If it is on YouTube … it is suspect

We have, in the past, spent inordinate time on two (or three or four) men named Paul McCartney and John Lennon. I must take responsibility for this, and it is because of my age. The Beatles came on stage just as I was growing pubes and noticing girls, and like every kid alive of that age at that time, I fantasized about being a Beatle. Later on I learned what phonies they were, mere actors backed by a huge Intelligence team that included spooks, publicists, song writers, studio musicians. But at the time, they mattered to me.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  (1 Corinthians 13)

Would that the bible verse were true, I suppose. Here I am writing about John and Paul, two old men, even older than me, one in hiding somewhere  (or maybe dead for real by now), the other having a hidden twin (or out in the open as “John Halliday”). It has been good for shits and giggles to uncover and expose these low and vile creatures, but it has also for a long time been time to move on.

When the group was assembled in Hamburg, Germany, it was known to all that there were two Paul’s, and I came away long ago suspecting there were also two John’s and two Stu Sutcliffe’s. Then I stopped working on it. Others think there were more than one Ringo (but he was not in Hamburg) and more than one George Harrison, but I have not gone there, and never will. Remember, in addition to twins, famous people often have body doubles just for the sake of security.

So I am posting the following video, but with ulterior motives. It is otherwise a forgettable four-and-one-half-minute pastiche of words, photos, and creepy music.

We have used these very same photos here in our work. So maybe our blog is but a small outpost in the wilderness, but our work has not gone unnoticed. The purpose of the video is  misdirection, getting people to ask the wrong question about the photos. “Clithtina” is a made-up name for a group of spooks working to litter the landscape with confusion.

This video is available on YouTube, and this leads to the nature of censorship. YouTube is heavily censored. If something is allowed to run on YouTube, it is not being censored, meaning we are meant to see it. This video, therefore, is misdirection.

The true nature of censorship

Some years back a now-departed friend was part of a project in my former home town. It was a group of fuzzy-minded liberals who built a monument in tribute to censored, suppressed or banned books. It was just a large pillar at the library with books glued to the outside, the kind of work of art that a committee would do.

One of the books, as I remember, was Invisible Man, by Ralph Waldo Ellison, and another Fool’s Crow by James Welch. Invisible Man won the National Book Award but  was indeed censored in a few isolated outposts. Fool’s Crow was banned by the public school board in Laurel, Montana, but that was a tempest in a teapot, nothing more. It was “controversial” due to its treatment of sex and violence among Native Americans in the 19th century … if you really want a kid to read a book like that, ban it.

The problem with the display and the books it showed was that none of the books were censored. How do I know this? Because they were printed so that they had a copy and were able to glue it to the pillar. Further, we know about the books.

What books have been censored? What books have been banned? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. Censorship does not work if we know it is going on. A truly banned book is one that never gets published, or better yet,  never gets written. Even better yet, as with Orwell’s 1984, it’s a book that no one had the idea to write because the ability to even express the ideas has left our Wordspeak world. True censorship is what we experience daily here in the Land of the Free … arguing constantly about things of no importance, and unable to even think properly about things that are important.

I mentioned to a Facebook friend who was posting stuff about Judge Brett Kavanaugh that whenever we are allowed to debate something in public it is because it has already decided been in private.  Public opinion in our country does not matter, but it is managed.

That is the kind of comment that gets no “likes,” no responses, because people cannot grasp it and don’t know how to think about it. It is a censored thought that bounces off them like flubber. It ended the comment thread in its tracks.

I am rambling, I know. Just understand, the video presented above was not censored by YouTube, and that by itself is enough to know that it is mere misdirection.

24 thoughts on “If it is on YouTube … it is suspect

    1. Steve,They must have made a mistake with van Morrison. Sir..is only supposed to be reserved for knighting the Brits..Van Morrison is Irish.


        1. Yes, it’s part of the British isles,But I thought being knighted is reserved only for it’s citizens of English ancestry,sir. Could be wrong,just saying…seeing how he’s IRISH.


  1. “Clithtina” is a grouping of letters that is a “code”. When someone is “talking shit” or typing or making a video, the inclusion of a “word” or “name” or a “group” of letters with a certain numerological value, reveals the “source”. Now, this particular word is very simple to decipher, with each letter representing its place in the alphabet as we learned it as small children. Now in the case of the letter “t” it is the 20th letter but in this cypher, the “zeroz” don’t count. BTW, the numerological value of “zero” is 26+5+9+15 = 55 as the “r” is the 18th letter but is reduced to 9. Now “Clithtina” is 9 letters as follows: 3+12+9+2+8+2+9+14+1 = 60 = 6, with “6” being the 180° flip of the “9”. now it is worth noting with these 2 numbers that each is the vertical reflection of the horizontal reflection of the other or the horizontal reflection of the vertical reflection of the other, whichever way you see it is the same outcome. Now with video and photo cameras, mirrors and lenses play a “role/roll” in projecting the desired “image” which must be “framed” in a certain way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and TV and MOVIE video used to be 24 frames (pictures) per second, although nowadaze the frame rates can be higher such as 60 FPS in some video games. It has been said and read that 24 FPS would put the viewer into a trance-like state, which would “open the mind” to suggestion, allowing the VIDEO MAKER (meet your maker) to embed ideas deep into the psyche of the unsuspecting viewer. The Movie INCEPTION is a movie about the process of using VIDEO to embed ideas deep into the psyche. Now in the word “video” we have “vi” which is ROMAN numerals for “6” while “deo” is a Latin form of “God”, while the word “video” has an English numerological value of 22+9+4+5+15 = 55. The number 55 is the value of the word “anus” 1+14+21+19 = 55, which reveals that if someone is “talking shit” there can only be one source. Now in sum families, “talking shit” is their “Trade skill” and the Family Names of these people reflect what they do for a living, which is why the last presidential cycle featured Bernie Sanders/ass-sender, Hillarius Rod-Ham, and The Don ald T Rump. During the election cycle, Donald Trump proclaimed “I’m Batman!” a reference to his New York (Gotham City) origins? It is worth noting here that there are some who believe that Hillary Rodham was born as Pauline Robinson Bush, little sister to George W. Bush and little Pauline Robinson Bush had a nickname as a child that was… “Robin” butt I gotta go cause I got sum shit 2 doo! BTW, if a Presidential Candidate arrives with an 11 letter stage name, he is the already chosen winner.


