A message from the gatekeeper

This greeted me this morning, from “Trigger Man”:

Mark, you said there are “THREE” types of people who visit your blog, and I know where I fit in here,and so do you…I just chime in from time to time, and call it the way I see it… I know my comments here, are not appreciated, But..What you have here is more than just an attack on “B.M”…There is more than just a “Gatekeeper”.. There are keepers,and then there are “KEEPERS”, And with that being said…I think it’s time the TRIGGER MAN says, “Fare-Thee-Well”

Yeah, fare thee well.

This has been an interesting period, and my “gatekeeping” is insecure at best, as I am not hiding sacred knowledge or protecting myself or anyone. I sense an intrusion, starting with “Wang Dong Asphalt“, and then came Jackie Barlow and the trannies, so I am sensitive to things.

I eliminated a Motorhead comment that bordered on gematria. I would not normally do that, as it was only borderline. I think gematria is nonsense, the kind of stuff anyone can do if they unravel a ball of twine and then make shapes out of it. I have said repeatedly that signalling goes on among insiders to all of the fakery around us. If they think the numbers 8, 11 and 33 are significant, fine. They are not so to anyone outside their secret handshake crowd. I would have tolerated the Motorhead comment in a different time, but I sense things right now … maybe too much, so humor me.

By the way, at successive one-year periods in my life I have been 8, then 11, and then later 33 years old. I was born on April 20, a clever means of expressing “11.” You didn’t know this about me, I bet. I communicate regularly with a woman who has ancestors on Long Island who are distantly related to the Aldrich’s and Vanderbilt’s. My last name is Jewish. I can also introduce levity into a situation … yes, I can levitate. I am juiced. I am a gatekeeper.

Trigger Man’s comments seldom found pay dirt, and were usually flung like a mud ball in a baseball game. They didn’t fit but I left them alone.

And then there is the matter of B. Müller … of whom Motorhead says

“Yes, BM is very well versed at what she does. And if she is who I believe she to be, then time (again one of their tools) shall tell the truth in this zone.”

Barbara, or whatever her name, is I think simply a normal person with some narcissistic tendencies, never wrong, intolerant of criticism, quick to attempt to keep everyone in her sphere in their place at her feet. I can tolerate that and enjoy the attacks both ways. She’s taking it on the chin now. Welcome to the fray. Ryan T has attacked her in a direct and forceful manner. I appreciate directness, and think Motorhead’s comment is deliberately vague. I wonder what he knows that I do not.

Anyway, I recently joined, and then quit, a Paul is Dead forum. I introduced hard evidence, and was told by the site moderator that facial comparisons were not allowed in that forum. It was easy to see that “she”, “Desiree,” (whose photo reminded me of some of the vicsims in the Pulse Nightclub hoax), was charged with the job of keeping the hoax alive. Nothing new was going on there, but what was interesting was how invested the participants were that the “real” Paul McCartney died in 1966. When I and another suggested that the album clues were “extremely clever and great fun” and also that no one died, two participants angrily quit the forum. They needed Paul to be a sweet young man. The subtext was that someone murdered him and we need to solve that crime!. Oh, the anguish of crucifixion.

What I encounter on the Internet is high intelligence and low stupidity. It is a magnet for both. As John Cleese reminded us in a clever video a while back, intelligent people know they are that, but stupid people are not equipped to know they are stupid. Blogging is often fun just for that reason … stupid people are impervious to shame.

For those who have not read our commenting policy, here are our (recently updated) forbidden topics:

  • Flat earth
  • Illuminati.
  • Reptilians.
  • Transgender
  • Gematria
  • “Fake news.”
  • Mandela effect.
  • Dallas Goldbug.
  • Jewish race (“Zionism” is another matter)
  • Chemtrails

87 thoughts on “A message from the gatekeeper

      1. Mark, I’m sorry to hear you took my comment as a direct attack “on you”..it was in reference to B.M. and charlie Townsend saying he thinks there is a gatekeeper. if I thought “you” were a gatekeeper, I would have straight out said …”your a gatekeeper”,because I don’t pull any punches..and you know that ! I think a lot of crazy shit is going on within your blog. I think people are suddenly trying to over-run it. I believe there’s an infiltration trying to create chaos, an unpredictability of behavior to bring you down. it’s been a shit-storm lately. I know you’re sensitive to it,and…I believe you have a right to be, But then again,what do I know about finding pay dirt in your sandbox ? it’s just flung like a mud ball in a baseball game.


  1. My birthday is 4/20 too. I was even in Amsterdam on one of my birthdays… didn’t partake in any of the refer bars though since i was the only one in my entourage who smokes pot, and i don’t do it all that often anyhow… it didn’t seem important then… still doesn’t.

    Too many rules… freedom cannot thrive without lively interaction and intercourse.


    1. The rules are intended to keep this place afloat … anything goes means we are bombarded by the same people spouting the same issues. Flat earth is an example … if we let it in we will get 2-300 comments on every thread by that group. It is almost like a power play. Same with the other issues, though to a lesser degree, and the underlying point is that each of those forbidden subjects is, to varyding degrees, a psyop.


