Viruses are real

Note to readers: I am officially backing away from this post until I have more and better information. There are people of sound mind and good reasoning skills on both sides of the “virus” issue. I have to get up to speed, and it may take weeks or months.

The comments on this blog have been both numerous and insightful, but some of them lean towards political. We here been accused of not “believing” in viruses. However, any path of discovery has to weigh all options.

I have been searching now for years to the answer to that question, do viruses really exist? The answers I’ve gotten, that head colds are a result of varying temperatures around us, or undefined “toxins”, are unsatisfying. The fact that I got a head cold in January during the peak of cold and flu season means that others got it too and for the same reason: our bodies were invaded by a pathogen. It was probably a virus. No other explanation makes any sense. Maybe there is another answer, maybe I will stumbled on it down the road.

There are problems associated with virology, as seen around us now. Fauxlex will be addressing that problem, what is Covid-19?

Other problems -viruses are given magical powers, as with HIV and HPV, to linger in our bodies (sometimes for decades) and create massively insulting and life-threatening diseases, such as AIDS* in both sexes and cervical cancer in women. The problem … most of us carry within us HIV and HPV, and those who have AIDS or cervical cancer are often without the virus. I think of this as magical treatment of viruses, using them for other reasons such as a fake blood and sex plague, or maybe just to market a vaccine.

ZIKA is an interesting virus, said to have been discovered in 1947. Back in the early 1990s Noam Chomsky wrote of children being born with small brains and skulls in certain provinces in Brazil, and this had some correlation with use of pesticides in those areas. ZIKA came to the fore in 2018, coincidentally in the same year as the Olympics in that country. Cases of micro-encephalitis, or small heads and brains (and later Barr-Epstein, mononucleosis) were laid at the feet of ZIKA. What this meant to me was that large corporations, one named Monsanto, would never be subject to class action or public interest lawsuits because of the emergence of ZIKA. It was used, in my view, as a political tool to cover some powerful asses.

So viruses have been used for other purposes. Stefan Lanka offered 100,000 euros to anyone who could prove that the measles virus really existed. He was taken up on that challenge, and the case went all the way to Germany’s highest court. Lanka won. But this did not prove that a measles virus did not exist, only that virologists and pharmaceutical companies that developed the vaccine now given to millions were sloppy, failing to follow scientific protocol in the process of development. Lanka himself claims to have a discovered a harmless virus in seawater. He knows viruses exist. So do I, now, but it has taken time to understand how they are both real, and yet also political and monetary tools. It is not a simple yes-no answer.

So the challenge given us in comments here that we do not believe in viruses (some commenters do not) is a political tactic. Nothing more.

Viruses are real.

*That statement needs to be clarified: The definition of AIDS is to have one or many from a list (last I saw, 28, but it changes) diseases AND test positive for the HIV retrovirus. So if you die of , say Kaposi’s sarcoma, it will be listed as a cancer death. However, if you die of the same cancer and test positive for HIV, they chalk it up as an AIDS death. The whole AIDS enterprise is corrupt in this manner.

45 thoughts on “Viruses are real

  1. Virusses are real only since virologists exist. Think!! During millions of years they were not really a big problem, only today the human race is threatened with one virus plague after the other. It’s utterly ridiculous.

    Have a look at Ryke Geerd Hamer’s approach called the German New Medicine. Flu is the result of being anxious, of fear.


    1. I have had periods of anxiety and fear in my life that did not result in flu – I am not sure I have ever had the flu. The common cold must be anxiety and fear too? Just so happens that it coincides with cold and flu season.

      Your comment cannot be disproved, but that does not make it a true thing.

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      1. I get a cold occasionally too at various times but rarely do they coincide with accepted “cold and flu season.” I get them when I fast, for instance, while my body is undergoing heavy detoxification. Most people though seem to get them on the heal of feast holidays when they overindulge on food and drink (the vast majority of which is no doubt toxic). I doubt that that is a coincidence.


      2. Hi Mark,
        What you did was employ the gold standard test: if this was all about how we emotionally ‘felt’ then the whole world would be covered six feet deep in rotting corpses. Adrenaline was listed by the NATO Biology of Aggression text as being the master hormone that signals viruses to replicate. Ask anyone with herpes and they will always tell you that they get an outbreak of sores after ‘stress’ (a garbage word for neutransmitter/hormone induction). The pushback against physical reality with Magical Thinking that somehow if you click your heels together and think Happy Thoughts you can avoid the Black Death is patent madness.


    2. Thank you Jan for this comment.

      I follow Dr. Hamer’s theories, Health science and naturopathic principles and I gave my opinion already on what viruses really are.
      Never meant to convince anyone of course, but my personal experience with cervical cancer and other health problems convinced me that viruses are not what we are told they are.

