The Middle Ages never ended

During the frenzy of the past couple of weeks, I took time off to engage in other pursuits. In particular I have been focused on Immanuel Velikovsky’s Mankind in Amnesia, which dovetails very nicely with other things I have read about on the effects of child abuse in younger and formative years.

Children that are traumatized in early years usually develop effective defense systems that they carry with them throughout their lives, often misdiagnosed as some sort of mental “illness” like “bipolar” or “ADD.” In fact, these particular “diseases” are rare, but child abuse is, sadly, common. The great manual of collected drivel that the mental “health” professions use to match their disorders with available drugs is the DSM-5. That desk reference, as Dorothy Parker famously said, should not be set aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

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The Waco Massacre: Wanton destruction of a movie set

The Waco Massacre was the closing act of a 51-day siege took place from February 28th to April 19th, 1993. It has all the hallmarks of a psyop. I doubt anyone died, and in fact doubt that there were any people placed in the building during the 51 days except for photo ops. It was just a movie set. So I suggest there were but a few hired actors to play “survivors,” some fake jail sentences, but in reality no “Branch Davidians.” Just an empty building surrounded by frenetic activity.


Planning for an event of this nature had to have gone back years, so that I speculate that when Vernon Wayne Howell (who later changed his name to David Koresh) moved his “Branch Davidians” to the Mt. Carmel complex in 1989, it was done knowing that it would be the center of a psyop and a movie. Further, I expect that the date April 19th would be chosen knowing that two years hence another fake mass killing, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, would take place on the same date.

As to the significance of the date 4/19, it was the 109th day of the year, and 109 is the 29th prime number, and that yields 11, and that is a long way to go to make a point and feels like a reach. But I’ll be damned if 11 does not pop up again and again.

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Note to readers

It was plain to see yesterday that the fake school shootings in Broward County had captured everyone’s attention, so I delayed the Waco piece I put up yesterday until later next week.

22727CB7-A5BD-40BF-86BC-EACD620AB604Again we are faced with the spectacle of tearless anguish. I mentioned on Facebook how odd it is that these two are not generating real tears, and was told that they are just cried out. You’d think the people behind these tragedies would invest in a bottle of Visine.

Anyway, I put too much sweat equity into the Waco piece to watch it slip away in quietude. Will try again after this tragedy has become ancient history, maybe Wednesday.

The more things change

The More Things Change…by Kevin Starr

Trump Nixon

The “assassination” of JFK in 1963 sparked a countercultural movement during that decade which was slowly but surely squashed by what was then referred to as “the establishment.”   Similarly, the 911 “terror attacks” spawned a truth movement which is currently being quelled by “the controllers.”  Whichever term you use to label “the man,” his tactics for subverting truth and justice remain the same, and one of the most potent weapons in his arsenal is the tried and true strategy of divide and conquer.  The sheeple fall for it every time because, well, there’s a sucker born every second.  Let’s take a moment to compare what’s currently inciting fear and conflict in America to what our forebears were dealing with in the 1960s.


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How to spot a fake event

[Note: This will be our last post in this format. By midday tomorrow, a new format that allows immediate access to all our writers and their work will be used. ]

Both shot

This is an attempt to come up with a set of criteria by which we can judge whether a terrorist event is real or fake. I put together a list of behaviors by police, medical and news people.

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Fake shooting event in Denver, 11/1/17, 11 PM

Mass murder suspect Scott Ostrem

Numeric signals, I know, are a matter of uncertainty with readers here. I have wondered if I merely find what I am looking for … confirmation bias, but they are too prevalent and consistent, way too predictable.

We had a mass murder last night in Denver last night. A man supposedly walked into a Walmart and just started shooting people. He hit three, they all died. He was a very good shot. [He fired thirty shots, hit three people. Got it?]

OstremThe photo of Ostrem, whose name appears scrubbed at, has been bugging me. Do you notice, as I do, a different shading of skin color around the eyes? It is almost as if they have inserted a pair of sinister and close-set eyes in the photo. Or, he could have an occupation that requires he wears goggles  … welder? Aviator? Does he wear a hat for a living that keeps his high forehead covered? And what is with the pink cardigan and high collar – it looks effeminate, almost as if they pasted his head on a woman’s shoulders.

But overall, this photo does strongly resemble that if the man leaving a store down below. Keep in mind that we make assumptions when watching news, and don’t verify. The photo of this man and the man below being the same man only means that they are the same man, and not that this man committed any crimes, or that the photo below was taken at WalMart in Thornton. Maybe it was, but we need to verify details, something that is never done with news broadcasts. People just accept them at face. If this is a fake event, both photos could have been taken anywhere, anytime.

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IMG_2474As might be readily apparent, we are killing time here before flying back home tomorrow. Yesterday we walked in the wine country on the north shore of Lake Geneva near the town of St. Saphorin. This part of Switzerland is low in elevation (about 1,200 feet) and so supports vineyards and wineries.

I noticed that the official growing season begins after September harvest with pruning and removal of older vines, and that it is traditionally on the feast of St. Martin of Tours, which falls on 11/11, or if the much older calendar is used, 9/11. (“Nova” is nine, so that “making a novena” is attendance at nine masses in a row, as all current and fallen-away Catholics know, including those of us who never did one).

The insertion of January and February caused the last ten months to be pushed back two months (so that the last four, Septa, Octa, Nona and Deca, 7, 8, 9 and 10, became 9, 10, 11 and 12 .) Quintilus (fifth month) and Sextillus (sixth month) were renamed July and August, but this did not cause the two-month pushback.

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