The Big Winners: Big $, Oligarchs and drugs.

Everybody must get stoned:

One way to deal with the embarrassment of expecting anything to change depending on a rigged election system that never delivers policies that favor a majority of Americans is to get stoned. Now, marijuana will be “legal” in Montana due to a ballot initiative that won a majority handily.

Oregon legalized “hard” drugs.

Sit back, relax, hive minders. It’s all over now.

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.

44 thoughts on “The Big Winners: Big $, Oligarchs and drugs.

  1. Good point, Jim. I was thinking of a likely uptick in insomnia and depression, which might also mask similar adverse EMF effects. Big Pharma can prescribe all kinds of pills for the right symptom-wrong-cause patients being run in circles. Classic racketeering.


  2. Ah the antigrassers have arrived.

    Nothing wrong with María Juana. But that is of course not (((their))) agenda. It is genetically modified crap that gets allowed while the organic product of Gaia is suppressed.

    Weed opens your mind, enhances creativity and if you are (still) drinking alcohol, one of the main worst drugs of society, I cannot take your anti-weed stance seriously.

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        1. Oh! Thank you. My confusion. The alcohol photo shows alcohol, so I was in the sugar photo trying to find sugar. I understand now.


          1. No problem. Actually, after I made the image I saw something I didn’t intend, but the image on the left shows the suggestion of alcohol, but it could be a non-alcoholic drink (too).

            If I remember well, I searched for “laptop and beer” but after finishing the whole slide/meme/my design, it showed quite nicely like this.

            Feel free to share, everything I make is for sharing and spreading the word. And if you have suggestions, recommendations, tips, please post them; I have incorporated other people’s work (see art below) with my own.

            aSHIFT. is an ultracapitalistic philosophy based on sharing, how beautiful is that!?

            Hopefully the hardcore anti-Randers can chew up their bitter leftovers of an indoctrinated life and we build on to her “virtue of egoism”, because we have shared egoism or social egoism. There is also virtue in sharing the life of yourself.


  3. Let me be clear. To be legalized is to be re-created as art/fiction. When a thing is legalized it is assumed (not genuine) to be property of its creator. How is being anti-legalize equivalent to being “anti-weed?” Nature — every bit of it — needs no re-creation unless the goal is to re-value it in money, which means certain death to its intrinsic value as a unique life form. Can’t serve more than one master (creator) at a time.


    1. “unless the goal is to re-value it in money, which means certain death to its intrinsic value as a unique life form.”

      So you just steal meat, eggs and other groceries?

      Your marxist indoctrination is unbearable. What do you have against money (a form of value transfer)? I thought Mark was deranged, you take it a step further.

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      1. Professor (GAIASSPHERE), your jaundiced use of the term “marxist indoctrination” is rendered meaningless without further definition and/or explanation. Please see:

        I’ve been called worse, but continue to have serious doubts about your intentions here. You don’t seem to like Mark or me that much, so, why do you feel the need to hang around and hurl childish insults? Doesn’t this silly behavior say more about you (the anonymous accuser) than it does about either of us (the accused)? Negativity is not in short supply, especially these days. Why all the fuss, “G?”


        1. I very much like you and your defense of the natural world.

          Nobody should con-fuse my problems with what someone says with a person.

          I have problems with your views, so I react. What is wrong with that? It is words on a blog, not? What is this idea that we cannot criticize or challenge each other?

          Someone grows plants in their place and put money and time into producing cheese (weed), but then you somehow don’t want to pay him/her because “it cannot have two creators”? What then? Stealing?

          If you give service or products for services or products, barter trade, I am all for that, but you seem to have a problem with capitalism, the natural way of working.

          That is what you and Mark have in common, an irrational hatred for Ayn Rand, one of the wisest women who ever lived. Anarchocapitalism FTW!

          BigSwede can hopefully add his sense/cents to it!


            1. The foundation of capitalism (“legalism”) is merely the valuation of all
              men as persons (by legal status, class, and title), as well as that of all their property being in public holdings. This is the essential nature and structure of a system of human capital management; this is a usufruct system of commercial “person-hood” which reduces man (and womb-man) to the status of a debt-slave and renter (user).

