Far from the madding crowd … is not possible

We got back from a ski trip earlier today, Nordic skiing and late in the year. There were very few people at a place that has 180 kilometers of trails. It was quiet and away from the madding crowd.

After return I went to the local supermarket for a few things for breakfast sausage recipe that I make. The parking lot was full. I thought that perhaps the snow we were experiencing was going to be a much bigger storm and that people were stocking up. I looked at the weather forecast … no such thing. Just a light dusting.

I saw not what I usually see in busy times, like Christmas or with a big storm coming in, many people buying a few items. People instead had their carts full, and lines went down the isles. I had maybe ten items, and the self checkout area was not crowded.

It was not until I was halfway home that I realized what was going on … Coronavirus! People are hoarding.

We live in the mountains above Denver. We do not see our neighbors. It is not crowded. The area has now closed its schools for the coming week, at least. We are an isolated corner of the world, and the hand of those who create this panic has reached us. What must it be like in cities?

It is a manufactured panic. There is no virus. I am thoroughly impressed with the people staging this madness. They have hands on the reins, and are playing the entire population like a cheap guitar. Awesome.

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  1. I just had the exact same experience at a grocery store, and my office has already announced that as soon as someone tests positive they will be shutting down the office. I said that we should all go get tested because the test is fake and we sure as heck will have at least someone who tests positive. Shut it down! Amazing, this Mass Hysteria. Corona-Mania 2020.

    From the research I have done, I agree. There is no Coronavirus. This is a particularly nasty cold and flu season with a huge heaping spoonful of mass Hysteria. And a test that 1 to 2% of the population will inherently test positive on. You have yourself there a recipe for a beautiful social breakdown driven by those at the top. It is a planned demolition of the economy. Those who knew it was coming will have been able to make tremendous profits.


    1. At the end of the day, you have to follow the money. I hope that’s what it’s all about. Everybody just gave them about 20% of their wealth. Hopefully that’s enough for them. Along with a little social change.


      1. Money, power, control. I suppose we shouldn’t try to needlessly over-complicate it, but why are these sports leagues willingly foregoing all those profits? What’s in it for them?

        Everyone in the conspiracy community is really struggling to see the deeper motivation behind this one. Is it the same old, same old? Reinforce your control, profit during the crisis?

        Or is there something deeper and more complex going on here?


        1. You’re right David. They already have whatever they want. Make us a little poorer and give us a little social change. Definitely a social experiment of some sort.


    2. Just went to my local Kroger, shelves were pretty normal. Some bare spots but nothing cray at all. They definitely had a lot of pallets ready to shelf also. So maybe we have reached the damn peak.


    3. It seems to be business owners and leaders, even at mid-sized companies, are gleefully shutting down offices and business operations. Makes me think a lot of them received a memo. Or maybe it’s copycat culture. Or maybe it’s (fear of) lawsuit culture.In any case, I am almost certain that even at the top… NBA, NCAA, etc., they are being well-compensated for their disruption.


  2. I know. That’s exactly what I keep going back to. The sports leagues shutting down. Most of the athletes themselves aren’t losing much. But the universities and owners are, supposedly. Maybe they’re just getting paid under the table.


  3. I’m happy I live on top of a hill, in a tiny sardinian village abt. 3o km (17,5 miles) far from the nearest town. Being in the countryside I spend a lot of time outdoor (it’s already spring here, around 22 degrees Celsius during the day) with my dogs, and I can practice some sport and meditation all alone, nobody around to stress me out with their stupid virus psychosis.

    Life in Italian cities is hell at the moment. Most local authorities in the North got carried away and locked up parks and sport areas. Even walking the dog in the morning has become an ordeal. This is taking things a bit too far.
    People have to queue outside supermarkets and are let in two or four at a time, at 1 mt. distance from one another.
    Need I say more?

    Almost all European borders are now closed, at least for two weeks.
    We’re back to 1933.

    If this bullshit doesn’t end by April 3rd our government will be liable of all possible suicides and crimes committed within households.

    The aftermath of this mass trauma experiment will affect this generation and maybe the next for years to come. Unbelievable.

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  4. This, Mark, is exactly what happened on 9/11. How they were able to do what they did right in the middle of NYC, in broad daylight, on a business day, and nobody saw. I didn’t see but I knew something was happening and where it was happening but I still couldn’t see. Something is happening now. And we can’t see hat it is. We can only see the people being herded to shelter in place and shut themselves indoors. After 9/11 they shut the stock market down for a week. This time it’s the schools in the US for 2 weeks, whole countries, Italy for months, Denmark. It’s reducing human awareness of our surroundings, something, it’s making the world quiet like Pynchon said, like it was quiet in NYC on 9/11 and after. Once the stores are empty and the people are inside it can happen. Either it doesn’t matter if a few people get a glimpse because nobody will believe them anyway or it takes a collective mind to see it and that collective mind is locked away hiding from a virus. It’s also my feeling that this is the reason the Kennedy [fake] assassination took place outdoors in Dealy Plaza. To draw everyone’s attention to the motorcade and away from something else. On 9/11 the planes hit the top of the towers because the real action occurred at the base.


