The three amigos

Note: Kerry promises three more installments to follow in a piece I thought would be a great jumping-off point for commenters.

By Kerry Anderson

As historian buffets go, There is probably no other table quite like the Second World War. Involving over 50 countries and uncountable tribes, ethnic groups, and organized gangs.

It was certainly a World War by most definitions. Casualties, which seem to take up a large chunk of the research space, are a bit hard to pin down. Depending on when one wishes to place the starting line, It could be counted as 5 years, or even longer if one chooses the invasion of Manchuria. Many factors combine to make any calculation of casualties more speculative than hard fact. The lack of accurate population totals both before and after is a big one. Determining the ultimate fate of many people is also a problem, many displaced, missing in action, or simply dropping out to continue their lives, could account for many.

There is also the issue of propaganda, a tactic used by everyone. In general, civilian casualties made everyone look bad. What we can say though with relative certainty, is that the majority, whether soldier or civilian, were what we call non-combat casualties. Starvation, exposure, and disease being the main ones.

But this is not intended to be a dry, statistical, examination of basic numbers or events. As of late , there has been a resurgence of interest in these events. Particularly the key participants and the relationships between them. No doubt these have been debated for a very long time.

And the question still remains…….Was the war managed? While we cannot say with certainty, we can sure take a closer look at some of the evidence. No particular reason to wait around for someone else to do it. While any discussion of the reasons why the axis lost the war usually center around tactical mistakes, Stalingrad, The Blitz, Or El Alamein being some of the most popular. or more mundane reasons like the poor equipment in Russia, Lack of tracked transport, or the infinite complexity of the German equipment, along with the consequent, many spare part variations. It is my belief however, that the real reasons are more strategic mistakes than tactical ones. There are certainly plenty of both.

This piece is going to be done a bit differently, primarily because of the vast sum of research material out there. Some historians have put forth the proposition that Poland and France were actually failures more than victories for Germany. That the war wouldn’t have occurred if Poland was not attacked, that it only moved the Russian front closer to Germany, and that the phony war would have remained phony if Germany had not attacked and just let it deflate.

There is something to be said for all of these. But I would like to skip over that and just assume that this is behind us. That the damage has been done and there is no turning back now. The battle for France is almost over, and Britain has just plucked most of their expeditionary force off the beaches of Dunkirk. Minus their equipment. So let us now take a seat at Hitler’s desk. Hopefully he won’t mind. And consider the many options while we feed Blondi a few crusts of bread.

The first of what I believe fall into the category of strategic mistakes, the alliance between the three parties , deserve some closer inspection. They certainly seem to be rather unlikely candidates for world domination. Lacking the resources which one would think necessary for such a goal, They had a rather mixed bag of other attributes.

Japan, for its part, had a modern air force and navy. And its army was reasonably up to date by the standards of the time. However, the bulk of it was tied up in a ground war in China. Rendering it unavailable for other operations. Their morale was quite good though, a sometimes overlooked quality.

  • Italy, it is fair to say, had the least qualifications. Its navy was modern, though lacking in supply and training.
  • The air force ditto, but also troubled by the lack of modern production facilities.
  • But the army was the most deficient of the three. Being the first branch of the services to modernize, most of its equipment was of WW1 vintage. The tanks, short on every known yardstick of measure, speed, armor, gun power, and reliability. The artillery, anti-tank, and anti-air weapons ditto.
  • Even the basic infantry rifle, the Carcano, was of 1890’s vintage. It featured a bullet too heavy for the load, and poorly shaped which caused it to tumble, along with 5 shot clips with bullets from different batches, as many as four different powder types in a single clip, and different size primer holes.
  • Its officer corps, was primarily filled by family affiliation as opposed to merit. This lack of training would be an issue in many divergent areas.
  • Worst of all in the equipment bin, was the lack of transportation for its many infantry units. This was a big issue throughout the North African campaign.
  • But worst of all, Mussolini was disliked by much of the country, particularly the navy and air force general staffs. This petty, unpredictable ruler had alienated large swaths of the population. Suffice it to say, many Italians wanted him to lose the war.

Germany was , of course, the most capable of the bunch. A small but modern navy. A good air force, though more of a tactical type than strategic. ( This means it was not designed for hauling big loads for long distances.) And an army that while it had many seething problems, was one of the best in the world, though not the largest by any stretch. Its officers were well-trained, ( Germany’s WW 1 treaty limit of 100,000 troops were all officers ), But its new tactics were the most notable feature. These were by no means fully developed in the spring of 1940 however. They were still very much a work in progress.

As an alliance, it left much to be desired. They didn’t generally do joint operations or planning. In fact they didn’t even inform each other of their plans or attacks. Mussolini for his part, would do Germany and Japan one better, by failing to inform even his own military of their attacks when he declared war on England. The first consequence of which was the loss of a third of his merchant fleet when the vessels were seized. The troops on the frontier with Egypt found out about it when the British approached the wire and began shooting at them. But we will beat up on Italy a bit later as we have a lot of ground to cover. and Italy will play a big role in what is possibly Germany’s worst strategic mistake. Suffice it to say for now, it wasn’t much of an alliance.

More to come

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  1. And the question still remains…….Was the war managed?

    The so-called “Miracle of Dunkirk”, after a crushing defeat, allows for no other explanation.


    1. Another point is “D-Day”.
      In preparation, all aiming sights of the German heavy coast artillery on the French coast was recalled for “maintainance” about two weeks before. And the most “dangerous” units like the Waffen-SS and fighter squadrons were retracted deep into the mainland. The actual “Nazi leadership” didn’t want the Normandie landing operation to fail.


      1. Very good point! And they also tried to recall ammunition back to a central location. And there were no picket ships in the channel. This is what I have been looking for, things that not only defy logic but do so on such a grand scale that it is difficult to write them off to incompetence, Hitler’s quirks, or the general fog of war.


        1. Main source is a book “Verrat in der Normandie” (english: “Treason at the Normandie”), by someone writing under the pseudonym Georg Friedrich.

          BTW, he wrote a title “Treason on the Eastern Front” as well…


    2. Yes this one is hard to give Hitler the benefit of the doubt on. His Stop order cost them 2 days. And the excuse that the allied armies were fresh and the Germans were very worn out is kind of thin because they were squeezed into such a small pocket that they would have had no space to deploy or maneuver them. No doubt, this one is very suspicious.


  2. Very interesting subject, I look forward to the rest.

    Kerry, do you have sources for the comment that Mussolini was disliked by his military commanders?

    I haven’t looked at WWII at such a grand scale, involving all the players, so am thrilled to see more coming.

    I have summarized my research of the past years and ideas in the NaZionism article on Fakeopedia:


    1. Yes, it is in ” The Rommel Papers.” Unfortunately, not all of his memoirs survived. And obviously, the book he was planning to write after the war never came to be. Still, it is a great resource. There are a few errors, but it wasn’t written with the advantage of hindsight.


  3. MM and Henry Makow summed it up pretty good for me. Gay Jewish actors sponsored by the international banking cartel on the axis side, versus gimped up free masons sponsored by the international banking cartel on the allied side. And I’m still leaning toward the 911 building scenario, where most of the bombed cities were emptied long before any bombing took place, so they could rebuild a more modern infrastructure. How much of it was fake?….ask a veteran if it was “quite a show”. And this WWII theater event is still a huge money making machine today!


    1. Rommel was another Jewish actor so his papers are just another fraud written by the usual suspects, intelligence. The author was knighted for his “service” . The Rommel Papers are not a creditable source. Movies about Rommel: the Zal Rule.


      1. Well I don’t doubt that he was connected, but there are many other accounts of Italy’s duplicity without Rommel’s. In fact, we don’t really need anyone’s accounts as the actions of the Military, especially the navy speak for themselves. I will go into that soon enough however. And I will add a couple from some low ranking participants. How about an Italian radio operator from one of their sunken ships? Or perhaps some of the Tobruk Rats? Stay tuned.


