A new logical fallacy

There is a propaganda technique I have seen in use elsewhere, as with climate change, and certainly with germ theory and vaccinations. I would like give it a name and place it alongside other logical fallacies like ad hominem, post hoc ergo propter hoc, appeal to authority, etc. I think of it as smug arrogance.

It is the technique of argumentation where the proponent of an idea assumes himself right on all matters and therefore immune from criticism. He snidely dismisses criticism, censors opponents, and attach to them such epithets as “conspiracy theorist” or “denier.” He places himself at the center of any issue as a member of a group that has found the truth, and who can never be questioned or doubted. It is anti-scientific in the extreme, as a true scientist suggests a theory and then  attempts to disprove that theory. It is inability to disprove that moves a theory into the “settled science” realm, even as it is understood that science is never settled. The smug arrogant person is anti-science in that he does not allow any attempts to disprove his theories, moving them to settled science by mere group consensus, the 97% fallacy.

It is meant to be intimidation, not argumentation. I have decided to call it the argumentum ego sum deus fallacy, or I am right because I am God, or just the God fallacy. Faux has suggested also

  • Argumentum ab omnipotentia – Argument from omnipotence
  • Argumentum non requiratur – Argument not required
  • Argumentum ab superbus surditas – Argument from arrogant deafness
  • Cognitiva somno acquiritur surditas – Cognitive sleep acquired deafness

In the end, it is “because I am God.” The people advancing these propaganda techniques are as far from God as Helsinki from Patagonia, but the arrogance is enough to take my breath away. I have known smug and arrogant people, and always underneath lies deep insecurity. It is no different here, but these people who talk in this manner on public forums are never brought down. They are shielded. My simple objective here is to identify them and crush them with exposure and logic.

Please chime in, especially if your skill in Latin is better than my Google translate. Also, in college, I took but one sophomore level course in logic, and I loved it. I would have taken more, but at my small college it was all that was offered.

Below is a video given me by Stephers, an excellent use of exposure of logical fallacies, almost like being in class again.

59 thoughts on “A new logical fallacy

  1. You are describing the Antichrist or the spirit of antichrist. For some reason these Satanists believe their time to begin his reign is now or soon. Every Christian I know has woken up and is awaiting the soon rapture of the church. People who don’t yet know Jesus also know that something is deeply wrong and this is a spiritual event/problem. Since you are logical, maybe I can appeal to you thru statistics. Jesus fulfilled over 350 prophecies concerning his first coming – most of these He had no control over – birthplace, being betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, being crucified, buried in a rich man’s grave, etc. The “chance” that He could fulfill even four or eight of these prophecies given sloppy odds like 1 in 100 probability of being born in Bethlehem, etc. results in a probability that Jesus is not the Messiah that is so astronomically impossible as to defy reason. The chance that Jesus could fulfill 8 prophecies can be compared to taking an area the size of Texas and layering the state with silver dollars 4 feet deep! The you blindfold a man and have him wander around and reach in and find the one coin marked with a special mark. He only gets one chance to get it right!! There are 3 times as many prophecies concerning His second coming. Do you really believe He will fail to come again? Check into this statistical argument. It’s on the internet. There is a professor that has done a much better job than I at describing it.


    1. So Susan Tubetop, you and yours are going to heaven and those of us who don’t do what you tell us are going to hell and eternal damnation. That’s quite a wake-up call.
      The problem is that it’s illogical: for starters you are passing judgement on everyone who is not a member of your particular belief system and passing judgement is a sin according to your NT. Your Christian NT belief system was split into something like 40,000 isms and schisms the last time I checked. That means there’s a lot of confusion about the meaning of “The Word of God”. But of course HE has given the true meaning of his word to whoever you listen to. The NT is a Catholic book whichever way you care to look at it, edited hundreds of times by Roman Catholic priest/politicians, and I assume you are part of the reformation? Reformation of what?
      I do realise that being religious means not thinking for yourself and not using your “god given” common sense. Time for you to wake-up!!!


