Misdirection in the AIDS debate

Much of my reading lately has been about AIDS. Borrowing from another source, Richard Milton in his book The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. He talks about the groupthink that prevails in neo-Darwinism, concluding late in the book,

Finally, I believe in science and reason – tempered by intuition – offer the only real hope for discovering answers to these baffling questions and I wholeheartedly support the Western scientific method of enquiry. I am, though, concerned that many people, including some scientists, pay lip service to this idea while thinking and acting like intellectual Stalinists.

That is my emphasis, as I like that phrase, “intellectual Stalinists” (though of course I don’t know how much of what we know about Stalin is true). At least in the field of evolutionary biology, people are not getting killed. They are just caught up in very bad science.

But what I have seen and read of AIDS and AZT is nothing short of medical Stalinism, and it is not just a cute phrase. People really are being murdered by iatrogenic cures for a “disease” that doesn’t even exist.

Just to briefly summarize, the “AIDS virus,” if it even exists at all, is just a passenger. As Peter Duesberg is quoted as saying in John Lauritsen’s book Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story,… even in patients who are dying from AIDS, HIV remains biochemically inactive, or latent; and that a virus, like anything else, has to do something to get something done. It is yet to be proven, even in a single case, that HIV has played a role in causing AIDS.”

So what is AIDS? Duesberg and others make a convincing case based on evidence that AIDS is a syndrome, a group of opportunistic diseases that appear when immune systems are compromised. The damage done to the immune systems is not by a virus, but by lifestyle. Not only that, it is not necessarily fatal (that is, if patients are not administered AZT, which will indeed kill them). It is most certainly not contagious. That is why it was discovered in gay men and was prominent in that group from the beginning. Lauritsen again:

“…it would be surprising if people who live like this did not become seriously sick; a lifestyle of heavy drug use, multiple venereal diseases with frequent antibiotic treatment, and unhealthy and dangerous sexual practices, may be quite sufficient to cause a condition of immune deficiency, with or without HIV or any other specific infectious agent.”

This is all covered in a wide array of literature available in non-mainstream sources, but it is pretty much kept under the bushel basket – unless it is someday featured in mainstream news, the truth about AIDS will never gain traction.

The reason for this brief post has to do with a man worthy of the Dr. Joseph Mengele award, Robert Gallo. I am working on the premise that AIDS and AZT are part of a psyop, and that it is well understood behind the scenes that HIV does not cause AIDS and that AZT does not cure it.

Generally psyops are rolled out with a prepared script including misdirection and distraction built in. Misdirection is the most important tool available, to get people to ask the wrong questions. So it came about that the AIDS virus was discovered by a team led by Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. A sample virus was sent to Gallo, who later claimed that he had discovered the virus. Later we would learn that the virus discovered by Gallo was one and the same as that discovered by Montagnier. It was quite a controversy.

And as I read through that information time and again, I realized I was looking at deliberate misdirection. I suspect that neither Luc Montagnier or Robert Gallo discovered anything, which is why to this day there is no AIDS vaccine. Generally discovery of a pathogen will lead to a vaccine, but if there is no pathogen … no vaccine.

So they misled us by running subterfuge, having Gallo “steal” the virus from Montagnier. This leads us down a path of recriminations on which we forget to ask, “Hey, wait a minute. What virus?”

That strikes me as planned misdirection, which enhances my theory that AIDS is not only a giant and murderous enterprise, but also a hoax.

46 thoughts on “Misdirection in the AIDS debate

  1. To summarize Stefan Lanka’s findings, the entire so called “western medicine” is a fraud and based on wrong conclusions made by crooks like L.Pasteur, R.Koch, E. Jenner. Today it is a trillion dollar industry, which includes hospitals, drugstores, universities, chemical factories, etc. Even lawyers. That’s why it is so heavily protected. There is no such thing as a sick making particle, call it a virus or bacteria. All sickness is “home made” and individual. To say it simple: it is your own fault. And you have to heal yourself and no pill or injection can help you with that. You cannot infect yourself with a sickness from another person as you cannot infect yourself with his broken leg. My office-colleague took his regular flu shot last autumn and got sick three times already. I wasn’t sick in decades. The interview I mentioned before is from 1998 and S. Lanka was very careful back then not to offend his own folks. Today he is more direct but still trying every time to be moderate and not offending even people who try to damage him like David Bardens who sued him and lost the trial which proved officially that there is no scientific proof, viruses exists.