  4. I agree Greg. I found out about NaZionism by my own account and was happy to see MM starting to publish about it afterwards and then found Makow’s stuff after that. My eye-opener, was -ironically enough- the pro-Nazi documentary of 6 (!) hours; “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Dennis Wise.

    If Mark and Kelly allow it, please let me share some ideas I posted elsewhere before about the Purposes of War:

    The first question that arises when thinking about the purposes of war is: What IS war?

    There is no real carved in stone definition of war. The “mainstream” has used definitions but as it’s mainstream, it’s always tricky to just stick to them; they are meant to propagate an agenda.

    As an illustration of that, a famous quote that comes in different forms:

    “Peace: A period of cheating between two periods of fighting – Ambrose Bierce”
    “Peace is just a period between two wars – Jean Giraudoux”

    The use of these quotes suggests that the natural state of mankind is “war”. This is also what mainstream history “teaches” us by focusing attention on the wars of history, glorifying or demonizing wars and their leaders, and retelling the long period of mankind as “essentially a series of wars”.

    But is it?

    Isn’t history, or better “his-story” not a collection of dramatized tales that is indoctrinated into our minds?

    As a comparison; a soap series, pick any of them. Are our daily lives really so much filled with drama, intrigue, back-stabbing and curious events as it is told in soap series? Not really.

    Same for history. 99.99+ % of the time people are just living their normal lives, the majority of mankind that is. We are not fighting, not planning intrigues or anything like it. It’s just “boring” everyday business of survival and hard work; getting food on the table, raising our kids and socializing with other human beings.

    There is no reason to assume in the past it worked differently.

    The natural state of mankind, of the non-Crazy Apes that is, is peace. Not war. People can be fighting, but fighting is not war. If two neighbors are fighting with each other, none of them is going to occupy the other house, enslave their children and take control of a future money supply. Looting is stealing and is instantaneous, it’s not a long term plan. Not war.

    War is essentially a game played by psychopaths, Crazy Apes. A game with different purposes which I think are interesting to analyze.

    The purposes of war
    Main purpose, the root of it is control.
    A – control of territory
    B – control of money
    C – control of people

    With as most important subsets:
    A1 – control of resources
    A2 – control of strategic locations

    B1 – control of the money supply of an area
    B2 – control of making money, using war

    C1 – control of people directly (as enslavement)
    C2 – control of people’s minds (propaganda)

    Examples all over:
    A1 – most wars are about controlling resources. In former times the control of fertile lands, in modern times more about ores and oil & gas. Today we have a couple of wars going on in the world and they are all centered around resources; Syria; oil & gas, Mali; phosphates & uranium, future (??) Iran; OIL, lots of oil. In the past, the colonizations by the Russian, European and Asian powers over areas in the world, etc.

    A2 – most recently of course the occupation of the Crimea by Russia, but many wars are about controlling strategic locations. The US with Cuba, Philippines, islands used as military bases around the world, etc. The Bosporus by the Ottoman Empire, the Suez canal, Panama canal, Silk Route, Gibraltar Strait, etc. etc. In most cases related to geography and a recommended reading for this is “The Revenge of Geography” by (mainstream) scholar Robert Kaplan.

    B1 – this is a topic mostly scratched upon re WWII, but the real root of it is yet to be discussed in detail. Let’s leave it for a new and specific topic. -see the NaZionism page on Fakeopedia-
    B2 – here WWII comes into play as the most obvious of examples and because it was so world wide. The infamous treacherous trick by the Rothschilds in “Waterloo” is well known to the truth seekers, but this methodology was of course not only used there in France/Britain in the early 19th century, but many times before (“religious” wars in the Early Modern Period, Asian empires, the US with the “War on Drugs”, etc. etc. etc.)

    B2a – making money pre-war
    B2b – making money during wars
    B2c – making money post-war

    Examples of B2a are the war economies of WWII. The Soviets, the Allies, the Fascists, all of them have made a lot of money in the running up towards the “inevitable” WWII. Or rather those providing those forces with weapons (armament industry), logistics and materials (civil industry; clothing design; Hugo Boss), etc. Mostly jews again.

    An example of B2b is the research and development of weapons. Would rockets have been invented if it wasn’t for WWII? We will never know, but without that silly war there was no need to develop those things and money, effort, people and resources could have been assigned to meaningful, peaceful and improvements, not destructive weaponry. Also the sponsoring of war efforts by money lenders in the back, most of them jewish of course again, that affected all war criminals, including the Nazis.

    Another example is the long history of colonizations and conquests, essentially wars by “””superior””” Western powers against “””backward””” “””primitives”‘”, first in Latin America, southern Africa and southeast Asia, later in North America and Australia and latest in northern and central Africa, India and Middle East.

    The roots of the investments of the “Age of Discovery” are (of course and again) jewish.

    The Spanish and Portuguese efforts in mainland Latin America are well-known by anyone, but did you know the conquest of areas we now know as Venezuela and NE Colombia was performed by Germans?? Or maybe better called (((Germans)))?

    B2c is very visible with what we talked about; the post-war destructed “build-up”. Without destroying “old stuff” first, there wouldn’t have been such a big motivation to reconstruct and develop afterwards. Japan, Europe, China, as examples of WWII and Iraq as modern example, Syria will follow in the next decade and will come out as a “reconstructed nice place” in the future, like Hong Kong after the Japanese invasions of former British “property”.

    C1, the enslavement of people to “the new rule”. Happened everywhere and every time with warmongering psychos. The Eastern European countries who suddenly had to sacrifice their hard earned money and work to the commies, Soviet puppet states. The Dutch, Belgians and French in WWII who were rationed and where formerly they had a well running economy, suddenly were paying tributes to the Nazis and had to work for them. The post-war payments of the German people to Allies who destroyed their lands. Essentially the outcome of the Crazy Apes; “I own you now”.

    C2, visible best in the modern wars because we have more alternative sources to rely upon. In Roman times it’s pretty hard to understand how much propaganda there was because we don’t have written texts of the Visigoths or the Kelts or the Saxons. Now, with so many different viewpoints at hand the search is easier and at the same time more difficult because of counterpropaganda, compromised sources, new agendas, controlled opposition, etc.

    But propaganda is and remains a very important and successful factor of war, even today where things can be researched, most people you’d ask on the street (so outside of the small truth seeking community) would just say that ISIS is a real islamic terrorist threat, or that the Nazis really gassed 6 million jews in non-existing gas chambers, burying their bodies in the Polish swamps, digging them up in the middle of -20 degree winters and burning 6 million bodies to piles of ash that reach to the clouds using impossible magical burners.

    Propaganda is needed to both keep the people of the power that is waging war in line and to keep them afraid of “the enemy”, that of course doesn’t really exist; it’s the friendly Elite of the other party that is in line with the Elite of the war country.
    Best visible in the Cold War. Most of us have grown up under this idea that there was a “kind of war, but not really” going on between the US/”””capitalism”””/”””democracy””” and SU/”””communism”””/dictatorship.

    Comments read before that “the Space (and Nuke) Hoax(es) are not really important and just side-topics” are incredibly stupid; they are two of the main tools of the Cold War scare, fake, propaganda, not true. So to understand the Cold War better, it’s essential to recognize those as hoaxes. And also they are on-going. The Nuke scare is not so active anymore, with some Nuke Reactor Hoax “””incidents””‘ like Fukushima as exceptions, but the Space Hoax is still very alive, unfortunately.

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  5. as a passionate reader I read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope two times already and intend to read it again because every time it gives me new input. All we know about the World War is what main stream media and schools are feeding us and the most of it makes no sense. For instance, the idea of a war reporter who is allowed to report and photograph fighting parties and the soldiers are expected not to shoot him because he is a journalist, right? Makes no sense to me. I consider both world wars as one World War with the purpose to unite the world and install the New World Order everywhere. The first part got out of control, the old generals were still of the Prussian school, believed in “better to die than to surrender” and wasted thousands of humans in absurd battles. Thousands not millions as we are being told. So the world government stopped the first war until communication and propaganda methods improved. Then there was radio and everybody could listen and the armies could communicate with their command centers and everything was under control and then the show began again. This time almost totally scripted. People still got killed sometimes, but this time the collateral damage was bearable. And the show goes on until today. Oh, by the way, Peter Jackson is filming the Mortal Engines books. It’s World War as a fantasy tale.