      1. What’s going on now is exactly like 9/11. I worked in an office at WFC with windows facing the towers. There was a big panic when people thought the second plane was going to hit our building and everybody rushed off the trading floor and down the main stairwell. Except for me. I stopped to watch the plane and it moved father away, got smaller then stopped moving altogether. I never saw it hit anything. So I looked down on the street and what I saw there made me run out the (unused) emergency exit. For a long time I thought the fake plane was a drone or a glider now I think it might have been a projection or hologram. I don’t know. It scared the shit out of the entire building which hit the stairwell out in about 5 seconds and took half an hour to empty. Same thing happening today with coronavirus. Everybody panicking and rushing for reasons that aren’t real. After this comes the quiet, like in Italy where at 6pm they make noise of of their windows. the rest of the day is for whatever’s going on. Bonus points to you Mark if you read “Against the Day” where half the book is set in Italy. Especially where the Inconvenience hit the Campanile. Pynchon suggests it, or something like it, hit the WTC.


        1. I forgot to say that I’m convinced too that the planes hitting the WTC buildings were holograms. But you can’t say that in Italy, not even on blogs that treat 9/11 conspiracies, as you’ll be banned straight away and called nasty stuff.

          An italian researcher and film director, Massimo Mazzucco made a documentary about 9/11 called The new Pearl Harbour, as he lived in the States in that period, you should watch it. He also made the American Moon documentary about the fake moon landing Miles Mathis wrote a paper on a few days ago.

          Do you think people really died that day? I don’t.


          1. Not to keep toying with our Taos friend, but I was quite amazed to find a paper of his via Wayback Machine as recently as 2008 where the author supports a real Apollo moon landing. This was edited out of all future editions. “We have…hit golfballs in its bunkers”. That’s not the Mathis we’re told exists.

            One of the recent MM images stated to be from 2011 is in my notes as being from 2006, and doesn’t fit at all with other known pictures from 2011 where he is clearly much older with gray hair. All the more reason I trust nothing on that site.

            It has bothered me for weeks how I ever attributed that photo to 2006, but I’m fairly certain it has been memory holed. And yes, isn’t it strange he hasn’t written about CoronaMania 2020 yet???


          2. Then here is the 2006/2011 thing driving me nuts. My notes definitely had this photo down as 2006, while in recent paper he says 2011.

            Then this photo, since taken down and found via Wayback, was also very explicitly dated 2011. I don’t care if you tell me he just dyes his hair or something. I don’t believe that my original 2006 note was wrong. It’s a shame it got memory holed. I can’t find the 2006 attribution anywhere, but it makes 1,000x more sense.


          3. As for 9/11, I lean towards “no planes” with plants on the street saying “Oh my gosh I saw a plane!”. Why else use the explosives to blow a phony-looking airplane shape into the beams? Everyone who didn’t see a plane will just be told they “missed it” since tens of millions of people saw a plane on live TV. No planes or even holograms would have been necessary. Just my gut feeling on it.


          4. Newton’s 3rd Law was apparently suspended that day. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A plane traveling 500 mph hitting a building will meet the exact same force as a building traveling 500 mph and hitting a plane. The object with greater mass will prevail, in this case, the building with its concrete and steel over the plane with its aluminum frame. The planes should have ended up as debris in the streets below.

            Newton’s 3rd Law is not affected by velocity. Imagine a baseball and a brick wall. You can throw the baseball as hard as you want, fire it from a rocket launcher, and the wall will always prevail. There is no speed at which the ball will pass through the wall.

            Ergo, the events depicted on TV were physically impossible, and did not happen.

            In the same manner, the Shanksville aircraft is said to have hit the ground and been absorbed. Physically impossible.

            And finally, this really bugs me, on TV, video and movies, they have people head-butting one another in fights. The person initiating the head butt always prevails over the victim. In real life, both the butter and buttee are going to be in excruciating pain. If you find yourself in an altercation and are tempted to head butt, think again. Use a baseball bat.


            1. Yep, the planes just entering the steel structure like butter. Obviously ridiculous. Pair that, like I said, with the clearly fraudulent airplane shaped hole in the building (no doubt cut with the same explosives that eventually took down the towers), and you have just a regular magician’s trick. Nobody on the ground in NYC actually witnessed an airplane hit a tower live, but MILLIONS did in real time on live TV (which involved some nifty technology to insert a fake airplane into the shot). This is how we got the “Nose out” error. The technology wasn’t absolutely perfect. We can also imagine that plants on the ground immediately started yelling “A plane! I saw it!” and you end up with even locals convinced that they “know” it was a real airplane.

