Speculation on the whereabouts of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. has to be one of the handsomest men ever to enter and leave the American celebrity landscape. His parentage is superb, so it naturally follows. That may sound like something it is not. I don’t think that John F. Kennedy was his real father.

I do not want to plagiarize anything by our friend Tyrone, and so quote directly from his piece, JFKTV.

Where they go when they “die”

I never would have considered this hypothesis if I couldn’t give a decent answer to the inevitable question: Where did he go after he left the motorcade, Dallas and the presidency? The best guess, and it aligns with the assertion made earlier that they do show you everything if you know what to look for, is Greece, specifically the island of Skorpios in the Ionian Sea. That island was the central compound for the empire of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

In early October of 1963, the international press was allowed seemingly blanket coverage of Jackie’s trip to Skorpios to meet Onassis who was at the time rumored to be sleeping with Jackie’s sister, Lee Radziwill, who was also there. By this volume’s reckoning, the trip was also an eleventh hour review of the plot to secrete JFK onto the island, which was impenetrable by anyone outside the small circle of abettors.

This scenario also makes sense regarding the sham marriage in 1968 between Jackie and Onassis. From that point on, no one would be suspicious of Jackie O hanging out in Greece. No one would suspect that Jackie’s kids were actually with their father.

I am offering a different slant on that, and will try to refit the puzzle. First, let’s take a look at two men:


We all recognize the one on the right as JFK Jr. On the left is a young Aristotle Onassis. I assert here, without anyone’s ability to prove or disprove, that Ari was John Jr.’s father. I look at the low hairline, which covers a third of the forehead and creeps in from the sides. The eyes, nose lips, philtrum (directly beneath nose), eyebrows and head shape are similar. I see strong familial resemblance, more so than with the man below, JFK at approximately the same age (30) as the men in the two photos above.


Just John Jr.’s hair is telling me a story.

We can assert, with perhaps only modest confidence, that JFK was gay. Since nothing is either straightforward or easy to parse, I also assert that Caroline Kennedy is indeed a Kennedy. Gay men often father children. That urge is in all of us.

We also note, from Tyrone’s work, that Jackie had to be persuaded by Joe Kennedy Sr. to marry John. The presumption is that she was reluctant due to his reputation as a womanizer. More likely in this scenario, she was being asked to be a beard, and was reluctant, so that persuasion might have preceded her falling in love with Aristotle Onassis. She was able to be with him prior to JFK’s assumption of the presidency – JFK Jr, born 11/25/60, and so would have been conceived in February of that year (JFK won the election on November 8). We know she visited Ari in Greece in 1961 and 1963 while first lady. We do not know of course, of other times or when they might have met secretly.

She might have known her role as First Lady would be a short gig, as the 11/22/63 event was surely years in planning.  Indeed she gave birth to Patrick in August of 1963, but we know nothing of that baby’s true parentage, or if he really died shortly after birth or lived and became one of Robert and Ethyl Kennedy’s brood. Perhaps he was shipped off to Greece to be part of the Onassis family. Perhaps Patrick and John Jr. are now associates in Greece.

As Tyrone noted, Jackie visited Greece in October of 1963, probably participating in final arrangements for the transferal of the still-to-be-alive president to Skorpios. Here’s where Tyrone and I diverge – he says that Jackie’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis was a sham, and that Caroline and John Jr. visited their real father on Skorpios. I say just the opposite, that her marriage to JFK was a sham, and that to Aristotle real. Caroline was visiting her father, but not John. Pictures lie, but I see two things below: They look happy, and my goodness, she is gorgeous.

Jackie and Ari

So then, what became of John F. Kennedy, Jr.? I suggest he went to live with his real family, perhaps on the island of Skorpios. Perhaps he is now involved in managing the Onassis family fortune, with an assumed new identity, with his real wife, Carolyn Bessette. Take a look at the photo collage here, however. I don’t see any photos where the two look terribly happy together. Most often, body language has them leaning apart. That is a very small sample size, of course, possibly a wild tangent, but maybe that marriage was a sham as well. I cannot, however, look at John Jr. and imagine he was gay – that is offensive! He, like his mother, is gorgeous. That would be a waste.

