A Cohesive 5G/Coronavirus Theory & Timeline

There have been many preemptive strikes in the media recently against conspiracy theory sites connecting 5G with coronavirus. The underlying premise being that 5G is the cause of the coronavirus, and that there is no coronavirus. What I would like to present here is a cohesive theory for how the two phenomena are connected (also known as “a conspiracy”), while also making clear that this conspiracy has nothing to do with 5G being the cause of coronavirus, or coronavirus not existing. Instead, my theory is that the coronavirus mass hysteria was always designed as chaotic cover for the initial roll-out of 5G and its related side effects.

This will be told in timeline format.

1977 – CDC Headquarters (Atlanta, GA)

Government research into zoonotic illnesses discovers a distinct strain of coronavirus, isolated from pangolins. They label this illness ECV-114, which stands for “exotic coronavirus 114”. This virus is not government engineered, rather it is isolated directly from pangolin samples by government scientists. This discovery was made through a much wider set of government research into possible offensive uses of zoonotic illnesses. The CDC labs mark down the discovery of this new virus and forget about it completely. The virus is deemed to be too weak to be of considerable value. It exists for the next 22 years as a single sample resting in a government refrigerator.

1998 – Cleveland, OH

Continued covert government experimentation into zoonotic illnesses finally gets around to ECV-114. Prior administrations had not cared about viruses deemed “low-fatality”, but intelligence agencies under Clinton request further research into possible psychological uses of the low-fatality viruses.

Since these illnesses are not believed to be highly fatal, they are tested covertly on unwitting human subjects. This footnote of a coronavirus…ECV-114…finally gets tested in 1998 using a private company who performs medical research on willing human guinea pigs for cash. A particularly lucrative contract is drawn up for the testing of a new allergy inhaler. This experiment is set to run for a month and pays $1,750 to each subject (a tidy sum in the guinea pig circuit). Competition is fierce among the guinea pigs to get into this experiment. What its subjects are not aware of is that this particular experiment has nothing to do with allergies whatsoever. Each inhaler is actually infected with ECV-114, the pangolin-derived coronavirus.

Results to the experiment show that the disease only causes symptoms in 37% of patients. Of the 150 patients involved, 56 patients become ill. Of those who became ill, the vast majority show only mild symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and mild fever. These symptoms usually disappear after two weeks. Only 2 patients of the original 150 showed fever above 101 degrees. Only 1 person was monitored by their clinic for significant respiratory symptoms, but this person was shown to be in poor general health (and even this man recovered). None of the participants die, and none are even hospitalized.

2006 – Silicon Valley, CA

Early stage research into 5G technology results in a bombshell classified memo, “Human Physiological Response to Extremely High Frequency Bands”. This memo is read only by the highest-level corporate leadership. The results are stunning. While it makes clear that extremely high frequency band mobile connection is an inevitable wave of the future, it finds that most animals take several months for their bodies to adjust to the effects of the high frequency radiation. It also finds (quite awkwardly) that some of the weakest members of the test animals were actually killed by an undefined autoimmune response to the extremely high frequency bands.

Corporate executives are left with a paradox…this new technology is seen to be highly profitable down the line. It will increase mobile speeds by thousands of times what the current capabilities allow. This is a technology that they know they must use, yet here is a memo saying that it will kill people when it first gets implemented. Since this technology was seen as at least 10 years from actual implementation, these results were classified and stored away. Set for future schemes to determine how the technology could be made viable.

2008 – Washington D.C.

After further tests reveal that there is no avoiding the initial complications of the 5G roll-out, corporate leaders hold high level meetings with United States generals and intelligence agencies. They explain the need for what is now termed “5G”, and why it is absolutely vital to the long-term economic prosperity of the United States. Without 5G, it is said, the United States would have no chance to maintain its hegemony throughout the world. In this room on this day, the beginnings of a plan is hatched. This is a plan that would not see the light of day for another decade. This plan is given the code-name “Pandora’s Box”, and given the highest levels of classification.

2019 – Location Unknown

Project Pandora’s Box is brought to the forefront as the companies seek to do their initial wave of 5G implementations worldwide. The highest leaders of industry, government, and media are brought together to put the final touches on this plan. Since the 5G technology is deemed critical to national security, it is believed by those at the top that no risk can be taken that it might fail. If the initial roll-out of 5G technology would cause a distinctive wave of illnesses, there would be a very real chance that world populations would mobilize against it. This was a risk seen as too great to leave to chance. What was needed was a cover, and the cover that was ultimately decided upon was a dusty old pangolin virus called ECV-114.

The name was determined to not be scary enough, so a new moniker was hatched (COVID-19). The name “COVID” would subconsciously remind people of corvids, and through corvids images of plague doctors. The media was briefed on how it should handle the crisis. The bigger the better, the scarier the better. A pandemic was coming, and many people were going to die. Several simulations by intelligence agencies had long been prepared for a pandemic, so most of the plan was already easy to implement. The heads of all major media outlets were to make sure to work in coordination and take their cues from the government health agencies. All heads of industry were promised compensation for the short-term problems they would face from the lockdowns and quarantines. From there, little details such as the term “social distancing” were hatched. People needed to be so afraid that this virus could strike them at any moment that they were literally afraid to get close to one another.

