Time to recharge batteries …

The above video is a debate between Craig Idso and Jeffrey Bennett on climate change. Idso has a PhD in geography and runs the website Center for Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. Typical of our corrupt times, trying to find that web page on the Google leads to a host of other sites that attack it, beginning with the DeSmogBlog, which has a long list of people whose character and intelligence it impugns. I recently asked the proprietors at Desmog to put me on their list, as even though I am but a lowly retired CPA, I want to be in the good company of the people they demean. No response.

Bennett is an astrophysicist. My cynical self says that he is merely stepping out of one corrupt field of science, astrophysics, and into another, the Climate Change Hoax. But I wanted to view this forum and hear the exchange, as it was a formal debate with rules, time limits, and a professional moderator. The only reason I am putting it up here is because if you take the time to go to 39:00 and listen to Bennett for maybe three minutes, you will hear him insult Idso’s character and integrity. Were it me, I would have reacted by calling Bennett out, making him name names, exposing his agenda and accusing him of lies. But Idso knows that such tactics on a public forum ultimately cost the larger points he was making. He stood tall, and did not stoop down to where Bennett was luring him. To his credit, Idso behaved as a man of integrity.

We are leaving on a long trip tomorrow, and the blog will be quiet for a while unless our other writers chime in. I say that with good will towards them, as they are busy men with active lives. Few can sit down and churn it out the way I do. (This blog started in 2006, run by me and my son. He quickly realized he could not keep it up while I could, and it became mine alone.) If I stumble on something that might be of interest as we hike the Italian Dolomites and then relax on the Amalfi Coast, I will chime in. Otherwise, chill, use the comments for fun, introduce new subjects, and enjoy this blog for your own.

After viewing the above video, I wanted out of the Climate Change Hoax. I am so sick and tired of lies and the lying liars who are telling them that I want to wall off the whole debate and never think about it again. It is a massive propaganda campaign, and meant to stick. By and large, the public doesn’t care about it, as we look around and see that things are as they have always been. But government officials, the UN and its IPCCC, academia, the schools, the media and entertainment industry are all on board. It seems overwhelming, and the ultimate agenda, as I will attempt to describe below, is dark. These are not scientists, public servants, or seekers of truth. They are charlatans on a prescribed mission, its paid followers knowing to go along to get along. Who is doing the prescribing? In the Climategate emails, Michael Mann called them “our closeted friends.”

Who is running this show? I don’t know, other than it is not Al Gore, the pot-smoking gentleman’s C-student who earned a D in the only science course he ever took at Harvard. He’s just an actor, not as good as his roommate Tommy Lee Jones, but good anyway. The forces behind the Climate Change Hoax are so powerful and embedded that they have insinuated the agenda into every aspect of our lives, and are promoting real policies that will do real harm, despite public indifference to the alleged threat.

At age 69 I sometimes think, since I am on the downhill side of my life, that it will be a relief to get off this crazy effing planet. There’s no end to the deceit and corruption. All I want is some distance from it, to smell the flowers and clean air, to be around good people and to stop caring about things I cannot control.

I have thought about our history, and previous lying campaigns that have been carried on. Here are but a few:

  • McCarthyism: Before my time, that is, I was alive but just a kid. I read about it later. Reputations were besmirched, good people attacked by evil people. A hoax was advanced, that there was such a thing as “communism,” that it was insidious and dangerous and carried out by people in disguise. It planted in most of the American public a distrust, and created a deep divide in the population. That was perhaps its overarching goal … that and to leave a foul odor across the landscape. The people behind it were ruthless, dishonest, and corrupt.
  • The JFK Assassination: A fake event, to be sure, but to what end? Certainly the people behind it meant to traumatize us, but again, to what end? It left us in grief and sorrow, with millions of school children, including me, going to bed and crying ourselves to sleep. It was insidious propaganda, trauma-based mind control, and was followed by yet another psyop meant to capitalize on our pent-up grief …
  • The Beatles. We’ve written enough here about these four kids who were hyped on the world stage, and then taken behind closed doors to pretend to write music they did not write playing instruments they could not play. It was done in part, from appearances, to advance feminization of men, use of drugs (especially LSD), and to create a divide between children and parents. In the end we were given another fake assassination, John Lennon, built up as a charismatic leader wanting peace, but in fact a low and vulgar man of little talent, just an actor.
  • AIDS: Again, promoted knowingly by some, like Richard Gallo, the false science behind it centered on a harmless virus that might not even exist but that was said to be dangerous and contagious. It is hard to know the true objectives here, but Bill Gates was hired to run with this “disease” and use it as part of a genocidal campaign on Africans, while at home it put a wedge between men and women, creating distrust and animosity. Again, the people behind it, including Gallo and Gates, appear vile and low, though we cannot know if in their heart of hearts they regard their mission  as noble. Humans are capable of infinite self-deceit.
  • Climate Change: Here again, the target is, at least in part, Africans, or let’s just say, brown and black people, as large parts of South America and Asia too are harmed too. Oil, gas and coal gave us our wealth. The people behind the Climate Change Hoax, which would include Bennett above, apparently do not want the poorer people of that continent to even have a basic commodity like readily available electricity. (They are willing to give them solar panels.) They are ruthless in advancing their lies, getting men and women fired, scientific papers quashed, censoring the media so that honest people no longer have access to any forum save lowly blogs and YouTube videos. Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” even advocates the hoosegow for people who don’t go along with the hoax.