              The real trick was the fact that the TV “eyewitnesses” greatly outnumbered people on the ground, who were tightly managed and controlled. The first plane nobody knew was coming so nobody would have seen. The second plane was the magic trick referenced where as soon as the live TV audience saw it, then it became reality. What was going to happen? Some guy on the ground contradict? When the entire media was controlled? Never gonna happen. That guy would just be told he missed the plane. Wasn’t looking at the right time and place. He would then immediately drop it. The story coming from the media WAS the “truth” and the reality on the ground wouldn’t have mattered. There have also long been rumors of some kind of a directed EMP to ensure that no contradictory video footage could have made it out of Manhattan that morning.

              Towers rigged to fall, airplane shaped hole in the tower, complicit media airing CGI footage and inserting airplane into live footage. Sadly, it wasn’t even that complicated. More complex would be all the faked “amateur footage” that appear to use a totally simulated Manhattan. Several Hollywood companies were likely in on the fix, and everyone who could be warned away from work that morning was warned away.


              1. If Simon is right, the area was evacuated, as would be the case during a controlled demolition. This makes sense, ergo, I don’t imagine any witnesses were present. In a jungle of tall buildings, those present in distant parts of Manhattan Island did not see much.

                My former brother-in-law, Michael O’Reilly, worked for Morgan Stanley, as I recall, and I was under the impression that he commuted daily to the WTC complex. I don’t know why I had that impression. I did not just imagine it. I called my ex after that day to see if Michael was affected, was he OK? Yes, she said. He had called in sick that day.

                Michael is just an ordinary guy, no spook or insider. As the buildings were empty that day, Morgan Stanley must have moved to a new location before the event, and Michael was commuting somewhere else to work. This creates the situation where he and a large group of people have to lie about their whereabouts every day.

                It does not fly, but I am at a loss to explain it.


                1. Hey Mark, my first job on Wall Street was at Morgan Stanley. The WTC housed technology pre 2001 but they moved all those guys to Jersey City about a year before 9/11. The biggest lie is Cantor-Fitzgerald. I worked in Fixed Income at MS and got to watch Mike Bloomberg put Cantor out of business with his data terminals. No reason to call a broker for bond prices when you can see them on a screen, and trade them there too. They were down to literally 4 people before 9/11 when all of a sudden they were hundreds in the news.


                    1. Not out of work, just moved locations. Nobody wanted to admit they were in Jersey City. It was admitting you weren’t good enough for Manhattan where the real Master of the Universe were.


  5. When I first started putting the pieces of what I saw on 9/11 together I thought of the quiet and thought of noise reduction in the sense that maybe somebody was trying to send or receive a signal and they wanted as little noise, e.g. human thought, interfering as possible. What a surprise when Pynchon said the exact same thing in Against the Day. The fake terrorist attack designed to keep the world quiet for a few hours. Kinda a little on the nose.


    1. Very interesting comments Boethius, would like to hear more too.
      I’d heard of Pynchon, never read any of his books though, will have to make up for that soon.

      This part – “in the sense that maybe somebody was trying to send or receive a signal and they wanted as little noise, e.g. human thought, interfering as possible. “- interests me the most, could you explain it a little bit more? A signal from where? Outer space?



      1. I thought outer space too but Pynchon hints that the signals are across time not space. Time travel figures in both “Against the Day” and “Bleeding Edge” ostensibly his 9/11 book but AtD has the better info. Another signal I saw on 9/11 was the fire coming from some of the windows of the WTC. Not a lot of windows, only a few, high up, facing NJ, flames coming out but the fires not spreading. I thought that was a signal to people watching from the west since phone lines were out. It was a signal fire not a building fire. I know what building fires in NYC are like. My apartment burned to a crisp in one of the biggest fires in Manhattan of the 90’s.


        1. Hi Boethius, thanks for explaining, but I’m not quite sure I got it.
          A signal in time meaning something coming from a frequency within planet Earth or another planet?

          I recall a bad movie from years ago, Contact with Jodie Foster, where the signal received, once decoded through a screen, would show one of Hitler’s public speeches during the war or before it.
          You mean something like that or what?
          I’m noticing the same thing in my country, now that’s on lock down: Silence, everywhere. It’s all just like a huge cemetery. It doesn’t scare me as I love and practice silence. But it makes me think a lot…

          Sorry you lost your home years ago, must have been a terrible experience, thank God you’re alive.