  6. All the wars seem to lead us to a NWO. The Napoleonic Wars “helped” the Americas gain independence from Spain (France also helped US to gain “independence”). So the Napoleonic era is the start of the end of the Spanish colonialism. The Greek war of independence started the process to end the Ottoman Empire. In fact there were many nationalist uprising in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century. The most important nationalist project was the creation of the German Empire after the war against Denmark (1864), the war against Austria (1866) and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. Of course this evil nationalism supposedly led to the 2 world wars. People interested in the nationalist project should be aware of the “Invasion Literature” , that started in Britain after the ridiculous Franco-Prussian war. This type of literature supposedly led to the creation of the Secret Service Bureau/Secret Intelligence Service in UK in 1909.
    The 2 world wars ended the era of European colonialism (mostly by the 60’s). Vietnam is part of the end of colonialism project and the evil communists project. After WW2 we have the Cold War project (subtopics: nuke hoax, space fakery). During the Cold War we have the creation of EU and ASEAN. In my opinion the most important project related to communism is the metamorphosis of China. Is it a coincidence that China became a WTO member in 11 December 2001, 3 months after 9/11 (2001 is the year that started the millennium)? In 2016 the Chinese Yuan became a part of SDR/XDR (Special Drawing Rights). Other projects related to China are “One Belt One Road initiative”, BRICS and AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). From these actions we can conclude that the Families want to make China the economic leader of the world (China is not multicultural but the population is meek and conformist).
    My main point is that the war projects will lead us to a multicultural world order, where all the races will be represented in a “fair” manner by the UN. We should also expect the creation of new economic regions, even in Middle East. The economic regions that already exist, will probably become more integrated (like the creation of a EU army). People should also pay attention to technology like crypto-currencies, AI (or maybe pseudo-AI), smart grid, smart cities , virtual reality etc (Max Igan talks about these topics). In the future I also expect more evil “white terrorists” (

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    1. Calcagus,
      Allow me to piggy-back on your closing statement regarding technology. In another thread, you stated, “I wonder if this year with Super Bowl 52 will be the transition to a new era. There are 52 weeks in a year (also 52 cards in a deck), so 52 is the number of the end of a cycle

      It was very uncharacteristic for me to write an apocalyptic article about the Super Bowl. I haven’t been interested in sports for years, and I’m still not sure what possessed me to write such a piece. Here is my conclusion on the matter.

      The utter lack of defense during the game was because they needed to get the score to 41. While the “patriots” were controlled and held to “33”, the Eagles (Phoenix rising-IphoneX) ascended on the arm of a second string quarterback who sliced and diced the best team in the AFC. His name? Foles, as in April Fools (4-1.) The final score adds up to 74 which equals 11, referencing the Freemasonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin. 74 also mirrors 47, year one CIA.

      On 11.29.18 (11.11.9) Verizon announced it would be deploying 5G in five US cities starting in the second half of 2018. Max Igan and others have warned us about this “beast” technology.

      In the middle ages, New Year’s was a week-long holiday ending on April 1 Some writers suggest that April Fools’ originated because those who celebrated on January 1 made fun of those who celebrated on other dates. I believe the final score was them telling us in their cryptic way that we are about to enter a new era/cycle beginning with the New Year that will commence on April Fools Day.

      HBO aired their first Super Bowl commercial in 20 years. What was it pushing? Their show WestWorld. Here is the dialogue from that commercial.

      Look at this world.
      This beautiful world.
      We built this world together.
      A world where dreams come true.
      A world where you can be free.
      But this world is a lie.
      This world deserves to die.
      Because this is your world.
      We’ve lived by your rules long enough.
      We can save this world.
      We can burn it to the ground.
      And from the ashes build a new world.
      Our world.


    2. Yes, it should be 1866. I believe I made the same mistake with the previous number, but I managed to correct it. Then a few seconds later I made the same mistake and went uncorrected (lol).

      Kevin, I never made the connection between 41 and April Fools’. I can add that all these numbers can be connected to the cycle of the Sun. 41 is connected to April Fools’ , or the new year (in the old system). 47 is the total variation in maximum solar altitude for any location on the Earth over a one-year period (the tilt x 2 or 23.5 *2=47). So 47 also encodes a cycle , when the Sun goes from lowest point to highest or vice versa (winter solstice to summer solstice, or vice versa). The 33 year cycle can be seen in the Persian calendar. 11 is the average duration of the solar magnetic activity cycle.

      Regarding the game, maybe there are some connections to the constellations. Some relevant constellations are Aquila and the Phoenix (Aquila was one of the 48 named by Ptolemy). Even the star Vega can be relevant (was related to a falling vulture).


      1. Yep, they love their sun symbolism. 5G is either a game-changer or over-hyped. Only time will tell. I’m leaning toward the former. Somehow, I doubt that all of these imposing “towers” popping up everywhere are just for show.


    1. Interesting piece … judging by how little we know of the events like 9/11/01 even 16 years later, I think it safe to say we know little of any history, but I also think it safe to say it exists somewhere under lock and key.

      Operation Northwoods is suspect in my book in that 1) the document was made public; 2) the plan was never carried out, and 3) Cuba had been conquered and was already under control. Castro was a true beard. That would make the Operation Northwoods document mere misdirection.


      1. The Cuba/communists meme seems like just another toy in the toy box to distract commoners from their state of dissimulation. The public mind is mesmerized in a perpetual state of word (legal) fiction.


  7. Basically, Adolf Hiller probably never wanted war with America or England at that time. (Then again I never had lunch with him so the following is a stew of conjunctures.)

    A plan was for Germany and Japan to attack Russia at the same time, East and West. Except Japan got cold feet and didn’t. Notice Japan surrendered the day after Russia declared war on Japan since it knew a war with the Bear would be total war and a bloodbath for them.

    President Roosevelt knew the American people did not want war so he had to use the back door and create a conflict or manufacture one to enter the War for his cousin Winston Churchill. So, squeeze Japan’s achilles heal, it’s need for importation of oil and then declare on Japan. We never officially declared war on Germany but since they were Allies we went to war indirectly with Germany.

    Note: Our attrition rate, the amount of troops we were losing was not good. 3:1 in the Pacific. That is, by Okinawa for every Japanese soldier we killed we lost three of ours since the Japanese adapted better tactically, we didn’t. An invasion of Japan would probably cost us a million troops or so a MONTH. The war had to end even if an event has to be fictionalized.

    Similarly for us in Europe, our attrition rate was not good before the Battle of the Bulge. Then we’re in Berlin suddenly and the Russians take one half of Europe in slavery. Let two sides have a MASSIVE battle and deplete themselves, then walk in at the end and declare victory.

    At this point it would be good to ask ourselves how much of our preception of WWll is from Hollywood films? That is what POM is about and more. Yea, it might hurt our pride but its the price one pays to clean house of false memories.

    Where was Italy? Probably better to ask what was Germany’s relationship to the Church? Was and if so why was H. Himmler’s SS organized similiar to the Jusuits? Who was the stronger, Hiller, Martin Borman or H.H.? Or who, since Miles Mathis shows the first to be an actor, wasn’t an actor. I find it amusing that Adi usually had lunch mostly with theatrical actors.

    The German General Staff never liked Hiller but he managed to keep one step ahead of them. I wonder if he even listened to them. Invading the Mother Land Russia only united those people against him. And in winter without decent clothes for the troops, etc.. Turning north instead of capturing the Babarossa oil fields and joining up with the Near Eastern areas that were friendly towards the Germans, (and still are out of respect), like Vichy France. The list goes on.

    WWll was a continuation of WWl after it was halted by the Spanish Influenza. Look at pictures of the Royal families around 1914, they all look alike since they were first cousins. Then consider they were still around during the second war.

    The Germans respected the British. Who postpones a war for six months like Hiller did for England?

