Kiwis up to bat

Just to be clear here, I have not written about fake mass shootings since Las Vegas, that is, current ones. The ones I researched, Columbine, Jonestown, Tiananmen, maybe others, were very easy to see through. So when I see another one up and running, I automatically assume fake fake fake and move on.

I say that even though if commenters want to have fun with it, this is the place to do it, among others. I haven’t looked at the details, did not (am not going to) read the MMG piece on it, but enjoy our commenters here and so leave it up to you.

I have more interesting things to write about, to me anyway. Just over the weekend I watched a panel discussion that included Tom and Dick Smothers and their show that was taken off the air in 1969, and realized that it was controlled opposition, probably part of Operation Chaos or Cointelpro. That is going to be fun to look into! But mass shootings, known in advance to be fake, rich with crisis actors and Photoshopping … tedious … to me. If fun for you, then have some fun.

One other thing … is the idea that WordPress is clamping down on dissent, much as YouTube has already done. Maybe so, I don’t know. But I am not avoiding these topics for that reason. I may wake up some morning and find the blog gone. I cannot control that. But I will not be intimidated by fear of censorship. When it is over, I will watch baseball and read about things way over my head.

14 thoughts on “Kiwis up to bat

  1. There is a video clip circulating that if you view it or down load it in NZ, you are arrested. In USA viewing or passing it on will net one of the spook zones attention. And FWIW the PM leading that nation is heavily rumored to be a he. Just like in Roman (End Times) era, the depraved-satanic drive the empire to ruin by design.


    1. And yet the Sage of Taos has apparently “seen no evidence” of this being true!! Fair enough if he’d seen the video but objected to the interpretation, but no – no evidence exists, and that’s as much as we’ll ever hear about it, I’ll bet. Interesting too that Alex Jones was forced by his handlers to do some backpedaling when he originally brought Michelle Obama up on his show. This topic still appears to be off-limits.


  2. Seeing the news report on RT, the first thing I noticed was that the vicsims had no bullet-holes or signs of blood. Dead give away.


  3. NZ, is a 5-eyes, global (anti-“communist”) intelligence partner. I can’t help but think this is linked to China’s rapid expansion of its fare more advanced 5G technology. Huawei’s 5G equipment is banned or limited by the US, Australia, and New Zealand. And the UK just announced it will be stripping Huawei from mobile networks. The “trade war” with China is about way more than soybeans and steel. The West is lagging behind in key IT areas and needs to slow China’s rapid expansion and the ever-widening gap between China’s mobile technology and ours.

    Widespread panic may shake loose more funding for IT research and development as 5 eyes expands to 7 eyes, 13 eyes, and beyond. Empire’s global intelligence network just doesn’t seem capable of keeping up with socialist mobile technology.

    I first saw this gap, first-hand in Barcelona, Spain in 2005 at a restaurant where Chinese tourists were dialing direct back home on their mobile devices, while American tourists either couldn’t “get through” or were dreading the “roaming charges” they would face back home after the trip was over.

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  4. Or maybe SERCO’s contract services, using “advanced patented technology,” needs a little boost, which, in turn shoots its stock price higher, faster.


  5. i went on oddsportal and i reviewed the results of the mlb playoffs of 2018.
    specifically the astros redsox series
    i took the pregame odds of games 2,3,4,5 of the red sox winning the game.
    the odds converted to probability of a win was
    34% game 2 redsox win
    39% game 3 redsox win
    45% game 4 redsox win
    45% game 5 redsox win

    multiply those 4 numbers together and you get 2.5% probability of red sox winning 4 straight over the astros in last years playoffs.

    baseball is as fake as football


    1. It’s a little difficult to comprehend “34% game two redsox win,” as baseball is such a random outcome sport. The odds of a batted ball hitting anywhere on the field are 75% random, I have read, and this alone accounts for the very best teams losing 1/3 of the games they play. But I get what you are saying. The game can be rigged. The key to rigging a baseball game has to be in cooperation between pitcher and batter. I have seen a pitcher pounded with hit after hit solely because he is “tipping” his pitches. Batters are so adept at hitting that if they know the pitch in store, odds are they will hit it far and often. That is the key to rigging the post season, and also why they can use replay to get umpire calls right, and still manage the outcome.

      I was surprised at the ease of the Red Sox win last year, as I anticipated that baseball owners would want a seven game matchup with thrills and unexpected feats to keep television viewers glued, as football provides. A five-game series upset my prediction.

      I still maintain that regular season games are mostly real outcomes, as it is just too damned difficult to rig so many contests of so little importance. Gamblers can be on either side of any game, and relatively little is bet compared to other sports. When it comes to post season, all bets are off. That’s why I don’t bother to watch anything but games in which the team I was branded to as a boy … it’s boring.


      1. The 34% as redsox win was the betting odds before the game started.
        I believe it mostly determined by the starting pitching.
        For example the one guy on the Astros is impossible to get a run off of. His name is Verlander. The odds of the opponent winning with him starting is a lot lower than it is with the Astros 5th best pitcher starting.
        I got the historical odds from odds portal.
        I agree with you regarding pitcher/batter in post season. That’s how they do it.


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