My Dinner with Andre


This clip is from the 1981 movie My Dinner with Andre. Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, playing themselves, share their lives over the course of an evening meal at a restaurant. Gregory, on the right, is far more talkative. As I listened to him I was impressed at his ability to memorize a long speech.

Now I think he is just going off the cuff.

Annette brought this to my attention yesterday, and says it was brought to her by our friend Patrick. I did mention to Annette that I think most of our population are in mental jail cells as the result of lifelong brainwashing. The interesting part is that the keys to the cells hang right on the doors. We could have a major breakout at any moment, but it does not happen.

I am curious about this movie but don’t know if I can sit through prolonged dia(mono)logue like this, It can become tedious.

18 thoughts on “My Dinner with Andre

  1. Wally’s expression. I talk like this when I know the other person has no chance of interjecting anything valuable except uh huh or just wait to pounce on the one most minor and innocuous detail to tell me I’m wrong about that. Never mind the 69,000 things I’m right about. The one Wally I know is truly a Wally. Anytime I would bring up paw more miles Mathis he would go berserk cut me off tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about tell me the people writing the articles are just angry people with too much time on their hands so I’d just say forget it Wall-E let’s let’s go back to my kicking your ass in ping pong and darts for who-knows-how-long it’s been so many weeks I’ve lost count. Sound like a plan Socrates? And he would get up and I would kick his ass all over again. Groundhog Day starring Wally and the man from outer space more than once likened to Starman beginning age 26 first by his forty-four-year-old smokin hot Jewish audiologist before seducing him for about three straight years. It was like taking candy from a baby.


  2. Hi Mark, thanks for posting. The first time I saw this I was amused. The second time I took notes. If you are not in the right frame of mind to sit through it end-to-end then don’t subject yourself to it. This single clip of the soliloquy answers what people have been bugging me about for at least the past ten years while I have been in alterNOTive media:
    Why won’t people WAKE UP!?
    For me the answer has always been simple, but for those who have not done Proctology on The Devil for 18 years straight without a break, it is hard to fathom because they come to the problem with pre-concieved ideas and biases that were inculcated into them. People won’t Wake Up, because they are already awake.
    I’ll let that sink in a while.
    When you ask someone to simply look at the sky and mention chemtrails the kneejerk reaction is for them to say: Those are Contrails.
    There are so many useful idiots out there who have never even heard of Colony Collapse Disorder of honeybees despite it being covered in PBS documentaries and is all over the web. So, it is not for lack of availability of data.
    They don’t know – because they don’t care.
    So, about ten years ago, I constructed a numberline. Negative integers to the Left, Zero in the middle, and Positive Integers to the right. I thought about it really hard. The quote sometimes attributed to Dante (and others): “the only thing for evil to persist is for good men to do nothing” is helpful; but I needed something more. Something to indicate that neutrality wasn’t enough. There had to be a Tipping Point to Evil. My conclusion was: Willful Ignorance.
    Therefore: when someone refuses to even look up at a grid in the sky, when they refuse to even look up the word: Chemtrail (because you KNOW they have no clue what that word means if they didn’t read the AIR FORCE documents that cites that specifically) then their kneejerk hypnosis was based on WILLFULLY IGNORING THINGS THAT EVERYONE SEES.
    See, that is my point: EVERYONE SEES the chemtrails, EVERYONE SEES the death and destruction that their tax money pays for; but they willfully ignore it.
    Path of least resistance. It is a common theme in nature. If they just keep their heads down and buried in their smartphones (declassified spy technology that no one really needs and certainly no one understands) then they hope that they will cruise though life doing Easy Time in this hellish prison until… well… whatever.

    And now we get to the prison. And the part of this video clip that is my answer to those who complain about not being able to wake people up:
    The inmates have built the prison and they are proud of their work and they will attack anyone who tries to break it down.