              I do not hate Ayn Rand, and completely agree with the Laws of Nature. Capitalism, as practiced today is hierarchical and opposed to natural law in the most violent ways imaginable. So, no I’m not an adherent. And yes, we fundamentally disagree on that fundamental point. So glad we finally got to the root.

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          1. “…but you seem to have a problem with capitalism, the natural way of working.”

            My goodness. Seriously? Y’re just tossing words around as if they had no meaning. It’s sad if ya actually believe what ya wrote there. Nothing that implies exchange of materialistic goods for gain or profit is natural in its definition. Just because people are forced into such system doesn’t imply this system is inheriting anything natural by it. Ya might as well call it natural and humane by that logic. Nature doesn’t care for hoarding resources, ownership, investments or profit made on exploiting difference in value and further has no measure for that value. That’s what capitalism is all about, that’s what defines it. So don’t twist meaning of words to prove whatever point y’re trying to prove here while accusing Steve of whatever y’ve managed to figure out. The only one here taking anything to another level in this case is yrself, yr capacity for understanding words and terms with most basic and straight-forward meaning is sometimes just stupefying.


            1. Apparently you are suffering from the same problem.

              Leftists have brainwashed you, steve and many others with the idea we have capitalism now. We don’t, anywhere on nation scale. We have corporatism in economics and socialism in politics.

              Capitalism is the free market, without state intervention, that is the natural situation, no interventions in the market. Without that trade happens freely and without theft (taxation) or other interventions into the people trading.

              Just like in nature. When you leave nature alone, in an ecosystem, everything and everyone has a function and deals with each other without overall intervention. The transfer of value (food, living spaces) is not arranged. It is not a park. Only natural laws apply.

              So living in harmony with nature without some group of intervening criminals (the state) is the ultimate capitalism. No bail-outs, no stealing from one and giving it to the other, no laws other than the natural ones, no military, nothing.

              We cán have that paradise. Not by moving to a country (mostly delineated by unnatural borders), but by transcending the nationalism they invented and going global (just like they do, but then with a moral philosophy, not the greed, violence and theft we have now (corporatism + socialism)).

              aSHIFT. = the ultimate capitalism (everything and everyone has value) = the natural situation (defending Gaia, Nature, Divinity).

              Defining the current corporatist system as “capitalism” is the same satanic reversal as what they did with science (a philosophy) by tying that to the current scientimist system.

              The AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) narrative is the strongest example; “the science is settled” is an intrinsic anti-scientific claim (oxymoron) because science by definition is never settled. Just like a capitalist system cannot exist because capitalism is the situation without systems (intervention).


        2. And again I totally agree with you Steve.
          When governments make something legal it’s just because they wanna have the total control of that thing and of the people who buy and use the thing itself.
          And if you’re a marxist, I go even further and say that having a roof over our head, food, and all that’s necessary to live a decent life should be for free for everyone in this world, because these things are not luxury but fundamental human rights.

          Having to pay for food, decent clothes and electricity or gas to keep warm during cold winters is a scandal the way I see it.
          This insane paradigm has to fall once and for all.

          As you said, life is not a competition.

          Thanks for your words of wisdom, Steve. Food for my soul.


          1. CAPITALISTS know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
            Some things just cannot be bought. In fact , thinking about it , the things that cannot be bought are , generally speaking , the most valuable.


          2. “Having to pay for food, decent clothes and electricity or gas to keep warm during cold winters is a scandal the way I see it.”

            I see theft as a scandal. And if you’re not willing to care for your own life needs, you need to steal that from others. Exactly the situation we live in.

            Of course you need to pay for your food (or hunt or grow it yourself, but also there you need to buy the tools you need to acquire food). And clothes? If you don’t want to pay for keeping yourself warm, you’re free to walk around naked.

            But stealing from others because you “don’t want to be bothered by the natural law to care for yourself” THAT is the problem of the System we live in.

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            1. And if you don’t work, like in ultra-socialist Europe you gain benefits with not providing value to others, while others do that for you.

              What is wrong with NO theft? Then you can just donate money to those you feel deserve it. That is fair. Stealing is unfair.

              And the ridiculous idea that “life is not competition” is astonishingly stupid. Nature is ALL ABOUT competition. Flora competes for sunlight, animals compete for territories, food, everything.

              And competition is healthy. Competition leads to creativity and diversity. Another problem of the current corporatist system is monopolies (or oligarchies). If we would have a free market, there would be hundreds of browsers, operating systems, electricity providers, etc. etc. Not like now dominated by just a handful.