          1. Something came barreling down the West Side Highway and crashed that day. It was slower than a jet and without a jet engine sound, more like the doppler signature of a propeller which supports Pynchon’s time travel theory. I thought it was a truck at first until the news said it was a private plane (Corey Liddle). Then a private jet (Payne Stewart). Then a jumbo jet. I only have totally insane and unfounded theories about what it was that crashed that they covered up with the story about planes and deaths. None of that happened. I worked with MBA and Ph.D’s from the best schools in the world and all their brains shut off during 9/11. Nobody could even find the emergency exit. On that day I saw how easily the human mind can be shut off completely. People I respected were turned into mindless zombies staring at nothing. No police sirens, not fire engines, just silence. The only scream came on the walk home when we saw the buildings self-destruct. Real beauty and precision in how they came down. Way better than the government could ever do. If you’re in Italy you’re when Pynchon said it all happens. Where the time travelers come and go. He also said they were there at the WTC on 9/11. Maybe they’re the ones who crashed.

            In an incredible stroke of luck I had renters insurance when my apartment burned down so I was ok. I lot of people weren’t. The building’s still there. It’s a Manhattan landmark.


            1. Sorry Boethius I’d missed your latest comment.
              So according to Pynchon time travellers are based in Italy?? Are they military?
              I’ll have to get this book asap. Curiously enough, the Italian version hasn’t been available for a long time, only of this book. The other Pynchon’s books are all easily available for order. Hmmm.
              I’ll get the English version on British Amazon.

              Tell me something, were the pieces of this propeller found in the area? Any dead body or body parts around?

              Why in your opinion is Pynchon pushing the time travel theory for 9/11? Who’s Pynchon, anyway? I mean, is he just a writer or he knows things we common people don’t know cos he’s a regular in say, certain very exclusive circles?


              1. Anna, there are no secret meetings about these things. Pynchon, Miles, myself. We’re all spooks but nobody ever told us why or how or what it means. No initiation, no orders or missions, just sick amounts of spook/intelligence surrounding us, moving through us at all times. I’m the only person alive who saw the planes stop moving. I’m the only person who walked over to see what was going on at the base of the towers. Pynchon is the only person who knew about the silence. Miles knows things he shouldn’t. His voice is 5 people. The thousand people who were there all forgot about it or it didn’t register as important. Not spooks. Spook isn’t money, power or influence even though my family for 1,000 years has been nobility fucking shit up the world over same with Pynchon and I’m sure Miles. What happens from one generation to the next isn’t important as long as the spookiness continues. Rockefellers, Rothchilds all those guys are the shiny things that distract the attention.


                1. And what did you see at the base of the towers? Anything strange or unusual? Nothing at all? Anything you can share with us here?

                  Ok so you’re probably from one of the rich families Miles always talks about. So is Miles. I’m not surprised.

                  Yeah, Miles knows things he shouldn’t. But he/they never really tell/s us what’s going on behind the curtains. He just cues you in, but never goes into further and deeper details. He just does genealogies, but does it really matter anymore, or ever did? Not at all.

                  Miles and his 4 friends think we’re all stupid.
                  We’ll, we’re not.

                  Btw, something that will make you say I’m totally nuts, but there you go.
                  I’m 100% sure that the families you mentioned are just the visible hand of a hidden hand that pulls the strings from higher steps of the pyramid.

                  Now the best part. All the powerful families that “shit up the world over” own a secret ancient esoteric knowledge that allows them to keep the power & wealth in their own hands and hypnotize the masses.
                  I won’t go any further as it’s not the case. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


                  1. Miles does a job without knowing he’s doing it. So do I. That’s how it works. He doesn’t know he’s a spook, he thinks he’s onto something but he’s only part of a 1,000+ year old process. The families like mine aren’t visible to you or even to him. Rockefellers, Rothchilds and all the other names you know are flashes in the pan, distractions, wealthy, powerful and influential but not esoteric in any way. My first Wall Street job was at Morgan Stanely, they helped pay for my grad school. They told me that finance is moving money across time. That’s how the rich stay rich. The masses have been hypnotized since day 0. Aristotle gives the recipe in “Poetics” hence the mandatory attendance at the annual Drama Festival in ancient Greece. Everything works the opposite of what we except. That’s Crowley and he was right. The real power is in the opposite, or the dual as a mathematician would say. Don’t look at the top of the pyramid, look at the base. It’s the strongest part, isn’t it? On 9/11 the base of the pyramid was the plaza upon which the towers stood. I walked down the West Side Highway towards it while the rest of the gawkers stood still, staring at the signal fire on a high floor, also a distraction fire I suppose. 2 years earlier my building burnt to a crisp so I disregarded the fire as a couple of kids playing with matches and walked towards the base. There was a blue, wooden NYPD barrier blocking the street which I most certainly would have crossed had it not been for the agent pretending to be a cop who turned around and looked at me. He didn’t say anything, didn’t menace me or order me back but the look in his eyes was enough to send me packing. Truth be told what made me afraid was that he looked like he recognized me and my rank. I was a Senior Vice President at a major bank so I knew what it meant to have someone recognize your rank, however the rank we were negotiating had nothing to do with finance, it had to do with the 1,000 year history of my family I only discovered after Miles’ incessant nattering about genealogy, turns out mine is nothing but spooks for 1,000 years. Had I know this then I might have gone through the barrier. Either I would have been arrested on the spot or been allowed to continue and to walk up those stairs and stand on the base and see whomever it was that had crash landed, safely I presume from the way things are going today, seems like everythings hunky-dory with the latest project of locking down and bankrupting civlization. Also, the stories of people helping people out of the towers are fake because nobody was allowed near them.