      Men probably don’t know that when a few women live together in the same household they end up menstruating all around the same period of the month, no matter when their last period was. There is a synchrony in the hormonal activity that I ‘ve experienced myself more than once in my life.

      Same goes with the seasonal flu that many people catch.

      It’s all in the mind. But I know that this a concept that not everyone is ready to accept, and I’m fine with that, everyone has their own path to awareness.

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        1. Only if the body is intoxicated.
          We host trillions of bacteria and viruses during our lifetime, to the point that we can’t really tell where we end and viruses begin.
          This is not my opinion, but any honest virologist’s one.
          Do you really think that a virus is going to kill the body that hosts it and gives it the possibility to reproduce itself and live in harmony with it’s host?

          Think better.

          P.S. I stopped having health issues the very moment I stopped taking meds. Explain that, please.

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        2. Also note that viruses lend themselves to black/white thinking, all or none. Viruses have been isolated and purified. Not every virologist is good at the job or the top of the class. Many of them are merely chasing grants. There is plenty of grounds to say that teh field is confusing and filled with subpar work, and that governments, which rule by means of fear, would be attracted to pathogens and use virologists to assist them.


          1. “Viruses have been isolated and purified.”

            Can ya post any link to scientific papers that can support yr bold statement?

            That was Lanka’s main argument when he was arguing the existence of measles virus, fyi.


            1. Again, that term ‘science’ is gate keeping at its best. The information used & abused by those ‘experts’ came from the same elite that control the information flow. And only allow what they see fit.


      1. Since this “pandemic” hit, I have twice gone to bed with symptoms that, in the past, have ALWAYS been the precursor to a nasty cold or flu–sneezing, slightly sore throat and congested chest. I still have a job, but know that my bosses and coworkers would freak out if I showed up with any flu-like symptoms. So I have basically just lain in bed and willed the symptoms to go away. And they did.

        Like you, Anna, I’m not expecting to convince anyone. But I know when my body is gearing up for an illness and these incidents of successfully willing the illness to go away are unprecedented in my life. I’ve always believed, in an airy-fairy way, that mind can heal body, but that belief is growing stronger. Maybe I will end up being grateful for this hoax.


        1. Dr.Bruce Lipton has very good work on the subject of environment and biology. Epigenetics and the immune system


    3. What a massive lie. Viruses weren’t a big problem? They’ve ALWAYS been humanity’s biggest killer. Life’s, even.


  2. By your estimation then, if January is the peak of cold and flu season and this is when the flu ” virus ” strikes, then it follows that the flu virus , if it exists , is seasonal also .
    Surely the low state many of us find ourselves in during a long cold sunless winter is part of the cause and effect.
    I know one thing if Big Government could prove the case for viruses once and for all they would have done so by now. The ” pandemic ” scenario is a gift to these control freaks.


  3. To quote — or paraphrase — Confucius, “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” I do not know. Surely I do not need to know.


  4. I don’t believe that viruses exist but, honestly, it has so little value to me that it barely enters my consciousness. It is enough to me to know that I am impervious to their effects (if any). The rest doesn’t concern me in the slightest. Our Creator wouldn’t design something so insidious.


  5. Let’s try and think about it logically.
    The supposed flu virus is seasonal.
    Usually, after lying low all summer it suddenly strikes an individual and the contagion cluster begins.
    Why does it lie low all summer? Who is that unlucky person it strikes and why?
    The measles virus isn’t seasonal . It can happen any place any time.
    IF it’s an exterior pathogen, where does it suddenly arrive from?
    Who does it decide to attack and why?


  6. “Viruses are real” misses the point. Scientists have defined them so they are “real” in that sense.

    What role they play is another question. The way they are discussed is analogous to Darwinian evolution – assumed to be true by all “right thinking” people.

    They are “sort of” seen in conjunction with other symptoms via indirect indicators or markers through wildly inaccurate tests. They are assumed to be the cause of these symptoms while other factors (toxins, emotional state, GMOs, EMF, etc) are ignored or minimized.

    They are anthropomorphically given abilities to “attack” cells and whatnot, “taking them over” etc., etc.

    They were first theorized by a proven fraud (Pasteur) who’s “germ theory” has become the foundation of conventional medicine just as evolution has biology.

    Pasteur thought health organisms were sterile. He was a paid propagandist.

    The media which lies about everything else pushes the reigning narrative. We see how it fits long term control agendas and enriches the people telling us what to think in the short run.

    Until we get clarity and consistently in all these areas (and more) call me skeptical.

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    1. It’s the same old story.
      They find a piece of the puzzle and give it a history and a purpose . The piece of the puzzle is always just a part of the whole picture . Even if they could purify , isolate and electronically photograph it ( which they can’t ) it would tell you nothing except its presence.
      The sum is always far greater than its parts.
      It’s interesting that the ( alleged ) great Plague was caused by bacteria which is still accepted today. They didn’t have viruses in those days!


