I’m sharing to fight fascism.

The article I’m posting will not be seen if I/we do not share it with others. The forces censoring the internet, print, radio, tv, and all forms of media do not want certain truths to get out where it may damage the myths so carefully, and costly, to maintain. Our fence (cage) is electric, invisible to most. Our minds are managed. Some are awakening. Some already awake. It is painful to know how things work. One step in front of another, we must challenge the powers that enslave us.

Thank you Clint. And thank you for sharing. Pass it on.


“Now, let’s be clear, the secular “Jews” (by name only) that inhabit Zionist Israel are acting exactly as they insistently and institutionally portray the German citizens as acting during the 1930’s and 40’s. And the biggest Zionist shill of them all is your acting president in the United States:”

Trump signs declaration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=DRMs2K7DSY8

7 thoughts on “I’m sharing to fight fascism.

  1. Astoundingly quiet on this thread. Too many readers programed by TV-Land to explore the Zio-gang. They OWN Freemasonry. House of Windsor. City of London & Family Rothschild aka Red Shield. Federal Reserve is always headed by a relative of the above^^. Hollywood. Las Vegas. Wall Street. That would include the PTB dictating the grotesque side show located in Washington DC. No one dare question the chosen ones. Doesn’t get more elite than that.


    1. The chosen PTB have been analyzed in various forms so well that the questions about them and issues have been answered. Solutions have been provided, yet the big wheel of Zionism that spins cannot be stopped. What else could be added to the mounds of books, webpages, podcasts, interviews and documents that’s already covered everything?


      1. Given the lack or comments I feel its a taboo-self censorship issue here on the blog. When the vast majority of viewers are shown said ^^^material in the same fashion as the propaganda that is spewed forth the idiot box 24/7, then there would be a slow awakening. That & the satanic vatican clan exposed for what she is. But THEY control the information flow (hog trough, ’cause the do not eat pork) for the goyim menu is fluff-stuff & sports.


      2. Of course, this is all hiding in plain sight. There are, however, many who do not know, just beginning the endless journey down the rabbit hole. I tend to favor attending to that subset, which bores the hell out of a lot of our regular POM crowd. Takes all kinds, right?


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