated contributors) well beyond the ‘extraordinary human being’ category, I view the dedication leading to all the works between both sites as Heroic.
        Especially in today’s times where the living legends of yesteryear are slowly ‘dying’ off (disappearing from view) and without being replaced with new heroes worthy of idolizing (manufactured or not).
        Naturally I don’t include Armed Forces, Mom’s, Dad’s and the like when I say this, but very soon the concept of ‘heroes’ (someone to look up to and idolize) will become extinct.
        I grew up in the 70’s. My heroes were the rock group KISS and Evel Knievel.
        Even into my 40’s Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons meant far more to me than my parents or anyone else. Manufactured or not, they raised me to believe in myself, go for what you want in life, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something.
        At one time for a very long time both men were my heroes and therefore I am forever grateful for their being a part of who I am.
        Now 52 years old, and recently discovering POM and MM, I feel even more blessed to discover there are new heroes in this world to replace the old heroes. Real heroes, not make-believe, who ask nothing in return except maybe some respect.
        POM and MM certainly will always have mine.
        I can’t thank POM and MM enough for the reality you have heroically brought into my life.

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  4. Nice compilation, Mark, congrats.

    Two questions and three additions:

    in the first box of “Crime Scene” are the last two cells switched? When you speak of “good TV”, doesn’t that belong under “Fake Event” and the organized police standing at access and exit points, also if they need to respond to fleeing criminals should be the Real Event?

    the second last line in that same box; are you sure the police/law enforcement is allowed to confiscate the cell phones of witnesses who have nothing to do with the event? That may be possible somewhere I guess, but certainly not in every state or country, I cannot imagine that the privacy laws are already so sloppy everywhere, that they can just go and take your personal property that easily, also I don’t think that is the priority at a real event; it’s to solve other things, not being occupied with cellphones of completely unrelated people. I’d remove the line because it depends on the laws of the place so wouldn’t be so generic.

    1) is what we’ve seen in so many broadcasted large scale fake (or staged) events, Vegas was an example, but also in smaller fit-for-tv “events” and that is VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome). In a real situation, if one wants to capture as much as possible from an event, one films landscape, not portrait. They do this to actually actively reduce the amount of things seen, but give a feeling something is happening still. As a kind of “peek, but not seeing so much”, adds to the drama, but also reduces the option to spot errors.
    2) the narrative of “John X was present at hoaxed event A and also at hoaxed event B”, with many recent examples; Orlando, Boston, Vegas, Ariana Grande, the German-married-to-Knesset-member Richard Gutjahr at “Nice” and “Munich” last year, etc. Statistically the chance someone would be present at two “terror events” at completely different locations is so incredibly low that it is an impossibility, especially because it “happens” so often. If you’d say a “terror event” is real, the chance you are at that event is already 1 in 100,000,000 or so (smaller than you would be in a car crash). The chance one person was at two “terror events” (sometimes even three are broadcasted) would be 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000… crazy.
    3) a common characteristic of staged events is the quick introduction of legislation. Writing documents takes time. Revising documents, cross-checking, correcting, second, third versions, etc. takes a lot more additional time. Writing legal documents adds time to normal documents that are not so important by the letter of each word. The fact that legislation is introduced, passed by congress and implemented so quickly after an “event” shows that it is written for the most part before the actual “event”. No lengthy debates if it’s actually needed, no, it’s needed, no discussion, because… event. Look at how long stuff that is real (installing a speed bump or traffic light at a dangerous crossing for example) is debated, funding asked for, proposals rewritten, debated again, etc. takes.


    1. Thanks for your additions, Gaia. I fixed the “makes for good TV” one as it was merely juxtaposed. I might add that a TV reporter speaking as police lights flash in the background is the fake terrorist equivalent of a hurricane where a reporters has to go stand in the wind to make his/her point.

      Now that you mention it, I am not sure about sequestering of cell phones, but since it is primary evidence, and the phones are returned to their rightful owners (perhaps a delay with any photos or videos bearing strong evidence) in short order (after contents are copied) so that the violation of civil liberties is kept to a minimum. Perhaps it takes the equivalent of a mass search order issued by a judge, but I cannot imagine they let such evidence go examined. In a real event.

