A Fact Check Free Zone

This post started as a simple comment to Dave about Amy Carter and an allergy she may have related to metal touching her skin. How I got from that to this pile is as confusing to me as it might be to you.

Regarding Amy and the missing wedding band, she never looked all that, um, what would be the best word…? Libidinous? She looks like her “father”* to a degree, but she also looks like her late uncle, Billy. Her “son” looks like the prop husband but nothing like her.

“Quotation marks” you ask?

Let’s speculate wildly, shall we: If JFK was gay, as Miles asserts, how many other likely illegitimate elites placed in positions of illusory power were gay? FDR was a bit of a fop. His wife/cousin was all kinds of carpet cleaner, as spelled out in various letters to her GF’s. Cal Coolidge had no evidence of a pulse. Maybe we should make two categories of suspicion-

One: Full blown queer-

Two: Latent, as in no libido whatsoever-

Jimmy had a real sweet demeanor about him, for those old enough to recall his term in office. Was all that talk of “lusting in my heart” a tell? If anyone suspected him of being a trouser pilot, these approved comments about theoretical infidelity would do two things: Signal to those who were tuned into his frequency that his interest in women was, at best, aesthetic, and that it also appeased the superficial in that he did admit to a proper pulse.

O’bama? Nuf’ sed.

Slick Willie is on Miles’ queer list. He worked real hard to be likened to JFK in his first 100 days. Sharon Stone (nuf’ sed) was a constant presence at the Clinton White House until the Vince Foster farrago sent her packing to Frisco and a beard marriage to one of Hearst’s capos. (Two adopted kids completed the façade)

Dubya has been accused of rape (women) more than once. Maybe Poppy’s running interference these days with his own accusers to circumvent Dub’s rape victims in case they attempt to chime in.

Lincoln came under scrutiny of some intel hack writer’s gaydar awhile back but, like JFK, Honest Abe apparently had too many ailments to allow for any real activity beyond steamy letters to old chums.

Father of the Country? No kids. Claimed he’d achieved all of his success because of his horse riding skills and ballroom dance moves. Lousy score on the battlefield. Segueing out of this nose dive, if Napoleon was a front, why not George? A talentless, childless bastard, like Franklin, for sale and assigned credit for stuff he did not do, and which probably never happened anyway.

Teddy Roosevelt? Like Hemingway, the hyper macho are overcompensating.

Jefferson was a mudshark and no one is debating that anymore. At least he was straight, if knocking up your property is categorized as straight.

Remember Senator Geary in Godfather part two? He defies Michael Corleone over casino licenses and they frame him for a sex murder after which, he capitulates. That feels very Tricky Dick to me. The movie came out as Watergate was pulling him down.

Nancy Dickerson, one of the first female news anchors (NBC) claims that on a press junket to LBJ’s ranch, he simply invited himself into her bed. That would be rape, technically. (Ca-ching!) Straight.

And then there’s James Buchanan- from Wackypedia: Buchanan had [a] close and intimate relationship with William Rufus King, an Alabamian politician who briefly served as Vice President under Franklin Pierce. Buchanan and King lived together in a Washington boardinghouse for 10 years from 1834 until King’s departure for France in 1844. King referred to the relationship as a “communion”,[94] and the two attended social functions together. Contemporaries also noted the closeness. Andrew Jackson called them “Miss Nancy” and “Aunt Fancy”-

The point? None. Gay happens. Rape, too, unfortunately. For the record: Gay and rape are two completely different things. I want to make that perfectly clear.

15 thoughts on “A Fact Check Free Zone

  1. The interesting thing is that about 12 years ago there was a book on Amazon with the premise that the world was run by sadistic homosexuals. Can’t find any info about it now, but I wish I had been open to that premise at the time.

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  2. Now that we are at it, let’s keep it wild and throw Smedley, Patton, Dayan, Steve Rogers, Bucky (the Winter Soldier not Fuller), MacArthur et al in the mix!


  3. One more “babehound” now exposed as gay … if public accusations mean anything at all … Charlie Sheen.

    His powdered New York run-in with prostitutes now needs to be questioned, not that the whole event was not faked, but for learning the gender of his hookers.


  4. I’m getting millions of google hits for hypoallergenic jewelry so ,
    I’m thinking now that the ‘ Austere Amy ‘ look is part of the fake humble background ,
    so as to not lead the peasants to understanding the Aristocratic Truth .
    Another Costume Drama .

    ” Jefferson was a mudshark and no one is debating that anymore. ”

    Or he was a BloodShark , his SistaSally being his dead wife’s half sister .
    Keeping those bloodlines going .
    ” By Madison Hemings’s and other accounts, Sally Hemings and
    some of her siblings were the children of John Wayles, Thomas Jefferson’s father-in-law,
    making her the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife,
    Martha Wayles Jefferson (1748-1782). ”

    I am no longer fully in control of where my thoughts take me ,
    so I just go along for the ride Ty , this mornings news : a navy
    aircraft crashes with 11 onboard 8 are rescued and it crashed at 3:30 pm
    local time .

    So Happy Hoaxgiving everyone !


    1. Sally being the half-sister of Martha Jefferson makes the things even more interesting. Regarding Washington, I believe that I read on a blog the theory that Washington is the father of Lincoln. I don’t know if I bookmarked the blog, but I will try to find the blog.


  5. … this mornings news : a navy aircraft crashes with 11 onboard 8 are rescued and it crashed at 3:30 pm local time .

    Heard that, too.
    Seems an appropriate method to transfer spooky actors from a finished deployment to the next.


  6. Guys, I just posted a comment (twice) and probably went to spam, no idea why… Well, kind of… Appreciate you publish it. Thx.


      1. So very kind, Sir, thank you. It does not frustrate me, computer systems are buggy most of the time and things happens… some days you are the bird, some other days you are the statue… just feel bad that I am causing an annoyance to you. Sorry to bother. BTW, You all up there have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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