    See? It’s not that they CAN’T SEE. It’s not that the AREN’T AWARE. It’s not that they WON’T AWAKEN. It is because they CHOOSE not to. They feel part of something bigger than themselves that they built with their own hands without understanding it, without controling it because deep down they are idiot herd animals and because of that they are treated as idiot herd animals. It nearly gives credence to the likes of Sitchin who said that man was GMOed to mine gold for the Overlords. Take out the space alien bit and I’m on board. Sure it sounds like Blaming the Patient, and those of us who are ‘awake and aware’ (I really do hate that phrase) are genetic mutants that the MK doesn’t stick in; but at some point, when given all of the ability for mankind to ‘free themselves’, if they do not avail themselves of that then they are the only ones to blame. I made a conscious choice ten years ago to not even waste my time trying to ‘wake people up’. It is too dangerous. They will defend their prison camp. I’m just here to raise an army among the inmates.
    And, Mark, when I speak to some of my Little Red Hens, and review actions of people throughout the day, I actually refer to it as “doing rounds in the insane assylum.”


  3. The same film making team made Uncle Vanya on 42nd Street. It’s been ages, but I recall it worth recommending. The play (1898) is very prescient regarding many issues of today.
    The first several minutes include many close-ups of Wallace Shawn bellyaching, fair warning, so by comparison when a young Julianne Moore arrives, you totally sympathize with the other characters who stumble all over themselves because of her beauty.


  4. Patrick Jordan I agree with you on many of the points you expand upon. Not sure if you mentioned this in your thorough comment but another thing is the general mainstream folk waiting or asking for permission from other mainstream folk or from anybody else for that matter before they do or say or think anything differently than what they already say think or do. They are fearful of making a mistake or looking foolish or getting hurt so they stay stuck while wanting more out of life and or learning more about life but don’t have the balls to just throw caution to the wind and just go for it and worry about it later. I do have the balls and lead by example without getting any credit which is no big deal but I do have a problem of over concerning myself for the past five or six years completely consumed trying to figure out and understand why mainstream people are the way they are especially when I’m affected by them in a negative way when they seem to just kind of act like such is life and go on their merry way trying to screw me over screw my girlfriend or since they don’t have the guts to work on themselves without trying to ride my coattails and negatively affect what I worked for. The movie Buffalo 66 comes to mind watching the clip. The writer and lead in that one rambles on and on throughout the whole movie questioning society via blowing up every 5 minutes Christina Ricci who he be-friends after walking out of the prison gate. He essentially doesn’t understand why so many people have their head up their ass and don’t listen to anything coming out of anyones mouth but their own. I personally don’t have any interest in Vanya 42nd Street film because in reading the synopsis it’s clear it appears to be some form of propaganda with regard to it being okay to try and sleep with or steal someone else’s partner or spouse as long as the express their deep secret heartfelt need or desire or want for that individual somehow that makes it acceptable to cross those lines which as we know it is not and is also not reality. That type of thinking and suggestion in film only seeks to further divide men and women calling into question their own relationship and or that of others relationship and whether any of it is built on loyalty integrity and fidelity and whether those things are even necessary in today’s sex on the brain and I want it now and all day long with anyone who wants to meet up hush hush world.


  5. I have spun a lot of wheels and raised a lot of dust trying to understand people, accomplishing nothing. Why am I different? Why are you and Patrick and so many others here? That’s a better question. In part the answer is that one question we asked. It’s a different question for all of us. For me, it was “who killed JFK?” I went down that rabbit hole, and in the process stumbled over many other things. (I am forever grateful to the Miles Mathis people for answering the question … no one killed JFK. It freed me.)

    Edward Bernays wrote the book Propaganda back in the 1920s … if you haven’t read it, I recommend it. It is an easy quick read. During that time they were studying the makeup of the crowd, realizing that groups have a different flavor than the individuals in groups. They wanted to devise ways to influence groups without members realizing it. They succeeded. Man did they succeed. Virtually everyone has opinions and ideas that they think are their own, but which were actually planted in them by education, media and groups.

    But the nature of humans was not different back then, otherwise they would not have asked their questions and gotten their answers.