    A good way to lose a war is to declare you’re going to start your own currency and banking system without interest.

    Enough for now.

    While I realize this post is about WWll I like to say it’s always a mistake to fight the next war by the way the last one went. Yet we do it.

    A plug for Fourth Generation Warfare since War always changes and if you don’t adapt faster than your opponent you LOSE. No more you. No second chance.

    First Generation: Raw firepower.
    Second Generation: Lines of troops.
    Third Generation: Blitzkrieg movement.
    Fourth Generation: No countries, no borders, Stateless War. No more countries.

    We are going thru Fourth Generation Generation now to who knows what?

    See William S. Lind’s “Traditional Right” for Fourth Generational War and more.


    1. Ps.,
      Bloody sorry, but kinda humorous,

      German General Erwin Rommel leaves North Africa for his wife’s birthday. Germans lose at Battle of El Alamein.
      Rommel leaves Normandy for his wife’s birthday. Allies gain a beachhead.

      Is it like in Intelligence Headquarters personnel have their feet their desks, some are playing darts, then someone rushes in and reminds everyone it’s Ms. Rommel birthday. Dreck, a million troops are rushed onto ships.

      Or, more like writer’s block. It worked last time, let’s use it again.


      1. Perhaps Mrs Rommel, Helene von Lutz (the Von denotes aristocracy), was his ‘handler’………. The Germans’ not seizing Gibraltar, along with the Dunkirk debacle, prove the Nazis were never serious about winning the war.


        1. I didn’t have a clue about Rommel’s genealogy until I briefly looked up his mother Helene Rommel ( von Luz) on Wikipedia spells Luz as Lutz.
          His mother forbade his relationship with Walburga Stemmer whom he had a daughter with, because she wanted Rommel to marry Lucia Maria Mollin which he did. It’s unclear if they were separated or she was his fiancee at the time.
          There’s not much info on Stemmer. Then again this is new to me. Some sites list her as married to Rommel.
          It appears Helene Rommel was strong willed or Stemmer wasn’t of her class and Lucia Maria Rommel (Mollin) was better connected? Polish/Silesian/Austrian?
          “Von” can mean nobility or a commoner or “from”. Luz can mean a lady (noble) or of course from her father Karl Von Luz, most obliviously.
          There’s also Hummels involved
          Anyway, it’s a sort of a sad story.

          “Handler”? I really don’t have a clue on that.

          While as an armchair general I did rant above about the invasion of Russia (some say the Russians had troop divisions on the border while others cite Lebensraum) I wondered about Dunkirk so I asked a military ‘guy’ about it and his reply was “It’s not that easy”. Just strafing the beach there was a good chance to get shot down.
          It’s my opinion the Germans respected the British as cousins would. The German General Staff were not “Huns”. There were different levels of groups, politicians, military organizations, bankers, industrialists, etc. involved, not all on the same page. Some, like the ‘little people’ got holding the bag.

          So, my intend in the “Birthday” story was to point out some repetition in the “War” strory. America’s entry in both wars, WWI&l, was similar, wait a few years, then enter the fight claiming victory and taking over. It’s sensible.
          But it’s the victory part that is in question. How was Europe “freed”* when the Bolsheviks enslaved half of Europe for fifty years. The same Bolsheviks Hiller was trying to defend Europe from. Granted, sometimes you get to pick the devil you want. Hiller said he was Gd, Stalin said there was no Gd.

          *Note: Vichy France was for Germany, Spain had it’s own dictator, the Swiss were neutral, so basically we saved England from her cousins.


          1. It’s my opinion the Germans respected the British as cousins would.

            No need to mow them down, taking them as POW would have put Germany in a quite favourable position. But letting them escape makes no sense otherwise.
            As a clue, read “Mein Kampf”. There is a whole section, titled (paraphrasing): “With Britain against Soviet Russia”. A grand victory against Britain was just not in the script.


          2. Handler as in Spy handler/controller. Seize Gibraltar and you effectively close off the Mediterranean, Spain and Turkey would have possibly followed Italy’s example and joined Hitler. What army allows an opposing army to escape to fight another day, and thus prolong the war? An army that was scripted to lose.


          3. From

            1) Hitler ordered the tanks to stop for 3 days near Dunkirk when only a short distance away. This allowed the entire British army and part of the French army to escape to Britain.

            2) Hitler refused to take Gibraltar and turn the Mediterranean into a “German lake”. There was nothing to stop the Germans from driving through Spain (their ally) and doing the job.

            3) Hitler declared war on the United States.

            4) Hitler refused to allow the tens of thousands of tons of weaponized nerve gas that the Germans had produced (at Dyhernfurth an der Oder) to be used. Over 500,000 artillery shells and about 100,000 bombs filled with nerve gas were found in their storage areas (mainly at Krappitz = Krapowice) at the end of the war. (Sarin and Tabun=nerve gases)

            5) Hitler refused to conquer Britain. After Dunkirk, Britain was totally defenseless.

            6) Hitler refused to authorise the production of jet fighters. The Heinkel He 178 had its first successful flight in 1939, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler showed no interest in it. The fighter version, the Heinkel He 280, was successfully demonstrated on April 5, 1941, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler refused to put it into production. Hitler wasn’t interested in a plane that could travel a couple of hundred miles per hour faster than the others. Same story with the Messerschmidt jets.

            7) Jewish financiers gave billions to finance Hitler’s rise to power.

            8) Only the Nazi’s attempted to kill Hitler. The Americans, British and Soviets made no attempt to kill Hitler. It is known that the British refused to allow a number of feasible assassination plans to proceed.

            9) An article from “The Jewish World” tells us that Hitler, Goering and Himmler, all have close relatives living as religious Jews in Israel today. Namely,
            Hitler’s nephew’s grandson,
            Matthias Goering – great-nephew of Hermann Goering, and
            Katrin Himmler – the great-niece of Heinreich Himmler.
            See: … /11_17.pdf

            10) In 1932 the Jewish genealogist Karl Friedrich von Frank published Hitler’s family tree. It was pointed out (June 16, 1932, in the newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung) that the name Salomon, which came up repeatedly in Hitler’s maternal line, was unlikely to be Aryan. On July 14, 1933, the newspaper Osterreichisches Abendblatt published photographs of graves of various Hitlers from Jewish cemeteries and mentioned a cookbook written in Hebrew by Rosalie Hitler. Also, a number of Jewish families, surnamed Hitler, officially applied to have their names changed due to Hitler’s (supposed) antisemitism. [Hitler’s Vienna by Brigitte Hamann]

            Learn from the past to prevent war in the future.


  8. Since there is so much disclosed about the lead roles of crypto-jewish presidents, PMs, popes, kings and all other puppet masters, it is quite rational to suggest some major wars and battles were managed. Or at least some major parts of such wars definitely defy warfare logic, with devastating consequences for war’s future development (think about Germany attacking Russia in ’41 or retreating from invasion of England when their defense was just about to crack). Decisions of German Wehrmacht leaders, Hitler in particular, were consistent with the Mathis’ disclosures about crypto-jewish high command of Germany’s Nazis – all managed or influenced to bring some perverted plan to reality. Add to this all known media outlets, controlled and managed by crypto-jewish clique since day 1, with the sole concept of “news” being manipulation of public opinion.

    The credibility of sources is always an issue, especially when dealing with “well known” events of the past. What can be trusted though are some physical evidence left to tell the story, with some credible witnesses to the madness we call WWII. For instance, in my small country and in particular in my town, I can take you on a tour, where you can still see some leftovers – anti-tank trench network or notorious war-prisoners camp site, some mass graves of victims executed in retaliation for killing a single German officer, etc… My grandfather on my mother’s side was a partisan member, he joined their ranks after being taken from his home by the Italian army and put on the transport headed to the notorious Gonars camp. Luckily, he managed to escape and later join the partisans in fighting for freedom.