                    Here’s Pynchon’s Shout Out’s to Sardinia from Against the Day (Page 706, annotated)
                    “Some sort of strange sheep’s-milk cheese from Crotona”

                    “But maybe this phrase should just allude to something Pythagorean ”
                    (Pythagoras and his followers were based in Crotone, then called Kroton).


                    1. Crotone is a town in a southern region called Calabria, not Sardinia.
                      Never mind.
                      The rich families we know and who are just a front (Rothschield, etc.) are not esoteric you say.
                      But I guess your family is? I kind of understand that from what you wrote, they way you wrote it.
                      So basically not even the children in spook families are aware of who they are?
                      I find it very hard to believe.
                      Have you ever read a long “interview” appeared years ago on a forum called “Above top secret” with a guy who wanted to be called Hidden Hand that explained who the spook families really are and what their real purpose is on this planet? You should.


  6. I read the shut down of sporting events as a doubling down, a way of saying “Now do you believe us?” As others have noted, we don’t see sick people around. Our grandson’s school was shut down. We asked him if anyone had gotten sick. Not that he was aware of.

    We live in a time of immense human progress, with abundant oil and gas and the Internet all adding to human wealth, making life easier. The Climate Change fanatics have targeted oil and gas for elimination. That much is obvious. The Coronavirus Panic has another purpose. We must think hard about it. It is there for us to understand. maybe it will come to us as we sleep.

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  7. It can’t be a coincidence that this virus mania was planned to coincide with an election. Maybe they want to gauge how brainwashed we are to go out in public and exercise our “voting rights” in the midst of a global pandemic.


  8. – Here is an extract from the US Patent Office listing invented viruses with patent numbers! And the crown virus is there!


    Abstract The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polyproteins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (nsp)-10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp-16. The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject. Read more -{{{ http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1=10130701.PN.&OS=PN/10130701&RS=PN/10130701

    Looking for a masterpiece? http://www.kyrilloff.com



  9. The so-called coronavirus is in fact a HOAX. Nobody died nobody got hurt. Period.

    Here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, life is going on as normal. You see lots of people wearing masks, sure, but beyond that, nothing seems unusual. No panic-buying, no frantic shopping, no punch-ons at the local supermarket.

    That’s Australia in the video above, by the way.

    Punching on over some toilet paper in a supermarket.

    What A Time To Be Alive.

    To those of you who in the past have chastised me for suggesting that the masses are highly emotional, suggestible, and utterly moronic, what do you have to say for yourselves now?


    1. Charles Mackay, 1841, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds:

      “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”


  10. Perhaps there is hope – scroll down on the link below to the poll question, “Are you worried about the Coronavirus epidemic that has hit Colorado in the last week?” The Canyon Valley Courier has a circulation of 8,000 in our area, its primary function, seemingly, to publicize local high school athletics. Here’s what is encouraging: So far, of 9 votes, 7 are not worried.



    1. I believe this simply because the NFL and Olympics are still full steam ahead. Makes no sense in the context of other recent developments.


      1. Fauxlex if you don’t mind I’ll reply here to your comments on MM.
        Look, I still read his papers to this day but I keep smelling weird stuff going on with the guy or group.
        What makes me uncomfortable about him is he brushes off a variety of topics very quickly, some of them being pedophilia, freemasonry, the occult, as he considers all of them a diversion from the industrials, bankers and their bad actions. He never really links all the dots and you finish off his papers with a gut feeling that something’s important is missing. You’re not satisfied in a word.

        About the pic MM claims to have been taken in 2011, that would have made him a 48 yo guy, right? He says he was born in ’63. He looks very handsome and younger than his supposed age in that pic, I wouldn’t find that strange as a healthy lifestyle gives you good looks for longer. I’m in my late forties and look a few years younger myself thanks to a healthy lifestyle. Mark met him back in 2016, did he look older than he claims he is?


        1. I think you have missed my point. He has claimed both of those photographs are from 2011, even though I previously noted in my research that the first photo was from 2006, and there is no way those two photos show a man in the same year. He has aged significantly between them, which would explain my note for the first photo being from 2006. There are such lies all over the place on the site. It’s either a pathological liar, or a deeper lie that this man is nothing but a face for a whole group of people running a site.


