Coronasunday … a few matters concerning the panic attack

We are off for the day on another senior citizen hiking adventure, so if comments go to moderation I won’t be here to free them. Remember that WordPress as a two-link maximum. Other comments go to moderation for reasons I do not understand. For instance, Jon LeBon, a real person of solid mind and good intentions, is automatically put in moderation whenever he comments here. I asked WP to look into the matter, and they did, and came up empty.

I have asked Fauxlex to keep an eye on the moderation bin, but you never know, he might be busy today too, maybe watching March Madness … oh … wait …

AB has put up a centralized link to give everyone an opportunity to listen and look at various matters of evidence and opinion.

Also, there is this link, from an Alexei Kyrilloff comment that leads to a long document published in November of 2018 from the US Patent Office concerning a matter known as “Coronavirus.” I have not have time to do anything other than skim the comprehensible parts, but will do so tomorrow morning. That still does not guarantee comprehension, but it appears at a glance that Coronavirus was patented for use in treatment of bronchitis and as a tool in making better vaccines. If that is the case, someone just grabbed it off the shelf for an alternative use, a mass panic.

Ciao! Enjoy your Sunday, or if in Canberra, Australia, your Monday.

29 thoughts on “Coronasunday … a few matters concerning the panic attack

  1. I hope someone is watching the Global Consciousness Project data from the last week. Might be some interesting results there.

    I have come to believe this is just the next in a long line of planned events to drive social division. Pulling the plug on sports removes the outlet for the average person. Media drives panic. Narratives are controlled. People are controlled. Social distancing. This will have long term ramifications on the psyches of all the children coming of age right now.

    Perhaps we are simply being programmed. The simplest explanation is that this is a massive predictive programming event. It makes me wonder if they are in control of time itself. Absurd, I know. But this whole thing is absurd.


      1. For something else. Almost like trauma based mind-control for every poor soul in the USA. There has been predictive programming FOR this event, but this might be part of the purpose. Traumatize a whole new generation. Incept them with fear and social discord. Each new generation must be taught to fear. I’m wondering if this is just another in a long line of programming the minds of the public. Obey. Fear. Obey. Fear. Follow the herd. Obey.


        1. Of course that is what this is. That’s why I don’t see impending doom. Just business as usual. frightened people are easier to mange, as the cerebral cortex is not engaged. Only the amygdala.


          1. This is why I raised the Global Consciousness Project. You would have thought they would be witnessing unusual data this last week. A convergence of people with a collective mindset, manufactured or not. Anyone familiar with the GCP, would love to hear from you.


            1. Why would the global consciousness(noosphere)project have witnessed unusual data last week? And how does one control time?

              You should study Russian cosmism. I think you’d enjoy it.


              1. Seems like a textbook event for the GCP to me, but clearly you think you know better. Floor is all yours, SMJ. Don’t pester me with questions when clearly you just don’t agree with me. Say your say without being such a disingenuous little pestering annoyance to me. This is the same old thing…jump in and ask me leading questions when you finally see something you think you can undermine that I’ve said.

                And shut it about the off-hand “time” comment I made. When events feel so absurd and controlled, it can make one feel like they are preparing for future events that we couldn’t possibly know. Unexplainable responses can lead someone to question whether somehow those at the top are playing with the timelines or some such thing. The response here is that absurd. But I never claimed this was a serious idea, or said that I knew how it’d be done. Was an off hand comment that clearly you have a problem with. So again, stop pestering me with your disingenuous questions. Just come out with it if you disagree. Don’t hide behind these silly “Who, me?” defenses when you do this same gambit with me every single dang time. You are not “just asking questions”, you are undermining me. This is all I ever see from you, so don’t be surprised when I say that you seem driven to undermine me here on the smallest point. I say this because your actions indicate it. You have a special dislike for me and you should admit it.

                So yes, clearly you disagree about the GCP, so again…don’t just be an annoyance. Floor is yours. Out with it, then. I don’t pretend to work for the GCP. All I know is events on a global scale with a convergence of minds is supposed to be of interest to them. Why do you feel that this is not a textbook GCP event? If group meditation would be a POSITIVE anomaly then you would think group panic would show you as a NEGATIVE anomaly. Wasn’t trying to say something controversial, but I’m very excited to hear why you feel I was mistaken. In the future feel free to to just say why you disagree so that we can skip this silly foreplay.


                1. My bad. I thought maybe you had a mechanism in mind for gcp and time control. No problem if you don’t though. I still think you ought to check out russian cosmism. You can thank me later my friend…

                  “Cosmists have in recent decades been rediscovered and embraced by many Russian intellectuals and are now recognized as essential to a native Russian cultural and intellectual tradition. Although they were scientists, theologians, and philosophers, the Cosmists addressed topics traditionally confined to occult and esoteric literature. Major themes include the indefinite extension of the human life span to establish universal immortality; the restoration of life to the dead; the reconstitution of the human organism to enable future generations to live beyond earth; the regulation of nature to bring all manifestations of blind natural force under rational human control; the transition of our biosphere into a “noosphere,” with a sheath of mental activity surrounding the planet; the effect of cosmic rays and currently unrecognized particles of energy on human history; practical steps toward the reversal and eventual human control over the flow of time; and the virtues of human androgyny, autotrophy, and invisibility.”