        1. People get carried away with trying to brow beat everyone into seeing things their way… as if it ever works that way, and they don’t even hear what the other side has to say. I’ve have witnessed an evolution in people’s communication skills over time but not much in the way of reasoning. We should be able to replace faulty ideas and ideologies when shown they are in error but, by and large, in the general population, this is not happening.

          What do you think of the topic of Non Player Characters? I don’t like to think there are soul-less or spirit-less humans here, but at this juncture i question why trying to awaken people is such a huge exercise in futility. It is past time to realize there will be no mass rise in consciousness, that is a ruse. It seems we really do live in a simulated matrix and we are all programmed to one level or another. Are we self-replicating biological machines? Maybe. Six months ago i would have dismissed the idea out of hand… now i’m wondering… i’ve been rethinking lots of things lately.

          So, i found this video about NPCs insightful. Do i think it contains all the answers or is 100% correct? No… but the concept is real enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvSuJHYh1X0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2RND-sPlo-3ZsWOIrztSOKH-WInpziwEHOP9BA9IkXi52er3VKh2nSUos


          1. I am going to watch this later today or tomorrow. I am curious. There seems a lot of absorption in material things, this written two days after Black Friday. The purchase of items to satisfy an inner yearning is pointless, as the yearning is unaffected for more than a day, if that.


          2. I should add, I long ago abandoned any notions of waking anyone up. It’s a futile mission. I am in this game because I enjoy reading, researching, writing and exchanging ideas, even if the exchange is sometimes heated.

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          3. RE: Wanda: You say ” It is past time to realize there will be no mass rise in consciousness, that is a ruse. ”

            I think there is room for a change in the mythic context. It the story (narrative) we live in changes, then that, effectively, will be a shift in mass consciousness. I suppose I could agree with you that this may not result in a “rise” in consciousness, but a better story to find our context in might really be useful. In face, I think this cannot be prevented. The future will happen. The plot line will thicken.

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  2. Mark, I never introduced Trannies, I was riffing off something Triggerman said that was all. There was NO attempt at misdirecting whatsoever on my point, I’m sorry if you think so, just an injection of humour. A world without laughter is a sad place indeed. TPTB want us all depressed, stressed out and down. I say laughter is the best medicine and a vegetarian diet!
    Not everyone agrees 100% with everyone else, but it does not dismiss their overall contribution, B.Mueller for instance. It would be a dystopian nightmare if we did.


  3. Fire away, Captain. Truth is in the end-zone, and they rigged the game to make it nearly impossible to score. Numbers are sacred to the elite. The same elite that run the puppet shows that especially hypnotize the unwashed masses of this country. You were a CPA? Crunching #’s for an oil company? Ironic, yes? We are all numbered (SSN), drivers license is loaded w/personal data #’s.


  4. hello everyone, I have my fun every time I read speculations about my accent or language skills. Indeed I improved my writing skills a lot here in the last year or so. Practice makes perfect I guess. I do my best. I’m old school and had teachers who learned their stuff before the war, where education was compact but high quality. The most of the things they learned didn’t change since then, basics of mathematics or physics or chemistry for instance. At some point I realized that my perspective is full of things that I consider to be convincing only because I never really questioned them and I did so because I took the mass media for real and trusted them in general. Since I no longer trust the media, or to be more precise I’m convinced its only purpose was and is forming the opinion of masses and not informing the masses about what is going on,since then I’m looking differently at things. Which leads me to “shocking” conclusions as that organ transplants cannot work. I may be narcissistic but then who isn’t? But I’m definitely tolerant to critics and even mostly grateful for it. I only expect it to be based on counter arguments and not on what I call “believe in news”. My arguments always ground on this fundamentals my teachers gave me and which did not change despite all the manipulation everywhere. If my arguments are wrong then demonstrating this couldn’t be that difficult. Some time back I was wrong considering the ISS. I was convinced, we cannot travel to the moon but as long as we stick to the orbit, it should work. I was then convinced different in another forum by someone who simply explained that all objects on orbits first have to reach a certain speed we call “cosmic” which allows them to reach their orbit and which needs all the fuel in the rocket and then there is no fuel anymore to slow down on the way back and that all objects falling down can only farther accelerate their speed and will burn in the upper atmosphere as meteorites do. I had to swallow my proud (which is not big at all) and admit that I was wrong and not thinking far enough about it. I hope this explains my way of thinking a bit.


    1. I don’t think that anyone ever has never made a mistake and is 100% correct about everything always. Folk makes mistakes and even admitting they’re wrong is galling for some, but we’re all human, if we didn’t we’d be perfect.


      1. I just now emptied the discussion banned/moderation names, leaving one, a certain Mr. Skink. Your name/number was not there anyway. If your comments continue to go to moderation, it is not POM. It is WordPress and I do not know why. Just be patient. They will eventually find the light of day.


