I meant for the trash bin story below to be about a number of topics, but got carried away on Henry Standing Bear. One other topic I wanted to let our commenters tear apart was New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting caught up in a prostitution and human trafficking scandal. His only offense is using the services of a prostitute, a misdemenaor. (That’s yet another topic … men use prostitutes because they want sex without all of the accompanying nonsense like long-term commitment and profession of eternal love. In my perfect world, it would be legal.) Read about Mr. Kraft here.

I am getting a Cosby feel about this story, a powerful man being burned at the stake as part of a larger project. Generally speaking, such men as Kraft do not get caught with their pants down. If there is a prostitution bust and he was caught up in it, he would be quietly ushered out the back door. Thus when I heard about this story, my first thought was that the long-running New England Patriots dynasty is at an end, and this is the signal. That is all I can make of it.

Anyone have better insight? Better said, all of you with better insight, please chime in.

13 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Kraft Heinz (John Kerry anyone?) stock from 2-21-2019 to 2-22-2019 went from 48.18 to 38.30. A -9.88 decend from for a 20.51%. On the 53rd day of the year. Numbers crunchers should note the signaling going on w/Mr. Kraft alone.


    1. Nice catch … also, this is kind of odd … a spa at a strip mall? You would think a billionaire could have service in his home or on his jet.

      If it was a sting, ala Elliot Spitzer, then indeed Kraft is going down.


  2. Who are you and what have you done with Mark Tokarski? You can’t be serious posting fake news asking us to chime in. Were you grooving Motorhead a nice n easy Tina Brady 10 yard in n out pattern to raise his stock by highlighting his numbers knowledge crafting this Johnny come lately fake news oops post? Similar to Cosby story how? Male ejaculation?
    Oh sure. The powers that be liken Kraft to a NFL Weinstein. You should’ve at least packaged this TMZ news with Jerry Jones after hours photo shoot with two young meth hoes rescued hitch hiking from Flea Bag Inn. Yes Mark it’s a project. Yes Motorhead your eagle eyeing R. Kelly & numbers is numero uno. Now can we move on to something else before Tigger Man spots your oops and chimes in real excited with real thoughts believing it’s real news.

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    1. Please, I accept your chastisement, but understand that I am asking the question “why?” I did the same thing with Bill Cosby once it became apparent that the man never harmed a woman ever. Same with Harvey Weinstein, though I just stood back and laughed at that one. My question is whether or not taking Kraft down signals the end of the Patriots’ ‘dynasty.’ You’ve had good insights in that field, about Tom Brady being a fraud and fake GOAT. Prostitutes are all about us, part of life, and the richer the men, the less chance of being shamed by visiting one. No way does Kraft get caught, meaning that this “fake news” has a real purpose.


  3. R. Kelly? Letter ‘R’ 18th letter. ‘K’ is 11. He is due in court (black robe judge aka Saturn) the 8 day of March. 3-8-2019. (3+8+2=13 1-9+8)To face 10 counts. 8+10=18. DOB? 1-8-1967. Signals galore. But what is really waiting behind door #3? World War III. Did you read what Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin posted after the Oscars’?


  4. Understood. Yes I believe it signals end of New England Patriots manufactured Super Bowl run. I don’t believe either Pittsburgh or New England will get number 7 before they let Dallas get number 6 which I believe most likely happens next year or year after at the latest. Dallas went through similar scandals involving players and drugs signaling the end of their Dynasty in mid-90s. Once Dallas gets number 6 you’ll get another grab bag of various teams winning it all thus repeating the cycle of years past. Of course San Francisco somehow we’ll get number 6 leaving 4 teams with six. Let’s not forget DeBartolo riverboat scandal at tail end of their Dynasty days. Jerry Rice was busted in the massage parlor near end of his career while still with San Francisco. Another signal. The World Wide Web was just getting underway so this titty tidbit only took up a quarter-inch space in the San Francisco Chronicle. My guess is this was in order to dispel potential rumors Rice is gay. His nickname on the 49ers was FiFi supposedly after his hair do. Yeah right. Macaulay Culkin? I swear if you told me he had already died I would believe you. Unassuming you’re saying World War 3 as in two royal families still battling it out? Oh joy. Makes sense to me.


    1. Rico, you got me thinking about Pete Rose, as his credentials are out of this world great. To say that there was collusion to make all that happen just boggles my mind, too many people involved on too many levels. So I have to agree with your suggestion that he was simply that good.

      Here is something I ran across just yesterday in a piece by Steve Mancuso, a baseball writer I really like. He is writing a series of articles on modern-day pitching statistics, and how W-L and ERA and WHIP and the like are useless, since they all depend of factors like teammates and park and defense and … just plain luck.

      “But, broadly speaking, pitchers have almost no control over what happens after the ball is put in play. Research by Matt Swartz (2010) shows that whether a ball falls in for a hit is determined 13 percent by the defense and park factors, 12 percent by talent (both pitcher and batter) and 75 percent by luck.”

      This would tell me that Rose’s greatest skill was putting the ball in play, and after that luck. That does not diminish his feats.

      I was also not aware that he had won Gold Gloves. I judged him to be a defensive liability, but that was later in his career.

      I do remember one play from the Phillies World Series win (78?). The opposing batter hit a pop foul off the first base line, and the catcher got under it but it popped out of his glove. Rose was right there and caught it before it hit the ground, and the announcers and pundits all raved about the great play, except the catcher (Boone? McCarver?) who said after the game that he did not see why all the fuss, as that was supposed to be Pete’s ball anyway, but that Pete didn’t get there on time.


  5. Mr D (his nickname from boot boy errrr bus boy ~Joey~ ‘Broke My Back-n-Came Back” ~Montani) shall not be granted a 6th ring in that chitty city. Check out the YT clips of the homeless that shoot up dope and laying down poop upon The Streets of San Francisco. 49 ners……….4+9=13. Howard Stanton Levey should be there, but he is underground working a slop mop non stop at the ‘Tool Shed ‘at 13 Ave (or is it Eve?) & 6th Street! Forever is a long time…..


  6. Mark if Howard Stanton Levey is still working underground slop mop non-stop around the ‘Tool Shed’ on 13th Ave or Eve & 6th Street and you find it worthwhile… since Motorhead is convinced Forever is a long time…. . would you mind decoding Motorhead’s last slop mop non-stop comment. I got lost when I began envisioning Karl Malden and Michael Douglass waiting for Eddie Debartolo to yell “4+9=13 Hut Hut Cut!” during said youtube clips Motorhead watched of the homeless shooting dope then laying down steaming loads of poop upon all the world’s a stage Streets of San Francisco.


  7. Drive around South Florida and you find strip mall after strip mall with massage parlors (prosty places), pain management offices (opioid dispensaries) and manicure shop-fronts manned (as it were) by slim, attractive Asian women. My buddy parked us once, four years ago, in front of one while he went to pick up some food. When he got back I remarked how there had been no customers in over ten minutes, yet all these female employees were hanging around. He said, Yeah no one’s figured it out exactly but everyone thinks there must be illegal activity, only not prostitution. Maybe smuggling.

    That’s South Florida and it’s conceivable that Robert Kraft just became inured to all the criminal goings-on and walked into a trap set not for him.


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