    1. If there is no such thing as a sick making particle how does something like chicken pox spread around multiple people that come into contact with each other causing them all to exhibit the same symptoms?


      1. there is no such thing as chicken pox. It’s a hoax. There never was any “spreading” of a sickness. Sometimes people get poisoned together, but other than that?


        1. I’ve heard this point of view before and never really known what to make of it, I kind of hope it’s true.
          When I 20 I had what the doctor and many other people who saw it said was chicken pox, I was covered from head to toe in watery blisters.
          I’ve come to the conclusion doctors are best avoided unless it’s a medical emergency.


          1. then you must be like over 50 or something, right? Chickenpox was some kind of allergic reaction to the coal dust from braziers in bedrooms. After the braziers got replaced with central heating systems, chickenpox disappeared. Especially in emergency you should avoid doctors. Well if you break a leg or cut yourself bad and had to be sewed, then doctors can help. If you just feel bad, rethink your habits. Just don’t take any medicine.

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    2. B Muller,
      Thanks for your input.
      I’ve done some checking on Gustave Le Bon and Marie/Pierre Curie too since Marie was Polish. I found they were the same as all the other “fake” funded, connected Jewish people. The Curies “started” the radiation industry with the discovery of radium and other elements. When you see the Nobel Prize or CDC, WHO involved, a huge red flag is in your face!

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  2. ok, my third comment, I hope you don’t mind. I question everything now and I also question Stefan Lanka of course. But his writings are very consistent, easy to understand and he explains many things very reasonably. Also I occasionally comment on some German online papers and the comments are very strongly censored nowadays and I can criticize any politician even using very bad words, or I can aggressively deny the global warming or diesel scandal or what ever. It’s no problem. But when I try to mention the Stefan Lanka trial my comments get refused every time. It is not allowed to mention, there was a trial and Stefan Lanka has won.


  3. I’m just watching the Vaxxed documentary and Luc Montagnier is in it. First he is shown collecting his Nobel prize for his part in discovering the AIDS/HIV virus and then being interviewed, where he praises the CDC for their part in discovering HIV and then he accuses them of fraud for covering up the vaccine/autism connection.


    1. It’s interesting to know that it was Gallo who “invented” AIDS, but Montagnier got the Noble just because Gallo supposedly “stole” his “virus”. And they all work together with CDC and other parts of this business. I no longer believe in this autism angle. It suggests that some vaccines are better than others. Its absurd to think that injecting chemicals into your body will prevent you from getting sick in future.


      1. The Vaxxed documentary seemed to be making the case that the combined MMR vaccine was the problem but individually they were ok.


        1. Just read about how they test the vaccines. They never test if vaccines really prevent from getting sick. They test for “antibodies” which are always present. They just set the sensitivities in a way, so they can test you positive or not, depending on circumstances. For instance, if the media predict a flu epidemic, everybody who goes to a doctor then will be tested positive for flu even without any symptoms. Same thing with vaccines, they usually contain some poisonous stuff and many injected persons show some reaction, sometimes none, sometimes its worse than intended like in that “autism” claims. They say, if you have this antibodies, either the vaccine produced them or you were infected with a virus recently. Also they usually say, if you have those required antibodies, then you are immune except with AIDS. If you have HIV antibodies, then you are sick. Just think this, if a sickness could spread, what would stop it from infecting everybody again and again and every time you get sick, you get weaker and more sensitive, etc. Makes no sense to me. Every year they make a new flu vaccine because the virus mutates, they say. So how do they know how the virus will mutate if there wasn’t any flu yet when they develop the new vaccine?