The Climate Change Skeptics are, as I have been exposed to them these past months, honest people of good will and intelligence. There seems to be no place for them in this ungodly corrupted environment.

So that is where I am at right now, in a place where the power we are up against seems overwhelming. I am, of course, just a lowly blogger, but I have seen people of high intelligence and character besmirched by the likes of Bennett above, and want no more of it. I hope to use this trip to recharge, find some new energy and direction. I hope not to think about the scoundrels who abound on this planet, and focus, as we always do on these trips, on the people we meet on the trails in and the huts and refugios. People who are out there traipsing the mountains with us seem to be a different breed, easy to engage, easy to like.

That’s where I want to be.

20 thoughts on “Time to recharge batteries …

  1. Humans have been hoodwinked into believing there is no nature — only man-made rules, laws and things — in human nature. I know human nature to be kind, caring, loving and in harmony with nature, if only left alone by those who have plundered and raped their way to vast amounts of wealth and power. They must hide in the shadows, using others to do their bidding and ruthless mass murder of all earth’s life forms. I do not believe these self-appointed man-gods are strong or particularly healthy. Their gluttony will take its toll. When a critical mass rejects their centuries of debt-slavery these weaklings and cowards will lose their grip on the minds of fair-minded men and women no longer willing to exchange convenience for autonomy. Fight on. God gave us a brain so we could use it for good, not for hate and division. Fight on.


  2. Great post, Mark. One of the reasons I love this blog is that you deal with your awareness of what is going on in a way that feels honest, sane and healthy. It took a while for me to see MM as a fraud, but even before I became open to that possibility I thought one of the ways he might be uesful to TPTB is in his relentless pessimism and bitterness, his full-fledged retreat into ego and self-aggrandizement and isolation. I think he is meant to be a role model for how “awake” people should render themselves powerless if they aren’t stupid or crazy enough to follow the ranting bug-eyed tinfoil hat stereotype that other LH’s model for us. I am an optimistic–maybe romantic?–person by nature and most of the time believe in creating my own reality, living in the world but not of it as the saying goes, rather than allowing mainstream assholes or “alternative” assholes create and define it for me. Sometimes I fall into pessimistic funks though, much like tge one you so eloquently describe in this post. Your rightness, wrongness or mixture thereof on any particular issue doesn’t so much matter to me, but the way you work your way through it, sharing your struggles, joys, triumphs and setbacks along the way, is a balm and a gift. I’m very grateful for the work you do.


  3. Scott MK if MM was a fraud Mark would not have referenced his JFK paper his last post. You speak of loving Mark’s blog which has been deservedly shared and I believe is a given for any sane person including the ones trying to get a pass as sane but in the shadows are anything but. You seem very new to the blog which we have to start somewhere albeit insecure Lance Romance or otherwise. To each his own brown nosing included. But it won’t get you or I or Riley Jass or whoever anywhere. Neither will speaking of MM the way you do. Mark nor anyone else will be inviting you for meet up at the Waffle House or to Cubs game anytime soon or anywhere else for that matter especially you thinking MM’s head and not yours should be flushed in the toilet. You have a better chance being given your own Bachelor Gourmet show by TPTB before you ever getting actual chance to give MM head flush. Mark and all others worth their salt will tell you MM changed the way they see the world or at least understand secret of the universe truths about psyche changing lies interwoven with sadistic scripted events all of us were conditioned and taught to believe as real hammered home religiously like a scheduled spanking with the school principal’s paddle. Show some self-respect before Special Ed. remands you back only this time also wearing dunce cap for your yearbook photo.


    1. As Kevin Starr said when he left here, MM may be a limited hangout, but it is the best one around. He took down all of the negative pieces he had written about him. If it is a “him” or “they,” and even if they have ulterior motives, I still intend to read everything put out there. The thing about being down due to inability to get Internet is hard to swallow, however. As far as I know, Taos has a library.


      1. Mark … can’t help but notice … the MMC long ago predicted the death of your blog … but here you still are, whereas MM has fallen silent.


    2. Rico Sauze lol, someone is going to remand me somewhere with a dunce cap because I disagree with you about MM? I’ll be on the lookout–thanks for the heads up.

