The Lowest-Hanging Fruit

It should not fall to me to be the one to point this out. I have neither the “infallible artistic eye” nor “mad skillz” with Photoshopping and Face-chopping®. But I have heard nary a whisper on the topic in the forums I frequent, so here goes nothing.

There has been more than one Vladimir Putin. Many more. At least six, by my reckoning.

Prove it, you say?

Behold, Vladimir Putin in the year 2000 ….

(Click on the image to enlarge.)

With a whole World Wide Web to Google from, you may wonder, why did I scan in a photo from an old TIME magazine?

Because the memory hole is ideal for the Internet era. It is becoming harder and harder to find undoctored photo evidence online. Nowadays you mostly just find this chubby-cheeked cherub:

(By the way, did you get a load of the two uglies at the bottom of the TIME page? Do these folks have special photo sittings where they screw their mugs up for the bad-guy look?)

Compare Putin2000 with Putin2018. Same guy, eighteen years older? Can’t be.

“He had plastic surgery a few years back,” we will be told by the MSM. Sure … sure he did. By whom? The most inept plastic surgeon in Ѐст-Вцмфцк? Plastic surgery is supposed to make one look handsomer, not schlubbier. Plastic surgeons have been involved, I’m positive, but only very, very good ones, who are able to make completely unrelated men look enough alike to fool unsuspecting people.

Here’s Putin2000 again from a different issue of TIME I found in the basement of the local used bookstore:

You won’t find many photos of this Putin on the Web any longer. Although I did come across this picture, clearly labeled as being from 2000:

One more time, for comparison, here is Newest Putin:

Neither of these men, of course, are the original Putin. I am old enough to remember when Putin first made his entrance on to the world stage as the ex-KGB apparatchik turned politico. They found the most ferret-faced Russki in all of Pan-Slavia to play the part.

I have counted at least six different Putins through the years. Here’s a nice overview from a site that, ironically, pretends these are all one and the same man.  This site offers a useful collage that seems to offer handprint analysis. (I don’t do Cyrillic.):

For those who enjoy facial analysis, here is a decent write-up by a certain Rita Light, who outs the many body doubles of Putin, Stalin, and Boris Yeltsin. This site asks if Putin is dead (without establishing whether there ever really was a Putin apart from the stage persona that appeared in the mid-1990s. It offers a range of photos over the years, but in the end it dismisses the idea.

Otherwise, though, the suggestion of multiple Putins is ridiculed as “conspiracy theory.” The usual suspects chime in, with postings on Reddit and Quora pretending to critically examine the question of multiple Putins but then dismiss it with ridicule. The hypothesis gets blackwashed further by appearing in questionable MSM outlets, like this British tabloid online.

The real outliers among the Putins were the ones that circulated around 2001 and 2007. When I spotted them back then (before I got really woke), I couldn’t believe that no one was saying a word about how impossible it was for this to be the same guy that we had been seeing previously.

Here’s 2001. He has the longest nose of all:

Unfortunately, this Putin has largely been memory-holed. The best photos of him are in Rita Light’s article, as in the middle photo here:

And here’s 2007:

None of this makes it into discussion in mainstream sources, except for the purpose of laughing it out of moot court.

But that’s no surprise, and it is not the point of this post.

What is?

In just those places where I would expect to see some acknowledgement of the plethora of Putins over the years, I do not find it. Not on Cluesforum. Not on Fakeopedia. Not on Cluesforum has a few posts noting photo manipulation in Putin pix, like putting his head on someone else’s bare torso.

Actually, there is one allusion by (a subsequently banned member!) TripleSpeak over at Cluesforum that Putin was “a replaced leader.” But otherwise, none of these outlets discusses the 800-pound gorilla in the room … that Vladimir Putin is a role being played by multiple mole-faced men.

It falls to me, oddly, to pick this lowest-hanging piece of fakery fruit.  Why?


19 thoughts on “The Lowest-Hanging Fruit

  1. Thanks, Maarten for an excellent article! IMO, multiple people playing “the part” of a world leader is status quo…if only people would pay closer attention! There was a YT, that has been scrubbed, called “Hello, Mr. Hitler” that clearly showed there were numerous “Hitler’s”, one to suit every nuance of his persona.


    1. Thanks, Annette. I should have done this years ago, when I first came on here at POM. Mark and I had some email exchanges, and he did some facechops which seemed to show conclusively that we are dealing with multiple men. However, in the meantime, some really incontrovertible photo evidence and articles have gone down the memory hole.

      As also with the photos of the doubles of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. In a few years, it will all be fat-face Putin shopped into every image on the Web. Thanks, Mini-True!!


  2. Dude, JUST Six bullet-catchers? Sadam Hussein was reported to have had 40 body doubles and when they hung him with a black hood they said that they knew they killed the right one based on DNA evidence. Witch, makes you wonder how the US got samples of their CIA character actor to confirm the kill in the first place, not to mention the fact that hanging and guillotines are among the most revered stage magic tricks out there. Like a fine whine, lettuce just let your article sit in the cellar long enough to catch up to Hussein and Bin Laden (Been Missin’?) and then we can savor it when we can say: Putin, Putin, who’s got the Putin?


  3. @Ab. Saw your pingback. No shade being thrown your way. I mention your site just because you cast such a wide net over the Trutherverse. If others out there had blogged about Futin, you would have picked it up. QED.
    PS … it’s spelled “Maarten.”


  4. Outstanding ! There are at least 3 Trumps ! The original Trump is the Late Singer / Actor Bobby Darin .All Trump’s kids are actors playing the roles . Jarred Kushner is a German Banker in real life !


  5. After commenting here, this showed up in the righthand scroll of EweToobe:

    To my untrained eye this does not look like the same person especially the last photos.


    1. I am no expert, but his face and head were possibly added to another body, as the shadows are different and the neck has a dark portion that might have been used to conceal the paste lines.


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