        2. The Vaxxed documentary was made in such a way as to stay as mainstream as possible while puncturing the vaccine facade. The nuance of the MMR vs single vaccines was done as a trade off to save lives in the short run, and not be written completely off by the establishment as “anti-vaccine” nuts.

          They had hard evidence of fraud, and made that the point of the documentary, not fighting vaccines in general. They state that clearly. They also are way more anti-vaccine than they talk about in the documentary.

          Wakefield took quite the hit for attacking the MMR through medical and peer reviewed channels, and he would have never gotten anywhere attacking vaccines in general. He didn’t even specialize in autism or vaccines, but gut issues, and got involved because autistic kids have such gut problems. He may have not been aware at first how corrupt the vaccine racket is.

          As we’ve seen over and over, one never knows what’s really going on, but there are people trying to do the right thing within what they believe to be navigable parameters “within the system” so it’s prudent to be careful about lumping everyone into the “racket” business. Not to say that’s what you intend.

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          1. No that wasn’t my intention. I’ve watched Wakefield on youtube talking about the chickenpox vaccine though. He says if children catch chickenpox they develop lifelong natural immunity to the disease, but the vaccine prevents this from happening , the protection it gives then wears off later in life leaving them vulnerable to shingles. So he does appear to be saying that vaccines can offer protection , if limited, to disease.


          2. Wakefield is controlled opposition. He’s like Alex Jones. He simply defends the idea, there are contagious illnesses, but we don’t need vaccines in some cases. That implies, there are other vaccines, we need. It’s all crap. His entire live story is so weird. Where does the money come from he spends on his many organizations. He works together with Donald Trump and Robert de Niro. Questions?


    2. The vaccination psyop is another fraught with misdirection. Who became the self-appointed spokesperson for anti-vax? Jenny McCarthy, an ex Playboy bunny who spends more time out of her clothes than in them. That has the effect of blackwashing the movement. (It did not help either that Jim Carrey joined her.) Anything she says is automatically associated with ditzy blonde, a typical Playboy centerfold.

      If you think she is genuine and not controlled opposition, think about this: After she supposedly confronted the pharmaceutical industry, she landed a high-profile spot on The View, the daytime panel show that Barbara Walters supposedly created. Pharma owns TV – their advertising is everywhere. If they wanted her gone, we would never see her again and she never would have landed that gig.


          1. Southern Illinois University? Jenny McCarthy’s birthdate is 11.1.72. Call me paranoid, but backward that reads 9/11/01.


  4. I share your confusion about these issues, Rob, and don’t pretend to have a good grasp of the whole “germ theory” matter. Regarding vaccines, they appear to have been given credit for outcomes that are the result of improved sanitation and nutrition over the decades. I have had discussions about whether Duesberg himself is there for misdirection, but I have to draw the line somewhere, as my own brain tells me this is an honest man, himself capable of being victim of groupthink. He spent much of his career looking for a viral cure for cancer, which is why we have so damned many virus hunters now – they need something to do. At least Duesberg gave up that chase.


    1. Mark, he spend his life looking for funds. It’s very profitable. I think, the most doctors believe they are doing good job if they stick to the protocol. If a cancer victim dies after a chemo, no one will sue the doctor and the doctor will never take the responsibility himself. Many doctors have their doubts though, they either become alternative or they commit suicide. Medical doctors and lawyers have the highest suicide rate world wide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_among_doctors


      1. That’s really interesting. I have an anecdote – my brother who died in 2007 very much abused his body and paid the price. Cancer was everywhere and death followed quickly. The doctor who treated him used radiation, which made Joe even sicker, and Joe, to his credit, elected to die without the assisted suicide. Later I learned that the doctor had quit because he was tired of becoming “emotionally involved” with his patients. That made no sense. What you say makes more sense – he was tired of killing them. But he is not allowed to say what he said, as he had to make a living as a doctor doing something else.