The first critical piece to this entire scheme was to first release ECV-114 into the public and allow it to spread throughout the globe before the lockdowns began. Mass gatherings were sprayed with an aerosol containing ECV-114. Strategic locations were selected for their propensity to cause global spread. Airports were particularly blanketed. The true global wave of illness from ECV-114 occurs from December 2019 to January 2020, when over half of the population of the world is infected with the virus. In the fog of the regular cold and flu season, this goes totally unnoticed as being anything unusual. Symptoms are mild, and hospitals are not overrun. 99.999999% of the human population survives this, and not a single hospital notices anything amiss.

The reason that it was critical to first spread the virus throughout the world is that once doctors began to test people for it, they would find exactly what they expected to find. The boogeyman that the media had created would actually be found just about wherever they expected to find it. This was vital to the plan. In autumn of 2019, vials of the mass-produced ECV-114 had been sent out with agents throughout the world and covertly spread at public gatherings. Events like NFL games, academic conferences, and especially spread heavily in the town of Wuhan, China. This was the place where propaganda had already foretold of such a virus, from its disgusting meat markets. This was where the whole script began. High-ranking Chinese officials were briefed on the plan, and paid a hefty sum.

Heroes, such as Li Wenliang, were dreamt up. The whole thing was to play out as a worsening crisis which was to cause the entire global population to unite behind something. Doubters would be immediately ostracized. The public would be flooded with frightening and exaggerated death tolls. Such chaos would be created so that the average global citizen would not have the slightest idea what was actually going on.

2020 – Worldwide

The plan goes live. Daily death statistics are driven based on pre-existing models. Tests are denied unless death figures need to be boosted that particular day, according to the scripted model projections. However many deaths needed to be found in a particular country and a particular day, field agents are given this as a target and told to either test or not test. The model projections have foretold exactly when certain countries are “next”. Since at least 150,000 people die on the planet every day, and since ECV-114 had already rapidly spread throughout the public months earlier…it is not difficult for public health officials to find the appropriate tallies each day. Numbers are fudged to the extent that in many cases testing is not even necessary. Doctors are actually allowed to classify any death as one attributed to the virus based on their word alone. This is how the statistical models are followed closely. Widespread testing is delayed in each country until the statistical models call for the virus to be spiking in this particular country.

Lastly, lost in all the chaos (by design) are the actual targets of the 5G roll-out problem. Those already weakened by cancer and other illnesses are mysteriously dying without warning. Doctors in the field are told to attribute these deaths to the virus. Mysterious autoimmune symptoms, such as cytokine storm, subtly pop up throughout the country. Even among the young and supposedly healthy, these autoimmune symptoms are broadly seen. Doctors are told this is a symptom of the virus. Coronavirus victims die not from their respiratory illness symptoms, but rather from causes typically associated with autoimmune disorders, where the body attacks itself. These symptoms are noted, specifically by the New York Times, but they are written off as being caused by the virus.

Any time future G5 installations pop up, the plan is to describe such situations as outbreaks of the new coronavirus. The boogeyman is so well-established, that in the public mind this is not related to 5G at all, it is coronavirus of course! Just look at the test results! Government officials are pleased with the result. Society has banded together strongly and there is little dissent among the population. Far greater social dissent had been anticipated. In general, those at the top are stunned the degree to which the entire world has agreed to lock itself away without question.


In conclusion, is coronavirus fake? Absolutely not. But who said it was deadly? Many coronaviruses are totally harmless to the average person. We have been told this one is several magnitudes deadlier, but all available evidence says the opposite. There are innumerable reports of people testing positive with no symptoms or testing positive and having mild symptoms. There must be at least a thousand such stories for every death which is thoroughly proven to have been caused by this virus. This implies a mortality rate in the neighborhood of 0.001%. A far cry from the originally communicated WHO figure of 3.4%. These lockdowns and quarantines are criminally unjustifiable. People should be rebelling against them. There is no longer any rational or scientific basis to support their necessity. We are being lied to on a daily basis. We need policies which are based on the actual risks, and we need to stop being kept in the dark about the true dangers of 5G technology.


Keep your eyes on further reports of cytokine storm deaths in the general population. Why would our bodies be in overdrive attacking itself unless some outside factor were causing this? And don’t tell me a virus that is killing 1 in 1,000 is also causing cytokine storm in typically healthy people…

78 thoughts on “A Cohesive 5G/Coronavirus Theory & Timeline

  1. Bravo!

    Excellent paper, and very plausible imo.
    In fact, I’d be willing to bet you’re extremely close to the truth.

    It’s been extremely sobering for me to see how completely programmed and brainwashed the American public is. They have no idea the media is controlled my military intelligence or that it’s being used as a weapon against them.

    I now realize just how easy it is for them to take out entire countries. Just look at what they’ve done here in the U.S. over the course of two weeks -and without firing a single shot.

    It’s sad, scary and a bit pathetic.

    I’ll also add how, in addition to creating a cover and diversion for the 5G roll-out and related illnesses, the simulated pandemic presents the perfect opportunity for crtain nafarious groups in power to promote their globalist agendas through the introduction and implementation of new draconian-styl laws aimed at further restricting the rights and liberties of the world’s citizenry. A scenario we should expect to see play out in the coming weeks and months.


    1. Thank you. I completely agree. With the amount of planning that would have been done, there would have been innumerable opportunities for secondary agendas to be connected with this, as you say. Ordo ab chao. This would have stood as an enormous opportunity for all those who knew it was coming.