    2. Real Germans swallow nouns, not adjectives. And any German this literate in English would know the difference. And the idiom. QED.


    3. Barbara, we all are immersed in a cloud of vapor called ego. We all imagine we are objective and open to change even as making that change is an admission that we commit error. Then, even when we pat ourselves on the back for our own ability to make change, all we are doing is stirring up the vapor.

      Truth is hard to come by even without our egos. So congratulations on understanding that objects cannot circle the earth in long-term orbit. That’s news to me, but opens up so many more questions than it answers that I merely think that things are hidden from us. My GPS works, I can call Europe or Asia on my phone, and the earth is not flat. What the hell, then, is going on? What question is not being asked? Could it be that some force is at work that does not involve rocket fuel and gravity?


        1. dear Gaia, my background is in electrical engineering and I can assure you, the ionosphere can only bounce radio waves within some very small frequency range we call “long wave”. It is not wide enough to transport the necessary information to broadcast a simple analog TV. It is only good enough to transport some bad quality audio information but then it can be received around the world, which is an amazing thing. Modern digital TV requires a very wide frequency spectrum to carry all the modulated signals. That’s why they use the GHz range for it. On the other side, I was watching satellite TV in Eastern Germany back then in the 80-s using equipment my skilled father partly made himself. There wasn’t much to watch though. I remember some french program broadcasted for a few hours daily. The dish was pointed to the geostationary orbit though and had to be precisely focused on the satellite. Otherwise nothing could be received. Then Hotbird came and suddenly we had lots of programs for our entertainment.


      1. well, that’s not what I meant Mark. Objects on orbits cannot come back, being not able to slow down. That does not mean, they cannot orbit for a very long time. For instance there are some few geostationary satellites known to be slightly out of orbit, which can be photographed on long time exposure pics. And yet still they are there for many years now. Always at the same position, always with the same aberration in movement.


      2. As a supplement to Gaia’s link, I offer this:


        And this:


        I once spoke with a retired Air Force officer who worked with Space Shuttle flights. I asked him about the use of very high altitude craft in place of satellites, and he gave an evasive answer about how things were moving more into that direction than orbital equipment.

        To the extent that our satellite radio or GPS depends on “signals from the sky,” I bet that more than a little is based off of balloons and other VH platforms.

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  5. Very interesting thread! Don’t ever apologize, anyone, for going “off-topic.” Just abide by the rules regarding forbidden topics, and understand that it is done not to censor people, but to keep them from overrunning us.


    1. Final thoughts, I like to believe a hard rain every once in awhile can help clear the air of some bad element…You were once an accountant,Mark. You said that you were good at it,But it wasn’t your true love. You say that you enjoy reading,researching and writing. it would have been your passion..I think you missed your calling.


        1. Because it’s a long, such a long road that never ends, and it’s time to move on… it’s time to do some “Guitar Slinging”. I figure you can flush “em out from here, partner. Good luck. The Road is Calling….”The Guitar Slinger”.


  6. Is “artificial intelligence” fake and a project as well?

    This is new to me, but this tidbit is from engineer Bjorkman’s web site as well (a little further down):

    “Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new discipline developed to ensure that human fake information can be established as historic facts without further discussions and taught as such at schools and universities. My website is an attempt to show that Artificial intelligence (AI) is nonsense.”


    I hope he is right, so we can rest assured that there will be no Terminator Skynet in the future.


  7. Who really writes the ‘history books’ say the past 150 years? Control the information flow & you control the peoples thoughts. Mark, how long have you been researching outside the box? I will not use the term ‘awake’. Far too many veils to be pulled away yet for most to say “I am awake’. The local libraries throughout this land have been slowly purged of useful (real how to manuals) the past 20-25 years.


  8. thank you Wallace for mentioning Anders Bjorkman here. I haven’t visited his page for years. He is an interesting guy. I had some email exchange with him a couple of years ago. He was active on Cluesforum for a while and got expelled for his rational views. There is no artificial intelligence. Nowadays if they use the same name more often, then it is called generic, if there is statistics involved they call it artificial intelligence, if they use random numbers its machine learning and if internet access is necessary it is called block chain. The simplest proof: we still don’t have a working translator program. If they had artificial intelligence, they certainly would be able to translate automatically between languages, which they don’t.


    1. funny thing:
      they seriously suggest to peer review scientific papers with AI. Of course it will not check the contents of a paper. It will only check the form, if all references are included, spelling errors, etc. The point is, they don’t do anything else for a peer review already. It’s nepotism pure. “I will review your paper but then you owe me one.” And if a “scientist” tries to point errors in a paper of one of his colleagues, he will get ostracized. That’s how the consensus within the scientific community is created and this replaced the scientific critical method as described by Karl Popper.


        1. The idea behind peer review is all but “a joke” (our comments section is an example of it!). It is the execution of it that is the problem. Which is an important difference.

          (I have made all Latin-rooted English words that have a Germanic form in both Dutch and German bold, just to support -another one- my earlier comment).