              I already sense the feeling people have here that competition is the opposite with collaboration which is untrue. The shops here in the village compete with each other but at the same time collaborate with each other, sending customers to their competition. Healthy life, if it weren’t for the statism hurting them with their “laws”.

              The whole basis behind socialism and corporatism is the idea that people are intrinsically bad. Spreading that message is even worse, it is doing the job of the Animal Farmers.

              I wouldn’t be proud of that, but apparently you are.


              1. “Oh boy, Ayn Rand all the way.”

                That lady had more wisdom in a broken toenail than you in thousands of capitals (haha).

                I perfectly understand you dislike her philosophy.


                1. Nice to know you have traveled around.

                  But the “debt slavery” accusation to me is ironically funny. It is not me here who loves the System and wants it even expanded, that is you.

                  I not only see the poor in South America, I talk with them. People who are homeless or picking up and recycling the trash. And usually I give them something.

                  That is what is completely destroyed with this antisocial socialist system, it makes people believe the System will solve it” instead of just donating from their own wallets and purses. Charity and donations, assistance and help are human characteristics that are hammered out by the System you so much love,

                  So I am more social for the poor than you. No surprise, in my experience it was always those on the left who were more Scottish than the ones on the right. Not depending on how much money they had.

                  Your drunken (?) accusations are falling of my back like water.


            2. Rastus,

              The Gaia guy confuses creativity and natural talent that leads to a healthy competition to have one’s talent recognised and appreciated by others with the daily struggle to survive that kills off all talents.
              When you’re too busy trying to put food on the table and stay alive you have no time or will to express your talent and show off your uniqueness.

              In fact all the famous people’s bios telling us the “from rags to riches” fairy-tale are pure BS as we already know.

              If you’re poor in this world chances you’ll become rich are near impossible, unless you sell your body and soul and are ready to compromise and be a slave to the system.

              Truth is we live in a world where someone, somewhere decides what our lives have to be like all along, making us slaves to the system they’ve created, and no alternative lifestyle can really set us free from this horrible paradigm, as TPTB allow alternative lifestyles to control people even better.
              If you stand out in the crowd, you’ll be spot more quickly and easily.

              It’s a prison we could break if we all were fully aware of what’s really going on behind the curtains.


              1. Anna, On the other hand… we have a great system that hands opportunity to those without martyr complexes and to those who are willing to learn.

                A block to success is believing the 24/7 psy-ops in the media. Difficult to avoid, and seductive to the young and most adults.

                A devastating block is prenatal damage from the parents’ admiration of Medicos (ultrasound, x-rays, MRI, etc). Postnatal Medical damage is also huge.

                Below you set up an unreasonable goal, to “become rich”. Why desire riches?

                Anna quoted: If you’re poor in this world chances you’ll become rich are near impossible, unless you sell your body and soul and are ready to compromise and be a slave to the system.


                1. I’m neither a martyr nor I feel one, and I wasn’t necessarily talking about myself you know…I was just analysing how the real world works.
                  I do not believe in the so called american dream, never did cos it’s simply not true.
                  This blog has shown many times that only if you belong to certain families you have everything you want in life without even deserving any of it, whereas real talent has to struggle all the time to even be recognized.
                  I don’t care about the rich and famous, never cared about being rich myself as I couldn’t be bothered licking people’s asses all the way to it, but I do care about the more and more unbearable social inequality that’s been killing people for too long.
                  Of course it’s also people’s responsibility when this happens, as people are immature and easily influenced by mediocrity because they feel mediocre standards are easier to pursue.
                  But again, if all people were given the same life standards according to basic needs all human beings have, it’d be easier to work hard to make our own talents shine, whereas now many people have to do jobs they hate to pay their bills and trying not to end up on the street. That’s to me is not even life, let alone a one worth living.

                  If you think we have a great system that hands opportunities without wanting something from us in return, good for you, I don’t.

                  Anyway, there’s a book out now in the States by William Deresiewicz, I’ll buy it soon, it’s called “The death of the artist- how creators are struggling to survive”.
                  What people think it’s the best tool democracy has ever created has turned into our worst nightmare, and ultimately death (I’m talking about Information Technology).


