Fun with Ruth and Judy


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Commenter Charlie Townsend brought us one of those inexplicable anomalies in facial resemblances, that of Judge Judy Scheindlin and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The two side by side look like this:

Judy Ruth

That’s Judge Judy on the right, said to be sporting a new hairdo at that time. She’s not only doing that, but also wearing the same lace … Charlie thought they looked very much alike, and I had to agree. I would even suggest that Judy is deliberately made to look like Ruth with the hair and clothing.

But it’s an absurd proposition! I’ve done absurdities here before, so I am not afraid to take this one to the limit. I first went back and got an older photo of Ginsberg, from 1980:

Ginsberg 3

And then, just to show that this methodology can highlight similarities and that our basic facial structure does not change over time, I used an more recent photo, chopping it with this one.

Ginsberg young and old

This emphasizes my point that the alignment of facial features does not change even as we age. I’ve done nothing with these photos except put the pupils at the same distance. There is no monkey business involved. It just works like this. Also, people tend to assume the same posture and expression over time. (Note how her ear lobes have grown! Mine too. I could easily sport an earring that big.)

I did not expect what follows. This is Judge Judy, sporting her old hairdo and looking a tad tired and overworked:

Judge Judy 1

I am not seeing a resemblance there, and thought at this point that the photo above with the new hairdo was a deliberate attempt to make Judy look like Ruth, for whatever purpose. So I did a chop of the two.

Ginzberg Judy 1

Ginsberg has a pronounced Cupid’s Bow on the upper lip that Judy does not have, and her lips are a bit fuller. The eyebrows are off slightly, but otherwise, same nose, same dimples, same skull shape, same chin … yikes!

We’ve encountered this sort of thing here before with, say, Betty White and Jayne Mansfield, Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren and others. The age difference (Judge Judy 76, Ginsberg 86) makes any hanky panky with public identities impossible. These are two different people. One plays a judge on TV, the other was (or played) a Supreme Court judge. That is just freaky.

That is all I can say. I am not implying that these are twins, relatives, zombies, Brats … I am simply saying Wow!, and I dunno. That’s all I can take from this.

PS: This had to be done, just for the sake of ruling it out, and for a laugh:

Damon Ginsberg

They are not that far off, but I state categorically that Matt Damon and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are two different people, one an actor of lesser skill, and the other making a name playing Jason Bourne.

PPS: I did not think to wonder, but do now, why is Ginsberg’s 1980 photo from Columbia in black and white? From the late 60s forward this was all done in color.


15 thoughts on “Fun with Ruth and Judy

  1. I suppose they COULD be related but here’s the thing:
    I come from a pretty large family and though we have similarities none of us looks that much like the other. Mom’s and Dad’s features are not passed down uniformly and THEIR parents’ features are thrown intermittently into the mix.
    I really don’t get why these people match up so smoothly. I’m thinking clones and moulds here but then I do have a vivid imagination ( inherited from my Grandfather who was a prolific writer.)


    1. I agree. In my immediate family you could tell we were related, but beyond that, not even close. I was just unwilling to speculate here, as I got nuthin’. Weird that they are both (supposed) judges. It is like they are monkeying with us.


  2. I happened to turn the TV on the other day and noticed Judge Judy’s new hairstyle…how very convenient. Thanks, Charlie for sharing, they do look very similar


  3. If they are not the same person, but “just” 2 jewish judges juggling jizz, then Judy may have been chosen for that role because she looks like the “real” one, maximizing propaganda.

    Just why Benicio del Toro did a “good” Ché too.


      1. I also do not understand why parents let their innocent vulnerable baby boy be mutilated by some beardy freak who sucks the blood from his most private part with his filthy mouth afterwards, and yet it happens.


  4. Judge Judy descends from some of the top rabbis of the last 500 years. There isn’t that much on Ginsberg’s lines. Don’t know the source of her juice. They don’t appear to be cousins. Maybe they are just a ‘type’. Given the relatively small number of Jews, and then partition them within a class structure and you would have prominent inbreeding that could produce similar physical characteristics, especially among the elites. If there is a distant family connection to these two, it was once upon a time in the Ukraine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ^^Boom & Bing-o ^^. When the research links top level controllers & owners, this becomes fact & not opinion. AND there is a hierarchy, just like organized crime/Freemasonry they use ‘buffers’ (Godfather II) or window dressing for public consumption.


  5. Yikes. I am wondering since Mark says his research went back to Paul Newman and Rock Hudson, roughly the same age as the Judges. The match to Matt was pretty close. Are we dealing with the first not quite right match? Throw Miss Mirren in the mix and maybe throw in Captain Kirk, the blond dude from Adam 12, the second Banana dude from Lost in Space, almost any actor in Henry Wilson’s stable of stars and it seems like they were generation one. Was the Manhattan project about Gene splicing, cloning and replicants? The whole thing is so weird.


    1. All we can do is speculate, which is not useful. But it is freaking wild that Judy and Ruth look very much alike, dress very much alike, and are both famous judges.

      Of course, the technique I use is merely photographic. Put them both in the same room, and their head sizes could be very much different. My technique, as we saw, worked very well with Ginsberg, as we know she was the same person in 1980 and more recently.




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