      I agree in total with the rest of your comment.


  5. Today I found out that Newton was Lucasian professor of Mathematics for 33 years. I already knew about the Newton scale that has 33 degrees Newton= 100 degrees C (the approximate temperature for boiling water). Also newton was 26 (2+6=8) when he became professor.


  6. all news is fake news. If there are no cameras allowed, how will you get to see real tears? How can you get to see real witnesses if its not allowed to show their faces, etc. It’s much simpler than that, dear Mark. Real event are rare and not showed on the media. They don’t even write about it. I’ve seen a big car accident once on my way to the office in the early morning. Lots of ambulances, police cars, everything blinking and such. Other colleagues who walked nearer by told me they saw several victims and lots of blood but nothing of it made it to the media not even the local ones in Frankfurt. Some other time I just left the office and there was a biker hit by a car on the other side of the street. The body still on the ground. Police just started to protect the area so I only went by. Nothing in the media either. And to comparison, just right now, there are “news” about a “26 years old who hit a tree with his car” or “serious assault, victims gets blind after being hit on his head with a bottle”. In serious papers. So I say, all news is fake news and that’s why the news is there in the first place. Since the invention of newspapers.

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    1. Yeah, I hear you, but I’ve no basis to make such grand pronouncements. Here is something funny – years ago in my home town I knew a small plane pilot who was forced by mechanical difficulties to land on a section of the Interstate between Laurel and Billings, Montana. The Billings Gazette reported on it, and the pilot later told me that the newspaper had gotten “every single detail,” including his name, wrong.

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          1. Only what I read/see in the MSM and it’s the same old staged event routine with fake deaths. It was given prominence on LiveLeak, a spook hangout if there ever were one. I wrote it up on a forum, DIF but I’m banned there now. Nobody else was interested. Did you come across this ridiculous story? Were you in MT at the time?


    2. I came across this quote from Miles Mathis in re-reading his paper on Trayvon Martin:

      “…I have been fed so many lies over the years that I won’t believe anything until I personally see a body. I don’t take the media’s word for anything. If they tell me it is night, I assume it is day.”

      I have been living my life of late by following MM’s maxim and it is giving me a very grounded life filled with abundant inner tranquility. No TV, no news. Unless it’s POM or MM.

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      1. Sound advice by Mr. Mathis. Can’t disagree. I would just add as an appendix to that sentence. “We are being lied to all the time”. Though I still watch TV, mostly cooking programs. Just not Julia Child’s, she was CIA. No, really.

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  7. I was meditating about the infamous “intelligence agencies numbers” like: 11,8 and 33… The following is just my opinion. Could it be that those numbers are in fact, signals, but not as much to them but for us? Like Pavlov’s conditioning… now some of us are conditioned to associate hoaxes when we see these numbers showing up prominently and maybe that is the desired effect. If they for sure use some kind of cipher, they won’t let that fall through the cracks… whatever they “let slip” or release for public consumption is a con. I figure sometime in the past, they figured out that people would start to catch up on the hoaxes. For the record, the first place I ever came across with that assumption was the MM’s paper on the Tate Murders…I quote:”Those last four digits throw up a red flag, since 1947 was year one of the CIA, and 33 is a favorite number of the CIA, used as a common signal”. He does not provide any support for that claim… and he does not have to, after all, it is just his opinion, he’s not writing a scientific paper. But I do not know where he got that info about the 33… the point is however that info came to him, imho, it is because the agency wanted that to be leaked not as a real info but as disinfo. Again, I’m not saying our guy is disinfo, all I’m saying the agency let that out of the gate for disinfo since they knew somebody eventually would catchup. Of course they are signals only perhaps not for them but for us to keep us diverted as usual chasing ghosts. The other meaning I have never read about those number is that perhaps those could be associated to Alchemy and some elements like so: 8 is the atomic number for oxigen, 11 is for Sodium and 33 is usually treated not as 33 per se but 11+22. 22 is Titanium. Make that what you wish but just my opinion, again.