                  …federov, the father of cosmism, was a member of the Gagarin clan of course.


              2. “How does one control time?”
                Not all of us can.

                But shamans, Grand Masters of masonic lodges and Yogi’s can. Oh, if they can.
                Time is just an illusion.
                Reality is an illusion.

                What do magicians do? They are in control of their illusion from start to finish.

                Mathis always says that quantum physics and the holographic universe are a fraud. They’re not. He just doesn’t understand any of it.
                He thinks he’s awake cos he does people’s genealogy and discovers hoaxes. He’s not even near awakening,

                Start practicing some spiritual technique seriously SMJ, you’ll see for yourself what time really is and how to be in control of it.


                  1. Be careful with symbols, as they’re the architecture of our universe, not all of them are positive. Many are negative, that meaning they drain out your energies.
                    It’ll about energies, and symbols and archetypes.
                    The human mind works by symbols and you can control anyone’s mind with a symbol. What do you think religious symbols are?
                    The language of the universe symbols.
                    Buy a good book about symbols in esoteric disciplines and then come back.

                    What’s real about anything, us included SMJ? You tell me.


                    1. Oh, I forgot:

                      Thousands of years ago spirituality and science were exactly the same thing, we lost that awareness unfortunately.
                      Scientism has destroyed everything.
                      The Spirit is a law of physics nobody in modern days yet understands, a very easy one: Energy of photons.
                      Physics is just an expression of the spirit.


                    2. Indeed, Was/wo ist Realität?

                      Wittegenstein’s nephew’s favorite symbol was the orobouros. Mine happens to be the psi symbol. It’s the symbol for psychology of course. Dealy plaza is a psi symbol, the twin towers had psi symbols at the top that collapsed when everyone was looking, and schrodinger’s psi symbol collapses when looked at of course. No matter though cause if one really believes in schrodinger’s symbol and it’s superimposed implications we get the multiple worlds interpretation(the mechanism for the so-called Mandela effect).

                      The same magician gave us photons(discrete packets of light) and the quantum bytheway…

                      “In 1905, at the age of 26, Einstein published On a Heuristic Point of View Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light (along with three other groundbreaking papers, which would change physics forever, and finished his PhD; this was his annus mirabilis, Latin for “miraculous year”). In it he would propose that light, too, came in chunks (i.e., light quanta), or behaves as particles, which we now call photons.”


                      …we don’t call him onestone for nothing.


  2. I’ll reply to JLB here, on point that people are idiots bc of tp buying. Just seems like the media (as fairly typical) wants that to be a takeaway lesson. JLB may say, well they’re right then. But, I kind of suspect they may have contrived the tp thing somewhat themselves. Either they pinched the supply line, then claimed there was a run. Or, they spotlighted a minor run (it’s easy bc stores can’t really stock much due to its cubic volume per pack.) In either case, the panic was somewhat directed/ hyped by the media. So ok, then people fell for it a little… Even while laughing abt it a bit… Nevertheless w a fear that the crazy hoarders might leave them in the cold (and wet.)
    But anyway, there’s some element of media mockery in the tp fiasco.. Not sure how much pre planned and how much opportunistic.


  3. I am working on an idea here. Alexie left a comment yesterday that linked to a US Patent Office approved patent of something called “Coronavirus.” This happened in 11/2018.

    50 pages, much of it unreadable computer scrambled eggs, but I will dive in tomorrow morning.

    In the matter of viruses and disease, it is pretty slipshod. With HIV, ZIKA, EBOLA, and now Coronavirus, all they are doing is showing the presence of the “virus,” in the case of Coronavirus, apparently an engineered thing that was designed build a vaccine for respiratory diseases. That is a gold mine. Suspend judgment please, as this is what these people do for a living, and is also where money leads them. They use dead cell tissue to make vaccines. I regard this piece of evidence as a smoking gun.

    Anyway, mere presence of the “virus” explains all that follows, that is, they do not explain exactly how the virus invades cells, affects organisms, causes tissue to break down. It is just there, ergo everything that follows is caused by it. To build a vaccine against an phantom organism is a classic scam.

    So now we have a patented virus, and ergo, a means by which we can test for it, as the inventors had to have isolated it, purified it. But it appears harmless, if even a living thing. It is also cold and flu season, and so the plan appears to have been to introduce the manufactured virus during a time when illness is spreading and immunity-marginalized people are dying … to superimpose Coronavirus on that. It cannot spread on its own, ergo the positive tests are either planted samples, or merely made up. They are scattering them around to make it appear as though the thing is spreading on its own.