    Then there is a huge territory of WWI fighting zone located in high-mountain area in my little country as well. I want to share with you some of my field work findings related to WWI and the number of overall casualties you are possibly wondering about:

    For the perspective of the area where the south-western battlefield front used to be, 2 short videos, you can quickly click through:

    20min video showing one of the six outdoor museums, with trenches, bunkers dug out of solid rock high up in the mountains, etc.
    “” (I’ve put quote marks deliberately into the web address, so it wouldn’t get linked here, same is below)
    4min video of one small part of the Slovenian WWI battleground, mount Kolovrat:

    If you take a look at the 1st video, you’ll be able to get the sense of battlefield proportions. It covered a huge area of western mountain range in Slovenia, called “Soška fronta” (pronounced as “soshka”), or Battles of the Isonzo a.k.a. the Isonzo Front in the mainstream English version. The front was extending over 90km mainly over the Slovenian territory. I can confirm it as 100% real.

    Then there is a road over the mountain Vršič (pronounced like “were-she-ch), built by 8,000 – 10,000 Russian POW , starting its construction in the middle of winter 1915. There are at least 2 confirmed mass graves in that particular area, filled with Russian soldiers, where one such grave site has its own Russian Orthodox chapel built by the surviving POW to commemorate their fellow dead. As well 100% real.

    I have been in the area numerous times, walking a part of the so-called “Walk of Piece” through a rather small portion of trenches, exploring some bunkers, touching excavated ammunition, shells, guns and many other items. The sheer volume of these findings, which are sometimes quite sensational even today, suggest that there was really a great number of Italian and Austro-Hungarian army forces fighting in the area. The estimated number of dead Slovenian soldiers (to remind you, Slovenia was a country under the rule of Habsburgs, part of Austro-Hungarian forces) is over 40,000. My own great-grandpa was KIA somewhere on the eastern front of the WW1, so the body count and the war itself were in my belief very real. Germany was roughly 50x larger, and Russia 100x larger by the population count, with all war waging countries combined, we could be looking at millions of soldier deaths alone, increased by the number of dead civilians throughout the Europe.

    Was it all managed? Undoubtedly, up to a point, with the planned outcome being pushed from the day 1. As much as in the case of our most recent Balkan wars, raging from 1991 onwards, killing and displacing between 250.000 – 500.000 people.


    1. All those places, chapels and mass graves must be fake, aren’t they 😉
      One grandfather of mine died in WWII, when he was shot down in his fighter plane. The other one returned severely wounded, to live on for about twenty years.
      I have no trouble believing in 6 or 7 digit kill numbers, since war serves multiple purposes:
      – kill off “dispensable” population
      – switch wealth stealing into hyperdrive mode (a.k.a. war profits)
      – achieve certain steps toward the NWO longtime goal which are impossible during peace time;
      The last point would include changes of national boarders, destruction of unfavourable cultures, large-scale relocations, reshuffling of natural ressources, introduction of new social systems (like e.g. communism), to name but a few.
      To achieve those goals, the wars must be managed. That supposedly happens on a need-to-know basis, i.e. as very few people actually know what is going on, and what they are doing. And the interventions are as small and sparse as possible. The rest of the carnage is just left to the local fools.


      1. That’s it in a nutshell, FM. I would add that war profits include future profits from replacement populations. IMO the settled populations over time become more conservative and therefore harder to squeeze. That’s what I mean by ‘sweep and clear’ in the eastern regions of Europe. Those cultures were no longer sufficiently profitable and had to be replaced- by any means available.
        And though I preach that no laws are broken in your average civilian psy-op, the old saying “all’s fair in love and war” would imply that law during war time is only a theory, not a practice. So-called war crimes trials after the fact are show trials, or ‘due diligence’ where actors perform in court room dramas and the public is nominally appeased. No one, though, is actually punished as the ‘criminals’ were always just actors from the start. (See the My Lai ‘massacre’ as an example of such due diligence.)


    1. When I saw the picture I though it was some joke. I am not easily shocked, but claiming this is real is another leap in the crazy faker world of the space clowns.

      This craziness must rank somewhere among the Defecating Diamonds Story (WWII) and the Human Lampshade Story (idem).

      A case of TRIOMF;
      and BBS;


    2. This is really something. Love the shadows with the sun shining directly on the car. And how the earth never spins at all in these space pictures. And how they got the camera mounts to pop out perfectly, except for the funny angle on the side view. I can’t stream a video that clearly from my wired DSL connection…


      1. Also, no stars or starlight. But the sun is a star too.

        The Earth below looks static. I bet if one did an image search on other “Earth from orbit views”, they would look the same with identical cloud patterns


        1. The TPTB are getting sloppy.

          Lineage cannot give, and wealth cannot buy brains, morals or a conscience.

          We are ruled by degenerate morons.


  9. hey FM,
    I found your initial posts above interesting as I am not familiar with Dunkirk.

    Your quote above regarding Dunkirk, February 9, 2018 at 12:00 am,
    (Me:) “It’s my opinion the Germans respected the British as cousins would.”
    (You): “No need to mow them down, taking them as POW would have put Germany in a quite favourable position. But letting them escape makes no sense otherwise.
    As a clue, read “Mein Kampf”. There is a whole section, titled (paraphrasing): “With Britain against Soviet Russia”. A grand victory against Britain was just not in the script.”

    Your quote: “And the question still remains…….Was the war managed?”

    As far Dunkirk is concerned, like putting a puzzle together in the dark … Yes & No.

    The Germans and the British Aristocracy are first cousins. So, it wouldn’t be fitting to break each other’s toys. Where’s the sport in that?

    For clarification, my statement was just the opposite of “mowing them down”. Hitler/Hiller wanted to be united with the British. He did postpone WWII for six months in that hope. More likely the war needed more time to be set up.

    Plus, my statement “The Germans are not Huns “ was about WWI and the 1933 Boycott propaganda. The German military was way more civilized then the Russian military who wouldn’t have had a second thought in cleaning the beach. During the last defense of Germany the “Children’s” Korps carried one last bullet for themselves as they knew what the Russians would do to them if captured.

    Wars are planned and need time to be set up. (Chorus: No foolin’, fool.)

    WWII was a continuation of WWI which was halted by the Spanish Influenza. So, it took roughly twenty-five years to re-setup the conflict in
    (Another view would be “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, a book by Patrick J. Buchanan”.
    Also, William S. Lind’s quote, regarding WWI was “the West shot itself in the head” reflecting on what was a dysfunctional family feud.
    Or perhaps as Miles Mathis, genuflect, might say, the Aristocracy were used by the Industrialists.)

    So, that is the YES part.

    The NO part is the snag in the plan and management is called in.
    Since the plan of WWI was laid out before 1914 and reset in-between the wars, the wild card was that War changes. Hence, Fourth Generation Warfare by William S. Lind which I recommend reading.

    In a nutshell, WWI was Second Generational Warfare where there are static lines of troops or Trench Warfare. Top down command.

    Enter the wild card in WWII, Third Generational Warfare: Mobility.
    Instead of the old stalemate trench fighting the German General Staff including Erwin Rommel developed Blitzkrieg “Lighting War”. The Second-Generation warfare trained British generals were caught off-guard resulting in Dunkirk.

    Time-Out. Call in the referee Adolf.
    Sounds like a case of ‘Controlled Opposition’, Hitler had “Four Lost Years” in England. I doubt he spent all his time having tea with his brother.

    As an another example of Third trumping Second Generational Warfare,“In 1918, at the 12th Battle of the Isonzo, a then-lieutenant Erwin Rommel, commanding a small detachment of three companies of light infantry” using Shock Lighting tactics pushes back the Italian army.

    Please see Vexman’s excellent post above on this post regarding the Battles of Isonzo. “VEXMAN SAYS: February 7, 2018 at 11:27 pm”

    (Sidenote, Rommel’s mother forbade his relationship with Walburga Stemmer whom he had a daughter with, because she wanted Rommel to marry Lucia Maria Mollin. Verry interessting as that raises the question of Rommel being devoted to his wife and leaving the critical battles of the war, El Alamein and Normandy because of his wife’s birthdays.)

    Another option for Dunkirk would be it’s not as easy it seems in hindsight.
    General Patton read Rommel’s book and used Lighting War only to find out the supplies lines couldn’t keep up, hence The Battle of the Bulge. Or Sorcerer’s Apprentice Reflux.