    1. Good questions. I don’t know how I came to understand that the numbers are significant to them. Add to this as well the book Catcher in the Rye, used as a signalling device in the Lennon, Reagan and JFK fake shootings. Deep down, I think we are dealing with something that goes way back in time, and I am tempted to say it is “masonic,” but more included to say “ancient” which is why it never varies. I attach no significance to numbers, but know they do.

      Below is what greeted me when I got on the treadmill this morning – it is equipped with a TV screen that is usually on a news channel:


      If you can’t make it out, the massive quakes in Iraq and Iran are said to have 330 dead and 6,000 injured, and here we go again.


        1. “This is why it’s so important to take the awareness of alphanumeric synchronicity to its logical conclusion about the energetic nature of our reality. Just as the secrets of alchemy had its physical and spiritual dimensions, as above so below, so too must we rise above the material plane that only sees the conspiracy from a fear/anger based victim mentality of helplessness. I differentiate between authentic & synthetic synchronicities, those that we see encoded into our own personal lives and those that are deliberately orchestrated by the numbers to harmonize with naturally occurring patterns in order to maximize the energetic output of an event. Not every single instance of the number 33 indicates a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, and we’d be wise to study our own personal numerology in order to liberate ourselves from a system that seeks to suppress our innate power and channel it for their own occulted ends. To unveil the truth of our deeper self, that is the purpose of revelation”. Brother Berg from WordPress


          1. I differentiate between authentic & synthetic synchronicities, those that we see encoded into our own personal lives and those that are deliberately orchestrated by the numbers to harmonize with naturally occurring patterns in order to maximize the energetic output of an event.

            I do not think that deliberately produced “synchronicities” have the purpose of maximizing energetic output. Rather to confound, confuse and impress the unaware, un-initiated common man. Shock and awe for the slaves.
            Working with a sedecimal number system at my day job, number magic doesn’t impress me the least …

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    2. Your (47ronan) ignorance amazes me. These numbers are (if they truely are signals) signals only to themselves. Who else can relate to them in a way that it makes sense? Just because someone finds out about it doesn’t mean they change their MO. And they don’t care that you know about it, because you can’t stop them.
      So you must be quite new to the truther scene since you don’t even understandd 33. Clearly almost everything you say makes you sound like a rookie or someone that misdirects on purpose. I tell you a little secret. MM made a lot of sense to me because I already knew a lot about the things he talks about before I knew of him. So please don’t make the assumption we are too stupid to see through MM.
      And why focus on the numbers? The overall message is important. Besides they don’t slip things, they are lazy and don’t care. Do you think they give a shit about any of us?


      1. Good 4 U, Tom. I’m kind of relieved my ignorance amazes you. I would be worried if you comprehended all I wrote in that comment. Yes, I’m a rookie, unlike you that knows most answers and then Coke’s secret formula too. Rejoice I even bothered to reply. Must be that I missed my $6.50 Cold Brew Nitro Coffee. Needing some wings now, Red Bull that is… Cheers.


    3. Read the Bible, and ancient history books. And count how many kings reigned 33 years, empires thrived 330 years, or events just “repeated” after such a period. The number 33 had already been a favourite of the spooks that faked our history, which happened in the “renaissance”. So it’s only natural for their successors to use the same codes.


  8. Poltergeist (2015)
    Released in the USA on 22 May 2015.
    Two years to the day before the Arianna Grande Manchester Arena FAKE bombing.

    Interesting because one of the characters in the movie is a 16-year-old daughter called Kendra. The name Kendra means “Prophetess”.

    They have a son called Griffin and a daughter called Madison.

    Well, the Ashley Madison psy op hack occurred on 15 July 2015.

    This kind of thing seems to be infused into many Hollywood movies.


  9. Last week we had a news story here about a fight between a black motorist
    and one Pennsylvania State Police trooper who was then backed up by a second trooper .
    The perp shot one of the troopers , the perp was then shot twice by one of the
    troopers and then drove his perp self to the hospital ,
    I think we need to add to the list ,

    the story Immediately given by the news makes no sense at all .