        2. Your ignoring the point yet doing the math on his age to point out that you think he looks young for his age is an unusual response. I simply do not find it credible that both photographs could possibly be from 2011 as the site has claimed at various points in time (though never at the same time). Pair this with the fact that I have a concrete note that the first photograph dates to 2006, and we have further proof of shenanigans. The date of 2006 for the first photograph makes far more sense when looking at the age progression between the two. So why does a recent Mathis paper claim the first one is from 2011? To me, it is because the writers have gotten sloppy. The MM site is one that seems very compelling if you are a stranger but if you really follow along deeply, it is clearly a charade. The fact that I cannot find how I ever reasoned the first photograph dates to 2006 tells me that they are doing work to cover their tracks on the details, as I have further proof with the moon landing paper being altered via Wayback Machine.

          They will always be able to stay ahead of me by removing inconvenient details and inserting convenient lies. I am just tired of all the lies. It is obvious to me that there really is a group behind that site, and that I should be incredibly wary of their conclusions.


        3. I could also add photos claimed to be from 2008 and 2009 to show the clear progression of the hair turning gray which makes the claimed photograph from 2011 even stranger and even more out of place. It simply does not make sense as being from 2011, and this is heavily supported by the fact that my original notes from at least six months ago gave a date for that photograph as 2006. I would not have given a date unless I had a strong reason to do so. It is bothering me tremendously why I cannot find my reasoning for attributing the 2006 date, but we have to remember that they can delete or change whatever they want to.


        4. Anna, I took a wide selection of Miles’ writings, and ran a Forensic Document Examiner on them, that is a computer program that looks at how language is used to determine if two texts are written by the same person. It used to be easy to find these for free but recently they’ve been removed from the Internet. One problem is that they prove that all the Civil War letters, North and South, Officer and Enlisted are all written by the same person. Another problem is they show Miles is about 5-6 different authors.

          Forensic Document Examination used to be part of what Computer Scientists call “Natural Language Programming” now it’s looking at documents to see if they’re original or fake, not if they’re written by the same person. All part of the destruction of Computer Science, like Physics and Biology /Medicine. Nothing real is getting done anymore.


          1. I know Boethius.
            But then again, it’s really hard to believe that the guy is a painter but also a physics genius, who’s in dire straits to the point he’s trying to sell off his artworks but has a famous brother (someone here hinted that his brother is a famous weather forecast presenter or something like that, is that true?) and also a mother who run for Texas congress elections years ago.

            By the way, what do his parents and famous brother think of his rants on the Internet? I know the guy’s an adult and can do whatever pleases him, don’t get me wrong, but I mean, his papers and his attitude towards the system do not interfere with his brother’s career and parents’ life?
            So here we have two brothers, one who chose the path to celebrity on TV, the same type of path the other brother despises and criticizes all the time, still they play golf together and get along pretty well, at least from a picture I’ve seen on his website.
            If I had a brother who chose a path which I do not find ethical I wouldn’t like that and wouldn’t spend that much time with him, honestly.

            So yeah, of course the guy’s a committee, as I’ve noticed myself the use of British words and expressions, which is normal for a non native English speaker like myself (I pick words and expressions from many English speaking countries, pretty normal), but I find it pretty unlikely from a born and raised Texan guy.

            Still, I enjoy reading “his” papers but I have a brain that works quite well and do not buy all the things the guy/commitee says, as I never believe anything I haven’t done my research about on my own, comparing stuff and taking my time to let things settle until I accept them or discard them partly or totally.


  11. Local ski area here shut down very abruptly at 12 noon for the season. It was 0 degrees F (- 17.7 C) this morning. Shit, that’s cheesy, and very COLD, anyway you look at it.

    Takes me all the way back to Steve Miller’s “Livin’ in the USA.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyV41-tFPcQ

    Somebody give me a cheeseburger.


  12. Oops, sorry I understand now.

    You’re right, not a chance both pics could have been taken in the same year.
    Also, the paper you found about a true moon landing is very suspicious. Is it possible he changed his mind over time? Why should he put one of his papers on a website that some people can find after a while and then years later have a complete opposite theory?
    That guy’s a mystery to me, I swear.

    A dear friend of mine who’s got a brilliant mind and like us, searches for some truths about major history events, once told me that in his opinion and from the information he’d collected, the guys really landed the moon but soon realised it was way smaller than expected, and that the moon we’re used to see in the sky is a hologram of the smaller moon behind. But they desperately wanted to show the world that the Americans would be first to set foot on the moon and called some film director, maybe Kubrick, to shoot fake videos for million of people worldwide to enjoy the incredible event on TV.
    My friend is 100% sure they collected moon rocks and they made up a story to hide their shocking discoveries.