      My scenario is a fictionalized account, but this really helped me to put a lot of information into context. The cytokine storm reports really do not make sense if we’re only looking at coronavirus. I actually didn’t know about the cytokine storm detail until I was deep into this theory, and then BOOM it actually existed right where I had hypothesized it would. Who knows how close I am, but it’s probably much closer than most would dare to believe.

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  2. The faux :”I hate how comments spill over…”

    Next time try showing some balls and leave the comment section of yr not-so-well-thought-of pieces open. How bout that, brainiac? Or was that pussy move made out of fear that some semi-focused reader might actually read yr piece and tell ya to cut your daily dosage. Here’s a positive spill over comment: i see progress in yr witch hunt method. He ain’t a group any morr and yr finally down to analysing dates of his pieces. The trail got super hot. Right? Gee, man.

    Ya must really hate that guy if ya pulled that one out of yr arse and thought it would stick. It actually got stuck, except it’s landed on yr back and nobody’s tellin ya. Except me, just now.

    When are ya going to find and write about any content related misdirection or whatever y’re accusing Miles of? These latest hate pieces are getting boring. And they make ya look as a teenage boy that got dumped by his gf for being a jerk.


    1. MM,

      Your conclusion-drawing is as sloppy and careless as that of the author(s) over at the MMG site. Interesting.

      Personally, I don’t find the date-entering issue as compelling as Fauxlex does. But I don’t follow your logic when you say his mention of it means Fauxlex believes MMG “ain’t a group any morr.” Why do you think the mismatched date could only have been entered if the site were run by a single individual instead of a group? Fauxlex didn’t make this inference. Why do you project it onto him?

      I’d be more interested in your opinion of the current piece connecting COVID-19 to 5G. It’s relevant, well thought out, and doesn’t contain a single pointless digression into the genealogies of movie stars or historical figures. Refreshing, huh?


  3. I am not aware of any serious research yet done on the effects on human health regarding 5G technology. There is obviously a “source” behind the voluminous and detailed information contained herein, but you cite nothing save a NY Times article.

    The hospitals are empty. Testing that is done is unreliable at best. The news media is useless and co-opted, as always. In December/January we had a normal cold/flu season. We have one every year, so it is hard to see why a new and harmless pathogen would be introduced. They merely need use the real one. It could be done as “virtual reality” via TV news, without spraying NFL attendees. This is especially something to consider since almost no one is seeking treatment now that cold/flu season is over.

    This “pandemic” is 100% induced by the news media. Coupled with stay-at-home and intense fear-mongering by politicians and news, it is easy to see that it is long in the works and has an unstated purpose. We are not suffering unusual deaths, and those that are occurring are in the portion of the population always threatened, the already sick and aging. If masking the rollout of 5G is the purpose of this fake pandemic, it makes no sense. Given that it is having no effect on the general population, it could be done quietly and without frightening everyone. That would be the normal course, rather than this massive agitprop campaign.

    It has been my experience that the public is kept in the dark on any issues of importance. If some new technology is introduced, it is done quietly. By the time the public finds out about it, it is fait accompli. So if we are told now that 5G is going to be rolled out, it has already been rolled out. It is in place. Public opinion is now and has always been nothing more than a nuisance. They don’t care what we think, and only monitor us to be sure that there is no general awakening, which there surely is not.

    Some other game is afoot. This is among the largest and most psychologically damaging agitation propaganda campaigns I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few (beginning with McCarthyism when I was too young to comprehend). This explanation you give should be considered, but I think we’ve more to uncover, much, much more, and miles to go before we sleep.


    1. I should be clear, there is no source. This is a fictionalized account, which was tremendously helpful in allowing me to get my research and ideas together. Funny thing is, I am still probably giving “them” quite a lot of the benefit of the doubt…as your comment implies.

      Having this kind of a narrative should help us to better understand how this all must have played out behind the scenes. If I tweak it slightly to saying that the entire genome of the virus was faked, and further efforts to sequence this genome were faked in the scientific literature, then your theory becomes plausible. The PCR RNA primer sequences could have been selected for their propensity to throw false positives (which actually is still very likely, even in my existing scenario). Ultimately, what made me go a different direction was my research into the known genetic sequencing of patient samples. There are hundreds of partial and complete “SARS-CoV-2” genomes in the NCBI databases. I could not rectify this with a total lack of a spreading virus. What I can match it up with is a virtually harmless virus with a high propensity of spreading. I think with some strategic exposures, it would have been actually very easy for them to have made sure that this particular virus spread throughout the entire western world directly ahead of the lockdowns.

      With the media demonizing and fear-mongering this harmless bug, you would have all the cover that you would ever need.


      1. I’ve had it in my mind that a script is playing out, and this is a stage play Is being dealt to us in various acts, and we’re now in Act II, spreading fear far and wide. In this scenario a central script exists, and the number of cases and deaths being reported in the media with no underlying reality. There are no cases, no deaths beyond the 150,000 who die every day anyway. They then don’t need a virus. Not needing a virus, they can just run with Kerry Mullis”s PCR, which even Mullis did not believe in. They send out the test kits, collect them, ignore them and just keep letting go with new higher numbers, all fake.

        At some point you have to deal with empty hospitals and testing centers, and people told to stay at home so as not to notice these things. If this thing is indeed a drill, why would NCBI not be a player?


