Dirty Hairy

By: Cranky Yanky

With gender fluidity being all the rage in this “woke” society, I thought I would take a closer look at the mysterious phenomenon known as the “hair band.”  I call it mysterious because I never understood what attracted so many young people to this genre of music.  I mean, even if I weren’t put off by the imagery (which I am), I still wouldn’t like the music.  Then again, I’ve never been a fan of what I term the “Velveeta” style of overly-processed production.  But each to his own, music is subjective. 

Still, I can’t help it wonder if fans of this sub-genre of music aren’t constantly questioning their sexual orientation and preferences.  I imagine females thinking to themselves, “His hair and makeup are better than mine, but I WANT him!  Wait a minute, do I secretly desire other women?”  I’ve always been under the impression that women do not like to date men who are prettier than themselves for obvious reasons.  Speaking of obvious, do I even need to conjecture what dudes might be asking themselves? 

The intel operation known as the Beatles can be credited, among many things, with initiating the acceptance of long hair on men.  It wouldn’t take long before the envelope would be pushed, culminating with the Glam Rock movement of the early 70s.  But, the purpose of that initial “Glam” phase appears to have been an acclimation process.  It wouldn’t be until the 80s when MTV became pervasive that the “in your face” emascusation aspect would take hold.

Hanoi Rocks are credited with bringing the glam rock look of the early 70s (David Bowie, T. Rex, New York Dolls) back in style.  In 2003, when former band member Nasty Suicide was asked about the band’s look, he said that he and lead singer Michael Monroe (pictured) decided to bring a kind of “transvestite vibe to it”.  Joe Elliott, frontman of Def Leppard, said of Michael Monroe, “I would have shagged him.  I like Michael, I think he’s sexy, and I’m not gay.”  

Michael Monroe was born Matti Antero Kristian Fagerholm in Finland in 1962.  Wikipedia informs us that his father, Pentti Johannes Fagerholm was a very well-known Finnish radio personality and reporter. 

Michael Monroe’s extensive family history is easily traced at Geni.com.  Here is a translation of his father’s resume from the site:

Pentti Johannes Fagerholm served as an announcer for the Finnish Broadcasting Company from 1956 to 1976, as head of radio broadcasting from 1977 to 1984 and as chief announcer from 1985 to 1998. He had a master’s degree in social science. Pentti Fagerholm’s voice is also known for stereo testing (“You hear the ticking of the metronome…”)  Would that be stereo testing or Hypnotism?

So, is it merely a coincidence that a Finnish media mogul/hypnotist with expertise in “institutions and functioning of human society” would have a gender-bending son so smokin’ hot that “heterosexual” rock stars and fanboys would drool with testosterone-infused lust? 

Hanoi Rocks’ first album on a major label was produced by Bob Ezrin, a man involved in too many subversive activities to list here.  Of course, his family history is a mystery.  Wikipedia informs us that Ezrin has “branched out into philanthropy, activism and being an eco-warrior.”  Paul Stanley of Kiss called working with Ezrin a boot camp of sorts…we saw ourselves as ‘rock stars’ and didn’t take crap from anybody, but we buttoned our lips and bit our tongues with Bob.”  Just more confirmation that record producers are there to serve primarily as handlers. 

Twisted Sister’s lead vocalist Dee Snider rejected the glam metal label of the band, “I don’t think Twisted Sister is ‘Glam’ because that implies glamour, and we’re not glamorous.  We should be called ‘Hid’ because we’re hideous.”  Nonetheless, Twisted Sister bridged the gap and could appeal to both thrash metal and glam metal fans.  International fame came for the band when videos of their hit singles ran almost constantly on MTV.  Despite being comedic in nature, the videos featured violence against teachers and parents, forcing Snider to attend a dog-and-pony show commonly referred to as Senate Committee Hearings.  Comedy is a powerful tactic used by TPTB to promote subversive ideology since those who object are uptight, stick-in-the-mud oppressors who “don’t get it.” 

