A word to the wise … commenting, enough of the negative energy

I am not going to name names here, as you know who you are. Well, I will name one, Dick Mustard Q, who is Gaia [Gaia denies this, meaning we have a new psychopath onboard], and who is gone. But for the others, you are being much too confrontational and “right all the time.” This doesn’t bother me personally, as I am “Administrator” and offensive comments never see light of day with me. But other writers are “editors” and have to endure a slot of shit before they finally complain to me and I ban the source of the nonsense.

Writing on a blog should be a synergistic experience. I was just telling Fauxlex this morning about my experience. I will quote from my email to him, as it is not something that needs to be kept personal:

My wife and I were in Buenos Aires, just a large city where we had no business, a traveling mistake we now avoid (big cities are boring). There was a cemetery nearby our hotel,  But not an ordinary one … these were wealthy stiffs, and the graves were mausoleums, elaborate and each the size of a small garden shed. One of them was that of Eva Peron, someone I knew about and whose name was familiar. I knew the Andrew Lloyd Weber had written a Broadway play about her, and one of the characters was, illogically it seemed, Che Guevara. I checked out the dates on the Peron grave, and the numbers did not work, saying she had died at age 32 (? Not sure of that.) Later I learned that her real birth date would place her death at age 33. Aha! fake fake fake. On return I read up and wrote about Eva Peron’s very easily seen to be fake death.

A commenter got in touch privately to tell me that there was more, that I was missing something very big. He did a big reveal on me … and dumped it: Eva Peron’s daughter in real life is Madonna, the mediocre singer who had a big, big career. I was floored! But the evidence, including facial work, said yes, Eva Peron lived on and raised an American Family. Further, what appeared to be her sister became Isabel Peron, later president of Argentina. It was all in the family! Juan Peron was not anyone’s husband, and Eva merely retired from public view.

Then something else I knew about made sense … a major motion picture was in the works based on the Broadway play, Evita, the AL Weber thing. Madonna was said to have written a three four-page letter to the director, begging to be given the part. Of course! It was about her mother. She did an OK job, but there were other better performers who would have nailed it. Giving her the part made no sense … unless … . Also, it appeared from a grieving video that Madonna  made that Eva died for real in 2010.

I was just reading about intuition, how we sometimes sense more than objective evidence tells us. I sensed that Eva’s death was fake, and had I just carried this information with me privately, the rest of the story would never have been revealed. … We are part of a synergistic enterprise.

That commenter was Richard Juckes. Richard, if you are still out there, come back! The quality of comments has diminished, we are in need of uplift. I remember putting up the John-Denver-faked-his-death post, and how useful the comments were, how much they added. I miss that.

My point is this: If you choose to use the comment section to be an ass wipe, you will be wipee. Synergism implies more than one brain at work, as none of us are geniuses. If the best your brain can do is arrogant confrontation and put-down, fuck off. If you don’t, you will join Gaia in the hinterlands.

PS: I had to copy that part of my email from my iPad and send it to myself in order to use it here.  Someone please explain to me why, in the transfer, every time I wrote the word “Madonna”, the following appeared: “<x-apple-data-detectors://6>”. The number 6 was incremental, the next time it appeared, it was 7.

PPS: Needs to be said, that I too am guilty of occasionally going off the rail. Certain people get to me more than others. I have the ability to rewrite history, however, and make my intemperate remarks disappear. The word coined for this is “cyberdisinhibition.” Because we are on a blog, we are not seeing facial expressions or reactions, or hearing tone of voice. Ergo, we don’t temper our remarks as we should. I would bet that even the meanest commenter, when in company of friends and family, is polite and restrained.

5 thoughts on “A word to the wise … commenting, enough of the negative energy

  1. Bytheway I have been thinking a lot about kyle’s Jupiter question. It does seem quite bizarre that light can travel from the sun and bounce off of a ball of hydrogen and helium(two gases that don’t obey the last magician’s g. Google monster atmospheric escape)all the way back to reach our rock.

    Kyle was asking for some synergistic input but no one obliged cause well it’s a tough question to answer. World views may be damaged and feelings may get hurt. I reckon some folks are built for it and some ain’t.


  2. Please show me where I use epithets in a comment directed at you. If I did I apologize. I doubt I did though cause I’m usually reserve my epithets for my little buddy and rollo over at fakeologist.


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