                  1. So then, would you rephrase your,

                    “If you’re poor in this world chances you’ll become rich are near impossible, unless you sell your body and soul and are ready to compromise and be a slave to the system.”


                  2. No Jim, because if anyone wants to be rich by his own talent they have to be free to reach their goal without having to compromise.
                    The problem here is not being rich, but that there’s too many poor people who live like rats and can’t even afford to pay a rent, and end up on the street.
                    Have you ever seen where low wage or unemployed people live in Hong Kong ?
                    In steel cages one on top of the other inside buildings.
                    No kidding.

                    You and me don’t wanna be rich, ok.
                    But we do not represent 7.5 billion people, you know?
                    I really don’t see the problem here to be honest.
                    Wishing that all people could have the same basic things to start with doesn’t imply that I want ALL people to be equally poor or wealthy and I never wrote that, but I guess my English isn’t good enough to make myself clear.


          3. Oh I love these conversations! They always end the same way. It comes down to the fact that some people do actually want to steal from the productivity of others but can’t admit it. If you feel entitled to such things, why not go over to your neighbor’s house and simply take the things you want? Does it make you feel better if a faceless third party called government commits the theft for you?


  4. I was surprised to read that magic mushrooms had been (effectively) legalised in Oregon. Apparently from now on, if caught in possession of some mushies, at worst you’ll receive a $100 fine. Not fully ‘legal’ but close enough to it.

    I’m not sure what to make of this. I can see mushrooms doing a lot of good for some people. If this law change results in more people doing mushrooms, may there be some benefits for the individual and even for the broader community?

    I used to think drugs are bad. Then for a few years I thought drugs are good. Now I don’t know what to think about them any more. What I do know is that I’ve done mushies a handful of times, and one of those experiences was, for want of a better term, enlightening. It was over a decade ago but I still remember it well.

    How many angry and bitter people are out there, possibly even reading these words right now, who might benefit from a good mushroom session? For a long time I’ve wondered why so many people seem to be so belligerent and hostile towards others. I haven’t found any definitive answer, but I suspect it may have something to do with the angry person’s relationship with what I term the ‘kosmos’: the universe, this thing we are in and of.

    Perhaps some of that inner tension, which manifests in poor thoughts and behaviour towards others, might be alleviated with sensible use of mushrooms. Perhaps some people might be able to chill out, not just during the trip, but for months and maybe even years after the experience. Perhaps mushrooms allow a person to see beyond their immediate thoughts, to realise there is something bigger going on which dwarfs our trivial anxieties and fears and misgivings.

    Then again, perhaps I am romanticisng mushrooms and my personal experience with them. It has been years and years since I last had any, maybe if I were to try them again today I might have a very different experience and thus change my mind about them.

    In any event, I’ll be watching on with interest to see if this measure leads to an increase in mushroom use in Oregon and, if so, whether any changes in behaviour and general community vibe are noticed by the locals.


    1. What a good idea it would be if we could force feed our ” rulers ” a diet solely of mushrooms and weed . Maybe THEY would chill out then and leave us alone.
      The very act of ” legalising ” anything is just a show of THEIR power. I don’t need THEIR permission to do anything as long as it doesn’t hurt or infringe upon the rights of my fellow man. I GIVE myself PERMISSION. I DON’T NEED theirs.

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  5. I was just looking at the Montana election results (via Skink), and see the R’s won every major contest. I don’t care, really, but I do tend to like Republicans a bit more than Democrats, as Republicans do not have to lie to their constituents about their beliefs. Democrats by nature have to be two-faced, and so are, to me, creepy.

    But here is a test: Montana has been draconian about masks and distancing, while Wyoming to the south, at least when we visited, was more rational. Masks were “recommended” but not required, and we even went into a coffee shop in Cody and sat down and got waited on, not seeing one mask or floor sticker. No plexiglass either. These people were neither cowed nor afraid of the alleged bug.

    With a new R governor, SOS, AG, will they ease up? As it is, I would not enter the state on a bet. And don’t forget that Governor Bullock (D) quarantined the state back in April. Anyone entering was tied up for 14 days. That was brutal, fascism on display.

    We’ll see if elections matter. Not holding my breath.