  7. I’m okay with viruses being real. I honestly have no clue. I typically get a cold every November and February EXCEPT when I am exercising regularly. When I am exercising regularly, I don’t get sick. Exercising for me means being outside (no matter the weather) and moving. There is something to this idea of being inside more which leads to getting seasonal “bugs” which do seem to be passed from person to person. But there is no question that eating well and exercising regularly seems to have a direct correlation on me getting sick regardless of what “bugs” people around me might have.

    One of the videos that I watched recently I found very compelling as the speaker talked very confidently as to what he said that he KNEW viruses to be (healing solvents within the body that react and cleanse toxic invaders). He believed viruses to be real, but completely different from what we have been told as to what they really are. The dissonance between mainstream medicine and these alternative ideas is a wide chasm. But I wholeheartedly agree with Anna’s statement: “I stopped having health issues the very moment I stopped taking meds.” I have heard similar thoughts on enough occasions to believe that is valid (not to mention all of the KNOWN AND ACKNOWLEDGED horrible side effects that come with medication).

    So…a few questions which I believe deserve some answers:

    1) What percentage of people supposedly suffering with COVID received a flu shot within the last 9 months?

    2) Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson gleefully fascinated by the “massive experiment [that is the coronavirus] to see if people will listen to scientists”? (Which begs the question Neil: “Which scientists are you wanting us to listen to?”)

    3) We know people are dying, since people have always been dying. Why are those deaths associated with flu and pneumonia no longer being reported? (It seems as if the WHO and CDC are no longer keeping track of that data like they always have as they’ve been too busy telling everyone how deadly COVID is.) Where is the flu/pneumonia death data?

    4) Has the New York Times always been this absurd in its reporting? (Sorry…completely rhetorical, but I’ve never paid any attention to the NYT before and I’ve been blown away how agenda-driven EVERY SINGLE thing I’ve read and seen from them the last two weeks. I didn’t vote for Trump last election, but I’m almost wanting to vote for him this go-around just to spite the NYT.)

    5) Anyone know who is behind the Swiss Propaganda Research website? I’ve been very impressed with it along with the Global Research site out of Canada in their reasonable handling of the data regarding this pandemic. Both sites continue to point out that “excess mortality” in Europe this year is actually down over recent years (you know, those years when the whole world wasn’t locked down).

    Sorry for the rambling post.


  8. 5G has a heavy presence in the USA where the highest concentration of the flu & cold number’s are being reported. As well as liberalism. And the air temps are perfect as well. DAMPNESS. N. Cal., Chi-town, NYC make a line across the country.A bit of humor, shameless link to a Warner Brothers cartoon of Daffy & Bugs : Duck Season! Rabbit Season! FLU SEASON!! FIRE!!!


  9. Yes viruses are real, but what are they? Are they the cause of a disease or are they the result of the immune system fighting a disease. They are a couple of pieces of protein bound with RNA or DNA and can’t live outside of a host and can’t replicate without a host. An organism that is not alive.


  10. Until someone can explain why I first developed swollen glands and then a full blown cold that lasted three weeks, this at the same time as our son and grandson, and my physicians assistant who was in Jamaica at the same time, I am going with viruses. Virologists (honest ones, not the quacks who give us Covid-19) will explain how the virus enters the body and adheres to cell walls at various locations, with throat and tracheal a cold, with lungs the flu. the immune system eventually kills the viruses, but it takes time, sometimes three weeks. Sometimes older people with other conditions don’t make it.

    What you guys offer is underpants thinking … Eric Cartman had a money making scheme … 1: Steal underpants, 2: ??? … 3: $$$. With you I get 1: It gets colder, 2: ??? …, 3: Cold and flu. Same with “Toxins.” Same with “Stress.”

    It is magical thinking, like a baseball player imagining that his hitting streak will continue if he does not change his underwear.


  11. Viruses are dead. They cannot ‘live’ outside the body ready to jump / fly/ zoom onto a body part to make it ill, probably even kill the host and kill itself at the same time.
    Nature does NOT work that way. Come on………………


    1. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Nature doesn’t work that way. Learning permaculture actually taught me a lot about how nature works. Basically, everything in nature is in equilibrium. When something gets out of balance nature will fix it via ‘disease,’ weeds, bugs, and so on.

      For instance, nature doesn’t like exposed soil (due to erosion), so you will get weeds on any soil exposed to the sun. A non gardening example is alcohol (a poison). Your body purges the poison via more frequent urination. If there is too much alcohol in your system, then you will vomit to release it.