DEE SNIDER REVEALS SURPRISE COVID DIAGNOSIS:  I’ve been having problems with my home studio and got COVID in spite of the fact that I’m fully vaccinated. It happened a few days ago. This is about day five. It was really minor, like, nothing that Advil and Sudafed [couldn’t handle]…Even though I feel fine, I don’t want to take a chance. Hopefully, I’ll be super-immune. Like I said, I’m fully vaccinated, plus [I got] COVID…I said, “Maybe I’ll get tested just for the hell of it.” I got a home test and I’m like, “What the fuck?”  

Snider’s family history is mostly “private,” especially concerning his “retired New York State Trooper” father.   FUN FACT:  Snider’s eldest son Jesse was the voice of Pizza Hut and Cheetos for a number of years.  Talk about hideous…and cheesy!

Jay Jay French (born John French Segall) is an American guitarist and founding member of Twisted Sister.  His mother, Evaline French, was a political consultant to the Democratic Party in New York who worked for the JFK presidential campaign.  She also ran the successful election campaign of Constance Baker Motley (Crue?), the first African American woman elected to the New York State Senate.  FUN FACT:  Con Motley’s father worked as a chef for the Yale University secret society Skull and Bones.  Now that’s a Motley Crew!  

These days, Jay Jay is focusing his energy on a national education campaign called “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” playing off Twisted Sister’s most famous song.  It’s about fighting back against the Covid jab…not!  The campaign raises awareness about the importance of screening and early detection of prostate cancer.   “We don’t feel like we have a problem until we really have a problem,” said Dr. Julio Pow-Sang, a prostate cancer specialist with Moffitt Cancer Center. 

Or maybe we just don’t have a problem…or maybe there is a problem with the test.

Twisted Sister’s biggest album, Stay Hungry, was produced by a man named Tom Ehrlich Werman.  We don’t know anything about his family history, but he and his wife Suky DID open Stonover Farm, a “luxury bed and breakfast” in Lenox, Massachusetts.  I found a picture of him and his wife:

Whoops!  That’s actually Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) to the left, who opened the Dragonfly Inn with Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) in Hartford, Connecticut.  (Tom Worm-man:  “Be honest.  Does this fake pic make my head look big?”)

Moving along, it appears that there was/is a hair band called Britny Fox that I had confused with the pop singer Samantha Fox.  Not difficult for me to do, having been a fan of neither.  The band members have sparse bios, but it is admitted that the bane Britny Fox derives from a Welsh ancestor of founding member Dean Davidson.  Of course, Fox is a massive name in the Peerage, so there really is no need to dig into genealogies since they are wearing their privilege on their satin sleeves.  Davidson later expressed a dislike for the Britny Fox material, saying he was “controlled by management.”  Shocker!   

One of these “musicians” is a confirmed lesbian.  HINT:  It’s the one who, at age 16, began appearing as a topless model.

OK, I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to present, so let’s check in with some more Hairballs and find out how they are dealing with this “pandemic.”

11/1/2021:   Bon Jovi, 59, and his bandmates took rapid tests just before the concert and Bon Jovi tested positive. He is fully vaccinated. Ticket holders were required to show proof of vaccination or negative test results to get into the concert, the highlight of a three-day hotel package costing up to thousands of dollars a person.

7/18/2020:  Dokken Play a Socially Distanced Show With Guitarist Reb Beach in Virginia.  “I’m taking a risk doing these shows. I know that. But what are you going to do? My girlfriend makes me put the gloves on, the mask on, the spray – we constantly spray our hands. I try not to wipe my mouth. So, she’s not happy about me going on a plane. I have five or six plane flights in two days, so that’s pretty high chances.

11/4/2021:  KIX Frontman On His Band’s COVID-19 Battle: ‘We Were Vaccinated, So It Was Very Mild For All Of Us’

‘We’re able to be here tonight because there is a vaccination, and I really encourage everybody to take it.’ I tell people that I think it’s really important that we all get vaccinated. And people who are offended by it, they’re just some people that won’t do it. And they’re the ones [who are] holding everything up.