        1. I have a similar story to tell. I friend of us got a new job in a hospital recently where one of the “victims” was the only daughter of a rich Arab who lives in Germany. She planned to marry and her father wanted her checked and the doctor who has a good reputation as an “expert” found cancer, the Arab payed for the “best treatment” and the otherwise very healthy young woman quickly got really sick. Our friend even heard the older nurses complaining the doctor is killing “again”. There even is a story, that a few years back a nurse complained openly about this doctors methods and got fired. Somebody could write a novel using those facts from real live. If somebody dies from a chemo, nothing happens, if somebody dies after an alternative therapy, the alternative doctor goes to jail.


    2. The germ meme is equivalent to the “terror” meme in politics. It’s cartoonish and easy to get dumb bubba on board, and has become too lucrative to tone down. The tests are like finding Arabs on airplanes with a Koran. Could be a killer!

      But it’s not just to make money. It helps mask the extent to which pollution and toxins are destroying all of us. Glyphosate (Roundup) is now out of patent protection, and any and everyone can make it. Almost all of it is used to boost crop harvest, not kill weeds (which is another misguided tactic based on the “germ theory”).

      Here’s Monsanto’s own guide on how to use it pre-harvest.

      Click to access MON-Preharvest%20Staging%20Guide.pdf

      I think the overall psyop milieu is just to keep us off guard and ignorant of what they’re doing to us. And 99% of the ones doing it don’t know what they’re really doing, it’s just a job.

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    3. I think a lot of professionals are unable to accept that some of what they’ve been taught might not be completely right and that people who haven’t had all their years of training and experience could have a valid opinion.
      As for a cure for cancer, facebook is full of people now who are certain that all you need is baking soda, cannabis oil and blended up lemons.

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      1. This website is run by a guy who cured his cancer by consuming copious amounts of carrot juice. http://cancerisover.blogspot.com/?m=1

        Apparently the key is in the dose. At least 8oz. for every 30lbs of body weight each day is required to destroy the cancer cells, more for some aggressive cancers. From what I’ve read, it is believed that the compound falcarindiol is responsible for the cancer cell death. The sugar in the carrots acts as a Trojan horse, allowing the falcarindiol into the sugar-hungry cancer cells.

        Here’s a government study about falcarindiol and it’s effects on cancer cells (for what it’s worth):


        At one time this, along with the cannabis oil, baking soda, Budwig protocol, Gerson therapy, etc. would have sounded absurd to me when I was so deeply entrenched in the matrix. Not anymore because I’ve seen enough to know I want no part of chemo/ radiation. I’ll try just about anything else, but it would be nice to have more anecdotes from people who used alternative cancer treatment successfully.


  5. My take on germ theory, contagion, etc:

    Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals come in close contact with sick people every day. If “germs” and contagion cause illness, wouldn’t one expect these pros to be the sickest people on Earth? Yet they’re not.

    I have seen “explanations” for this, like this one:

    … but, it seems pretty lame to me.

    They don’t get sick because they wear gloves? I don’t think so. Most doctors I’ve seen don’t even wear gloves during exams most of the time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nurse wearing gloves outside of surgery.

    And, wouldn’t someone entering a hospital with hundreds of sick people be subject to all sorts of airborne “germs” just by being there? Hospitals don’t put sick people in plastic bubbles, after all.

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    1. Rolleikin, you are a great commenter. You’ve mentioned (ala Downvale) about starting your own site. I think you should. At least you’d have one fan. Thanks.

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    2. Let me piggyback on your fine observations, Rolleikin. I can’t find the article where I read this, so another commenter with firsthand knowledge may have to step in to correct my facts.

      There is an centuries-old experiment in microbiology going on right now. It takes place every Sunday in Christian churches. Since Vatican II, many Catholics receive their communion from a common cup. While the rim may get wiped with a purificator, it certainly doesn’t sterilize the cup.