      1. Wake up indeed Cad. That would be the Roman Catholics brand of religion, handed down from Babylon’s Ancient Mysteries School. They claim to be Gods chosen church on earth. A blasphemy if ever there were one. The coming vax shot, ID2020 & HR-6666 will bear out Book of Revelations.

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    2. The real second coming is not relevant here. This is about the false light. To bring it in, the believe in real science has to die. The climate change insanity fits the picture, in a row of other operations, and now the germ hoax. They made the people become atheists, now the next -final- transmutation is due. The deception will not be as cheap as a forced mark, they gonna make the masses to really worship the beast!


  2. I still say that this isn’t even a logical fallacy…it is actually more basic than that. We are seen as such leprous outcasts that our arguments are not considered at all. They fall on deaf ears. This is why I stuck with the theme of deafness. It’s kind of a variation on “argumentum ad populum”, where instead of argument from popularity it is more like DEAFNESS from popularity. Surditum ad populum. That’s my pick. Surditum ad populum. Popularly held beliefs so deeply ingrained that to question them causes immediate deafness.

    The ears cease to function. The argumenter is immediately seen as a leper who must be ignored at all costs. Cue Minime to drop in and slam dunk on our terrible Latin.


    1. And the deafness makes me want to pull my hair out. I’ve been looking into the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. This is what basically made domestic propaganda legal. It’s also right about the same time I realized the news was all lies. They were definitely faking shit before that but was just curious if y’all noticed an uptick around 2012?


      1. It didn’t start in 2012, the media’s been lying a long time -check out Tyrone McCloskey’s JFKTV.
        We also know they were the most essential part of the deception back on that September morning in 01.


      2. Kyle,

        I think the mass shooting psy-op program may have kicked off in 2012, beginning with Sandy Hook in December of that year. I’m sure they have been lying to us all along, but it does feel like things have really ramped up since 2012 or so. This COVID nightmare shows how emboldened they are.


          1. 2012? Seriously? Shakespeare wrote in the 17th century that all the world’s stage. Have you ever wondered about Jesus and his death at age 33? The whole of germ theory was foisted on us in the 19th century. Mathis wrote of hoaxes going back to Salem, and forward to Lincoln and Custer. I regard the American Revolution as a psyop, a standard fallback that Britain would use when faced with rebellion, to allow it to happen, but to make sure it owned the players, aka our “founding fathers.” The US used this same formula in dealing with Cuba and Venezuela. Does it not surprise you that all of our presidents save one trace their lineage back to British or Scottish royalty?

            It has always been this way. “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see…” Someone ghosted those words for John Lennon, as he was not real either.


            1. I’m not saying it started in 2012. The fact that domestic propaganda became legal in 2012 is what I’m talking about.


    2. But Faux … who do we need? We have us. I know how painful it is to be an outsider. But consider what it takes to be an insider. Someone left us the Mencken quote, “No one in this world, so far as I know… has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.”


      1. I am not sure what you mean by “who do we need?”. My point was not so much about the pain of being an outsider. There is pain with that, surely, but also rewards. I simply meant to point out that we hardly reach the point of argumentation when we are seen as conspiracy theorists. The types of fallacy mentioned by Maarten and M² are the best fits “ad lapidem” and “ex cathedra”. However, I feel that it almost goes deeper than that. As I said originally, it is not “because I am God” (ex cathedra), but rather “because YOU are a leper”.

        However, I would need M² of τ for that one.


        1. It takes only 10% of the population to move leadership to back down. The people you are talking a out are in the 90% group. I have a couple of family members who are wavering.


    1. It’s different than this. If we actually engaged with most people in argument, it would be argumentum ad verecundiam or argumentum ad populum. But when a person finds out they are dealing with a conspiracy theorist, it does not even become worthwhile in their eyes to debate.

      It is victory by arrogant dismissal. This is why I said surditum ad populum. Popular deafness or arrogant deafness. Arrogant deafness of the unawakened.