    The perp was originally given a speeding ticket , instead of just leaving , he confronted
    the trooper who then noticed the perp was drunk and the perp wanted to throw hands .
    I’ve never been pulled over and NOT been asked ” have you been drinking today ? ”
    What tipped me to the bogus-ity of the tale was it happened on route 33 at route 191 .
    And when the news crew tracked the perp’s family residence that first day , the sister chased away
    the reporter but I spied with my little eye a U-Haul van in the driveway , how
    convenient , a moving van ready for the family to leave so soon .


  10. Looking at current events versus questionable events of
    the near past , was Pat Tillman’s death faked ?
    all quotes from wiki .
    The 8th citation concerns money ( Family ) , I take ‘ Ultimate Sacrifice ‘
    to mean giving up your sports career to , I believe , be a Breeder for the
    Families . Butching up the Bloodlines . His mother is a Spalding .

    ” In May 2002, eight months after the September 11 attacks and after completing the fifteen remaining games of the 2001 season which followed the attacks (at a salary of $512,000 per year),[8] Tillman turned down a contract offer of $3.6 million over three years from the Cardinals to enlist in the U.S. Army.[9]….”

    Can we see something in citation no. 47 ( Intel marker ? )
    in between a USO center/an award and playing field/skateboarding bulldog , we see
    cit no 47/48 , is it stategically placed ?

    ” Memorials and tributes ….
    ….In 2004, the NFL donated $250,000 to the United Service Organizations to build a USO center in memory of Tillman. The Pat Tillman USO Center, the first USO center in Afghanistan, opened on Bagram Air Base on April 1, 2005.[45]…The Pacific-10 Conference renamed its annual defensive player-of-the-year award …the Pat Tillman Defensive Player of the Year.[46]

    !!!! Forward Operating Base Tillman was close to the Pakistan border, near the village of Lwara in Paktika Province, Afghanistan.[47][48]!!!!

    Tillman’s high school, Leland High School in San Jose, renamed its football field after him. In New Almaden, …… San Jose, California, where Tillman grew up, a memorial was constructed ……….[49][50]…The skateboarding bulldog featured on YouTube and in an Apple iPhone commercial was named after Tillman.[51] ….”

    Here is the 33rd citation :
    ” Despite his fame, Tillman did not want to be used for propaganda purposes. He spoke to friends about his opposition to President Bush and the Iraq war, and he had made an appointment with notable government critic Noam Chomsky for after his return from the military. The destruction of evidence linked to Tillman’s death, including his personal journal, led his mother to speculate that he was murdered.[32] General Wesley Clark agreed that it was “very possible.”[32][33] “


  11. This would cast a shadow of doubt on Jon Krakauer, author of “Where Men Win Glory,” the Tillman story in which he affirms the official story about his death. This, then, would make the counter-story, that he was killed by friendly fire, misdirection, as we are again asking the wrong question. Did he even die?


    1. This is pretty “spooky” but just today the whole Pat Tillman story went through my head (before I even read these comments) and I wondered about its veracity. Are genuine truthseekers on a similar wavelength of consciousness? 🙂 This may be due to the fact that of late, I have been wondering if the whole “Into the Wild” story by Krakauer was a psy-op. BTW, Chris McCandless’ sister wrote a terrible tell-all book in the recent past that raked her parents over the coals. It was a “poor me” and “creepy abusive parents” kind of story. Their father was a contract worker for the military-defense complex. If Into the Wild was a psy-op, was it to discourage us from leaving the system? “This is what will happen to you if you try to go rogue, go back to nature, or reject society.” You will die alone, broken, in pain, in an abandoned bus.


      1. Grace , it seems like they reinforce the Tillman story every year for
        Veterans day , football season , maybe you heard some media comment ,
        but I like the idea of a collective conscience ….
        In reference to ‘ Into The Wild ‘ ,
        did you see the film ‘ Wild ‘ , with Reese Witherspoon ?
        The parallels between these two ‘ true stories ‘ is unbelievable ,
        in that I can’t believe them .


        1. Dave: Thank you for your reply and input. No, I had not heard anything related to Tillman (at least not consciously that I can recall). It just popped into my head yesterday.

