Happy Monday!

We had a family gathering last evening, highly illegal. We played Scattegories, or as I. call it, “Mind Freeze.” I swear that if the letter than came up was “M,” and the category was “Boys Names,” I would sit there drawing a blank. We also ate pizza, played ping pong, and discussed how stay-at-home is affecting us all, even as my wife and I happily avoid every aspect of it.

At the grocery store, about the only social gathering place left to us, I still see less than half wearing those stupid face masks. Fear is all about but fewer people than I expected are buying in. This is encouraging. 

My wife and I did a long hike at a popular state park, and because of snow and icy trails, there were few others encountered. It was odd to see a few of them cover their faces, step away from the trail, the morons. One guy saw us approaching and took pains to get off the trail as we went by. Where normally we would exchange pleasantries, all I could muster was “Boo!”

But on the trail, for the most part, we saw people without masks who smiled and passed without fear.

There is no virus, I am quite sure. There is only TV news and people who look to authority figures and do as told, think as told to think. It is quite an exercise in social control. There’s been quite a bit of speculation here about the purpose of this drill (that is all it is, a world-wide drill), and I find it all hard to swallow. There is purpose, evil intent. The people doing this are monsters. The public faces we see, like Trump, Fauci, Gates and others are actors reading lines. Gates is especially bad at it, hardly able to give forth a complete sentence without going mentally aloof.

For now, all I ask on the blog here is that we move forward, try to figure out what is really up and avoid talk of 5G, apocalypse now, approaching asteroids and end times. As I like to say, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between eschatology and scatology. The world will get back to normal, but like a victim of deep agitprop as was inflicted on us by the Cold War, JFKRFKMLK, Jonestown, Columbine, 9/11, Las Vegas …   there is deep psychological insult done by all this mania. People are affected, and meant to carry this fear with them all their lives.

We have taken trouble here to criticize Miles Mathis, but I want to take this opportunity to thank him. He showed me that JFK and John Lennon were not murdered, that the latter is still alive even as we speak, the creep. That took fear out of my life. Those two deaths haunted me. Thank you, Miles.

Stop being afraid! If you are out and about, and you SHOULD be out and about, stop by a local hospital or clinic, see that they are infected with nothing but crickets, take photos, and bring them back here or to AB. When in grocery stores or any other business allowed to be open, cough and sneeze! Just kidding. But violate that six foot rule. It’s the dumbest thing around since “If you see something, say something,” a way of using fear to control the herd.

Live normally! There is no virus. Today on this planet, perhaps 150,000 people will die, just like yesterday and tomorrow. With any luck at all, maybe a few of them in the coming days will be Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Al Gore, Noam Chomsky, or if we are truly blessed, Greta Thunberg. These people are part of … hmmm … what’s a good word … a curse? No, wait … a plague on humanity! 

There will be more coming forth from this blog, but first my wife and I are going to do some unnecessary trips, violate social distancing, and live as we normally live, far from the madness as we can be. I have an aunt who will soon turn 99, and she is scared. There can be no birthday party, as the right of free assembly is gone now. Her daughter,  my cousin, is gathering video birthday messages from all of us. Mine will be to enjoy her birthday, gather her family about, hug them all, as it may be the last time. Screw social distancing. Screw the pandemic.

Please enjoy the following video.

41 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. The root of all evil is the love of money, so money is involved in this somehow. This seems to be another major worldwide looting job by the central banks. The Federal reserve is spending trillions of dollars per day to buy everything!!! As they drive the people into the poor house they are stealing it all.


    1. There is indeed a financial aspect, but its intent appears to me to put small businesses away, the mom and pops, independent contractors, non-chain restaurants, etc. Also, small oil and gas operators will be crushed, just as Standard Oil used to do in the early 20th century, pricing them out of the market so that the only ones left will be the seven sisters (now four). That was part of the effect of the 2015 crash in oil prices, to drive independent operators out of Bakken.


      1. Oh absolutely, you are completely correct. To loot everything and to do a world corporate takeover, small business must go. We will end up with the company store( Walmart) scenario. All roads lead to the Fed. Small oil is being destroyed at the same time. And we the people are getting conditioned to respond. It truly is a brilliant ( evil) plan.


      2. BTW, is it is said in the land of the blind the one-eyed man will rule supreme. We are living Idiocracy, it’s not that they’re so smart it’s that we are so dumb. I hope I can get my $1,200 from the government so I can buy a iPhone, what is it, 19?


  2. When you say “there is no virus”, do you mean that there is no virus CIRCULATING? Or that there really just is not a virus at all? Because I recall you have written before about getting sick with something unusual months ago that you believe must have been viral. I am just trying to be clear. There is a difference between making the argument that some specific virus being no worse than a common cold (in terms of fatality) versus saying that “there is no virus”. I am gaining a better understanding for why Maarten expressed frustration the other day.

