Reminder: American Elections are Fraudulent

The cat being let out of the bag about a fixed election, in real-time.

Just a quick tidbit for readers here about the American Super Tuesday elections held last night (also, a reminder to check out Mark’s excellent piece from yesterday on Bill Maher). An unbelievable thing happened yesterday in the American Super Tuesday primary elections, and as always…the American public is asleep at the wheel. What happened, do you ask? Well it turns out, somehow the betting markets became aware that Joe Biden was going to sweep Super Tuesday BEFORE ANY RESULTS WERE REPORTED. You heard that right. The betting market became aware of Biden’s huge night before Biden’s huge night actually occurred. The uptick in Biden’s odds was extremely sharp and sudden, which only happens based on game-changing information, yet there was no such information on the surface. This kind of activity, sudden and precipitous and immediately preceding the event itself, does not happen unless the fix is known to be in.

In a country with legitimately free and fair elections and media, this would immediately be reported as a scandal. Of course, that is not what is actually going to happen. The media will keep their eyes wide shut.

These primaries could not have been legitimate. Biden did not even campaign or have offices in two states that he won, Massachusetts or Minnesota. This is, quite frankly, unbelievable. When you pair it with the fact that the betting markets somehow knew that Biden was going to have this unbelievable night just before it actually happened, then we are left with no conclusion to draw other than that these primary results are wholly illegitimate. Obviously, someone let the cat out of the bag early and slick bettors tried to jump on board to make a quick buck.

Reminder to readers: Do not believe anything you see coming out of American elections. This is not because of the Russians, it is because the outcomes of the elections are pre-determined. The people are not actually in the control of anything.

One of the responses to the main tweet, confirming how precipitously Biden’s odds climbed early in the day. This also shows what the odds chart looked like the day before.
Get a load of this, and realize that Biden supposedly won MA and MN. This is not how legitimate election results look.

You can check the latest and greatest betting odds at this link.

22 thoughts on “Reminder: American Elections are Fraudulent

  1. So in betting markets, can just a few big players change Biden’s odds? Presumably this Hot Tip would not be given to all bettors… I’m genuinely asking, I don’t know much about betting markets.

    Also, do you think Biden is preferred for overall narrative purposes, or what? It’s not like Bernie or Warren et al are the real deal (imo.)

    Another point when it comes to this sort of thing… Whether fixed or not, it’s not a complete disconnect from where real world people are. Just last night an acquaintance told me he liked Biden for strategic reasons and might reluctantly support him. He liked Bernie but thought it was a bit of a drastic swing to the left, that a more centrist course would be wise in the wake of Trump. And so on. My point is simply that all these guys serm to have their real world supporters, it’s not completely phony. How do they pull this off exactly, you think they fix a few key precincts? Or it’s just bogus and controlled across the board? The local poll watchers and captains easily conned?


    1. Trust me…these local election commissions create the system. They know where the cracks are, and they can boost the numbers of any candidate they want. Especially with coordination with the political establishment. I have some experience close enough for me to say this with confidence.

      It depends on the precinct for how aggressively they can do this, but with coordination they can easily boost a candidate of their choosing to the top. Biden last night universally smashed any and all projections literally everywhere.

      The betting I agree might just be a small-ish group of people in the know. Not wanting to tip their hand and swing the market too early, they wait until election day itself. It’s like people shorting airline stocks right before 9/11. You can’t lie with the betting market…it is the best reflection of known information.

      As for rigging elections bigger than a state primary, don’t some folks think that the numbers are just completely made up? If you control the apparatus that handles a recount, I’m not sure you have much to worry about. There were many such theories that Trump’s 2016 Wisconsin and Michigan numbers could not have been legitimate, but that might be caused by the kind of boosting I referred to above.


      1. MM did a piece once saying the numbers were completely made up, or largely so. He analyzed Trump’s 2016 election. What I wonder about is that each local precinct sends in its tally (I think?) and so can verify that the higher level doesn’t tamper with that. But I haven’t read up this at all, so this is just a general impression.


        1. One thing I found during my time with personal experience (as alluded to above) was that there was a group of people with birthdates in the 1800’s who, according to records, were extremely regular local voters. Amazing feat for a bunch of 120 year olds!!! Never blew the whistle on that one, but yeah…not much oversight going on, and I’m sure even the recounts would be like the fox guarding the hen house.