          I have done some detailed reviews (not “official peer review” as in a journal or so) for friends and colleagues, analyzing every sentence in them (the TYCHOS review was the latest example). I also have read and skimmed through thousands of publications over the years. Indeed you are right; even simple language and spelling checks, which should happen even before submitting a paper, are poorly done, up to “respected” journals. Mislabeled images, poorly written conclusions and lack of clarity in data collection are common. Again; not “boasting”, just part of my job and personal interest.

          But taking the pars (however big it is) to the toto and making statements as “science is…” is far too easy. The scientific method is a serious and valid philosophy, the structure of articles with methods, discussion, conclusion and further research recommendation is basically decent and the projection of politicized/controlled scientism upon all science is not justified.

          Not every scientist is a Neil DeGrasseTyson, just as not every journalist is an Anderson Pooper. Or every accountant a Ben Affleck sniper, for that matter. 😉


          1. I don’t think, or at least I hope, that we are not going to find too many black/white thinkers on this forum, so of course you are right that the scientific method, when employed, is an effective tool in the advancement of knowledge. I have seen much evidence, however, that there are too many scientists chasing too much money, too much groupthink, too much clubbiness. In such an environment, peer review becomes a self-affirming exercise, and not one that exposes errors, forces more rigor or challenges existing assumptions.


            1. I agree on general, but that you don’t see the results of real peer review is a consequence of data bias; we only get the publications that pass, so we cannot use that dataset to also assess how much did not pass.

              It would be like taking an engineered product and saying it works 100% of the time. But we don’t see the amount of failures that were discarded in the process.

              There is a LOT of disagreement and opposition to groupthink among scientists, Mark. Science is not what National Geographic makes it is. Even on Wikipedia NatGeo is not regarded as a reliable reference for certain statements.


          2. That is a very interesting piece, the presenter very smooth and polished and backed by substantial data, much like Al Gore himself. (His name: Steve Goreham.) It tends to resonate with me, as I think anthropogenic global warming just another form of trauma based mind control, always something to worry about.

            Full disclosure, I own working interests in natural gas wells, and have been bottom feeeding for some years now, thinking it maybe smart to be an optimist when everyone else is a pessimist. I have taken it in the shorts 2015 forward as the Standard Oil cartel (aka OPEC) , dropped the bottom out of the the oil market, something they have been doing since the late 19th century, to drive competition from the market. Most recent competition was known as “Bakken.” Gas prices follow oil. But things are turning, finally, and I do not see where reservoirs ever fully deplete. I am yet to see a viable gas well run out of gas.

            Anyway, unless you have something else going, I’d like to run with this piece, due credit of course, tomorrow?


  9. This comment came from Wang Dong Asphalt, and I deleted it, and then double-deleted it. Therefore it is not in the bin and the process cannot be reversed. But it is in my email . After reflection I decided I do not like holding onto to such gatekeeping power. Who the hell am I anyway? I still don’t like gematria, and don’t imagine English to be the central language of communication in which secret codes are exchanged, but otherwise found this comment sincere, and anyway, am very uncomfortable holding the wand of power over someone, smug in my knowledge as opposed to theirs. I have been on the receiving end of that wand too often.

    Again, the list of forbidden topics is there to protect the blog from being overrun by people, many sincere, many not, who can pick it up and carry it in directions I do not want it to go. There are plenty of forums to discuss those ideas.

    In my experience, we seem to do our best “thinking” when under an attack of some sort. If one can not get too emotional and remain calm, usually the first thought that comes to mind is the correct one. Second guessing your first thought is generally a recipe for disaster. Think of people you have met in your lives and how you ignored your first “impulse” about them, which is your “6th sense” trying to warn you because people who are “out of balance” do indeed give off a “bad vibe” that you can feel. You can also get that same type of feel in the opposite or positive direction.

    In my experience, a healthy debate can very often lead to a revelation, if one simply has an open mind. I do not mean to say that your mind should be open to any and all suggestions.

    It seems there is a good sized list of topics that are not allowed here at POM. What I have noticed over the years, is that all too often, subjects like Gematria and Numerology get lumped in with batshit crazy shite like Reptilians or Flat Earth.

    The information that eye have posted here at POM is not all Gematria or Numerology. Some of it is revealing how they take one or several words, rearrange them to make up a new word with a different definition, to hide the true intent and meaning of the group of letters. Although this practice is not Numerology or Gematria, it seems that too is taboo here at POM.

    Near as I can tell, we are supposed to find our way out of the darkness without a light? That is to say that we are supposed to use the language only exactly as it was presented to us by our Masters as little children, spelling every word according to out childhood training and writing each article or post with all correct spelling and perfect punctuation as if we are expecting it to be graded by our College Professors?

    I have also pointed out in many places such as POM that George Washington, the Father of the Country, never procreated a single child. Yes, according to the Official Records, he never had a biological child, though he was the 2nd largest slaveholder in the Colonies.