    Cold and flu happen every year, and most people are either immune or get over it, and there is no reporting. If however, at the outset, the Coronavirus crowd wants to start a panic, they begin to seed the landscape either with the 11/98 patented virus, or simply place false test results in the stream of medical evidence that is accumulating in labs.

    Coronavirus is with us! Run, everyone! Run!!! But it was not catching on, so to speak, as people don’t see bodies being carted out ala “Bring out your dead!”, and those who are infected like me in January, merely have an upper respiratory infection, aka, a cold. Now it is time for public officials to double down. Public sporting events are canceled. Then comes school closures. “Now will you listen?” is the message. The idea is to reinforce in the public mind that there is danger. Those who rely on news instead of knowing how to think for themselves are buying in, and presto! Toilet paper disappears from stores. So does hamburger. People are hoarding. Mission accomplished. We are in madness.

    I mentioned to our daughter today that if this was real and there was real danger, they would shut down the churches, which they have not done. “Oh, they will,” she said. She is bought in, telling us as evidence that Switzerland is under lock down. post hoc, ergo propter hoc, but I gotta maintain family relations.

    That’s my idea, so far, that a real and harmless Coronavirus is piggybacking on cold and flu season.

    [Addendum to this comment: The Coronavirus that is used in the link supplied by Alexie is one that has been around since the 1960s, and the patent was approved for use of it in an altered and non-pathological state to make a vaccine. COVID-19 is said to be a deadly offshoot of Coronavirus. I do not beleive this to be true. I am not convinced it exists, or if by chance that if it did exist, it would be deadly. The symptoms are indistinguishable from the common cold, so I therefore think that it is just cold and flu season and COVIF 19 is a piggyback partner.]


    1. Churches here are closed and this is what I have been saying for days, that this is just regular cold and flu season with a huge helping of mass hysteria. I agree wholeheartedly. The sports thing I also see your logic. Doubling down, or under my idea…removing that safety net or outlet for people. Thus guaranteed panic. Ultimately, I completely agree. The test as well is arbitrary and its’ results do not correlate to a particular sickness. It does not satisfy Koch postulates. The test is basically confirmation bias. A certain percentage of the population will inherently test positive regardless of any connection whatsoever with “COVID-19”. That is all we’re seeing here. Cold and flu season with mass hysteria and increased social discord (lack of sports, social distancing). This will be traumatic in the long term for future generations in ways we can hardly imagine, and this may be the whole point.


        1. Well, yeah! That’s kind of my point with this being a form of programming. Reinforcement of concept. Making us youngs feel GOOD about having our faces stuffed in our phones at a distance from human contact. We will feel that we are right and good to be doing so. Thus further reinforcement of poor social cohesion for generations to come.

          Just a thought. I completely agree with you, in general.


          1. Good point. This panic is indeed reinforcing a number of pre-existing trends (and the businesses of big companies deeply connected with governments, Intelligence, etc.) You’re right, in light of the “Virus Crisis” everyone feels VINDICATED in being iPhone addicts, Amazon shopping addicts, anti-social social media addicts, Netflix binge watchers, etc.


    2. I definitely second your post hoc, ergo propter hoc… (Taking the meaning from context)… Several people, like your daughter, have told me they’re taking their cues from the “seriousness of the response” so to say. They look at drastic govt response, and conclude that this is, ipso facto (that’s my Latin), a real kick-ass disease.
      To be fair, most of these same people will either concede a little wariness of buying in, or bring up sceptical points themselves. But “better safe than sorry” prevails and their alarm systems are on over-ride due to the official freak out signals.


      1. Yep! Very good point. “The serious of the response” gives them “clues” that “it must be a very serious virus.”

        It’s so silly. It is foolish to trust known liars. But people still DO. They just can’t help it.

        Meanwhile people like US also draw conclusions from “the serious of the response” but we do so unburdened by the illusion that our “leaders” have our best interests at heart.

        So we see evidence of TPTB deliberately scaring us, destroying wealth, stopping small business, banning free assembly, etc etc.


      1. You’re not banned. You are moderated. As with Motorhead, your comments are too often and too often off-topic. In your case, they are seemingly touching on or hinting at flat earthiness, a forbidden topic.


        1. Oh. Ok. I’m not a flat earther. The subject had already been changed.
          Anyway, I’m getting real worried they’re going to close school for the rest of the year. I’m at home now with my kids doing all this at home school stuff. It’s a mess. Parents are going to go crazy. My wife is working at home. One of her bosses said on a meeting that you can’t work from home if your kids are there. Have to get a babysitter. Wtf.


    3. Crown Corporation SERCO has a “classification contract,” which some say is controlling, at the U.S. Patent Office. Worth a look.

      Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross (AKA “King of Bankruptcy”) has fingers in the pot. He’s a former Rothchild banker (wingless vulture) specializing in distressed assets.


  4. Heard from a friend in rural south France that they are now under “soft martial law” and only allowed to go out for food or to walk the dog. Having a conversation on the street corner is a €150 fine if caught. Said it is on for the next 15 days.


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