Finally, this: The island of Skorpios, a private hangout for the Onassis clan, was sold in 2013 to a Russian oligarch. I take that to mean that it was no longer needed as a hideout, that John Jr.’s new identity was well established (along with Patrick’s?), that Jackie, Ari and JFK were long dead. It held no importance other than its cash value.

JJIt’s all speculation, of course, and begins, for me, with the remarkable resemblance between John F. Kennedy, Jr., and Aristotle Onassis. Everything thereafter derives from Tyrone’s observation that Skorpios was the likely destination of the still-living JFK. If any of this is wrong, so too is all that follows. We are dealing, however, with very rich and beautiful people. Perhaps public lives were not to their liking.

PS: What if Jackie only discovered that her husband was gay after the marriage was consummated, after Caroline’s birth? My oh my, doesn’t that open the door for speculation about the need for his “assassination” … Jackie threatening to expose and divorce him. I will stop now.

PPS: Well, not quite. I just realized that I am adding Patrick to Joe Jr., Kathleen, John, Robert and John Jr., the list of Kennedy’s faking their death.

19 thoughts on “Speculation on the whereabouts of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

  1. Very plausible they look a lot alike. the overplay with kennedy being a womanizer seems overly plastic the same perhaps can be said about clinton


    1. There is a Suspicion among us skeptics that when a public figure is highly portrayed as a womanizer, in Clinton’s case chasing after and nearly or actually raping them, his victims being less than what we regard as attractive, that it is a stage play and the man is gay. Charlie Sheen fits this bill, also utilized in the 911 hoax, Alex Jones a participant. Charlie’s NYC encounter with hookers, steeped in cocaine, appears a hoax.


    2. Yes! However, their was an affair that JFK had with Marilyn Monroe, that got her pregnant with his child. JFK was assassinated bc he was going to take the Elites down & he only thought it was a few of them, when it has been around for thousands of years. We see it all now, more clearly.


  2. Mark have you seen any photos of a pregnant or post-pregnant Jackie Kennedy before. I haven’t looked but I would imagine there would be at least one floating around out there. And seeing the work that was done with Sharon Tate’s photos I would imagine similar could be done with Jackie’s photos if needed anyway. Especially if she never was pregnant because she couldn’t get pregnant for the same reason JFK could never get pregnant no matter how hard they were in theory to try. That being said if true Jackie was not biologically capable of conceiving children at all then we can add that to list of why Greece and why Onassis and I’m just going to leave it at that while adding the photos do seem to support Onassis as JFK Jr’s father versus JFK. But as to who the mother of JFK Jr. and his if it’s even his real sister are is anyone’s guess if you ask me based on research I’ve done recently outside of POM.


    1. Within a speculative piece, that is even more so. I have to assume that within our aristocracy, people are going through live births, that Diana actually was the mother of two boys for instance, that people fall in love and have sex and produce offspring. I simply see in Jackie’s face when around Ari a happy woman. The two seemed to adore one another. Maybe I am projecting. Maternity is usually a certainty, paternity not. Sharon Tate was made to be pregnant to make sure the Manson murders took on a special aura of macabre – the people behind that scam were intent on traumatizing the American public, and putting such notions as antiwar out of business with absolute finality. Removing a live baby from the womb was ritual sacrifice. It was brilliant and fake.


  3. The problem of Caroline bearing a distinct Kennedy-ness about her is perplexing. I am crafting a scenario in which Jackie wanted out, wanted to be with Ari, and threatened to expose JFK, something she could do given the powerful Onassis family behind her, that is, the Kennedy’s were not able to just squash her without severe repercussions. They settled on his fake death as a way out that pleased everyone. After all, the Kennedy’s were old hands at faking deaths. Scorpios was ideal, as they needed a place where John and his real lover could live in peace. Ari provided it.

    Far-fetched? Yep. It would certainly demystify the Kennedy legend, reducing his fake assassination from a grand psyop and part of a larger well-planned trauma-based mind control job down to a mere quick fix, a way out of a mess.