      Even more interesting is the practice of some of the Eastern churches, in which communion is administered with a common spoon, that goes into the mouth of every communicant. (In some countries the spoon just dumps the particle of bread and drops of wine into an open mouth, but in others the communicants close their mouth over the spoon.). Millions of people are given communion in this way every week.

      The point being: at the end of the church service, the clergy must consume the remainders of the unused sacrament. Which means that every germ found in the mouth of every parishioner finds its way into the stomach of the clergy. And yet you don’t hear of clergy dropping dead from communicable diseases left and right, do you? In fact, there is no record of the spread of contagious diseases via the eucharist. Ever.

      Some will chalk this up to faith or a miracle. But from a scientific point of view, this is a noteworthy non-result. In the germ theory paradigm, you would expect the clergy to be constantly sick, with their immune systems fighting off every ailment known to man. It is not unusual in certain parishes for hundreds of people to close their mouth over the communion spoon, supposedly communicating all manner of disease. But in fact, the clergy have a documented history of good health, once one subtracts the impact of stress illnesses or the demands or a largely sedentary job.


      1. I always wondered about that … Catholics did the little napkin wipe on the chalice, but man, turning around and eating what is left, germs aside, gross! I didn’t’t even do that when the kids were little. My daughters on leaving the kitchen would lick their pizza, thereby branding it.


      2. Maybe the wine, if real, kills the germs? When sick I usually take a hot toddy, which is brandy, hot water, lemon and brown sugar. Usually the next day I’m better. Alcohol kills many things!


  6. this entire vaccine psyop started worldwide after the war, beginning in the USA, where TPTB have his Quartier obviously. The idea seems to be conditioning humans into taking shots in fear of getting sick. So they can drug entire populations if necessary. The involved people, I mean the chemical companies, drug stores, doctors, etc. they all believed in doing the right thing. So they develop their vaccines based on some crap extracted from sick organisms as written in the protocol. It never worked as hoped, but that wasn’t their problem. They only had to show some immediate effects (otherwise one could think its only water) and provide successful antibody tests which they designed themselves. And not to many side effects. They never had to prove that vaccines prevent from getting sick. The war shocked people heavily and caused stress for many years after the war. Live conditions were bad. Malnutrition was common. That led to many common sicknesses we know as measles, chicken pox, etc. As soon as people forgot the war and the live got better those sicknesses disappeared which the vaccinators claimed for themselves as prove for their vaccines. But a closer look shows, the vaccines always came and come after the respective sicknesses disappears. Latest case Ebola. There wasn’t any serious critic for decades, only recently a few people started to question vaccines in general. Due to internet it becomes common knowledge know. The vaccines changed their form and contents many times. Now they give shots for many sicknesses together. Rabbies vaccine is no longer a painful series of stomach shots as I remember from my youth. Many vaccines are no longer injected but given oral as drinks. And still none of this vaccines was ever tested if it really prevents from future sickness. No virus was ever isolated and analyzed. Its all based on suggestions. It’s a religion.

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  7. What about Earvin “Magic” Johnson? Be interesting to see how he fits into this. As I remember it back in the early 90’s, it was a huge story, and it had a big impact on me. His wiki page, under “Off the Court” and under “HIV activism” it’s short, but interesting.

    From Wiki:

    “HIV had been associated with drug addicts and homosexuals,[180] but Johnson’s campaigns sought to show that the risk of infection was not limited to those groups. Johnson stated that his aim was to “help educate all people about what [HIV] is about” and teach others not to “discriminate against people who have HIV and AIDS”.”