  6. On the topic of official science, also discussed on this blog, this was interesting:

    This very highly credentialed theoretical physicist writes NYT op-eds etc. critiquing how science is practiced. Pretty scathing stuff for somebody with that kind of platform.

    In the comments at that link, she gets asked if her indictment applies to climate science. Answer: no! That field she exempts (with qualifiers.) Interesting…

    I guess with her resume and mainstream attention, she’s got to be (on a Mathisian worldview) controlled opposition. But still, noteworthy.

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  7. I did not delve into the comments. Too many to sift. I did grab this from the text of the article:

    And why do we still not know what dark matter is made of?

    If you ask the wrong question, the answer does not matter.


    1. Oh I’m sure her stuff may be laced with BS; I haven’t geeked out on physics enough to have any view on the particulars. Their jargon is so intimidating, when they start tossing around long equations full of Greek letters, that I choose to view them more from the lens of sociology. Even Mathis, who writes very directly, loses me in the science papers.

      But from a cursory glance she strikes me sort of like a Chomsky or Caitlyn Johnstone in the field of politics and media criticism— somebody who calls out a great deal of the BS in those fields, who has a granular, expert knowledge of the issues; even if ultimately they leave untouched some of the main pillars of official belief. One of those higher level gurus Mathis talks about. I can’t help being a little fascinated by characters like that. In any event they’re more interesting than the ones who are fully invested in the Matrix/ Bubble, who just give you pure unquestioning propaganda.


      1. She did not question any of the pillars of quantum mechanics, astrophysics or cosmology. She merely said that not enough work is being done for too much money and that there is too much groupthink.


  8. Mark you ask why am I here. I am here because I cannot stand to live with question marks. I have no use for fiction whatsoever. I do not and have not ever lived a Fantasy Life. I don’t judge someone who at times lives a Fantasy Life unless it directly affects me in a negative way. I do not like Unsolved Mysteries within my own life. I despise Unsolved Mysteries within my own life. With regard to my own life in order for me to be healthiest psychologically I must always feel as if I know the truth about everything going on around me that matters to me within my own life. Not being able to make sense of something that matters to me is painful and difficult for me to accept. I have no use for jokes being made at my expense. In my mind if someone chooses to pay attention to me outside of what would be considered normal attention then I see myself as someone to be admired versus ridiculed. Ridiculing me does not compute in any way shape or form. Teasing me is great I love it but ridiculing me well that person or persons best plan on me not resting until I tear their fucking face off. Say what you will about Scorpios but I am one and I will attest that we are the deepest and darkest most ruthless combatants. This has not served me well in my life and I recognize that. I would like to be more open to Unsolved Mysteries inside my own life. But I never will be. Why should I be. I am on this Earth to live what’s real not fake. And those PTB motherf-ers who have fcked things up for all of us for reasons unknown can suck my dck. I feel this way because it’s impossible to quantify whether or not their power structure is necessary and none of us will ever know whether it is or not but because it seems like things are getting progressively worse with all their F’d up projects and everything else sadistic they do then my vote is F-off you power hungry can’t play sports for $hit motherf-ers your bullsh*t wasn’t necessary. But to God I want to say thank you for always allowing me to understand not that I am different but that I am brave enough to seek the truth about anything in this world that matters to me that does not seem right. In that respect I want to say thank you again to Mark Tokarski and everyone involved at Pieceofmindful for providing more truth outside of my self I could ever hope to have.


  9. We are not that different, perhaps. I accept that the world contains a great deal of illusion and masked control. All I care is that I be free of it. And for that I thank the Mathis people for giving me the initial kick in the ass. As Kevin said on his departure from here, after having unmasked Miles’ privileged background, they maybe a limited hangout, but they are the best one going.