      I’m not new to this blog, just new to commenting, but your incorrect assumption is duly noted.

      The way you apparently wish to shame or, I don’t know, intimidate me for “speaking of MM the way I do” is sad. MM’s JFK and Manson papers are valuable, as are many observations in other papers. I’m not so “new” that I don’t understand how limited hangouts work, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m also not so naive that I think anybody–MM, Mark, you, me, the New York Times, or whatever other source of information you could name–should be held up as a beacon of truth to be absolutely trusted like a some kind of guru. The faith you express in MM reminds me of the faith so many people place in their preferred cable news shows. I don’t share it. But if making awkwardly-phrased passive-aggressive comments to people who don’t share your views on MM empowers you, have it at.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Regarding Miles Mathis I don’t need your permission to put you in your place Scott MK. I will do it as I see fit and yes so far you are feeding my appetite. I slash carve out the fake which I believe you are. You are also new to this blog period and have given yourself an assignment to see how much you can ingratiate yourself here on fakeness alone adjusting who you present yourself as and how you present yourself based on responses to your comments aimed strictly for selfish affirmations and having no real self you’re a chameleon and want what others have more than anything to prove your worthiness and sick pleasure of helping yourself to what isn’t really yours hoping only the thieved are ones who notice and no one else.
        For example I’ve already spotted plaguarism in your comments. I’d be delighted to highlight every bit of your highjacking for you thus far. Your comments are anything but your own and I’d be delighted to rub your nose in it. Your hijacking comment confused Mark but not me.
        I was already aware of your yoinking before you told on yourself. Scott MK I’ve been training for this my whole life. For as long as Mark approves my comments plan on duly noted often. I know your disingenuous kind very well and I ain’t letting go of you on this blog. Others most likely don’t care or notice who you really are. They think you just need a little stroking and encouragement.
        Makes no difference to me if they catch onto you. In meantime leave your childish space wasting FB lol’s on Zuckerberg’s front steps. No doubt you’re practically an honorary Admin for fake Zuckerberg in your mind by now.


  4. MM is an project. The stuff he posts is around celebrities & their Euro bloodlines. That site is still disinformation as a means to end. Distraction. Anyone see what is really transpiring today? Not 50 year ago or 20. Now.


      1. I’ll make you an offer for the books how’s that. Or did you give them away to Goodwill already for tax write off with your VHS tapes sans Indie films. Hard to believe you didn’t grasp a thing or at least come away with useful newfound sleeping aid from the books assuming interest first derived from MM’s science and other papers as prerequisite. Did you ever email the man for complimentary tutor session refund request or clarifications. Or did you just wake up one morning with MM revelation that he’s a plant no amount of watering can help. You don’t think MM shares your views on Hollyweird and admission none gate receipts? I can think of minimum two papers MM did somewhat in relation to your insightful in depth comments on the industry. If his papers are a Project then wouldn’t that make your comments Jr. Projects? MM just may be committee and he just may be a Project but so the fuck what. Take from MM what you wish and leave the rest alone for someone else to scratch their head or any other place over. To allow rookie comments to suck start giving them your charitable support or to piggyback on blow hard comments just becsuse only weakens your strengths. Which brings me back to these useless MM books you got suckered into. Name a price and we can go from there.


        1. Sorry, Sparky, a written work stands on its own. Especially it’s self published. Why it’s poorly written is the same reason most physics textbooks are garbage, they fail to define terms. It keeps referring to things that haven’t been explained, nor referenced in the book. I’m going to keep it as an example of poor writing.

          Also, my high school teacher had us use an outstanding deconstructionist physics text written by Milton Monson. It’s entitled “Physics is Constipated.” Clear, concise, with terms well defined, and within the book’s covers. It’s greatly overshadows whatever the MM crew is brewing up, and it was published in the early 80s, which underscores the lack of singularity of the MM crew…


  5. Motorhead your gathered ’round the office copy machine take on all things MM while sipping day old coffee and bumming smokes ain’t exactly blowing your bosses skirt up. Care to expand further on all things MM since you clearly won the if I’m uncircumsized then MM is a Project award. Oh do tell. Show us Motorhead isn’t leaking brain fluid. You’ve got MM in his geneology string against the ropes. Nothing but bloodlines all over the mat. Like Jimmy Johnson said. When you’re going up against a gorilla you never hit him lightly. You hit him with everything you got. Do it Motorhead. Do it. Deliver the knockout blow Motorhead. Send MM back to his muses. Well. We’re waiting…


  6. please someone post something re antonio brown or discuss

    not one in a million football realizes this for what it is
    a giant hoax perpetrated by the nfl to move an extremely talented football player away from a bottom feeder team to a top team

    Mark, wrote about this subject in a blog essay before how patriots seemingly out of nowwhere get star players that nobody wanted


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