The Plausibility Index

Our friend and fellow writer, Tyrone McCloskey, has started a new blog called The Plausibility Index. I urge all readers to pay it a visit. He has a unique writer’s voice.

I don’t wish to detract attention from Kevin’s very interesting piece below, but wanted to get this publicity out there. Though we are five writers on a common blog here, we are often of five minds about various matters. Ty chose to use a separate outlet to voice some of his personal reflections, but is still on board here, and for that I am thankful. .

2 thoughts on “The Plausibility Index

  1. Mark, Thank you for letting everyone know. I have always enjoyed Tyrone’s articles and have noticed that his writing has not been as prolific recently. I enjoy and appreciate his perspective. I look forward to checking out “The Plausibility Index” and am happy to know he will still be among the POM writers as well.


  2. Thanks for the plug, Mark. Every few days I put something up about my old man’s tall tales of Old Hollywood. Believe any of it at your own risk. I dropped a few of these pieces here in the past under “Old Show Biz” and eventually they will all be at the Old P.I.- I have more Hitler stuff that I will post both here and there and some other things that defy description. Blogging is much cheaper and far more positive than therapy, I think we can all agree.

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