        1. It’s also FASCINATING that the Wikipedia page for argumentum ad lapidem uses Germ Theory as the example…clearly attempting to undermine dissent. The implication being that if you disagree with Germ Theory, you need to use argumentum ad lapidem.

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  3. Over 2,000 years of trying to destroy the mystery, magic and spirit of nature by so-called Christians, and intellectuals and “reason” spawned by “The Enlightenment” has failed to cast these powerful demons aside. We’ve merely internalized the problems, and magnified the dark powers that were once limited by myth and belief in supernatural power. Now, we have supernatural humans with no clue that these internalized demons possess their soul, and evil actions. As I see it, our biggest problem is our dissociation from nature and natural laws, the foundation of life in the entire cosmos. The Kissingers, Rockefellers, Rothchilds and Gates’s of this sick world are delusional beyond imagination, and are infecting the masses, also possessed by machines, excessive rationality and external focus, material wants (greed) and mass psychosis, with their evil, hierarchical mindset, steeped in a fear and hatred of nature and its overwhelming powers. If the one-sided, “logical-linear” mind cannot connect with ancient wisdom told for millennia through metaphorical stories, it’s time we consider our instincts, developed gradually from the beginning of mankind. We carry with us this instinct. Time to use it, before it’s lost and we are no longer human, lacking a soul and any moral responsibility whatsoever. It’s really not up to us, nature will have her way, regardless what we think or do. There will be a remnant that will never lose that proper perspective of being part of the infinite, perfect One.

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    1. Steve, I like what you say here, “Over 2,000 years of trying to destroy the mystery, magic and spirit of nature by so-called Christians, and intellectuals and “reason” spawned by “The Enlightenment” has failed to cast these powerful demons aside. We’ve merely internalized the problems, and magnified the dark powers that were once limited by myth and belief in supernatural power.”

      I take it you’re familiar with John Dee and Francis Bacon then. 

      Have you ever heard of the Susquehanna mystery? 

      It’s a theory those two men, while assisting in the establishment of the New England colonies were responsible for implementing and bringing about a 400-year state sponsored magical working using esoteric knowledge designed to manifest a certain reality timed to the turning of the ages, (astrology). 
      The Mystery begins with The John Smith Map of Virginia (1612). Encoded within the map, via steganography, is the location the Susquehanna River and the 40th Parallel. 

      Whats so significance about this partivular spot that Francis Beacon encoded it within the 1612 John Smith map of Virginia? Check out the link below, he does a great job explaining it all..

      Here are some curious syncronicities that seem to support the theory. He goes into more detail on each one in the video:
      “On the Susquehanna, you will find the birthplace of globalism, the computer industry and wired distribution of electricity – three concepts that currently impact all of life on earth and also correspond to the qualities associated with the Age of Aquarius.”

      It’s all quite facinating when explained better.

      Here’s the link if interested…

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      1. Thanks, Jack. Funny. Until age 9 I lived in Cooperstown, NY, headwaters of the Susquehanna River. History there included lots of secret-society stuff I didn’t understand at the time. Did not know about the 40th line and Susquehanna, but will enjoy learning more. Everything today seems to lead back to the City of London, Basil, Switzerland, the Vatican and District of Columbia. If there’s a higher center of contemporary power and control, I am unaware of it. The greatest question, for me at least, with no obvious answer is this: Is the secret global force human, human hybrid, or is it another life form I/we can not discern? Would enjoy hearing your opinion.


        1. “Is the secret global force human, human hybrid, or is it another life form I/we can not discern?”

          Plain and understandable truth is the ruling class are and always will be psychopaths with no connection to spirit as “spirituality” is limited to conscience, a living thing within you, precisely what your “soul” is. Christianity is based on the perversion of this truth, with deadly consequences.