    1. Aye, Carumba. This is all overthought. “Some believe…” is just coded language that allows you to spew any nonsense. Some believe that “some believe” means that a lie is soon to follow. The numerology stuff is way overboard. When I saw “Clithina” I immediately thought a play on the word “clit” but was too polite to say anything. But I am going with that.


      1. I won’t be as polite,so I’LL say it for you. A word play on “clit” with “shit”…and we’ll leave,”it”…with..”it”.


      2. Tora! Tora! Tora! 1969, Mark, since you brought up the “clit” at the front end of the word “Clithtina” we will now check out the “backend” and sure enough, it is “ina” which is “ani”, the plural form of the word “anus”. Normally, I would refrain from typing about myself, but a personal insult initiates this response. It took me a while to figure out what you were referencing with your “some believe” commentary. After all of the articles here on POM regarding the identity shenanigans and fake deaths of various media personalities, it seems a bit pharisaic to throw the baby, Pauline Robinson Bush, out with the bath water. I would not say that “I believe” it, although it is certainly a possibility. Regarding numerology being “way overboard”, it makes me think of “Physics Class” when I was 17 and still in High School. I struggled in that class, even though I carried a 4.0 in every Math related class I ever had, I finished High School Physics with a C- then 11 years later I nailed it in College as the only 4.0 GPA throughout the entire 2-year program I was studying. I was also running 2 part-time businesses while working through College as a full-time student. My point here is that the 2 people who were awarded the Valedictorian and Salutatorian my Senior year of High School, were not there with me in Physics Class nor any of the other really hard Classes, because deep thinking is simply not for everyone. Do I go too far in attempting to unveil the numerological component of a particular narrative or word? Sometimes I suppose that is true. I have a difficult time watching adults taking baby steps and I very often give them much more than they can handle in a short amount of time. That is my bad. One of the comments that I get from friends and relatives, who often characterize me as “out there”, is “You were right!” in reference to something I told them years before. The vast majority of people only begin to believe something after they hear it from multiple sources and in some repetition. We should certainly agree that to “believe” something is not the same as to “know” something. There is another online persona that dismissed some of my work without debate, and he/they are commonly referred to by the initials MM. I shall end this novella by pointing out that the 4th Book, of 66 Books in the KJV 1611 HOLY BIBLE, is NUMBERS. I will refrain from breaking the words HOLY BIBLE and NUMBERS into the various numerological components but just for fun lets combine the (13) letters of the 1st 2 Books and see what’s in there: GENESISEXODUS = 166! (1+6+6 = 13). Never mind that SEX is Latin fore SIX witches 6 not IX/XI?


    2. video comes from Latin word videre (see). 24 fps comes from the old NTSC tv-standard valid in the USA. In Europe it was PAL with 25 fps. French had its own system called SECAM.

      as for “believe”…

      George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are standing in front of god …
      God begins by asking Bush: “George, in what do you believe?”
      Bush: “I believe in free trade and the USA as a strong nation”.
      God, seemingly impressed: “You may sit to my right”.
      Then God looks at Obama and asks “Barack, in what do you believe?”.
      Obama: “I believe in democracy, helping the poor and in world peace.”
      God is impressed: “You may sit to my left”.
      Then he turns to Trump, and asks: “Donald, in what do you believe?”.
      Trump: “I believe that you are sitting in my chair.”


  2. I witnessed another form of censorship in my youth. The communists banned lots of western books, yet still they were usually available “under the counter” printed and translated. If you were interested, you could obtain them “illegally” after some digging which usually took some effort, so you had to be really interested but it was not impossible. Somebody wrote here once, TPTB rule the game and don’t care about us. I even think, they want us to become conscious. But not many of us want that.

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    1. I suspect open censorship is a good way to get people to read selected literature, just as Martin Scorcese promoted his horrible movie about Jesus by hiring fake Christians to picket it. How many people have read the Protocals due to their being so widely criticized?


      1. Tragedy and Hope wasn’t available for a long time. I have a 1975 edition at home. And it is a big and boring book for the not interested ones.


        1. Yeah … we are now told the current edition has been edited, so yours might offer evidence of that. But the idea behind it is that Quigley was allowed access to proprietary archives, and he abused that privilege and those who allowed him in could not prevent him from publishing the book. Smells of a scam.

          I actually carried that book around the world with me … excuse me … across the flat earthly plane. We hiked part of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, and I carried the damned thing with me. I was determined to get through it, and was in a state of naivete that has only slightly improved since.


        2. I just checked, I have the first edition of Tragedy and Hope from 1966 and the 1975 Edition of Evolution of Civilizations. I’ll have to buy the new one to compare for changes. I don’t think they changed much. It’s not like there are great secrets in it. It’s just historical analysis of the main stream version of the history.


      1. A pity, as I came across this photo on the web recently, and wondered which Beatle (and why) is trying to make himself look smaller? (Ringo?):


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