  4. Recent news reports say social media was abuzz with a Steve Jobs lookalike seen at some conference in Egypt. This Jobs was even barefoot, apparently a thing the real one did. Photo looked very dead ringer. The piece I saw quoted some who wondered if it could be, and some who jokingly derided anyone who entertained suspicions.


  5. Lee was having an affair with Ari and was not happy when her sister took up with Ari, according to the book IN HER SISTER’S SHADOW. Kennedy was upset because Onassis was doing shady deals and Lee hanging with Ari was troubling to the Admistration. There seem to be a lot of ictures of The Greek trip was extremely well documented. As was the Patrick pregnancy. Jackie is wearing lots of swing dresses and oversized sheaths and Empire waisted dresses. All easy to hide a pillow under. Her face and body looks much fuller than before or after the “pregnancy”. Jackie was a real believer in the emaciated look and I think with her devotion to fashion coupled with her narcissistic tendencies, she must have been pregnant.
    According to a number of lists that I have perused on the web, Onassis ranks hirer than Kennedy on the Ruling Family Lists. Bouvier is higher than both of them. Bouvier is crypto Jewish. The Ari and Jackie romance had a lot of fall out. Maria Callas, Christina, Niarchos, Stas Radziwill, and Teddy Kennedy are just some of victims of this dubious romance.
    The power of being the nation’s First Widow as well as the prestige and universal good will accorded to Jackie was gone in a second after the media announced her engagement to Ari. The huge amounts of vitriol and rage that Jackie faced lends credence to the fact that it was real love. Why put yourselves in that position if you didn’t have to?
    This is a tough one. Bob Kennedy went to Greec we were told to negotiate a pre nup. What if that was really to secure the islands and ensure privacy etc? Skorpios is a private island. There are tiny little island surrounding it which could hold a Kennedy or two. There were rumors that the last place Howard Hughes lived was on Skorpios. Which brings the bigger questions to me, into the discussion. The PTB have been in control for so long. To my way of thinking, TPTB have there fingers in everything including map making. This is NOT a flat earth thing. I am wondering if there are large islands or maybe a small land mass that has been deliberately left off of maps for centuries? Could that be the 1 percent, ruling familes, faux dead celibrities bolt hole? Control of the world could be centered on an unknow land mass. Mapmaling has always been associated with Royalty and you those assholes can’t be trusted. If you reason backwards about ways we would know if there were hidden land masses leads to the military, or a corporation (Alphabet /Google) or just about anything else we know are info gatekeepers and under the control of TPTB.
    Sonetimes I feel like I am on a Hamster Wheel. Just going round and round. 🐹

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  6. I think you are onto something, although I do see a resemblance between JFK and JFK Jr, especially through the eyes. What if Black Jack Bouvier was really Aristotle Onassis’ father? Bouvier was only 14 years old when Ari was born, but the birth dates could have been fudged. And a 14 old boy, especially one as “active” as Bouvier, is capable of fathering children. This would explain why Jr looks like both men: Onassis would be his mom’s half-brother, making him JFK Jr’s uncle, while JFK was the actual father. If you look at Black Jack when he was young, there is a strong resemblance between him and the young Onassis, as well as JFK Jr and Onassis’ son, Alexander. Strategically hiding illegitimate kids; privately supporting, training and educating them; and then making them wealthy and famous later in life is a standard practice of the Illuminati, ie Bill Clinton. It’s not out of the realm of possibility and would explain the seemingly random resemblances…


    1. Jackie’s biological father, Jack Bouvier was an extremely handsome man. Ari Onassis was not attractive AT ALL. John F. Kennedy Jr looked just like his grandfather, Jack Bouvier. Happens all the time. My youngest son looks exactly like his grandpa.


    1. Not seeing a strong resemblance there, but who can ever know such things. It doesn’t answer the question, where is JFK Jr. now, and what was going on on Ari’s yacht. What is the Onassis-Kennedy-Bouvier connection?


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