          As above, so below, a being without conscience cannot exist spiritually. These are your “walking deads”. Hence, there no such thing as an “evil spirit”, all evil exists only in this physical realm. Trick is not to be fooled into believing these rulers and their system have any esoteric knowledge or a connection to “god”, they do not. Esoteric knowledge exists only within the self, as does love.

          Unraveling their lies, the New World Order began with the Doctrine of Discovery some 500+ years ago, we are now looking at the END of the NWO, its script is the New Testament, spiritual fiction and the elites depopulation agenda. The bible is more aptly titled “The Book of the Dead”.


  4. “(technique of ) argumentation where the proponent of an idea assumes himself right on all matters and therefore immune from criticism.”

    ex cathedra
    [ˌɛks kəˈθiːdrə]
    with the full authority of office (especially that of the Pope, implying infallibility as defined in Roman Catholic doctrine).

    Ex cathedra is a Latin phrase, meaning not “from the cathedral,” but “from the chair.” The phrase does have religious origins though: it was originally applied to decisions made by Popes from their thrones. According to Roman Catholic doctrine, a Pope speaking ex cathedra on issues of faith or morals is infallible. In general use, the phrase has come to be used with regard to statements made by people in positions of authority, and it is often used ironically to describe someone speaking with overbearing or unwarranted self-certainty.


    What ya noticed, was noticed already centuries ago. Just to say that history repeats itself with a slight twist to it. Since there’s no pope around to be taken seriously, in the age of science we’ve got white lab coats mistaken for experts, parroting flawed theories. The context remained the same throughout history – nothing they say can be taken as certain or verified, so addressing their audiences can only be done “ex cathedra”.


  5. Good comments all, and for the record, religious beliefs are not, in my opinion, anything worthy of ridicule. We all have to frame the world in a way that makes sense, and for most people the religious framework has explanatory power and offers comfort. God bless you, Susan Tubetop, and good screen name too.


    1. Hey Mark, Glad you like the name. It popped into my head after 5,439 tries for an original one that Google would accept. Thank you for your kind words. I love your posts and love the intellectual bantering and deep thoughts that go into these posts. Actually, I like all you guys. Deep and critical thinking, which is almost gone in this country. It’s refreshing and gives me hope to come across like minded spirits.

      A little about me – I am 66, a CPA with a Masters in Tax, also an RN among other careers and tend to think very logically myself. Like you, I knew immediately the “sickness” was a hoax and refused to comply with masks and other humiliating orders. Also, we left Parker, CO in March after I had a strong premonition in December to sell my house and get out of the state. Where I live now is like heaven – lush green, beautiful, and fairly free. Our governor shut down abortions when he was instructed to shut down non-essential elective surgeries. I thought they might kill him for shutting down planned parenthood, but all is well with him so far.

      Take good care of yourself and your family. Continue to be free. Blessings.


      1. I don’t need to know where you are, But we went to Cheyenne, WY today to pick up a kayak. We bought it from Sportsmen’s Warehouse online, And assumed curb pickup. Instead we found an open store, and no masks except among a very few, most customers. It was like the twilight zone. I said to my wife … we should move here.

        I meet free spirits, good people on this blog. Glad to know you.


      2. We went to a Subway there too, most people unmasked. They had the six foot markers on the floor, but the area was narrow so that the line doubled back on itself. I make it a point to violate that rule and still, you gotta concede, people standing right next to each other but six feet apart from the one behind … have perception deficiencies.


        1. Another question. Who is profiting from the professionally made distancing signs on the walls, floors, etc. found at the big box stores? Some of the X’s are printed rather than make-shift tape on the floor. Then they rolled out the Plexiglas screening at all cash registers. Who’s manufacturing and designing this stuff? It certainly rolled out quickly from the factories.


  6. “Raise up the stone and there you shall find me; split the tree and I am there” (P. Oxy. 1)

    Religion vs beliefs. What good can some authority like a Pope do while yre already in direct contact with yr maker by definition? The instructions were written ages ago. But people forgot to trust themselves. Just like they forgot how to think properly. Both was assisted or even driven by the institutionalized religion. Worldwide.