        1. I hear you…it’s just a lot of NCBI sequences in the database to explain that way. And also, my theory fits nicely with the widespread reports (including from both you and I) of a strange cold from Dec-Jan. I just felt that it fit my theory more cohesively. Not saying that what you are talking about is not a plausible avenue as well.

          Did you see the chart below? This is, in my eyes, them being caught red-handed reclassifying typical annual illness as “the virus”. Would fit both of our concepts. They are pulling the death figures out of thin air from regular old deaths. I agree the NCBI sequences might not be legitimate…it’s possible. But with the exotic cold so many people reported, I just lean towards an actual release of something. Those reports would indicate some bug really did circulate, albeit an extremely weak bug. This also explains the widespread positive PCR results…and yes false positives are rampant, I just do not feel it’s as likely that we’re ONLY seeing false positives. The only way we’d be seeing exclusively false positives is if someone had gamed the system and selected RNA primer sequences that they knew would be widely found in people. They claim in the scientific literature to have tested these primers against regular SARS and influenza. So I basically went with the path of least resistance as a theory. There may very well be deeper shenanigans afoot. I agree with you.

          Truly I do not mean my story to be something that I’ll defend like I am positive each detail is exactly correct. Sketching out that timeline allowed me to put all my research and ideas into a cohesive picture of what I believe is likely to be happening. The narrative that I found to align best with the random specifics that we’re actually witnessing.


          1. I’ve got lots to do … right now back in Virusville, listening to Dawn lester and David Parker explain why they do not exist. That subject keeps coming back to haunt me. They wrote an 800 page book … guess I will have to read it.


  4. Should research that each G theyve rang out has had a corresponding “virus” running along it. Starting at least with 3G, I think it was SARS then, 4G I think we had H1NI, and now 5G and coronavirus. I dont believe in such coincidences. Im sure they know that each specific “G” has its underlying effects on our bodies and each “virus” was indeed used for cover for those who would display symptoms from said “G’s”.


  5. This just in:

    “Scientists studying the effects of 5G on the general population discover that it affects the cerebral cortex of a large majority, enabling in them an awakening as foreshadowed in the 1996 movie Phenomenon, starring John Travolta. In the movie he suddenly came alive, able to think properly and see through problems and illusions. But of course, such abilities were the result of illness, and he died. CDC is concerned about these effects without death, fearing the need for its own existence will be questioned. 5G will soon be replaced by 5D, with a dumbing-down (D) wave added to the mix to keep people in their vegetative state.” (NY Times, April 1, 2020)


    1. Mark, you missed the update posted hours later:

      Never mind. Scientists just realized that exposure to limited hangout videos and websites sends awakened people so far up their own asses that they cease to be a threat to the CDC or anyone else. Government officials are now calling on Google, YouTube, and Facebook to lift their restrictions on conspiracy material and then everything will go back to normal. (NY Times, April 1, 2020)

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  6. One word, Chemtrails. Once the planes stopped flying we’ve seen a plateauing of the outbreak while people have increased their usage of 5G.

    Mass transit rail and improved highway systems will save us.


    1. I always stumble over the mass exposure aspect of 5G, chemtrails, fluoride… Are we to imagine “they” are willing to take the effects themselves, for the sake of “the farm” as a whole? There’s no way to avoid this stuff, unless they’re some woo woo Thomas Pynchon nephilim or something.

      Fluoride you can filter… But then, is there some memo at Bilderberg: “make sure to keep yr filters changed. Thx”

      Plus they have extended, lesser family and cousins… The hirelings that fill low level media and so on. Just write them off along with the plebes? Wouldn’t those relations e pissed (and more capable of retribution) to find out about something like that?


      1. My guess would be that it is proximity-related for how severe 5G symptoms would be. For the truly elite wealthy, I doubt it would be very difficult to make sure they are close to 100% removed from the dangers. Have never gotten too deep into chemtrails, personally…and I don’t think they’d ever have any trouble avoiding fluoride. They would probably laugh at this idea…that we feel so stuck in our cage under these things that we can’t even fathom how they avoid it. They avoid it because they planned it, and it’s designed to not touch their lives.


      2. But I am also not convinced that 5G is going to be some total genocide or anything like that. The whole system would be naturally designed to cause more direct harm the lower you are on the social status ladder. In the longer-term, we can relocate people in truly harmful areas. Those might be the people experiencing cytokine storm right now. But no way any truly elite status person is going to be placed in the path of the most harmful areas.


        1. I think you overestimate the degree to which the “true elite” are apart from civilization and its fallout… Unless we are talking about some tiny fraction living on an island we don’t know about, or some sci fi/ fallen angel brand of elite. At the very least, many of their high level MANAGERS are certainly enmeshed in society. Some have country estates, but many many live right in the belly of the beast, in NYC and other major cities. Surely those places will be bathed in 5G, or whatever else one worries about. AND they would be in a position to know about the bad effects. Is that why Trump wears the orange makeup maybe? It’s a protective coating? Or maybe the managers are just told to grin and bear it, and take the payoff. But again, aren’t the high level managers blood relations of the true elites? Maybe not, maybe they’re a special caste. Or maybe they’re actual regular people who managed to claw their way to the top of the slave pile, and just barely higher in status than ourselves? I don’t see how they’d avoid 5G towers though.


          1. Haha orange face protection! You make a valid point. Maybe even the moderate elite ARE going to be exposed. I am sure that the wealthiest will be able to take SOME measures to limit their proximity and exposure. Not completely avoid, agreed.