    I will point out here that one meaning of the word “son” is “the initiated” which could be seen as similar in meaning to protege’ and so simply by following the known rules of the English Language, one can discern a completely differing comprehension of a single word and when any of these words are written and/or spoken by those in positions of “authority” (authors/scribes) the listener or reader cannot know the intended meaning of the words either spoken or written.

    They say that “assumption is the Mother of all f###ups” so to assume anything is foolish. People in positions of Power want to remain so or become more powerful. People who are ignorant, want to be seen as more enlightened. Ignorance is not a measure of brain power or mental capacity. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge about a particular thing.

    We, as a means of survival, have a tendency to reject new ideas, sometimes violently, that conflict with our preprogrammed mental state. If you have pets, you have no doubt seen how the pet reacts if you move the food dish to a new location or rearrange the furniture.

    People are very much like pets in that they get set in their idea of how things are by a lifetime of programming and repetition and any new idea that interferes with that programming will at first be rejected, ridiculed or ignored.

    The Latin Alphabet and the Languages using it are simply Computer Programming for human beings. In my opinion, English is THE CROWN JEWEL of the Programmers intent on turning human beings into slaves.

    It is difficult for most to consider that there are Bodies Politic who plan events and outcomes years, decades and centuries in advance when the majority are living “paycheck to paycheck” and being inundated with “daily news” and “current events” which may be handy for water cooler conversation AKA “small talk” but is utterly useless for an individual attempting to realistically plan for the future state of things to come.

    I certainly am not saying that I always get it right with my dissection of the Language because it is always through trial and error that the answer is found. If nothing is sought then nothing can be gained.

    My final thought here is that it is “hate” (not love) that drives everything. Hate is a word that is misunderstood in my opinion. We hate to be hungry, therefore we work for food. We hate being cold therefore we work to stay warm with clothing and shelter. We hate being alone so we seek and find a mate or companion. We hate being wrong so we try to prove that we are right.

    You see it is “hate” that leads to love, comfort, knowledge, progress, building, etc. Without hate for one condition, the opposite condition could not be realised.

    Some here may suspect that I am a committee or an agent or a troll of some sort or another. I will say that I am in my 11th year of this tumble down the rabbit hole, I have never had a job in Government, I have never sued anyone in Court, I may have voted in 1994 and/or 1998 but never before or since, I have never been a member of a “secret society”, I have inherited nothing from my ancestors and apparently I can never get another mortgage without paying substantial extortion fees to a Criminal Organisation which I will not name.

    Of course, I could go on and on about me me me and why you should or could trust or at least contemplate what I type/write here at POM or anywhere else but…

    As Morpheus said in The Matrix, “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”


    1. Hasn’t the English language gone through over the centuries, vowel changes, spelling changes, ecc? The word ‘soldier’ has undergone around 75 different spellings throughout its history. Isn’t there a saying, ‘are all we singing from the same hymn sheet’?
      At gematria.com – You can view our Gematria Database Statistics for English Gematrica Calculations, for Jewish Gematria Calculation and For Simple Gematria Calculations.
      Three different ones? Which one is best? If one doesn’t fit, use the another? I’m not convinced about gematria, it just seems another layer to distract/misdirect.


  10. the English language is a derivative from the German language which has its roots in the Indo-Germanic languages. English websites also call it Indo-European languages, which may be a sign of distraction. There is a linguistic split in Germany where the southern part is more original German and the north part more English oriented. It can be seen in the expressions preferred in certain dialects. It’s complicated anyway. I’m not much into gematria but I think they force certain numbers into news on purpose probably to encode there some sort of properties. Think of fakeness-level or maybe importance level. It’s a code we don’t have. Gematria may not be as fake as it looks though. Kabbala is a form of it or maybe the other way round. Famous writers used certain structures like a certain number of syllables per line to structure their texts. Using of rhymes comes to mind. In the past before writing became common it was a skill only very few could master. There wasn’t as many words as we have today and writers had to express complex ideas using very few words. That’s why we call it composing. Similar things do painters when they paint an object on the canvas for the first time. It’s not only about knowing the letters or using the brush. This is what arts really means.

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  11. Volpetti seems like an Italian name so what could have been mentioned in your comment is that “Soldi” is the Italian word for “money” so “Soldier” it would seem is just another way of saying “mercenary”.

    It strikes me as a bit odd that English supposedly originated on an island and has become the primary language of CORPORATION. Getting into the etymology of that word is the joining of two words “CORP” which means DEAD and ORATION which means “to speak”.

    Throughout time, the majority of the inhabitants of the islands known as The British Isles have not been able to afford to travel off of the island much if at all. This condition creates a perfect incubator to “originate” a new language that for all intents and purposes seems like “backwards” Latin. If you take almost any English word and try to pronounce it backwards it sounds almost Francois.

    It seems to me that finding the true history of the English Language is a major key to understanding our current condition.