    FM, your second comment: “As a clue, read “Mein Kampf”. There is a whole section, titled (paraphrasing): “With Britain against Soviet Russia”. A grand victory against Britain was just not in the script.”

    The British were never against Soviet Russia.
    The British being Socialists supported the Russians, as did Roosevelt. We supplied them with most of their equipment. Notice how East Europe was slabbed in the back at Yalta and spent fifty years in slavery by the British Bolsheviks.

    And he didn’t write “Mein Kampf”. Adi’s cellmate partner Rudolph Hess bought in Prof. Karl “Lebensraum” Haushofer to ghostwrite the book. Actors aren’t paid to think, just to read the cue cards.

    Note: Adolf H. was a Corporal telling the Generals what to do, “No Retreat and Die.” I can understand why they tried to cull him many, many times. Which might explain why Hiller had twenty to thirty body doubles and his own special bodyguards, to protect him from the General Staff.

    Steve Kelly, thanks for link,
    If ya’ gonna open the Barnes Review door, might as well visit the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Room,

    And last, but not least, Kevin,
    “Springtime for Hitler and Germany” from “The Producers”

    And what is up with all these German ligatures, HH, LL, MM, etc.? Twins?

    B-litz-krieg “Lighting War”. Rommel’s mother’s name Helene Rommel (von Luz or Lutz) … Luz means Light, Light from Bethel.
    … both are long. For use in Bathroom Library.

    It’s o.k., Kevin knows I’m an idiot.


    1. Hey J. Kidding,
      basically agree with your yes/no assessment. The outcome was fixed, the route to that outcome less so. But some comments to your long post.

      The German military was way more civilized then the Russian military who wouldn’t have had a second thought in cleaning the beach. During the last defence of Germany the “Children’s” Korps carried one last bullet for themselves as they knew what the Russians would do to them if captured.

      It’s not that simple. The Russian soldiers did bestial deeds on German territory on a regular basis, this is true. However, they were thoroughly indoctrinated by Stalins propaganda minister Ehrenburg (what does this name tell us ?), and lived in fear of their superiors from the first day of war. Thousands have been shot by their own officers if they apparently hesitated to follow orders.

      Hitler is an interesting topic on its own. I’m quite aware he did not write “Mein Kampf” himself. Haushofer was an ex-military in the rank of major general, with e jewish wife. BTW, most German military brass are from Prussian peerage. And there you have the link to the English “Royals”, which are German peerage “Sachsen-Coburg”), too.
      And yes, I’m aware of Hitler’s time in the UK, and the deafening silence about that in the mainstream history. As well as the fact of Hitler’s faked suicide and corps in April ’45.

      An interesting side note: since the German government obviously can’t forbid this book outright, they came up with a trick. The regional Bavarian government holds the copyright, and on that basis keeps copies from entering Germany, nor publishes it themselves. Which is quite understandable, since this book was directed at the nineteen twenties and thirties fools, and would profoundly confuse the contemporary fools.

      The British were never against Soviet Russia.
      The British being Socialists supported the Russians, as did Roosevelt.

      And I am aware of that. The fervent support of the US intelligentsia for the Soviets even in the early ’20 is well documented. Including the less-official financial support Sutton reports about (Wall Street and the Bolshevik). Sutton reported about Wall Streets cooperation with the Nazis as well, e.g on technological matters. After all, the one were National Socialists, and the others Inter-National Socialist, so of the very same ilk.
      Seeing Communism as a large-scale field experiment, the ongoing total brainwashing of the German population, including the continuing guilt infusion, is another psychology experiment on a grand scale.


      1. Of course the well documentation of this event can’t be proved except for a few events? None of us were there. We don’t know for sure about any of this info. Although we do know there is guilt infusion and experiments here and now as we can see them and verify it’s actually happening.


    2. What is the origin of that closing comment? I certainly don’t think (or know) that. And if I were to say it I would hopefully use a more interesting word.


      1. Kevin,

        The origin refers to my long winding posts you were patience enough to put up with. You never indicated that.

        Monkeyshine is mo’ interesting.



  10. FM,

    It is that simple.

    During WWII when an army encountered a mine field they stopped, probed with knifes for mines or went around the field.
    The Russian Army wouldn’t stop and went thru the mine field. Their logic was they lost some tanks but didn’t lose any time.

    At Dunkirk, some reasons for the Germans halting was geography, the swamps, and the overcast weather plus losing tanks to mines if any.
    If the Russians were there that wouldn’t have been a consideration and a bloodbath would have followed. That is if they were fighting the British.

    “The Russians did some bestial things …”. (your quote).

    Duh, “they” massacred one hundred million of their own people and counting, from historical documents. And that doesn’t include other people outside of Russia. They couldn’t be accused of discrimination on that count. How many people were killed, lived like slaves for fifty years under the Iron Curtain?

    “They” equates to Bolsheviks.
    “Cousins” to the Aristocracy.
    “People” means people.

    “Seeing Communism as a large-scale EXPERIMENT …” is a phase a “nineteen twenties and thirties fool” would say, Plotinus my friend.
    What happened was not a classroom lab project. The victims were real people.

    Regarding your opening sentence, neither the outcome nor the route is fixed, as being cast in stone. Not till the fat lady sings, anyway.
    Isn’t the purpose of sites like Miles Mathis’ and POM, learn and not to be taken in?

    Ps. Didn’t Hitler own the copyright to his book? And he lived in Bavaria.



  11. At Dunkirk, some reasons for the Germans halting was geography, the swamps, and the overcast weather plus losing tanks to mines if any.

    I don’t think so.
    The Brits were on a hasty retreat, no time to lay organized mine fields. The German stop was on purpose, not even the Disinfo-Wiki denies that. And guess what – the weather was the same for both sides.

    Duh, “they” massacred one hundred million of their own people and counting, from historical documents. And that doesn’t include other people outside of Russia.

    I was solely speaking about war events and soldiers. Not about internal Russian affairs.

    What happened was not a classroom lab project. The victims were real people.

    So what ?
    Seems you have difficulties to grasp the mindset of the entities behind that experiments. Application of the label “human” is debatable in this case. I had been part of this experiment, just to tell you. As a “laboratory rat”, to be clear.

    Isn’t the purpose of sites like Miles Mathis’ and POM, learn and not to be taken in?

    I have some serious suspicions regarding the MM entity. Franky, he looks like the front of a committee to me. And since POM rarely ask the “Why” questions (if at all), I spend less and less time here.
    Revealing that the 15th or 20th mass shooting event was fake, or this and that actor faked his death too, or morphed into that other person, is just redundant. I want to know why, and especially, how come that people ignore all facts and accept all that thinly lies instead.

    Regarding your opening sentence, neither the outcome nor the route is fixed, as being cast in stone.

    Seems we disagree on this one.

    Ps. Didn’t Hitler own the copyright to his book? And he lived in Bavaria.

    Obviously not any more. The fact that the current German “state” has no constitution should tell you something.

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  12. The difference between “peace” time and “war” time is that there is a “license to kill” in the latter. While in “peace” time they use staged events (hoaxes, without people killed) to instigate fear. What “war” does is adding on top of those staged events a “legal” right to actually kill people.

    It would be foolish to claim “nobody died in World War II” or in the “Cold War”. The numbers we have been given by various sources are both inflated and deflated for propaganda purposes, so to take them at face value would not be right.

    But between “100 million” and “0” there is quite some range.

    I see this dangerous way of “thinking” that nobody ever dies and it’s just one big hoax as an effect of too much time spending on those staged (terror) events, that -indeed- convince us that nobody dies. But that doesn’t make it the same for “war” time where actually there is a “legal” right to kill other human beings.

    People died and were injured in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, World War I, World War II and all those other wars. As many as they claim in certain cases? As few as they claim in other cases? Both probably not.

    But suggesting nobody dies in wars is foolish and counterproductive to truth seeking.


