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Dear readers,

Immediately below is one of the finest posts ever put together for this blog, actually a book that Tyrone McCloskey had written and then allowed us to publish. I am not going to publish anything of my own for a while, and while glancing over JFKTV this morning thought, man, this is good writing.

If you’ve never read it before, read it now. If you have read it before, follow me in reading it again. It is long … and gripping.

And Merry Christmas to all who support, write, comment, sneer at, criticize and critique POM. We need you all. Well, maybe not the sneering.

13 thoughts on “A new old post

  1. Mark, Thanks for reposting…I agree with you, very fine writing and convincing IMO..I have read it 3 times. I urge everyone to read this…think 9/11 was the first time something huge was perpetrated on “we the people”? The JFK “event” tops 9/11 and changed the course of the world! It makes me laugh to think of all the “gatekeepers” still trying to figure out “who killed JFK”.

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    1. “It makes me laugh to think of all the “gatekeepers” still trying to figure out “who killed JFK”.

      Well, I’m not at all. Especially when conspiracy theorists tell you again and again : “attention to the elites, when a guy disrupts the system, they don’t hesitate to kill him, look JFK and his speech 10 days before his death”.


        1. “How did you get through the first time commenter’s screen? It is late and I am tired. You are someone else.”

          Maybe because I’ve already commented on your site. Gaia mentioned my blog for an article about Hitler.


  2. Merry Mithras to Mark and all. Love you guys. Take care and know that someone out there, over the NET, loves and respects you and all of your posts and comments. This is the only site that I post on and enjoy the posts and respect the time and effort that you guys go through to share such insightful thoughts and knowledge—even without agreeing on every thing, the sharing of such amazing thoughts causes a great deal of reflection and a different way of of approaching topics of which I have had questions and/or never looked at with questions of indifference. It is great to have a blog such as this– Mark—you are a fantastic author! Blessings and peace and a magically Mithras and New Years to you all! Love, MatrixFree

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    1. I am going to have to stop saying “Guys”, as it was brought to my attention today at the market, that “guys” comes from “goyim”. So, I will, in future, use a different term to refer to you all, say, “mates”.


  3. More trillion dollar scams (in addition to fake nuclear weapons, NASA, etc.):


    “Lots of people vote for establishment political parties thinking they are the parties of the law and order, but what if they are run by crooks who run protection rackets?

    Lester Ernest was a staunch Republican but when he found out how crooked the establishment was he became socialist. He is a computer genius whose designs are responsible for much of the services available on the internet today.

    Lester Ernest says the Cold War US rader defence system never worked and was a $trillion scam which went on for 25 years. It could easily be scrambled and the military -industrial -complex had no answer for it, but they spent trillions on it anyway. Everyone got rich. He says that the Anti Ballistic Missile Defense shield is another gigantic scam.”


  4. It’s been a while since we’ve had a fake mass shooting.

    Who thinks the PTB will be able to pop one off before the end of the year?


    1. You shouldn’t have said that out loud…I’ve made that mistake before only to have another “fake” event happen within a week….but let’s not forget the tsumani….I highly doubt that was natural…it happened, but why????


  5. Merry Christmas Mark and thank you for reposting Tyrone McCloskey’s JFKTV. Indeed the ultimate Christmas present for those courageous enough to inhabit vulnerability and unwrap it. Talk about a stocking stuffer. Tyrone McCloskey has written the most explosive book this country has ever seen not seen or refused to see. JFKTV IS the macrocosm of everything that is, has been and I believe will forever will be wrong in this world. At times makes me think what is the purpose of having ever been born if the only thing that is real outside of one’s own life is nothing.


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