    Some questions I have frequently asked and to which I have never received an answer is this: “Is there a COPYRIGHT TRADEMARK OWNER of the English Language?” It seems that there would have to be. I have often wondered if the word CROWN is “Copy Right OWN”. Is “right” another way of saying “write”? Does write = wit?)

    Now there are 52 cards in the deck, 52 weeks in the year and 52 White Keys on the Piano. The word/color “white” has two silent letters, leaving “wit” which shares a connection to “own” and the aforementioned things with both the Calendar and Deck of Cards having a “white” background.

    Now The President of the United States has a place of business known as The White House and many Preachers and Priests wear white Robes in Church, Businessmen where white shirts and are called “white collar workers” and The Bride very often wears a White dress, a universal symbol of purity.

    Now when rain freezes to become snow, it turns “white” just as the background of this comment box is “white” which begs the question: “Are all of these black letters in this white space Black Magic? Frozen in time and space?”


    1. CORPORATION. Getting into the etymology of that word is the joining of two words “CORP” which means DEAD and ORATION which means “to speak”.

      Said Wang Dong. No, CORP doesn’t mean “dead”. It comes from corpus, which means “body” in Latin. Yes, in the English and other languages “corpse/cuerpo/corpo” means also dead body, but the root is “body”, not “dead”.

      But you touch on a good point; English is far more a Latin/Romanic language (I have read somewhere 35% which sounds totally believable) than “just Germanic”, far more than Dutch and German. Which is interesting if you look at the geography and (supposed) history. Dutch has less Latin(rooted) words and German far less, despite their closer and easier connection through trade and geography with Latin and Latin-derived languages. Was it the Norman invasion of Britain, the occupation of French lands by the Brits in the late Middle Ages (Breton-Britain) or other factors? According to the history books Latin was used in first church and then science all over Europe, not restricted to the British Isles.

      There are people out there who claim “history is a hoax. Period.” which is the easy escape. Yes, there is a lot of staging, twisting and turning in his-stories and it is fun to try to unwind those spaghettis, but that is an active process, not a sit-back-and-make-silly-claims-without-thinking-through one.

      I have learned (parts of) 10 languages, of which 7 at school and 3 by my own account. Of those I consider just 3 fluent; Dutch, English and Spanish. My active German is not that great and I forgot a lot of French and Italian I learned in school, but the structures and some vocabulary still stick, which helps in learning new languages (Spanish, a bit of Portuguese) or compare it to unrelated ones (my attempt to learn Russian hopelessly failed because of that unfamiliarity, though I find it one of the most beautiful languages around). This is not to boast or anything, it is a combination of decent Dutch education, personal interest and a lot of traveling I enjoyed in my life.

      A couple of oddities in language is that according to history the Netherlands was occupied for 80 years by the Spanish (1548-1648, the “80 year war”). But, there are hardly any Spanish words in the Dutch language, surprisingly few. And much less than words from Malay (Indonesia was a colony) or even Brazilian Portuguese (ananas = pineapple). I suspect there certainly were some skirmishes, but a full-on occupation for 80 years would have left a lot bigger influence in language than was the case. But on the other hand; if “history is a hoax”, then how come there are many words from elsewhere in the language if it was not through colonialism, trade and immigration (Yiddish and Amsterdam dialect share a lot of similar words and quite some of those words are common in standard Dutch). A lot of French words appear in Dutch, possibly related to the Napoleontic times, more than in standard German.

      Ask Maarten how hard Dutch is to learn and speak (and pronounce) well, much harder than German (which has more and more logical rules) and far far more difficult than Spanish (“poor man’s Latin” and looking at the vocabulary and homonyms very true).


      1. In finance, after income and expense are tallied what is left either adds to or subtracts from, “corpus,” or the body. It means neither dead or alive, only that, body. Corpus is one of those words that is defined by connotations. While I am alive, I have a body, after I am dead, I am a corpse.


      2. Ol’ Maarten ain’t touching neither Wang nor Dong nor goofy word derivations therefrom. His word notions are loopier than his number stuff.

        Dutch was fun to learn, especially when we were taught how to curse. I still remember that crisp November day, walking home from class, when I first produced the northern Dutch ‘r’ sound successfully. Fall temperatures must have supplied the right amount of phlegm in the back of the throat finally. Ah, good times, good times …

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Gaia, you keep force-feeding me Prousts’s madeleine!

            Amsterdam. So many years ago … I get off the train. Looking for lodging. A few blocks from the station, on the sidewalk right in front of me, a man projectile-vomits … without even breaking stride. And without getting anything on himself. An impressive feat of drunkenness-cum-agility. Clearly well-practiced.

            Two blocks later, a dope-dealer shoves me hard in the back for ignoring his offer. I am 6-foot even and muscular. He is 5-foot nothing and crazy. I back down and apologize for the disrespect.

            I find lodging. A place over a bar. Six beds in a room. But no one else shows up. Breakfast is included: a tall pilsje and an indiscernible something on a plate. I drink the glorious beer and pass on the solids. The barkeep says I speak “Verdomd goed Nederlands”; a compliment I cherish way past its expiration date. I find a confectionary alongside a canal and eat an entire cake that was delicious, but whose Dutch name I no longer remember.