      3. I doubt there are “chem” trails, but contrails are easy – if the atmosphere is loaded with water vapor, jet trails linger longer. After all, they are mostly water vapor along with other essentially harmless crap. On a day with low water vapor, they disappear quickly.


  7. Early in January, 2020 I wrote a short piece about WordPress taking down my friend Dean Henderson’s blog. The link above is to his latest book, which connects the dots in a direct, concise, analysis of footnoted material. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the collapse of life as we have known it, and what you can do about project what I am now calling “bio-Paperclip 4.0.”

    The Amazon blurb: “Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalyse is an indictment of the computer revolution as simply the latest mechanism through which the royal bloodline families seek to control humanity. The roll out of their well-tested battlefield weapons system known as 5G represents the pinnacle in their use of electro-magnetic frequencies to literally remote control what these feudalists have for 8,000 years seen as their human herd. Since their intervention in Sumeria, these hybrid fallen angel Nephilim have usurped, steered and plundered all of Creation as self-appointed god/kings. The coming 5G apocalypse represents an opportunity for a great unveiling – the Greek meaning of “apocalypse” – of not only their nefarious 5G deception, but of the fraudulent Nephilim Crown itself. This book is written with the hope that it contributes to this great unveiling so that humanity will seize this moment not just to stop the 5G fourth industrial revolution of the Fourth Reich, but to emancipate itself from its Crown overlords.”


  8. The Fallen Ones (Bible, its real) have very little time left before Judgement Day. A very simple way to answer ‘why they are doing this WORLD WIDE’ (www.com should have woke you all) they are DONE robbing the mansion & they are setting fire to it’. Souls, not gold was the prize they always desired. The misery & fear they generated was a drug to them. WE are the reason THEY are here on earth. Rebellion.


      1. The Rebellion is against God or Creator. When God created man ( You & I) Lucifer was ordered to ‘worship them as you do me’. Thus the rebellion led by Lucifer the Morning Star & 1/3 of the angels was doomed to fail. They were cast down here, arriving at Mt. Hermon. Its at the 33rd parallel. They then mingled w/the blood of women who bore them children. Those children were taught what was necessary for the few to rule the many.


          1. Nope. We are a one way ticket body with a soul. That soul is what the god of the Fallen Ones want’s most of all. Their time (Father Time aka Cronus) is all most up. That is why we are seeing the events unfolding today.


      2. Remember, ‘science’ is theirs. They only allow what they want you to know. Information flow to their advantage. I see a lot of comments by bloggers frustrated w/the common folk not protesting. With what platform are they to use? And how many can one truly awaken given the state of mind they are in? 50% were at the poverty line already. You can see where we are headed.


      3. You’ve convinced yourselves that everything is fake. And you still buy the product. Watch what happens when the lock down winds down. They will keep extending it. And what will happen when they shut down the banks for a holiday. Those who have will be in the same state as the present poor. Wiping out all electronic wealth.


          1. The CDC has 20 patented vaccines. Rake in 4+ BILLION. Do you get flu shots? Watch them become mandatory after this historic gutting of the states.


  9. You guys are making me depressed! This is worse than Climate Alarmism, all this end times talk! This too shall pass. It took years for the Kennedy assassination to unravel, a much shorter teem for 9/11, so I would guess within a year or so we’ll have a better idea of what they are doing and why. I assure you it is malicious as hell, and has nothing to do with public health and safety and everything to do with mindf***ing the public. And the public was already in a nearly incapacitated state anyway.

    I remind you that when I was a kid, they told us that Russia had missiles pointed at us and wanted to blow us up. Kids! And they were scaring the bejesus out of us, that too a world-wide hoax. This is not new in terms of size.


    1. Rings true to me, Mark. Thanks for sharing your perspective and wisdom on here, it’s a breath of fresh air


  10. Nothing in the past compares to this. It is the big one. How many billions of dollars have they walked away from in order to cause chaos thus far? For them it’s zero! They print the crap & its worthless to them. But its what we have to use in their system to survive. No God there, just lot’s of clues to the devils chosen ones being at the top of pyramid. How many will say yes or no in the belief that there is a God & there is Satan?


  11. Yes 5G is part of the plan but in reality no, it has nothing to do with causing disease.

    I agree with Mark that there is no new serious health issue caused either by virus or by radio waves. It could be that the health issue angle of 5G is being promoted as disinformation to subtly reinforce the Big Lie that there is in fact a “mystery“ illness going around that needs to be “solved.” Get them arguing about what is causing the problem instead of whether there is a problem. Similar to promoting “Who Killed JFK” to mislead away from asking whether he was killed at all.

    So where do I think 5G fits in?

    My theory is that the no-physical-contact, stay-at-home orders are all about getting us to use apps and the internet for all interaction, work and play. We are being told that pandemics are going to be a fact of life and to survive them we will need more live video streaming, much more than current infrastructure can handle. 5G to the rescue! Next time this happens, to avoid economic collapse, we must have 5G!

    Now I’m not saying that they planned this whole economic shutdown thing just to promote 5G, but that 5G will an essential part of the “solution package” which is to replace more and more of our face-to-face interactions with long distance, easy-to-monitor, easy-to-monetize, easy-to-outsource screen-to-screen transactions.