    Ignoring morals and ethics is the biggest sin against the spirit. There’s nothing to ridicule on the level of exploring one’s consciousness. But there’s a lot to laugh about if ya wanna talk about i.e. walking on water or making wine out of water, virgins giving birth, etc. Honesty counts, it always will.

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    1. You see (and know 1st hand) the elites faith in Satan is obvious. The symbols & idols erected (St. Peters square!) in key lay line areas throughout the world were not in vain. Where ever there is serpent worship, you have satanism & human sacrifice. Painting by numbers?


        1. How’d ya explain to me who’s Satan if I knew nothing of yr religious system? Who is this guy, sans religious crap? And one more, where’d ya draw a line between simply evil/mean and ‘satanic’ ?


  7. They are easily recognizable. They call themselves the scientific community, they have overwhelming evidence, there is a broad consensus. They often call themselves skeptics. But they are skeptical only towards those things that don’t belong go their beliefs. They have peer review and evidence based medicine. But they’re just scientific inbred rooted in biased evidence.


    1. I’m only about ⅓ of the way through, and wow! That is one hell of a comment section and it really makes me want to know more about the whole situation.


      1. From a quick glance, it appears it may be people from two different “paradigms”, and one side (the germ theorists) don’t recognize that they’re in one, and so all evidence is viewed in light of that framework.

        Thomas Kuhn’s famous mainstream book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is a succint discussion of this idea, bit most scientists don’t seem very aware of it. They always seem so very taken with whatever system they were initiated into as students. Despite their claim to be rigorous truth seekers. Granted that workaday research is maybe only possible from within one or another paradigm; still they ought to at least be aware that all paradigms are only provisional, according to the methods of science itself. Which I do give the scientific method credit for that idea, in theory. In practice it seems like they’re either oblivious to it or just give lip service.

        Side note, I recommended this book to someone, and they told me it all seemed obvious to them. Couldn’t understand why the book was acclaimed. Author just saying obvious things in a fancy way. But this reader was not someone who in conversation ever seemed to employ Kuhn’s ideas, before or after reading it. I’m still not sure though if it was really casual knowledge for them, or just flew over their head completely.


    2. Jan, it bears asking…are you still as strong of a proponent of Hamer as you were 14 years ago? This is practically the old testament of internet blogging, 2006. I come away from reading that comment thread with two conclusions. First, the traditionalists attempt to use Germ Theory far too broadly as an explanation for EVERYTHING. Second, it makes me very uneasy that Hamer seems to try to replace that with his own all-encompassing theory.

      Has there been any serious theory where all these areas/illnesses are separated into distinct parts? I could see a reality where for CERTAIN distinct cases, Germ Theory holds…but in others it completely falls apart. Perhaps also, Hamer’s theory holds in certain types of cancer only. You almost have to take each illness as a distinct entity, and what is most dangerous are these all-encompassing theories. Does that make sense?

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      1. What did Florence Nightingale do? She cleaned things up. Germs area cleanup crew, but their work is often not savory or healthy to be around. We just hiked a trail yesterday where a horse had died – this was told to me as I had not heard. It was allowed to rot in the sun for a few days, and it was a ghastly smelly mess. Men in hazmat suits had to come and take it away, probably in wheel barrow loads. Would you want to sleep in a sleeping bag next to that mess? Do you think that things would not crawl on you, infest you and infect you?

        I think you’re right. I don’t believe at this point that viruses present any threat to us, but germs, just doing their job, mind you, can and do harm us. It is not black or white.


          1. Not doctrinaire about this, not black/white. I used to swim at a local college, and had developed a case of athletes foot. I showered in the communal shower, and developed an infection in my foot, obviously the inlet being the athlete’s foot. It swelled up larger than a football. Nothing seemed to help except antibiotics. As with Kary Mullis and his recluse bite, you might say that the infection receding, my foot returning to normal, was just coincidental. I would not be convinced, either with Mullis or myself.