            I tour museums. Art to melt the heart. Then on to Scheveningen to the beach. Nudity like an American never saw in public before. A buxom Dutch girl flirtatiously splashes water on me, but from my reaction realizes that I am a Yankee and immediately loses interest. Gebakken paling from a kiosk …

            Oh Lord! To be 21 again!!!

            Why do you do this to me?!?

            Liked by 1 person

      3. Someone once said the English language is like a tree, it’s roots and branches are Germanic, but the leaves are French. Have you read Chaucer, Gaia?
        The Dutch national anthem has these lines – ”To the king of Spain I’ve granted / A lifelong loyalty.” (The matter came up on the BBC QI quiz show.)
        The Franks changed their language for religious reasons, from a Germanic tongue to a Latin based one. What better way to falsify history than to change languages, meanings, words, ecc? The poor were illiterate, the church was hand in glove with the lairds, and the winners wrote history not the losers.


        1. A small anecdote … we travelled last year from Italy to Austria by train, and were surprised at how northern Italy was more German than Italian, names, language … I think the territory was handed over to Italy after the First World War, but in the ensuing century very little had changed except the flags over city halls. I would bet that the same could be said of Alsace Lorraine .. more German than French.


        2. Sounds like a decent description of English. I don’t know about the Franks, it may explain something. No, I haven’t read Chaucer, maybe 2 pages or so in English class, but I admit not to be so well versed in “the classics” of English literature. Shakespeare also never appealed to me, to be honest.


          1. I tried Chaucer too, a friend (who loves all that stuff) read some out aloud authentically (ie., wife pronounced wiffe, knight as k-niCHt, ecc.), and he reckoned it sounded more like Dutch or German than English.
            Alas and alack, old Will does my head in too, and what with him barely able to write his own name properly.


  12. Origins of the said deck of 52 playing cards? Add religion, esoteric,occult, witchcraft, freemasonry to the list of ‘Do Not’ here. It will clarify. We ALL use numbers at the time. Time. See, hiding in plain sight.


  13. Personal integrity means a lot, and I find it in our stable of writers here, which is why I asked them aboard. When and if they write something, there are no ulterior motives. The forbidden topics carry with them people with agendas. I don’t single out anyone but a few, as any if them can be sincere in their beliefs, dupes maybe. But there are also those hired to advance these schemes. Dallas Goldbug (Ed Chiarini) is the perfect example, hired to put out nonsense and discredit honest work done by others in the field of facial comparisons. He is in my view dishonest, deceitful, and operating a scam.


    1. That’s right, “All of your writers are awesome”. it’s the outside force with agendas you have to deal with…So, do what you do best, Read,Write ,Research…And kick their ass.


  14. Money? Is their invention to be used as tool to further control both the slaves in the field & the ‘science community’ to toe that agenda line. Material field. Material harvest. Science is one of their strongest tools, right after false religions. The planet is cooling thanks to their efforts (food will be scarcer soon). BUT have convinced the masses its warming. Using compromised eggheads as spokespersons. Herman G. of WWII said it best: “tell a lie long enough”………..this nation has been one big lie, one big psy-op’s right out the gate.


    1. The whole idea of “Global Warming” or “Global Climate Change” is false to begin with. Climate is a regional and local (microclimate) phenomenon, so both proponents of “global cooling” (1970s speech) and “global warming” (rebranded as Climate Change) are mistaken.

      The thing is that people observe warming, but that makes sense from a scientific point of view (as opposed to a politicized scientism POV). An example, my father-in-law said that when he was young in the 1940s and 50s the climate of Bogotá, Colombia was much cooler than today. And that makes sense. Back then there were about 500,000 people living there, now there are around 10,000,000.

      Two effects happened;
      A – more cloud cover. More industrialization and gases from cars create more dust in the air around which water particles form clouds. Especially at night there is much less release of heat as it is trapped underneath the clouds. This effect is visible in all cities in the world and most people live in cities.
      B – urbanization and deforestation. Material properties of asphalt, bricks, stone in general, buildings, roads, pavements etc. etc. are very different from grass or trees; they have a higher capacity to hold heat for much longer and release it much slower. This effect is visible on any warm summer day in the evening, when you stroll from an urban area to outside or a park; suddenly it feels chilly.

      Because many people have experienced this effect in their vicinity, it is easy to convince them that “the whole Earth is warming and that is YOUR fault, extortable cattle!”.

      The AGW scam is by far the biggest psyop of all, psychologically and financially.

      The International Energy Agency has estimated that we need investment flows of $53T [that is 53,000,000,000,000 dollars!!] by 2035 to mitigate the projected catastrophe of runaway climate change.

      dollar signs in eyes “patient private capital market”… right.

      1 trillion 1 dollar bills would make a pile 1/4th of the distance Earth-Moon.