          I did read the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed and saw the film. In terms of concocted stories, I too began recently to think about Into the Wild and also the Wild book by Strayed (what a bogus name! I believe she admits she gave herself that new name. For me a red flag. If she loved her Mom so much, why feel the need to give herself a new persona unless she’s a project and is meant to mis-direct ) . Consequently, I began to amuse aloud about what scheme was being foisted on us again. Strayed extoled the benefits of promiscuous sex and heroin use in helping her through a life crisis. As with the controllers, “they” will do anything to push us to look outside ourselves for contentment – that is why we are bombarded with ads, pornography, banal/disgusting music and what not. MM examined the work of Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat Pray Love” fame, and said watch out for her as well. All these stories taken together accomplish and reinforce what MM has hypothesized: those who rule from the shadows aim to pull us away from traditional religion, away from our parents and family, away from our own inner/soul guidance, mix up the sexes, discourage mutual respect, encourage mutual enmity, remind us of our earthly misery and encourage us to buy our happiness by trusting our controllers to know what’s best for us. We are so bombarded with ugliness these days that it’s truly frightening. As MM once admitted, it was an effort to even walk to the mailbox sometimes. Of course, I do seek and find beauty and serenity but it’s not found in anything pushed through popular culture or mass media. There are good days where I feel a strong connection to something greater than myself, and days where I can’t make it to the mailbox. But I experience more of the former, thank God.

          I do not purport to have any answers and sometimes I feel as if I am spitting in the wind, so I love checking into POM and reading the comments for insight to round out my investigations. So if anyone has any further insight with respect to the aforementioned books/authors, I would be eager to hear thoughts.


  12. A shooting spree today in Northern California… so far… fits right into the REAL event category of your post. MSM seems to be scrambling for details. Police have not released the shooters name. No crisis actors at the ready.

    I thought your breakdown was really smart.


  13. great tables. really good.

    one other thing I often notice is: no corpses.

    even in Vegas, with supposedly 50+ deaths and 500+ injuries, all in a crowd of 20,000 people with cell phones, there simply were no images or videos of dead or injured people. there were a few staged photos here and there. but by and large there were no images of the carnage anywhere to be seen. and most of the phones were not confiscated. there were 20,000 people!

    after sandy hook, anderson cooper brought on this guy james tracy, a professor in FL who also had a blog called memory hole. cooper wanted to humiliate the guy for daring to question the official story. but tracy got cooper to admit something. basically, anderson cooper admitted that when cnn journalists go on location to a place like sandy hook, they don’t try to confirm the story. they don’t ask to see bodies, they don’t ask to see the school, etc. they just stand there and take notes while “officials” make statements. cooper got flustered and was like “what else do you want us to do? we have no reason to doubt that officials are telling the truth.” it was hilarious. it makes the sheeple trusting the news even sadder. the news itself reports that it doesn’t check the veracity of statements from politicians and gov’t officials. since politicians and gov’t officials are known to lie regularly, trusting them makes no sense. but cnn admits that their “news reporting” consists of unconfirmed statements from known liars. even when they travel to a crime scene, they don’t look at the crime scene. funny.


    1. Here’s the exact quote from CNN’s Anderson Cooper on CNN’s Sandy Hook “on-the-ground investigative reporting.”

      COOPER: Also, to say with failure to investigate, yes. I mean, we don’t have access to the crime scene, so in that way, you can’t go in and measure things, and you know, take blood samples and things. So you are, in some ways, relying on government officials, to law enforcement officials.

      But you know, I talked to grieving family members and, you know, who heard from — I mean, it’s very – it’s obviously upsetting to a lot of people who are there. I spent a lot time there and are still there dealing with the aftermath on this coming up with the one month anniversary.”

      Poor Anderson Cooper. He just can’t win. Either he’s part of the hoax or he’s just a lazy and unprofessional journalist. Did he ever ask why no EMTs went in the building to provide medical attention? Did he ever ask why the cops were allowed to just declare every single shooting victim dead? Did he ever ask why they left all the bodies in the school overnight, only to sneak them out just before dawn? No? Sad.

      But his open admission that all he did while “spending a lot of time in Newtown” was “rely on government officials” and talk to “upset” townspeople is really embarrassing. Even more embarrassing is his sputtering rage that anyone dare to doubt his flimsily reported stories.