    1. There is an error in logic apparent here, not that I am an expert. It is just one that I see repeated time and again, and it goes like this: There are extremes presented, so that the truth must lie somewhere in between. There is no law of nature making it any more likely that the truth lies in the middle as opposed to the extremes.


      1. I don’t know if you deliberately use deceptive language or just don’t see how much you’re confusing things.
        First you say “between extremes or somewhere in between”.
        Then you say “in the middle, as opposed to the extremes”.

        The middle (let’s go with those 100 million vs 0 deaths would be 50 million). There indeed is no reason to assume 50 million is the right number.

        But the range of possible numbers is unweighted 100,000,001. So, unweighted there is an equal chance of any of those numbers 1/100,000,001.

        Clearly his-story is not unweighted. There is a weighted probability where certain numbers or ranges of numbers have higher chances than others. Factors that contribute to weighing these probabilities are:
        – 1st hand experiences (strongest)
        – 2nd hand experiences (less strong, but still strong)
        – 3rd hand experiences
        – public “witnesses” and reports by organizations who are tracking numbers
        – “official” numbers released by mainstream media and politicians

        The last ones would be the -mostly rounded- 100,000,000 or similar. The second-last ones are for example the Red Cross data about the Holocaust Story. Around 280,000 is the total number given by them. That may be higher, if deaths were not counted, or lower, if double counts have been done, or a combination, which would make it an average.

        Still, going from that number to 0 is a huge stretch and makes you have to discard every single factor outlined. Same for Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all other wars.

        If you want to maintain that 0 figure, it would be you who is going for the lowest probability. Which doesn’t even address the arguments about the legal difference between peace and war times.


        1. In this case you may both looking at the issue from a debatable angle. There is no arbitrary position of an observer to look at the victim count of any war, unless you have 100% insight into all that happened during any given wartime. So that makes total victim count complete guess-work full of speculation. 100% insight into war is not possible, we’re not (yet) talking about a robotized army that is sending its machines’ logs to some central database for later analysis (as drones do, for instance).

          What is possible, though, is to look at the his-story from the angle of losers, since we all know victors are biased when addressing “weighted” truth. Hard evidence is another thing to look for when trying to establish what really happened. Counting the victims certainly can’t be achieved from the cozy sofa perspective, field work is the only way to get close to an estimate. And even if field work is properly done, one needs to establish trust with the particular source, which is apparently another obstacle on anybody’s way to discovering the truth. Don’t forget – when you eventually come to the truth, it’s most probably going to be ugly, unpleasant, discouraging and brutal, not likable at all.

          As an example from my local environment, where continuity puppet masters still deny responsibility for their WWII victims – the number of hard evidence sites and excavations done suggest that even the highest established estimates may be wrong and the victims count is possibly much larger. Just how much? Nobody yet dared to publish a new number and it will take some more time, since our major media outlets are as much in control as in any other country. What it implies though, adds another layer of ugliness to an already ugly truth – the national archive sources are obviously compromised and deliberately modified, but that is not to heavy surprise for me (side note: 95% of that archive material is missing anyway 🙂 ). What I realized in between is that all of the researchers who managed to publish any “truth”, are controlled opposition and compromised as the source of anything serious other than conclusions like this one. Even my beloved Solzhenytsin seems to rely heavily on some outer source for victim count when addressing the numbers, which may be, as in the case of Slovenia, much higher than what was ever officially published or publicly discussed in the past. Even the hardest and bravest of us can’t face 100% truth, I guess…


          1. Vex, your post got me thinking, particularly “look at the his-story from the angle of losers”. Surely the dead are the biggest losers of all in war. Who else loses more?

            I live in the UK and pretty well every single place in the country has a WW1 memorial. Usually a column or a large stone with the names of the dead inscribed on it by a mason. Most villages, towns and cities still hold a formal ceremony of remembrance at 11am on 11th November each year [that 33 again]. Everywhere that I have ever lived in the UK has done, and still does.

            I seen hundreds of war memorials, everywhere that I’ve ever been in the UK has one. And I’ve traveled in the UK very extensively these past 50 years as an “adult”, not least in my camper van travels since I “retired” in 2010. “I’ve been every where man……..”, well almost all of the UK anyhow.

            So I thought to myself, every War Memorial memorial MUST have real names on it? EVERY name would have been scrutinized by ALL the locals at the time it was erected. The attendance at the annual ceremony was very high initially. I know this as a fact from my grandparents. So there was no way that fake names would be inscribed, no way. It was a massive point of honour when they were all created in the period after the war. The WW1 folk memories and sadness run incredibly deep here, my parents and grandparents were steeped in the real historical memories of loss. This was surely true everywhere in the UK. So no fake names I’m 99.9% certain.

            So today I did a little experiment. I counted the names on my local memorial. I looked up the best estimate of the population of my village in the closest census to the war [1911] and I calculated the percentage of the population that died [~ 2%]. I then looked up the census for the total population of the UK in 1911 [42 million]. Assuming that the deaths were evenly spread across the whole country that means approaching nearly 900,000 souls died from the UK in WW1. Which is near as dammit what Wiki says.


      2. Truth is self-evident, self-existent. When words are needed for “proof,” it is not reality. Simulation with no substance, but nonetheless illusion created by artful use of words.

        Named persons, places and things, human’s (animal, without soul, without blood), and only human’s, creations (lacking substance) do not exist in nature. Hu-mans are no more than animal capital — counted by the head, taxed by the head, which represents the future labor potential of those humans. More on this later.


        1. Yeah, anyone who disagrees with Prof. Dr. Kelly is “an agent”, “a shill” or anything, even when they share personal experiences. Get your paranoia antenna checked man.

          You’re a leftist. Lefties suck even harder than other brainwashed fools.


          1. Oh and if Mark Tokarski bans me, for not being able to address me, I don’t fucking care. Tyrone McCloskey is the real master here. He shows wisdom. The zombie bullshit and some leftist throwing out accusations, covert or not, is not.


          2. To be fair, to the other post, Maarten Rossaert too.

            The more the shame you have some covert communist excusing for all the horrors coming from the left here, posing as some “environmental” lover. While throwing accusations around. Big guy, must be strong. Steve fucking Jelly.


        2. Gaia, don’t use me as a cudgel- You make excellent contributions but you come off as manic- This is not a competition- I don’t care if anyone, especially me, is sited for anything- I just want to improve the dialogue- And I do miss the zombies- Let’s all relax….


  13. FM,

    If you want to know the “Why” of a thread ya’ gonna, at the least, quit misquoting other posts. Thanks for your replies but my responses to yours were to clarify and put some distance to what you wrote.

    “So what.” “Application of the term human … is debatable in this case”. (your quotes).

    O.k., shame on me, I’m a slow learner, you got me. I was reminded of trolls last thread. No one can write that and be serious.

    (formerly the poster know as …)

    … just kidding or not, the image of someone using the word ‘Experiment’ would be at a mid-sixthies mid-town swishy Cock-tail party, ” … and then he said “Pull my finger.”” (sound of the platter of petite laughter), “Bennett, oh Bennett, make mine dry.”.

    Meanwhile, downtown someone after putting hash(browns) in a bottle of vodka and drinking it all down, is waking up to the sounds and blinking lights of prehistoric garbage trucks, smelling of cat piss, trying to open his eyelid to read a letter …
    “Uncle Who? … I don’t know no Uncle Sam!”.

    “Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we all gonna die”.

    “A single death is a tragedy,
    A million deaths is a statistic.”


  14. FM,

    I recently posted a reply to you which is still “waiting moderation” probably due to a different name.
    After reconsideration of something you wrote and possibly to clear up some terminology I’m going to assume you have or are living under an Authoritarian-type State. No need for specific details.

    My premise: The word EXPERIMENT may be being used differently by both of us.

    I perceive the word when used in a political sense as Communist verbiage.
    After reading books and watching documentaries using that word such as “the Russian Experiment in its Five Year for Agricultural …”, I growth to distrust the word especially when the person omitted Stalin’s genocide of the Ukrainian people, etc., I equate the word as state top-down control with disregard for human life.