      The alleged “total carbon bond market” is 100 trillion dollars. So stacking that all in 1 dollar bills, would take you 13 times to the Moon. And 12 times back.

      Even Alan Bean is flabbergasted about it.


      1. I read a book recently written in the 70-s and they feared global cooling there. It’s all merely a suggestion and not scientific. It’s part of the fear industry and easy to use. All it takes is to produce some news confirmed by some “scientists”. People will believe it even if it contradicts their own experiences. I remember strong winters from my childhood with lots of snow and -20°C and less for weeks, but also some warm winters. Our life span is relatively short to register global changes. Ice age took supposedly thousands of years to reach its peak. People didn’t register it as such. What I register now are relatively weak winters where the temperature stays around 0°C (+- a few degrees) from middle of November till middle of March. I remember warm days in the middle of winter with 18°C from the past which is not happening anymore. Also summers became weak where hot days with over 35°C are rare. In my area of course. Somewhere else it can be completely different. It feels more smooth to me. But it doesn’t mean anything. Increase in industry, cars, crowded cities, etc. has IMO no influence because strong winters occasionally still happen in cities like New York or Chicago. Scientifically they should focus on the lowest temperatures to prove the global warming. Heat can cumulate, a car in the sun can easily get 80°C hot inside which is much hotter than the air around it can get. Cold on the other side cannot. A car will never get colder than the coldest air around it. If there was global warming it should also manifest itself in the lowest temperatures and was much easier to identify that way.


      2. What is more certain than death and taxes? Carbon tax is a “global tax” designed to float the NWO boat without depleting national tax schemes.


  15. A better analogy for that money distance traveled would be circling the globe rather than re-enforcing the whole NASA/Moon landing sham. The Television is without a doubt their most effective modern day weapon. The ultimate gate keeping tool.


  16. No one knows who really is master minding & executing these falsehoods, do they/you? They do have rules to abide. Fair Play. Easy work fooling the fools, due to the dumbing down of the past 60 years of TV. And todays USA folk are just lying there taking it raw with a remote in one hand & an IPOD in the other. Waiting for DOMINOS Pizza Gate to ring the bell.


    1. @Motorhead: Normal people in this day and age don’t think that their own government would lie to them on such a massive scale and for the most fantastic things: NASA and space travel, nuclear weapons, various crime, historical and political hoaxes, medical frauds, the use of media for manipulation and control, the list could go on. I believed all of these things before I stumbled upon more aware websites over the years and it blew my mind. My own parents must think I’m nuts for talking about these things.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Uh, yeah Wallace. Been there done this 20 years back. Tried like most to show the easy slam dunk stuff & the regular folk get angry. Very few were able to do it for it awhile. But it broke them down & they stopped looking at it. Lots of the real sites are long gone now. How much is MM compromised now?


          1. One truth for sure: This modern nation is one big mind fuck/sideshow & the subjects are paying them to be slaves in the field’s & cannon fodder. And its blinded with BS science.


  17. Another question for the research field in general is who is the Top 8 that have been hitting home runs (seeing the BB fans still watch it) in a high percentage fashion? How long? And what has changed about them after becoming well know, revered admired? Is the slipping into compromise happening? And this one for the face off subject: Have you looked at Prescott Bush & Daddy George side by side. No way they are related. And this one will cause a backlash: Barbara Pierce Bush & A. Crowley match up. These are QUESTIONS not ‘I believe this to be true’ nor the drag in the occult (the elite are just that in certain dare I say ‘circles’?)


  18. Too many questions at once? One at a time. MM, is he being compromised or he himself willingly sliding away from the earlier author?


    1. I heard about that … it reminded me that on my list of projects is not AIDS, but rather HIV as a cause of AIDS. They might genetically alter a human so that he would be immune from AIDS caused by HIV, but it would be redundant.


  19. Like most GMO products, I’m looking at how the “cash cow” (that would be us, our pets, and plants) can keep producing earnings/profits. Once the disease is known — because they gave it to us — and the “remedy” is matched to the disease, bingo, endless ATM. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/9834-factitious-disorder-imposed-on-another-fdia

    Simply replace “parent” with government and you have a system. Racketeering by another name.


  20. Dear Gatekeeper,

    Can the Blogroll links to Vexman and Josh be reinstalled? No matter our differences with them as people or relentless admiration of “that guy” -still linked on the side-, their research is valuable and gives good insights in the topics they and we covered here. Petty feuds and following -impossible to verify- models (electric universes) aside, both POM and the readers do relate to them and their respective research, imho.


    1. I second that.

      Both blogs are consistently informative. Cutting Through The Fog also has very informative comment discussions.


      1. I third that. Isn’t everyone basically on the same side? No one agrees on everything fully about everything all the time, as Lincoln might have said. People make mistakes, judgment calls, etc, no one’s perfect, similarly, most folks like to talk about themselves or their own favourite subjects, that how humans are, it doesn’t always mean they’re misdirecting.


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