    It’s fun, however, to see the illusions at play. I am not sure I want to pursue this, but last night I was watching a 1971 episode of the Dick Cavett show where his guests were Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball and her daughter. In it Burnett, a Hollywood native, told an unlikely story of her rise to fame, an unnamed man out of nowhere giving her $1,000 (a lot of money at that time) to get her to New York and get her into show business. She told a story about how she used to pretend to be twins. We all know, thanks to MMG, that Ball is of the Washington lineage, but Cavett was asked his middle name, and he finally blurted it out … Alva. (Think Thomas Alva Edison.) Burnett revealed that hers is Creighton. “A project!” I thought. These are members of the peerage revealing their secrets! And then I thought maybe not. I am not too good at this genealogy stuff and there is too much guessing going on anyway. But my oh my how much fun to watch that 1971 show after having covered all the ground we have covered here and elsewhere.


  10. Thank you Mark I much prefer and actually live by the same tone and maturity of your comment in comparison to my going off the rails on a crazy train comment turned selfish insensitive self righteous rant. It wasn’t necessary or respectful of me going so overboard espevially when cuss words push the bounds of comments into maniacal blather. Then we have MMG posting paper on R. Crump which now has me spooked. Perhaps my over the top comments sub-conconsciously arose from envy of their intelligence and money. Although no amount would solve the problems caused by the current people having it in for me. That’s been my case for over a year now. An ex-girlfriend has bunch of flying monkeys which includes my some surrounding neighbors vandalizing my house but not in ways that law enforcement could really take seriously. For example cuts 1/16 of an inch off the ends of my floorboard and dozens of small flooring cuts in many different places throughout the house. Or putting little cuts nics chips dings into and onto my windows coverings and counter tops over months and months. All real none imagined. My car insurance said the deep scratches all over my vehicle which I took great pride in essentially totals it out and won’t be repaired. Surveillance is useless as it seems she has a specialist in that area too so nothing is ever captured on film except swift noise of them coming in and exiting while I’m away and sometimes I’ve surmised while asleep. Cameras in driveway failed miserably and Comcast has no answers. I didn’t get memo Wifi is easy to hack. And again I’ll mention the R. Crumb paper posted most recently by MMG sorta kinda matching up in many ways to my rant. But yes I’m with you watching interviews and appearances like you mentioned with Carol Burnett and Dick Cavett and watching it through the lens of whole different ‘Family TV’ reality thanks to your site and MMG site. It’s fun like you said to get a new take on things with the little clues now seen being dished out at times back then. Definitely not the Forum to ask this question but if you had any counter-surveillance ideas or steer me in the right direction I’m all for it since nothing I’ve tried has worked up to this point catching the perpetrators continually vandalized over time my house and vehicle. Perps that most definitely exist. Oh well I guess there is always an option for me to go back to her with open arms and become her slave. In the meantime I’ll work on not letting not knowing the truth get the best of me and accept it for what it is. I’d really like to accomplish that.


    1. I glanced at that Mathis paper … weird. A cartoon character outed as Jewish!

      Your problems with the ex, you know the expression flying monkeys. Are you also familiar with gaslighting? It is amazing the amount of pain these people can inflict, so hateful. If it is any consolation, if she is as you describe, she is very jealous, angry, depressed … you know. Miserable. Best thing you can do is find a new girlfriend and have the time of your life. That will drive her nuts.


      1. Mark, Crumb is a cartoonIST, not a cartoon… Or were you just joking?

        He draws himself as a cartoon, though, of course. Anyway… I agree with the general thrust of that paper — that Crumb’s time in Haight Ashbury and “underground” comics look to be part of what McGowan wrote about… Weaponized counterculture.. (Or at least, they were encouraged/ promoted for that reason.. May have been sincere self expression on some level as well..)

        Where I differ is in writing Crumb off so completely as a hack low level agent. Comics take too much work..! Ha. And much of his work is too personal. It’s not something that could just be purely a job, for Crumb. Just compare his large ouvre to modern art, where some of it could be done in a weekend or two. And then sell for millions. But it is very ambiguous, in Crumb’s case, where the psy op ends and the “truth” or “art” begins.. Operating on several levels maybe. I also think his early and late work may reflect different intentions and priorities. Mathis is often too broad brush and definitive– although that may be part of his rhetorical appeal to readers.


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