    Then, I’m guessing, when you, FM, use the word EXPERIMENT it may mean something different in content and from another perspective?

    For example, from a previous post,
    “What happened was not a classroom lab project. The victims were real people. (Me)
    So what ?
    Seems you have difficulties to grasp the mindset of the entities behind that experiments. Application of the label “human” is debatable in this case. I had been part of this experiment, just to tell you. As a “laboratory rat”, to be clear.” (You)
    FM SAYS: February 11, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I was NOT referring to the “mindset of the entities”, nor was I trying to grasp their mindset, I was referring to the people receiving the “experiment” (?), the victims.

    So, when you said “Application of the label “human” is debatable in this case.”, are you referring that the entities are questionable as humans? Or to the “victims”?

    Your quote “So what?”, what did you mean?
    Were you referring to the phase “classroom lab project”? Or to the “victims” or the “people”?

    Finally, What is your definition of the word “Experimentation”?
    Is it like mass brain-washing?

    (Please consider our life experiences are different. I have a feeling we are on the same page but are seeing the same things from different angles. When I was in Europe a person told me he went to a certain ‘jimazija’. I said yeah, we have gymnasiums in our high schools but what High School did you go to? Jimazija. Not too funny but word meanings are important.

    I should stop now but “Painted Bird”, the book by Jerzey Kosinski, has a story about a bird that is painted various colors only to be attacked by its own flock since they do not recognize it as being one of them. Lesson, if one uses the vocabulary of one’s opponent then that person might be mistaken for their opponent by their own people.)

    The questions may seem tedious but they may clear up my perception of your use of the word “Experiment”.


    So far, note these are not cast in stone, only as aids,

    “They” equates to Powers that Be, Entities, Bolsheviks (including the KGB and its variations, i.e.., Stasi. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “Two Hundred Years Together “has a list of names. I have not read the book.)
    “Cousins” the Aristocracy
    “People” means people
    “Victims” are recipients of top-down control
    “Experiment” = ?

    Mark T.,
    If this gets posted first please disregard the ‘MShinola’ post.
    Thank you


    1. Don’t you fucking dare criticize communism. Ya know, it’s fake, because, well, McCarthy was big on it and he was CIA, so, well, communist horrors are fake. And don’t you dare to take that as a simplistic idea, after all I visit Switzerland when I go on holidays, and I don’t dare to see the leftist horrors of -nearby- Cuba or -not to far away- Venezuela.

      You know, I pose as a “conservative”, but do everything to excuse the “socialists and communists for their horrors in his-story. You know, I am happy in my Colorado cabin, so everyone else in the world should stop complaining. Egocentric as I am, Vexman’s family dying, J. Kiddings experiences, all hoaxes.

      Greetings from the comfy autist attic!


      1. This is not a competition. No need for labels or titles (nouns), which only mask one’s true self. What exists in nature is real. Man (female and male) are part of nature, where no persona exists. No numbers, no categories, nothing but being. It’s (simply being) harder than anything I know, especially with all the tempting choices presented in this man-made hell on Earth, propped up, wrapped up, crapped up with words, just words.


        1. Very well said Steve. Harder than anything else for sure.

          These concepts are so simple, yet so difficult to fully understand at the same time. They go to the heart of the legal fiction deception, one of the most fundamental deceptions that we all have to contend with.

          Clint Richardson is something of an expert on this and his site is a mine of such information:

          I notice that his site has been deleted from the blogroll, I’m pretty sure that it was there at one time? I wonder why that is; is there something that I should be aware of about Clint?


  15. Please allow me to share some thoughts I placed elsewhere, I think they are quite on-topic in this “Three amigos” post:

    What I think WWII was (also, there were 1000s of parallel motives) about was to subvert three of the most intelligent, well developed cultures of the Western world.

    There were basically three “factions” to be dealt with by the warmongering psychopaths:
    1 – the Germanic people – and their advanced, well developed technology, art, literature, science
    2 – the Russian people – and their art, literature, science
    3 – individual jews – and their art, literature, business and science

    The “traditional” stronghold in world politics has been Great Britain, for the 200 years prior to WWII (following the Spanish Empire that was number one before but in great decline in the early 18th century). The British powers didn’t want to see a strong Germany, nor didn’t they want to see a strong Russia. Both powers excelled in their respective areas and needed to be suppressed.

    Then there were the jews. The individual, normal, working class jews of Europe were well-integrated in language, business and even culture (though may -or may not- have practiced a different religion). Also they excelled in art, science, business and other intellectual areas. Despite many attempts by the Zionists to get them to move to Palestine, they refused, having their local communities and friends outside of the jewish groups. They did not want to move to some desert in the Middle East. That has been admitted to have sparked the “need for a ‘good’ crisis, that shouldn’t go to waste”.

    The black-and-white idea pushed by online Nazis “it’s Ze Jews!” is of course completely ridiculous. Yes, the big jewish ultrarich families have dominated European society for centuries in the back. They were scheming, tricking and infiltraiting (no typo) the diverse societies of the European continent. But the normal jews didn’t have anything with them in common, other than maybe an invented “ethnicity” or a religion. But it would be just as ridiculous to hold a common Brit responsible for the actions of Theresa May or a US American christian for the deeds of Trump/Obama/Bush whatever. Salomon the Butcher has nothing to do with Soros the Manslayer.

    So there was a plan scripted (already decades in the making; those ultrarich families plan a century ahead) to suppress all parties:
    – Russia by the commie terror
    – Germany by the fascist terror
    – Jews by the “Holocaust” terror

    And it worked;

    Germany was defeated, destroyed and occupied and split (the Nazis had a big hand in that due to their many strategic “mistakes” and their focus on transporting jews instead of protecting their “Aryan” German people)
    Russia was already before put under the boot of communism, but that anti-Russian power was further strengthened with the Warsaw Pact countries and left for a new “war” later, the Cold “War”.
    And the individual jews were also destroyed; ripped away from their homelands, kidnapped and shipped to all over the world and the Zionist State in particular and can rely on an “eternal suffering” to be used whenever wanted.

    If you take into account the Eastern theater (not for nothing they use that word!), the other 2 big powers in the region there suffered the same fate; Japan was turned into the culprit for everything and China was placed under the horrors of Mao.

    So all the higher, better developed, more intelligent and creative cultures (Germanic, Russian, jewish, Chinese, Japanese) were submitted to “the new order”.

    Of course that didn’t go well with the online armchair Nazis I have been dealing with for the past 2.5 years:

    Liked by 2 people

  16. A longer version can be read here:

    But the essence of it I will quote in this blog post as it is too hilarious to not mention…

    Albert Kesselring was the commander of Luftflotte 2, responsible for the bombings of London and southeastern England.

    Kesselring, championed attacking London directly— either to bombard the British government into submission, or to draw RAF fighters into a decisive battle.

    But then, after the war:

    The death verdict against Kesselring unleashed a storm of protest in the United Kingdom. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill immediately branded it as too harsh and intervened in favour of Kesselring


    Like George W. Bush 5 years after “9/11” complaining that Osama bin Laden was treated so inhumanely (following the mainstream narrative)…. Hi-la-ri-ous…


  17. A Luftwaffe bombing map for London:
    Tate Gallery, Royal Hospital as targets along with Chelsea Barracks, Police Stations, etc?
    From wiki:
    Albert Kesselring was born in Marktsteft, Bavaria, on 30 November 1885, the son of Carl Adolf Kesselring, a schoolmaster and town councillor, and his wife Rosina, who was born a Kesselring, being Carl’s second cousin. Albert’s early years were spent in Marktsteft, where relatives had operated a brewery since 1688.
    Kesselring married Luise Anna Pauline (Liny) Keyssler, the daughter of an apothecary from Bayreuth, in 1910. The couple honeymooned in Italy. Their marriage was childless, but in 1913 they adopted Rainer, the son of Albert’s second cousin Kurt Kesselring.
    ‘Operated’ a brewery-NewSpeak for ‘They owned it’? Childless marriage? Cousins? Father’s middle name Adolf? An actor out on loan?


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