  2. Elections are not that deep, IMO. Electors elect the president. I’m not sure what common voters think they’re doing. Primaries are government-funded, state-by-state elections for private corporations (clubs). If there was a box to vote “NO” on each and every ballot to disapprove of the entire process, as opposed to not participating, elections might, slowly over time, gain some legitimacy. As is, there is none.

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, the Electoral College is an affront to democracy. But it is the winning party of the election that gets those electors and the electors have never gone against the supposed will of the voters. It is the elections themselves that are manipulated. They would use the Electoral College to rig if by some miracle the vote result got out of their control, but let’s be real here…that ain’t happening. The manipulations are happening on the front lines.


      1. I beg to differ somewhat on the “affront to democracy” statement. The electoral college was a concession to maintain states rights under the original constitution, as small states would have simply been overwhelmed in a one-man-one-vote system, and have no real power. As it was, each was guaranteed three votes in the EC.

        The 14th Amendment effectively undermined the original constitution, placing the Federal Government in supremacy over the states. So the EC is of much less importance now, with states having been castrated.


        1. Mark coming in with the argument straight out of Dixie circa 1861! Didn’t see that one coming. I have to research the 14th Amendment to get a better idea of what you are referring to there… I am sure that you are on solid ground. That said, I simply cannot bring myself to defend the Electoral College. I do not understand what the small states have needing protection so badly that it is worth more than the winner of the popular vote winning an election (which seems like a very fundamental rule for an honest and legitimate democracy). Also, isn’t that what the Senate was supposed to be for (2 reps per state regardless of size)? It is not like in other countries the high population provinces pillage the low population provinces. It feels like if we want to consider ourselves a legitimate democracy, the President should be the person who gets the most votes.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am no Federalist. States rights are an important part of the bedrock of our country. The Electoral College just feels borderline indefensible. There has got to be a way to defend states rights without having that be linked to defending the Electoral College.


  3. The USG and States are corporations. Both major parties are corporations. Citizens are corporations. That’s complete control. Elections cannot change anything substantial. Voters consent to the system, non-voters consent to the system in silence, game, set, match. -Saunders/Garcia (1973)


    1. I was too, and was worried you were a TimR impersonator or something. I have no say over why a comment ends up in moderation. Yours didn’t use links or anything (a usual reason). Sorry, I’ll go back and find it.


  4. Look at the selection of candidates, these are who we get to choose from. Once again USA’s best of breed in the race for President. With all the intelligent, good looking, younger, hard working people in our country eligible to run and be dazzled by, yet if we vote we have to chose one of these bozos.


    1. All yours are showing up on my end. I don’t control what ends up in moderation in any case.


  5. Just the fact that Nancy Pelosi is still around after all these years is proof that national politics is little more than a dog-and-pony show. I’m not even convinced she’s human.


  6. I agree that elections are easily manipulated, planned, etc.

    But just to play Devil’s Advocate, it’s worth mentioning that the COMMAND really did go out from on high…”We are getting behind Biden.” Multiple candidates dropped out in 48 hours prior and endorsed Biden. One richguy I know got called by several Democratic Senators the night before Super Tuesday and TOLD who “everyone” would be supporting.

    This all happened out in the open, and could have easily influenced even NON “in-the-know” bettors to make some bets. Also, if some “in-the-know” bettors started doing it, the rest of the punters might have noticed and piled in.

    You’re right that elections are manipulated. You’re right that the odds moved significantly BEFORE anyone voted. But it’s an open question (to me) how much of the manipulation is hidden, and how much of it was open…”We’re stopping Bernie; it’s time for “everyone” to get behind Biden.”


    1. I considered this and the only problem is that the odds should have moved the days prior, if so. Instead, the odds moved aggressively ON ELECTION DAY, without any matching news favorable to Biden. I agree that the whole thing was manipulated…why would Buttigieg/Klobuchar drop out when it seemed headed to a brokered convention? That’d be a dream scenario for them, yet they dropped out and got behind Biden. This alone moved the needle in betting days prior, but only slightly. There was an additional aggressive movement in the betting odds on election day itself, midday, that is completely unexplainable. Then it turned out Biden annihilated his projections EVERYWHERE. And not just picking up 100% of the votes of everyone who dropped out, but somehow even more than that.

      The whole thing was both manipulated AND the election results were boosted. Likely a bit of each category, and the betting odds spike we saw on election day was caused by the latter…the fraudulent boosted votes out of nowhere for Biden.


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