    I happen to agree that by now most of the circulation is already complete, so there “is no virus” actively circulating right now. Just want to ask the question. If you believe yourself to have been infected with a viral illness a few months back, why not make the point more specifically that “the virus is nothing more than a harmless cold”?

    Basically, if you have had a change of heart on the virus question in some way, I am curious about the basis for that. You posted something a few days ago saying “Viruses are real”, but now we get “there is no virus”…so help us out here. Truly I just hope to understand your logic on this, because we have been very close in our thinking on this one.

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    1. I’ll have more to write about that, regarding the existence of viruses, what they are and all of that. So much of it is troublesome, so I have ordered an 800-page book on the subject, taking the opposite stand, that there are no viruses. I’ve also just now received the late Kerry Mullis’s book, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field. He was the guy who received the Nobel Prize for invention of the PCR test, and then screamed bloodily murder when he saw it adopted for use in detecting HIV. It does not work for that purpose, but since AIDS was a scam, much like we’re in now, no one paid heed.

      Regarding Covid-19, no, I do not believe there is or ever was such a virus. I intend to work on that angle, as what Dr. Andy Kaufman discovered, exosomes, he misinterpreted, saying that people were testing positive for them and not Covid-19. I think what he discovered instead was that an electron microscope photo of an exosome, which indeed do exist, was deliberately used to fool the public into thinking that they had isolated Covisd-19, and had gotten it on film via electron microscope. That is a hoax. Nothing of the sort occurred.


      1. Aajonas Vonderplanitz gives complelling argument that ALL viruses are created by their host. They are combined pieces of protein and DNA or RNA molecules. They are not alive, they don’t have a recipritory system, circulatory system,or any means to replicate. They aren’t even really alive. He says they are the body’s last resort to detoxify when the body is in peril. Combining this with things I have read about the mineral selenium and the protection against viruses it starts to add up. He likens viruses to a solvent or a detergent. When viruses are rampant the host goes into reactive oxygen species state (ROS) which causes oxidation and sickness in the host. We don’t really understand the toxins that cause the body to react, creating viruses to protect itself, but it can be chemical loads, heavy metals other invaders. There is definitely something that is contagious, as we can tell by rabies and parvo in dogs. AV doesn’t get into the contagions very much. I have learned more about viruses since the gov has scared is into social distancing than I have in all my life previously.


  3. Mark, love your description of Scattergories (“Mind Freeze”…hilarious). I too am absolutely terrible at that game.

    Faux, I believe that Mark and I both feel the same about THE VIRUS…there is something out there, but it’s not what they say it is. It’s more than likely just the usual stuff. So when he says “There is no virus”, I take that to mean that there is no deadly virus out there any different from every winter before. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)


    1. I am in total agreement with the idea that the RISK is no greater than every winter before. That the lockdown is completely unjustifiable.


    2. The only reason I even ask is because the “there is no virus” line is at odds with other recent posts such as “Any virus will do” and “Viruses are real”. We get lambasted so much as being kooks by the mainstream, so I think we have to be extremely specific at times about what we are claiming. We need to show that we can be nuanced in our position and create alternate theories which do mesh with the facts at hand.

      The real point to be hammered home here is that “the virus” has not shown itself to be any more fatal than a regular seasonal cold or flu. It does not even show symptoms in the vast majority of people! Only mild symptoms in the rest. This is the same as any cold or flu…only those who are already very sick are at risk. The line to repeat should be that this virus is nothing more than a regular cold virus, and that the dramatic overreaction and lock-downs are unjustifiable. We can even go deeper to saying that the pubic figures are totally made up, and that the tests are unreliable. These things also seem to fit as being likely true. However, it goes much deeper to say “there is no virus”.

      To say “there is no virus” risks people painting us from the outside as not being capable of having a nuanced position based on the facts. My research has lead me to a different position, which is what I posted on yesterday. If Mark’s position has shifted a bit on this, I am totally okay with that. I just wanted to hear the specifics.

      As I repeated yesterday, truth is stranger than fiction. I do not deny that many aspects of this might be 100% fake. I just get uncomfortable when we start building a case where we just keep responding “oh, that could just be totally fake” every time new evidence presents itself. It might be true that they are just totally faking the existence of a virus, but it would take a hell of a deeper conspiracy than the one I wrote about. This may be true, but it is a precarious position to take, and I do not think we should be openly saying one thing one day and the opposite the next day.

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  4. There is a tremendous increase in military presence the past 10 here. Is this also appearing else where? PS Taos is still a project no matter how great a handful of papers. Nothing from ‘them’ hinders or changes their goals one iota.