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    1. This doesn’t explain the widespread positive PCR results and the unusual autoimmune symptoms like cytokine storm. Just saying. I get that we can keep scaling up the level of conspiracy involved. I just went with a route that I see as being the best explanation for the specific details that we are witnessing. I agree with you about this being an aim of the “stay at home”, but I see that more as a secondary objective.


      1. PCR results: your previous post already explained the widespread positive results (if they indeed exist), saying that what they test for is “randomly found in all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and living creatures.” No reason to assume that the PCR tests are actually detecting a virus, let alone for the virus in question.

        Cytokine storm: I read the April 1 NYT article you linked to. Hand-waving to make it seem plausible that younger people are at serious risk from dying from what amounts to the common cold.

        To me, the best explanation for the specific details that we are, not “witnessing” as you say but just being told about, is that they are all made up to rationalize the social distancing orders.

        Here is my proposed timeline.

        Oh no, virus (scary scary scary here’s why blah blah blah)!
        everybody has to hide from each other, overloading the network trying to live a normal life from a distance
        5G adoption accelerated (“we don’t want to have to do that again when the next virus strikes”)
        more people than ever doing more than ever on the internet, less untrackable face-to-face stuff
        TAX and PROFIT!!!


        1. The PCR is going to have loads of false positives…no question. However, I still find it better to come up with a theory that explains phenomenon X, Y, and Z rather than suggesting that phenomenon X, Y and Z are simply fake. Just a personal preference.

          I do understand some of the hesitation expressed recently in comments that people here are delving too deeply into the easy “everything is fake” trap. Once a theory starts to build several fakeries on top of each other, I get uneasy with it. Not because it is inherently wrong, but alas it’s hard for me to operate this way.

          My theory was made specifically to stay in line with about a half dozen real, reported details. The existence of positive PCR results (not all explainable by false positive), the presence of several hundred partial and complete genomes of SARS-CoV-2 in NCBI databases, the inexplicable presence of autoimmune symptoms (cytokine storm) where they otherwise should not exist, the widespread reports by the public of an unusual cold during Dec-Jan, etc etc. These details fit into place through the narrative above, and do not need to be waved away as fake.

          With all that said l, I often remind myself that truth is stranger than fiction. The story that makes the most sense is probably too good to be true. We will almost certainly never know the real truth.


  12. I am suggesting that “widespread positive PCR results” could be like voting on election night, thousands of people busy doing their jobs at polling places, millions of people voting, and from some central location somewhere people supplying fake numbers for the news readers to report, all of the activities, poll work and voting separate and not even looked at. I find it hard to believe that the positive test results from a defective test are being used.

    It is very big, very long in planning, and we are on the outside looking in. I still say we’ve miles to go before we sleep.


    1. Oh I am with you there too. The WHO made testing unnecessary and allowed doctors to classify the virus on their suspicion alone. I totally acknowledge, there could be “no virus”. Above is just a cohesive narrative for how to explain the virus existing AND a viable connection to 5G.


      1. And the DC punk scene of the ’80’s? Rife w/offsprings of all things military/elite/spook families. Like how Henry Rollins got away w/murder. But these are bit players compared to who is taking the nation down presently. Celebrity is their darling distraction device.


        1. I’ve wondered about Fugazi for a while. Ian McKaye of that band has been a lifelong friend of Henry Rollins.


      2. Ok, since no one else has brought this up, I guess I’ll be “that” guy.

        What if all this has been about something else entirely?

        Perhaps this had been a form of preparation for a comming celestial event -one they suspect might cause catastrophe on a biblical scale.
        Perhaps Earth has a cyclical catastrophe cycle as suggesed by some esearchers like Randall Carson, who suggests worldwide catastrophe occurs like clockwork at precise intervals (every 12,960 years) as Earth makes it’s way around the celestial zodiac. A claim he says would reconcile existing geological and archaeological evidence. https://sacredgeometryinternational.com/the-great-year-of-the-world-sacred-geometry-cosmic-cycles-and-catastrophe/

        Things of note.

        Comet Atlas is inbound and should be visible to the naked eye at nigh by mid April, by mid May it’s expected to be visible to the naked eye during the day. (Kachina anyone?)

        The grand cycle of the great conjunction occurs this year. This is the alignment of Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurred in 1284-1285.

        Add to all this the grand solar minimum cycle our Sun has just entered into and the recent erratic behavior of Earth’s magnetic north pole which has left it’s usual position near Canada and has been racing towards Siberia at a rate of 40 miles per year and things could get interesting.

        Or maybe nothing will happen.
        Who knows?
        I’m just putting it out there.

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        1. I love this sort of thing, having read everything Velikovsky had to offer. I do find it hard to believe that Bill Gates has anything of wisdom in his clunky public offerings, and he seems the appointed guru in this matter. Why this clown if anything real is going on? Much mysterious about this whole affair.

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          1. Mark, here’s the 1834 VII edition of ‘The Magazine of Natural History and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology and Meteorology.’

            Check out article on pages 289 -308 entitled ‘On recent meteoric phenomena, vicissitudes in the seasons, prevalent disorders, contemporaneous and in supposed connection with volcanic emanations.’

            The article describes a massive meteor shower that was seen all up and down the east coat of America on the evening of Nov 13th, 1833.

            Eyewitnesses reported seeing hundreds of thousands of them raining down from the sky from dusk till dawn, many of the meteors even impacted the ground.

