Legal tender

I’ve been curious about this … my favorite courses in college were in business law, which included such ideas as “legal tender.” Given that money is a necessary concept, there has to be some means whereby we all agree that there is a common and accepted means of exchange. We use currency. Once upon a time we used the gold standard, and then silver certificates, but all of that was tossed out the window, and we now use Federal Reserve Notes.

On those notes you will find the words “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” What I took away from that was that if I offer you Federal Reserve notes in payment, which is now how we do everything, and you refuse to accept it as payment, no matter, the debt is settled. An exception was made in that we were not allowed to pay debts in pennies, that is, I could not pain-in-the-ass you by making you accept a wheel barrow full of them as payment, just to piss you off.

So I drove through a line for a new coffee shop recently, and rather than pay at the window, I encountered a person at the curb who said that they do not accept currency as payment, only credit cards.  So I paid using that device. But I wondered … I had offered Federal Reserve notes. When refused, should I have not have received free coffee in exchange? The debt was paid by legal tender.

It is a new coffee shop, and their coffee was served in styrofoam, which I hate, and was overpriced. However, the overlords want to do away with currency and replace it with plastic. They are using the fake virus as justification. But the obvious inference from this is that bank cards can be turned on and off at will, a means of social control. Currency, no matter how fraudulent, is free exchange.

The fake virus is so useful to totalitarians!

17 thoughts on “Legal tender

  1. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, a far more powerful body than anyone realizes, has an FAQ on this very question.

    Their answer seems adequate. You’re getting hung up on the “public and private” part. What it’s really trying to say is that it is indeed legitimate money (“is legal tender for all debts” being the far more important part of that statement). The business doesn’t have to accept it, but they couldn’t argue with you that your $5 bill wasn’t legally worth the same $5 as the $5 latte you just bought. They just require that same amount of value in a different form. Nobody is saying that it’s ILLEGAL for you to pay with cash. Your cash is legal tender, but legal doesn’t mean required.

    Think about a government-produced car that said “this car is a legal automobile for all roads, public and private”. A car being street legal wouldn’t mean that every business would be required to accept it on their property. The statement on the bill is kind of a nothing statement other than validating that piece of paper as real, honest-to-God money. In the same way, the automobile case it would just validate it as a real, honest-to-God car. It’s meaningless, apart from symbolically validating the item. Government is generally very symbolic in this way.

    It should really just say “This bill is legal tender for all debts” but I think they added the bit about public and private to make clear the intended use as a medium of exchange beyond just the government. In this day and age with multiple forms of payment beyond cash, it’s just antiquated and confusing.

    TL;DR Something being legal doesn’t make it required. Thanks to my overpriced college Econ degree for this answer.


          1. There is a law in Germany, making paper Euro legal tender. The state itself ignores it, the unloved public broadcasting for example, accepts no cash for the fees. A Journalist went to court, the German court asked the European court. The journalist was smeared as looking for a loophole to avoid the hated fee, but he is serious, has the hyperinflation back in the day in mind.


  2. Legal tender helps establish legal jurisdiction ie. control of subjects acting in that artificial existence. Its use is key to taxation. Taxation is key to its use. Legal tender, at bottom, is key to all false valuation of that which is priceless (all of creation).
    Worst of all it is a tool used to strip man of spirit and any chance of living a spiritual life. This is a primary tool used to enable the gods of legal and artificial things. Our silence is our consent. To act in the jurisdiction of man-gods is in opposition to the law of nature. Government (legal jurisdiction) is always, by definition, all about ways to control our minds. Without consent overlords have no power over us.


      1. We are indeed “stuck” but have our somewhat damaged instinct and brain to help us find a way out of this open air debtors prison. Lots of work to be done to reconnect with the true nature of things. So much focus on the external (matter) and so little introspection and care for our psyche (soul/spirit). A place to make a stand and new beginning.


  3. 1933 (’33’) when the nation was declared insolvent. The ‘fed’ is City of London’s darling. They are taking out of circulation coins…………………..dollars next. That ‘chip implant & social scoring will be AFTER the mandatory vax looming (rumor) Nov.1st to be enforced by military goons. OT went 15 days w/out electrical service. Get a wood burner if you live in the Northern states….


    1. No rumor they think they are slick by going through your employer, Gates involved in food industry also so either shortages are coming or possible depending on reactions to vaccines.


    1. That was illegal until recent years, but in my view fair to merchants. All of these benefits of credit cards, kickbacks and airline miles, are paid for my merchants. Costco will nit accept MasterCard because it is loaded with expenses on their end.


  4. Since money, in general, is a massive hoax, this is simply more fudging from the establishment to manipulate people to go from one form of debt-based currency to another form of debt-based currency. The cycle continues, and it will only end when people realize that it’s all an illusion and we don’t need it and humanity begins to look for or create much better alternatives to money. Then real change will take place.


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