  5. You seem so sure JFK was not assassinated. What sealed it for you (accepting the non-assasination), looking at doctored pictures? What role do you grant the cubans in the plot? Part of Cuba is still invaded by the US (GITMO) and the sanctions against a tiny island are still in place. Why is that?


    1. Both Miles Mathis and Tyrone McCloskey wrote long papers on the subject, Ty’s long enough to be considered a book. They brought out tons of evidence along with good writing. For me, the thing that sealed it was that I was able to prove (to my own satisfaction) that the morgue photos of JFK were dark room jobs. Not too long after that I was able to show (to my own satisfaction) that the famous swearing-in photo of LBJ and Jackie (probably taken long before that day) was also a darkroom job. I am even reasonably sure that LBJ stood with hand up next to a headless mannequin, to which Jackie’s head was attached later, in the dark room.

      This stuff is all available on this blog, and the Mathis paper can be had by searching for “Camelot” at his site.


      1. Thank you for pointing to those pieces. Not familiar with any of those authors. Already got the Camelot and located JFKTV. What do you recommend reading first: Camelot or JFKTV? and if you allow me asking also why the precedence of one above the other.
        I am familiar with a book by J.H. about this event. Do not give full reference so you do not think I am advancing any agenda but I think you are familiar with that book. I will also comment where appropriate since I know this comment is off-topic here.


        1. I don’t think the order read matters. MM kind of goes off the deep end by claiming that the dead Kennedy’s are serving on an underground ruling council. But otherwise very solid. JFKTV would place JFK on a Greek Island, noting that Jackie made a trip to Greece three months before the event. He also comes up with other very original stuff … both of them do, actually.


  6. From time to time it is worth remembering a keen observation made by Plato nearly 2500 years ago:

    “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

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    1. Very nice, and verified. Here’s another, a little wordier:

      The best that he can look forward to is the lonely pleasure of one who stands at long last on a chilly and inhospitable mountaintop where few have been before, where few can follow, and where few will consent to believe that he has been.
      George Kennan


    1. This truly is a planned coup d’etat.

      Is there anywhere we can move to escape this nonsense? I read at the MM site that Brazil and Mexico are ignoring orders from WHo, but googling that find that there is incredible pressure being brought to bear on them.

      And again, there is no virus. There is only treachery, deceit, frightened sheep, and monstrous overlords.


      1. Probably closest you can come to that would be living on a sailboat. I was wanting to live on a bus but you would still be under the aegis of a repressive government.


        1. Mexico played a full soccer schedule this weekend with crowds in attendance. It’s a dangerous game, ignoring WHO and President Gates, who might order an invasion. But they are ignoring the hoax. They have many American expat communities down there, but family keeps us in place. Today I am seriously reconsidering.


  7. If someone can sue McDonalds for hot coffee, shouldn’t all of us be able to file a class action lawsuit against our local city administrators, employers, etc? We have a wealth of info on this blog to present. There has to be a legal mistake within all of this, which people could make a claim on? I’m wondering how I can get a local attorney to present a case for possible mental damages. $1200 isn’t going to cut it.


    1. Our court house is closed ‘indefinitely’. Also find a team of like minded lawyers to kick it in overdrive. Each day more small shops are dying.


    2. I have not thought about the McDonalds coffee case in years. That too was a hoax, that is, Stella somebody suffered real burns requiring surgical attention, debridement around her vagina. She merely asked McD to reimburse her medical costs. They settled out of court, and McD sought and got an agreement that she would never speak publicly about the matter. McD’s then went forward with the “we were sued over a cup of coffee” oh poor us agenda, part of the effort to make it illegal for regular people to sue corporations.

      Prior to that time McD would sell coffee at the drive-thru at 140 degrees (going on memory, but hot enough to scald) as policy because people would set it aside while they drove to work, allowing it to be at drinkable temperature when they arrived. Stella, a passenger in the car, spilled the coffee in her lap – she was wearing sweatpants, and consequently the heat of the coffee was against her skin for a long enough time to inflict severe burns. After this event, they lowered the temperature of coffee sold in all stores.


  8. McDonald’s had several complaints love over hot coffee prior to this case also. Mickey’s didn’t want to go to court because policy and practice could have been established.


  9. Maybe someone has an answer so I am posting the question: If it’s the same or similar “flu virus” as some preach, then why nobody (at least that I know of) in the medical field or the truther sites is recommending getting the flu shot and go about your regular day?
    The other elephant in the room is the COVID-19 vaccine, any news about that? I guess some should be looking from it. I know some vaccines are not developed in advance bc they are not profitable.


    1. They ARE though

      As usual the stories aren’t straight…they say ‘no, a flu jab can’t protect you’ but then they say ‘we are looking for a vaccine, in the meantime, take your flu jab’

      I knew I’d see this the minute they announced it, and as usual they didn’t disappoint


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