            The author also talks about a mysterious illness that showed up around this same time and affected many counties.
            It was believed by many at the time to be associated with a fog that inexplicably showed up one day and blanketed low lying areas. This fog reportedly stuck around for many months or possibly even years before finally dissipating.

            Something celestial was definately occurring in the late 1700 on through to at least the mid eighteen hundreds and it was affecting Earth.
            In the article there’s mention of the Aurora Borealis being visible in the lower latitudes.

            Lots of things we’re kept in the dark about.



            1. Jack – I forgot about this link, got sidetracked and just remembered. It looks very interesting and I have it bookmarked on my computer for tomorrow. Thanks.


            2. Jack33, I sent you a private email about this, but don’t know that it is an address you use. I read through it today, and here is the content of the email: email.

              I was fascinated by the writing concerning what was apparently an ongoing meteor shower from 1832-34, one of such size that it could activate volcanoes and cause untold phenomena of light and storms and other violent and weird stuff. I am very curious about your thoughts on this and will withhold anything more until I hear back from you.

              Well, two things: Page 303-04, “Boiling water separated yellow vegetable gummy matter” reminded me of Velikovsky’s discussion of manna from heaven. Page 306 he jokes! That was a shock, talking about the good rifle aim of the Man in the Moon.



        2. Yes, I agree, it is no guarantee that 5G is the cause of the cytokine storm/autoimmune symptoms. Could be any widespread outside agent. It’s a fascinating thought!

          What would cause the immune system of random people to go into overdrive?


            1. All my logical arguments aside, THIS is why I feel that there truly might be a connection to 5G. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to throw cold water on it otherwise. Where there is smoke, there is fire.


              1. Kind of what I was contemplating. DARPA “internet of all things” created a two-way street, a lot of push-back and a wicked boomerang effect in the hands of experienced warriors/fighters. Freeze in place, fight or flight are the options. Prepare.


        3. I read about this comet a couple weeks ago, would explain the disappearing act. Guess theyre all headed to their bunkers or perhaps going into space and watch what happens then come back. Might explaing the masks they are telling us we need as gases are supposed to be emitted.


        4. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, Jack33, regarding this drill being preparation for a celestial event. Comet Atlas will be closest to Earth on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Distance: 116,859,502 km (0.78 AU). It will be closer to Earth than the sun is on that date. On May 31, 2020 the comet will reach its perihelion (closest to the sun). Distance: 37,825,619 km (0.25 AU).

          I don’t know enough about comets and their effects. I haven’t put in the research time yet but here are my questions:

          If the Electric Universe model is correct, how close to Earth must a comet pass in order to have an electromagnetic effect on Earth?
          What kinds of effects might we experience on Earth due to Comet Atlas’ flyby? Volcano eruptions? Earthquakes? Tsunami’s? Floods? Temperature changes? Magnetic pole changes?
          Will Earth pass through Comet Atlas’ tail? If so, what will be the effects?
          When Comet Atlas reaches its perihelion on May 31, 2020, what will be the effects? What kind of exchange will it have with the sun?

          See here for live updates:


          Perhaps our current drill is meant to condition us for harder times brought about by Comet Atlas. Consider the precautions we’re being asked to take with regard to COVID-19: shelter in place, wear a face mask, stay 6 feet away from anyone in public, only go outside for essential trips. These precautions would’ve advisable during the Year Without a Summer (1816):

          “The year 1816 is known as the Year Without a Summer (also the Poverty Year and Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death) because of severe climate abnormalities that caused average global temperatures to decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.72–1.26 °F). This resulted in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.
          Evidence suggests that the anomaly was predominantly a volcanic winter event caused by the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in April in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). This eruption was the largest in at least 1,300 years (after the hypothesized eruption causing the extreme weather events of 535–536), and perhaps exacerbated by the 1814 eruption of Mayon in the Philippines.” – Wikipedia

          It’s worth reading through the wiki page on the Year Without a Summer.

          Another thought: what if our sudden reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and thus emissions output, has been ordered to clear the skies enough to allow our weak sun to shine through? If we’re soon headed for an atmosphere filled with a ton of particulate matter, and we’ve entered a solar minimum, then we’ll need all the clean air we can get. Perhaps this is also why the word “ventilator” is rather prevalent in the news.

          The Color Green

          “C/2019 Y4’s [Comet Atlas’] currently green or aqua colour arises from emissions of diatomic carbon with a 1.2° or 10′ or 3.3 million km multicolour tail, more than twice as wide as Sun. The outer reaches of ATLAS’s tail are still faint, but the gaseous filaments can be sweeping across the stars.” – Wikipedia

          Like Kachina, Osiris is also depicted with green skin. The official explanation is that green represents rebirth.

          Lastly, Stolenhistory.org has an interesting thread titled, “May 23rd: Covid-19.2 will ride the Atlas Comet:”



          1. Don’t you think the gases in a comet would burn out? I mean for gods sake how much gas can they have? I promise this has nothing to do with any celestial event. Been hearing about them for years and nothing ever happens of course.


    1. Maeve and her mother Kathleen promoted vaccines while her uncle RFK Jr opposes them.

      Maeve is listed as “the executive director of Georgetown University’s Global Health Initiatives.” along with her mother Kathleen Kennedy Townsend “former chair of the Global Virus Network” in this article from May of last year:

      “RFK Jr. Is Our Brother and Uncle. He’s Tragically Wrong About Vaccines.”