      Anyway, I find it ironic that Mark calls not believing that viruses cause illnesses ‘magical thinking’ when he thinks invisible microorganisms are flying around the air trying to kill us.

      Also, I haven’t used soap or hand sanitizer in 2 years, and I haven’t gotten sick. The only times I get ‘flu-like symptoms’ are when I don’t get enough sleep, eat junk food, and that time I quit smoking (a common symptom of nicotine withdrawal).

      I’m assuming a family (sometimes, not always)gets sick at the same time because they’re in the same environment. That’s just as good an assumption as invisible viruses floating around the air that we can conveniently stop with $4 hand sanitizer from a publicly traded corporation.


      1. Much more to know than I know, but those who say illness is due to “toxins” do not define the toxins or how they attack cells en masse, only that they are present, ergo a cold or flu. I want to know how it works, not just some mystical reference. A head cold starts small and gets very big, as if some agent is multiplying in force. How? And in a family environment, why some, not others?


        1. PS … I’ve not been sick in years, don’t use any “anti-bacterial” products, don’t worry when cooking if something hits the floor, just not worried about “germs.” yet in January I and others I know came down with a cold that lasted three weeks. My PA said she was bedridden for three days. What’s going on?


        2. Just suppose virus ‘B’ caused a specific disease. B causes A.
          Then everyone in contact with that virus should GET that disease.
          We know this isn’t the case . Some people suffer, some escape.
          Therefore there HAVE to be other factors involved. To accommodate that anomaly , early doctors envisaged the immune system .If you accept the existence of this immune system then you have to accept that a person’s interior environment is everything.
          A person’s interior environment ……………the terrain…………….is dependant to a large degree on his / her immediate external environment . This is the environment that members of a family or community will usually share.
          There’s no ‘magical thinking’ about it.
          You could actually read that post the other way. That is starting at the end and working towards the beginning, skip the first three sentences and still be somewhere near the truth.


    1. Consider this: Vaccines are weapons. War is a crime. Rumors exist that they used HIV sequences to enhance cell penetration during their gain of funtion work. The reason why those involved in this hoax COULDN’T provide a complete sequence is because it would be self-incrimination in an international war crime. So people have to stop seeking material or proof from the criminals and generating their own.

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    2. HIV sequences are as real as the tooth fairy, and any claim of a virus genome is as real as Santa Claus. The only two places HIV sequences or imagined viruses exist are in the stories told by virologists, and in the virtual programs (computer modeling) developed to manufacture fake genomes. What they might be doing with what they call “gain of function” has nothing to do with fictional viruses or their genomes, but could be the development of harmful agents to be directed at humankind (war crimes), with virus chicanery being the perfect cover story during their covid show.

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      1. Are you suggesting Santa Claus is not real? Everybody knows it’s real, who delivers all those toys on Xmas eve? And please spare me the story of the parent’s trick, have you any idea how many parents would have to be on in the scam? Now good luck debunking that. You conspiracy nuts really are a bunch of crazy people.


        1. Ayokera-

          Yeah, point taken. There couldn’t be that many loving parents promoting lies told to their children…:-)

          Now back to the “real” world. How many of the grunts working in the labs or in the field for the virus industry know the origin of any genome they research or write about? Close to 100 percent surely believe (because they paid big money to be so trained) that all of the binary codes they happily work with represent real material, real viruses, real pathogens. The tiny percentage at the top, those who have created the scam, have no reason to inform the underlings that viruses exist only because computers exist….Once upon a time, the proof of virus was offered by poisoning monkeys, then ditto for cell cultures, both methods untenable in the long run, as they are easily shown to be fraudulent. Enter binary code, and what was literally unseeable and impossible to demonstrate is now child’s play for the nascent programmers who grew up with hand-held devices and near 24/7 devotion to “gaming”. Writing programs for the modeling of nucleic acid and full “consensus” genomes is a natural progression for these computer whiz kids. Sequencing is great fun, and it pays well.

          Virtual pathogens are multiplying as I write, ready for use (by the big boys) at a moment’s notice.


    3. Very interesting points. Appreciate the responses from y’all, as usual. And yes, vaccines are obviously the real bioweapons here, not phony viral pathogens like the Coronavirus and Ebola. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of fraud surround HIV/AIDS, as well.


      1. How far back are you willing to go, though?
        From the descriptions of confluent Small Pox the bleeding out of every orifice back in Jenner’s day, fits the military agent that supposedly could survive a trip down the Ebola river in modern times. Same “virus” re-tasked? Small Pox 2.0? Is anyone willing to get beyond the dialectic of arguing about a name to get to the hard science of what these things might be where we can comfortably rename them? If we can’t codify them then we have no chance of defeating them because molecular biology put Terrain Theory in the grave by 1930.


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