Boy, did Sinclair get it wrong


“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying the cross.”  (Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here)

Man did he get that wrong. When it finally arrived, it was wearing a white lab coat.


Another thought (my second of the day – I’ve been spray painting with oil-based stain, and cannot bring myself to wear a mask – obvious brain damage). It is this: Bill Gates* reminds me of anyone, it is Prince Charles, over-priveleged, over-educated,  imagining himself worthy of the wealth that he came into by sliding down the right birth canal.

Useless eaters, they are, but their families gotta do something with them. Charles and Bill are dangerous clowns. I think it safe to say they are not trusted with real power,  but are merely used as public faces, sock puppets.

*Mea culpa … I had forgotten. Gates is a college dropout, but we are told that he is a genius, and that it is not unusual for such people to be unable to do well in a formal education setting. Sometimes true, but I think in his case, maybe just a dunce.

5 thoughts on “Boy, did Sinclair get it wrong

  1. Must see:

    Meet Bill Gates
    100,290 views•May 24, 2020

    Corbett left out several knockout blows:

    Robert F. Kennedy on the horrors of the Bill Gates vaccination programs in India, Kenya, and elsewhere throughout the world.
    Amazing Polly outlining the medical mafia.
    Whitney Webb (The Last American Vagabond) on vaccinations and more.
    Celeste Solum on vaccinations and more.

    OT: Mark Devlin reports ( on David Zublick and others saying that there is a sealed indictment against Fauci the election. Right. We are being played, people. Trump is going for mandated vaccinations at warp speed!


    1. I don’t think Trump will force KungFlu vacs on anyone.

      I do think a single payer health care system would.


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