    I don’t know what to think to be honest.
    What’s your opinion about that?


    1. I do not believe it is reasonable to think that MM only came to the conclusion that the Apollo Moon footage is fake between 2005 and 2008. What we are told about that man is that his insights are so deep that they completely upend all of our scientific understandings. It is absurd to think that he only acknowledged the fraudulence of the Apollo Moon footage in 2008.

      And I have no idea what reason NASA had for faking the Apollo footage. The simplest explanation is that they are unable to get out of low earth orbit and needed a great political victory so they faked the footage on the moon. But I don’t pretend that I know enough about these things to understand why they faked the Apollo moon landing footage.

      As much as we could imply that it means their technology is too limited, we could also imply that their technology is far more advanced and they are trying to misdirect us from that. I truly have no idea. All I feel comfortable in saying is that the footage itself is not genuine.


      1. The guy’s scientific insights are not that deep, at least when it comes to iodine poisoning. He wrote a paper a year or two ago talking about the dangers of a iodine overdose, as he experienced that himself, but he failed to say is that it all depends on what type of iodine we’re talking about.
        There’s radioactive and non radioactive iodine.
        I’m hypothyroidal and have been taking Lugol’s iodine (a non radioactive iodine in water solution) for years and it’s been only beneficial to me. I expelled toxins and metals (the metal taste in the mouth that the guy experienced, something I did too, is just the body that gets rid of toxins and debris in general). Moreover, Lugol iodine is great to low down pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, and it’s a powerful anti bacterial, anti viral (well, ok) and it even increases digestion, helping with weight loss (which I also experienced).
        The guy says spirulina contains iodine which adds to other supplements containing iodine. False. Spirulina doesn’t contain iodine at all being an algae that grows in lakes, I’ve been taking spirulina together with Lugol iodine for a long time and never experienced the side effects he talks about.

        Years ago I quit medication for my Hashimoto condition ( in Italy the synthetic hormon med goes under the name Eutirox), the best decision I’ve ever made in my life as those pills were literally killing me: High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, hair loss, weight gain, swinging moods and so on.
        Since I quit that and have been taking those supplements my life’s changed completely.

        So now my question is:
        Is it possible that a guy so brilliant and unique has not done his homework properly regarding this subject and came up with the wrong conclusions?
        And it’ legit to think that if he jumped to the wrong conclusions about such an easy subject to research, he automatically misdirects when it comes to more specific and difficult topics such as PI=4 and other physics matters?


    2. I don’t know that I agree that scientifically it’s impossible to land on the moon. Whether it is beyond our current ability is a different question. If we were more advanced scientifically, I don’t see why it would be inherently impossible.

      And you are really big on the reflectivity of planets and the moon. Are there some good statistics to introduce that subject? Meaning what about the moon reflecting sunlight is impossible? Or what data/logic is out there for why the moon is more reflective than it should be? I am curious what the argument is for this topic.


      1. Easy. The angle of incidence always equals the angle of reflection on a flat surface. Sun rays hit the moon and reflect off. Since the moon is supposedly a ball, sun rays would bounce off in all directions along the curve. We wouldn’t see them unless they reflected right into our eye. A full moon would never be possible. When you look at the moon does it look like a reflection or does it look like its own light source. When you have a crescent moon you couldn’t see the part that’s not lit up. We can though. And so many more.


        1. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that. It doesn’t feel intuitively correct to me. If I blast a spotlight at a basketball, the whole thing gets illuminated regardless of the precision of the angle between the spotlight and my eyes or the curves of the ball. And I have never had an issue with the phases of the moon, which from what you said…moon phases seemingly shouldn’t happen.

          Be mindful that there is a lot of information out there designed to make you think that you can’t believe anything if it’s part of the existing scientific paradigm. Once they get you to wipe out everything you have been taught to believe, they’ll insert whatever they want (like FE). Just be careful out there. There is a lot of intentionally bad theory meant to take advantage of your very healthy skepticism.

          I’m not an expert in these areas so I don’t want to carry on like I know better, but that doesn’t seem compelling to me. The moon phases make solid sense as far as I can tell.


      2. And also on the reflectivity. Reflected light is way less powerful than direct, no? Light dissipates. All waves do. Spread out. Those balls of lights in the sky that are supposedly planets made of rock or gas are very bright. Same brightness as the supposed stars. Doesn’t jive man. Think about it.


        1. I agree there’s something odd there. My question is can we see any of the planets clearly using the best telescopes available to rhe public? I.e. they look like planets and not twinkly lights?


          1. I have personally seen the planets using a telescope available to the public. Can verify. Jupiter and its moons, Saturn, Mars. Yes, they are viewable with telescopes available to the public.