  8. Yes, as strong as 14 years ago. Hamer’s approach is at the foundation, it’s truly a description of how nature works. Before judging its validity, you should do some research. The German New Medicine is fantastic, really.


  9. Whether or not they’re human I can’t say for sure, but there’s definitely a group that reigns supreme via the 3 city states you mentioned and their banks in Switzerland.

    Honestly, I think Switzerland because of it’s location and altitude, is where this controlling group goes to survive each ‘end-of- the-world’ event. It’s how they preserve the knowledge of previous civilizations which they’ll use again to maintain power and control over humanity.

    Perhaps CERN isn’t what we’ve been told. None of us can ever personally verify whether or not it’s a multi billion dollar scientific laboratory studying subatomic particles.
    That could be just another cover story to provide an excuse for money spent and a shit-load of subterranean construction.
    Judging by what we’ve all see lately, I really don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibilities.

    Perhaps they felt their 12,000 yr old bunkers need to be updated and expanded.

    I also suspect they’ve build similar bunkers here in the States beneath and inside the hollowed-out interiors of parts of the Colorado Rockies.

    I image a scenario like this.. when the SHTF, a prearranged signal will be given. That’s when the elite will fly via their private jets to the Denver International Airport where they’ll all be granted access via a series of tunnels built beneath the airport.

    Anyway, did you watch the videos I linked to earlier? If so, what are your thoughts?


  10. Jack 33,

    Most interesting. Ties so many loose ends together. The “invisible college” seems to be the origin of (1660 ) The Royal Society. https://royalsociety.org/about-us/history/#timeline These geniuses guard the “sacred sciences” and control language, math, biology, etc. globally.

    Another coincidence: I moved from Cooperstown to Swarthmore, PA (Wm. Penn experiment) until age 17, just 70 miles from the York site in the video.

    In part I the figure on the map appears as a “giant.” This language also describes the “fallen angels” (Nephilim), or Annunaki in the bible. Keep wondering if the current Crown power isn’t some hybrid, or scion (zion) of human and non-human origin. Anyway, lots of reading to do on the subject. Many thanks for sharing the vid and your thoughts.


    1. The intelligent thing to do is go the opposite direction and divorce yourself from “book knowledge” and begin again, trusting yourself to figure out the world from your own perspective. One does not want to “own” the history of the world as that history not only glorifies the ruling class conquest of humanity, but keeps one sucked into the cesspit of useless knowledge and unable to break the spell. This is the basis of their illusion. They are not “supernatural”, they are liars, parasites, murderers and thieves.

      There’s two realities at play in this world, manufactured and natural. The multi-generational ruling class along with their biblical script is what gives them their “authority” to rule the planet. The “living god” of the bible is these psychopaths. Where the (spiritually fictional) bible claims “let us make man like ourselves” what it means is turn humanity into psychopaths, beings void of conscience. Once the conscience had been destroyed a being is left with no sense of right and wrong, no “light”. The killing of ones conscience is made by choice, lies replace true knowledge that is found within your conscience only.

      “Fallen angels”. Spiritual beings here for the purpose to experience physicality/hell/separation/darkness. The meaning and challenge of life is to survive by conscience and not fall victim to this world where lie is king and deception is the name of the game.

      “Christ” is not the fictional being of jesus, it’s the experience of gnosis, true spiritual birthright. The “antichrist” is the fiction of the new testament, the elite’s one world religion. The “illuminati plan” and biblical “prophecy” are one in the same. This worldwide lockdown is prelude to civil war in the US and WW3 on the stage of the world. When the pope (false prophet) came to the US in 2015 and gave his speech in Philadelphia from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address lectern he was signalling the end of the US. The Gettysburg address was in dedication to a graveyard.

      All your “spooks” promote the christian religion and the false narrative of the NWO.

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  11. (Nephilim) were modifying DNA durning the times of Noah. And low & behold the push for the upcoming mandatory vax does juts that. This is the goal of the ConJOB-19.


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