      It’s hilarious. “Journalist” Anderson Cooper goes ON and ON and ON about how certain hypotheses must NEVER be considered or investigated for even a second. The very IDEA that government officials ever lie is simply BEYOND the pale! LOL. Check it out:

      JAMES TRACY, PROFESSOR, FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY: Well, I think the entire country mourned about Sandy Hook and yet once again the investigation, that journalistic institution should have actually carried out and never took place as far as I’m concerned. I think that we need to as a society look at things more carefully. Perhaps we as a society have been conditioned to be duped.


      COOPER: Now, I don’t even know what that means, what he is saying, what the words coming out of his mouth means. To suggest that reporters on the ground didn’t work to find out what happened there on the ground is beyond crazy. Everybody asked questions. That’s what we do. Journalism isn’t a perfect science of course, but to suggest it somehow means the shooting didn’t happen, that 20 children weren’t killed, that families didn’t suffer and are not still suffering is beyond comprehension and obviously, deeply offensive to many.

      …..sickening claim…..absurd theory…..Now, this Web site says that that’s not how a grieving mother looks, which I’ve got to say is just among the most ridiculous things I’ve heard…..beyond ignorant.

      …As if like, I mean, I don’t even know how that would work that the news media would somehow meet with government officials and extends somehow hired crisis actors who I’ve never heard of to go into Newtown. No one else noticing, and somehow pretend to be, I don’t know who, grieving parents, pretend to be law enforcement personnel. I mean, it sort of stunning to me……absurd theory.

      off camera we talked to a number of families today who didn’t even want to come on camera because they are too upset about this to even address this. ….sickening conspiracy theory….adding insult to injury….

      The other thing, I mean…. that so I find idiotic about a lot of this. First, there is, you know, nothing remains a secret for very long. So, it is none of it – I mean, the government can’t keep, you know, things that are actually classified information secret from very longest. So many people leaks up. So, the idea that somehow like the news media is in cahoots with the government and that there were secret meetings to hire crisis actors to get them there, I mean, it’s so ludicrous.

      The idea, and again, we wouldn’t normally even kind of discuss this kind of conspiracy theorists or give them air time on this program. And we’re not naming these Web sites because I really don’t want to increase their traffic.

      But, the fact that an associate professor from a university is saying that, you know, or suggesting, kind of throwing out the idea that maybe crisis actors were somehow hired to — I’m not even sure to do what.

      Do you think the university should do something? But James Tracy, here he is again, is as we said a tenured professor at a public university. Taxpayers pay part of his salary.

      Wow! Independent Sandy Hook investigators REALLY struck a nerve with Anderson Cooper! He sounds like a straying husband, who, when confronted with evidence of his cheating just loses his temper and starts yelling. Funny stuff. I also like how he kept catching himself…..when he would try to summarize the theory of the news media being in cahoots with the government he didn’t want it to actually come out of his mouth, so he uncharacteristcally played dumb….”I don’t even know how that would work, I’m not even sure….etc.” He’s like a politician caught in a scandal. He can’t deny it, so he says, “I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.”

      He couldn’t say, “We have the facts, we say the corpses, you are wrong and we know what happened.” Instead, he had to say, “it’s ABSURD to even CONSIDER alternatives to statements from government officials.” LOL.

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      1. This is a great summary of EVERY conversation I have with any Believers on these topics. Agnostics don’t bother me at all. I’m an agnostic. I don’t KNOW shit really, I just have opinions and the evidence underlying them to convince me – but I don’t expect anyone else to be convinced.

        Thus, it’s just ridiculous that they allow themselves to BE convinced by just a few media stories and the general hype, and that’s it. They demand no evidence, despite backing those making the preposterous claim. They will not see, analyze, or accredit any evidence you offer them. Most Believers are incapable of processing anything remotely forensic, in this manner.

        And this goes for all my science and physics debates as well, not just my conspiracy debates. These people, some of them the most intelligent people I know, don’t even have a prayer when confronting me. But they’ll never, ever change their minds. The mainstream is God. Statism is their faith, and the media their prophets.


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