      From the article:

      “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—Joe and Kathleen’s brother and Maeve’s uncle—is part of this campaign to attack the institutions committed to reducing the tragedy of preventable infectious diseases. He has helped to spread dangerous misinformation over social media and is complicit in sowing distrust of the science behind vaccines.”


  13. During the Obama administration, Mc­Kean worked in the State Department’s global AIDS program and on human rights in the Department of Health and Human Services.

    I would love to read what her job description was when she worked on human rights in the DHH.


  14. Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat what??? Autoimmune disorders! So again, why is the human immune system in such overdrive that it is attacking itself? And don’t say it’s because of a virus that does not even cause symptoms in most people. The human body is going into overdrive against itself, cause unknown.


  15. Fauxlex, that chart above with flu dropping off this year is striking. Has this been spotlighted, did I miss the post? Are there any counter arguments— is data not all in yet? That should be spread far and wide if it can’t be brushed away somehow.


    1. I agree that it’s compelling and it has popped up in numerous comment sections. The problem is that like everything, I can see people explaining it away.


    2. This is the one you mean, right? I just can’t imagine why anyone would claim pneumonia deaths would be so drastically reduced. They might say that the dreaded COVID-19 is what is causing annual pneumonias this year, ergo the deaths are being put into another bucket. I don’t agree with this logic, but as we so often see…it’s very easy to explain discrepancies away. Just look at the Taos stuff. Every discrepancy could have 5 excuses lobbed at it.

      I agree though. This is 100% reclassification caught red-handed. This implies that hundreds of typical pneumonia deaths PER DAY are being called something else. Wherever they can take a regular old death and call it COVID-19, they are doing so. These charts are proof.


      1. They might say that COVID-19 just gets its own death category, which is not a normal thing (these are extraordinary times!) and that is why those deaths fell out. COVID-19 getting its own category pulled them out. Nothing to see here.


        1. Or “many of the people who would have died of pneumonia have contracted COVID-19 and they are dying of the virus”. So you see, this is actually proof for just how serious this crisis really is! (see what I mean?)


      2. Yes that’s the chart, I see it’s pneumonia not flu as I said.

        Anyway, that defense you give them sounds like it would just be a wash… Same number of people dying, whether classified as pneumonia or covid. So no need for drastic measures.


        1. Very true…I thought about that. Not only are we far below typical/expected pneumonia deaths, but according to the panic we should be seeing huge numbers of pneumonia deaths.

          Really though, a whole brand new category for deaths (if such a thing exists in the data) would have strange effects on the data. It could suck out a bunch of the expected pneumonia deaths out because there is a new death category, COVID-19. So if you add those two categories together, you DO have an increase in deaths.

          I don’t actually believe these things, I am just expressing why it’s so hard for those like us to ever definitively prove anything. Just about anything can be explained away.


  16. This was an entertaining read, but I don’t buy into it. My thoughts have always been this virus is a man-made attempt at a Military weapon that would quickly spread to an enemies Military and cause disruption. The reason I say this is this is the first (I’ve heard of) Virus that sheds BEFORE symptoms appear, People can also become re-infected after they have gotten over it. That is unusual. Wuhan has 2 grade 4 Government run Infectious Diseases Labs, I believe some worker had not followed protocol and became infected and before he knew it, had passed it along. The truth will be Ferreted out eventually. I also find it rather fishy the most populated place on Earth, with many not well educated, has had this disease level off without a “known” Anti-Viral Serum, At least that is what they are telling us. Most of the deaths over 90%, a fact released by the US Gov. CDC, has been patients with 1-3 pathology issues COPD, Cancer, Diabetes, reduced immune systems, Liver or Renal diseases, etc. The other % died from the Virus. All we can do is wait and watch until an anti Covid-19 serum becomes available. These views, are simply my own thoughts and most likely be shot full of holes soon, but this was my first knee jerk thoughts and reaction to it when this was announced over at the end of 2019 and January of this year. If it looks like a Duck and Walks like a Duck..
    God Bless, be careful and don’t go out if you are sick or are around someone who is sick like the Idiot Typhoid Mary,and Mikes who go to Walmart Sick Coughing hacking and sneezing because they ran out of Twinkies, or their son wants a new pack of Baseball cards..
    God Bless you, and yes I am including those of you that believe or not..
    at home

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  17. Anybody read The Invisible Rainbow by John Kaminski? Might try to find a pdf, he has a site though about electricity and disease and about what’s going on these days.


  18. More evidence there may have been something celestial occuring back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and the effects it may have had on Earth.

    “Napolean’s Comet” of 1811-12, which they say was visible in the sky day and night for months.

    The New Madrid Earthquakes also occuring in the years 1811-12. These massive quakes measuring 7.8 and higher on the Richter scale caused giant fissures to form swallowing up entire settlements and the inhabitants all along the banks of the Mississippi River.
    It was reported the quakes were so strong the mighty Mississippi actually began flowing in the opposite direction for a period of time.

    The year without summer occured in 1816.
    Massive crop failures and famine resulted when temperatures failed to rise.
    Reports of frost in June and July and snow in August.

    The article I linked to earlier tells us things were still highly irregular as late as 1833.

    So I’ll reiterate, has this pandemic scare and the resulting lockdown been a drill to prepare us for when things really go wrong, perhaps from something celestial they know is coming?

    Probably not, but I still wonder.


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