        2. No offense Fauxlex, but what you’re saying is that scientific laws don’t matter. There’s no way Neil degrasee Tyson would lie.


          1. That’s not what I’m saying at all. You have taken some stance like that if you can see the tiniest flicker of light from a star that this somehow proves that something fraudulent is happening. All I am saying is that you appear to be piling conjecture on top of conjecture and coming out with certainty (“it CAN’T be”). Why do you think these tiny flickers disobey the inverse square law? You are THAT certain? I would never dare claim that kind of certainty, especially when the night sky seems to obey these laws you have told yourself they do not obey. Farther away equals dimmer. Less bright star equals dimmer. I’m pretty insulted you would say that I’m just some guy blinded by Big Science or whatever.

            I just asked you why you believe these things, and from what you’ve told me I am concerned that you have gone down a blind alley or two. None of the things you claim as convincing evidence are anything of the sort. I asked you because I wanted to know if there was anything to the idea, not because I wanted to shoot you down. Unfortunately, I’ve just seen you make overly certain claims with no evidence at all. The two things I’ve specifically responded about seem to actually be the complete opposite of what you claim. It’s like you’re saying “If A = B, and B = C, then A must not equal C”. And I’ve just been sitting here confused.

            Has anyone ever done work with the inverse square law to show that starlight should not be reaching us? It seems like that should be easy to do if this is such a “duh” thing as you seem to think. I just wanted something like that, but instead I’m getting a lot of “well just THINK about it” from you, and when I think about it it’s making plenty of sense to me. That’s when you’re in dangerous territory, when suddenly any fancy-sounding theory just makes you start to think it all confirms what you want it to confirm.

            Yes, reflected light is less…but the moon is RIGHT there. Extremely close, as you’ve said. Yes, starlight diminishes, but we SEE it in a diminished form. I have no idea what you mean that “we only see a source” like that’s problematic. There IS one tiny source, the star itself. Greatly diminished, we see just a speck of light. These things that you claim are obvious inconsistencies well…aren’t. Or you haven’t shown me anything compelling. You’re just saying it like if you make it sound convoluted then you just must be right.

            Flat Earth is not a kosher topic on this site, so I just want to outright ask you…are you a Flat Earther?


        3. And also. Take a spotlight and shine it on a basketball and tell me what you see. TIMR, I don’t have a telescope yet. Been meaning to get one. But I have zoomed in on a star with a digital camera. It’s crazy. Then zoom in on a streetlight in the distance. Same thing. They’re electric.


          1. If the Sun’s light illuminates an entire side of the Earth to create the conditions that we call “daylight”, then why should it not do the same thing to the Moon? And I have no idea what you are talking about with a streetlight and a star. Yes, they are both creating light and at a certain distance they will both just look like a tiny dot. You are making some leaps here that are very concerning to me. You are pulling meaning out of things that simply is not there.


  13. We are able to see a baseball in sunlight. Or a golfball might be closer in perceived scale to size of the moon. How is that different?

    I will say that I have sometimes seen the moon out in daytime… In morning say.. And the angle light appears to be hitting it from, appears to be different to me than the angle light is hitting the earth.


    1. You see the baseball because you see the baseball. But they tell us we’re not actually seeing the moon or the stars. We’re seeing the reflected light or light traveling from years ago. They have to say that because they know light spreads out. But it doesn’t follow scientific principle.


      1. Don’t feel like I answered that well enough. They have to tell us that the lights we see in the sky are from years ago because of their distance from us. But light spreads out. That’s a fact y’all. And that’s the key. Light spreads out. Lasers spread out. Scientific law. Has to happen. The light from a star would be so spread out there is no possible way we would see the whole thing. We are seeing the source of the light. That’s all we ever see is the source. It’s simple geometry really.


        1. Yeah but who ever said we’re seeing it all? I believe it is widely assumed to be greatly diminished once it reaches us. The further away, the dimmer it is. This follows, where you say it as though it does not follow. Planets are very bright, Venus/Jupiter/Saturn especially, but those are multiple magnitudes closer to us. There is plenty for us to learn and discover in these realms. Skepticism is a good thing, universally. But let’s not be impressionable enough to end up down FE-type paths. I just haven’t seen it so far on “space is fake”. There are certain phenomena that are not well understood or explained, but this does not mean that they’re just inherently not real.

          For starlight, stars are almost unfathomable engines of light where we perceive the tiniest little flicker. It is being dramatically reduced, and proportionally to the size of the star and the distance away from us.


    2. Wait, what happened to Kyle’s comments about the moon? And my response and fauxlexs response? That whole thread has disappeared…

      I was really curious on the point about planets looking so similar to stars, which Kyle says is intuitively unlikely for reflected light to look so similar to emitted light.

      My question was, whether any telescopes available to the public allow one to see the planets sufficient to make out features, or see more than just a ball of light?


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