    1. This is from the Duesberg book “Inventing the AIDS Virus:

      “Other individuals began to take their health in their own hands rather than rely on medical authority for the “treatment” of HIV. In terms of notoriety, the list is led by one of the nation’s top basketball players, Earvin “Magic” Johnson. In November, 1991, Magic proved to be HIV-positive when he applied for a marriage license. Magic was totally healthy until AIDS specialists Anthony Fauci, from the NIH, David Ho, nor director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, and Magic’s personal doctor advised AIDS prophylaxis with AZT. Magic’s health changed radically within a few days. The press wrote in December 1991: “Magic Reeling as Worst Nightmare Comes True – He’s Getting Sicker.” Only after he began taking AZT did Magic’s health begin to decline. He “had lost his appetite and suffered from bouts of nausea and fatigue” and complained, “I feel like vomiting almost every day.”
      But then suddenly Magic’s AIDS symptoms disappeared – and so did all further news about his AIDS symptoms and treatment. Had Magic’s virus suddenly become harmless, or was Magic taken off AZT? No paper would mention whether Magic was taken off AZT. Nobody knew, except those who joked, “There is no magic in AZT, and there is no AZT in Magic.” Indeed, it is unlikely that he could have won the Olympics in 1992 on AZT, considering his strong reactions to the toxic drug in 1991. The silence of the AIDS establishment seems to confirm this assumption. Nothing would have been a better advertisement for the troubled AIDS drug than having returned AIDS patient Magic to an Olympic victory. But no such announcement was made. At last, Magic broke the silence himself. After a “motivational” AIDS talk in Tallahassee, Florida, in the spring of 1995, Magic responded to a teacher that “He had been taking AZT for a while, but has stopped.” The media preferred not to mention the news. ”
      Page 340


      1. Kind of like why the legs-blown-off-but-didn’t-cry fellow in Boston hasn’t made a guest appearance on Dr. Oz and every other program imaginable. What a medical miracle, should be a source of inspiration for us all.

        (Actually, I have no idea if he has made any appearances, as I don’t watch these programs, but am guessing no. Certainly haven’t heard any water cooler talk about him…)


  8. Mark, Fakeologist (Ab) interviewed the guy who is behind this website:


    “In May of 2005, tragedy struck when Christine’s three year-old daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill, died suddenly and unexpectedly following treatment with an antibiotic for a simple ear infection. Four months later, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office declared Eliza Jane’s death was due to AIDS-related pneumonia. News sources around the world reported on the announcement and followed the drama of a 12-month criminal investigation (see JusticeForEJ.com for details) that focused on potential charges of negligent homicide.

    Critics of her controversial work celebrated the coroner’s conclusion and openly expressed hope that Christine would be arrested and silenced. Instead, after a year of inquiry, the police investigation was closed with no charges filed, and Christine and her husband filed a civil suit against the LA County coroner’s office for maliciously claiming a cause of death for their daughter that is not supported by biomedical evidence.”


  9. Interesting comments… I think its important to note that “AIDS” has been around years before we started reading about it in the News. Likely its emergence during the 1900s is related to general environmental deterioration leading to chronic “stress” (as defined by Hans Selye). Increasing amounts of environmental radiation and chemicals, fake food, lack of deep rest, breakdown in social support systems, degredation of physical structures, and use of recreational drugs are elements leading to this stress which adversely impact the nervous system and immune system. The Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburgh around the 1950s, showed that cancer is a “metabolic” not a “genetic” condition – as such he was showing that cancer is a result of the overall decline in Holistic health of the person. Poor metabolic health manifests in chronic state as immune deficiency and/or cancer (or abnormal cell replication in cells that lack ability to metabolize oxygen efficiently). With this more Holistic perspective, the “AIDS Epidemic” in the 1980s seems to be related to multiple factors, not just a virus which in an of itself seems harmless. One of the factors, if you recall, was the heavy use of recreational drugs among those “infected” in those years.

    Modern medicine is lost in the details, and money driven. The money is in the genetics and molecular mechanisms of cells. There is zero funds for those interested in Holistic, environmental causes of anything. If you are looking for a conspiracy, the conspiracy is built into capitalism where making markets by creating increasing complexity seems to be a great strategy. Eating well, getting rest, maintaining healthy social structures, living in an enriching environment, avoiding radiation, etc…. these ideas are laughed at for their poverty of Wall Street marketing potential.

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