    1. Even though every storefront has a mask (mandatory) sign at the entry I have had no problem doing business in Bozeman mask-less. A few unfriendly glances, but not a word from management or other customers. Pretty much business as usual except for the ultra-super-groovy places like the food co-op and a bakery on the North Side called the Wild Crumb. Nobody’s enforcing the quarantine order that I know of, as the airport is busy with traffic in and out with most flights booked.


        1. Governor Bull -0-ck may well have issued a mandatory order. I try to pay him no mind. If arrested and charged with some crime I might be the first with many more to follow, I’m quite certain. If they think the hospital ICUs are nearing capacity, the jails full or close to it. I’d be creating jobs, just like any “good samaritan” helping out our distressed economy — right in line with Montana’s Republican political puppets’ campaign promises. “Build back better,” whatever that means.


          1. By the way, I have not closely followed the presidential election, but am wondering if they are dragging it out now as distraction. The four words planners live by: “Look here, not there.” It seems in Michigan 138,000 Biden votes turned up with no Trump votes, classic distraction. It’s not perfect, but 3+8=11, a signal to insiders to pay no attention. Maybe I am wrong, of course. 1+3+8 actually =12.


            1. Maybe they want to give Trump’s base reason for simmering resentment by making them feel cheated by the Democrats? They did that in reverse with Bush/Gore; the teams never let go of their bubble narratives of grievance.

              That’s assuming it’s in the bag for Biden. Maybe they flip it again— and unleash Democrat rage at the system, if Supreme Court finds for Trump, or something else happens.


            2. To me, it looks like just another way to poke sticks at the frothing masses. Looking at the swing state numbers, I have to laugh at the way it is set up so that either side can continue to hold out hope while remaining on edge for as long as possible.

              We are told it is taking so long because Republicans in certain states keep throwing out impediments to vote counting. Those stories and Trump’s “Stop the count!” tweets paint Republicans as two-dimensional villains in a shallow good vs. evil story where everything is on-the-nose and nobody is capable of controlling their dramatic emotional outbursts. I should be used to it by now, but I’m still astonished that so many literate, educated people are not only fooled by this, but are tied up in knots of unbearable suspense. Like the masks, drawing out this nonsense as long as possible seems like an exercise in humiliating and degrading us.


                1. Jim West, it’s true, people really hate having their belief in media spoiled. I often think of the time I watched a reality show with a friend, who was really getting into it. I started blathering about how the realities of TV production–union rules, multiple camera angles, etc.–made it completely impossible that what we were watching actually happened spontaneously. She cut me off with an angry glare, mid-sentence, and said, “STOP.” Then continued to get worked up about the utter nonsense on the screen. There’s really no difference in how most people react to the nonsense they get caught up in watching the “news.”


                    1. This is the essence of 2+2=5, the essence of fascism, the power to make us believe the unbelievable, or face consequences. If I were to visit my dentist today, in order to get service I would have to sign a document stating that there is a virus at large, that it remains contagious for 14 days even in open air, that certain procedures are now not being done because aerosol carries the virus. It is all false. It then gives a list of symptoms of Covid-19, which could fit everything from a cold to a reaction to fluoride. But that is fascism, use of power to make us state we believe in public knowing privately these things are false. 2+2=5.


  6. What a clever boy you are, GAIASSPHERE. You found a way to advertise your commercial blog by blending it into smart-sounding lectures and circular nonsense directed to all those — and that seems to be everyone presently living — who cannot possibly be as well informed, intelligent or as compassionate as YOU. You have achieved “man-god” status in your own mind at your own blog site. IMO, that is pure, 100%, unadulterated ego. Dig yourself, please, if that is at all possible.

    Personally, I object to any and all unsolicited advertising, here or anywhere, especially when it leads to a “donate button” or financial support mechanism begging $$$$ for worthless blather.


  7. MM take is similar to the possibility I raised in my comment above, except he adds that SCOTUS finding Dem fraud would be done in part to lower that party to parity with the R team. Officially Dem fraud would be the demoralizing story for D team. Vindication for Rs.

    As these things go.. Another storyline is bound to be, something w Amy Cony Barrett vote deciding it, and accusations of conflict of interest. Subset of Ds cling to idea they were railroaded by SCOTUS, though official narrative makes D fraud overwhelmingly “conclusive.” Media grudgingly concedes it, reports on it. Even as they find face-saving delusional (within the narrative) ways to feel they are still the aggrieved party.


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