7/21/2021:  The city of Lorain, like others found a creative way to provide incentives for those willing to get the vaccine. A concert with headliner Lita Ford was held and anyone who could produce a card showing they were vaccinated or anyone willing to get vaccinated before the concert was able to get in free.

8/8/2021: Sebastian Bach Got Covid-19 Despite Vaccination

“If you’re wondering why I’m by myself wearing a mask, I guess it’s time to let you guys know I have been diagnosed and have tested positive for Covid. Yes, it’s true. But I have to tell you that I feel totally great. [Laughs] I’m fully vaccinated. I was given the vaccine — the J&J [Johnson & Johnson], one shot and done — back in March. But I guess Covid wasn’t done.”

20 thoughts on “Dirty Hairy

  1. Outside the boxes we voluntarily enter lives a universe of electro-magnetic magic that very few can “see.” Even fewer care to explore beyond the visible to gain knowledge of how things work. Hair is WAY MORE than a symbol of conformity, or a symbol of non-conformity, to arbitrary norms established by the hierarchy and enforced by our own unwillingness to venture outside the box (our self-inflicted mental prison).

    Here’s what hair is all about: https://sciencetosagemagazine.com/secrets-in-the-field-bioelectromagnetic/

    Try to keep an open mind. Our visible world is presented to us, and repeated ad nauseam, until our minds invert reality upside down.

    Hair is part of the bio-electro-magnetic scam which is turning humans into cyborg (machines). Slowly, so the frogs won’t jump out of the crucible. Revenge of the nerds is real.


    1. That Science To Sage paper is quite interesting… On pages 22-23, the right side (so i guess p23), there is an image that purports to be saliva bubbles on a microscope slide which are exchanging oxygen with each other. The image looks almost identical to some of the microscopy pictures and video that were presented by Carrie Madej, supposedly showing the contents of some Pfizer ‘vaccine’ vial. There were numerous black rings that connected with each other, and to my untrained eyes they appeared to be manufactured objects. But if this STS paper is being honest, then perhaps all Madej was showing (in that particular video) was an arrangement of bubbles. She did also show a short video of a strange contact-lens-shaped object moving back and forth on the surface of a more obvious air bubble, but as with all of those sorts of videos, it’s impossible to know the provenance of the material shown on the microscope.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing the link – it brings me back to my recent readthrough of The Body Electric, which was both horrific (for the test animals) and fascinating. I was however confused by your last paragraph, regarding “the bio-electro-magnetic scam which is turning humans into cyborg (machines).” Were you just referring to the general push towards transhumanism through cybernetics, AI, Brain-Machine-Interface, etc? How is hair part of the scam? I guess i don’t get what you mean. Maybe i need to read the rest of the paper you shared…


  2. That ridiculous “Hair Band” look was basically “tongue in cheek” and was limited to the CD covers and a few videos…At the metal shows I can’t recall any band (or concert goers) wearing make-up (except KISS) but they obviously DID have the long hair….
    Very few of these band member were homos, I could recall only 2 of them “coming out” later in the 90s and they weren’t even in top metal bands…(one of them in the great band Kings X). Few of these bands even had the vile tattoos so prevalent today.
    I loved the music and shows…It was a fun time….


  3. HA!!! I was listening to that Dire Straits song the other day!

    When those lyrics came up it made me think, why is that lyric still allowed to be streamed on Apple Music??!

    I would imagine the answer is… to continue the confusion!


  4. Just another one that finally bites the dust for me. All these rockers should have been speaking out against this hoax. Recently saw Rob Halford’s get vaccinated video and I was crushed, no not him too! Even Sebastian Baz should have said “hell no Mother Truckers!”, but he didn’t, just another fake rebel raise your fist to the man sellout turncoat loser!

    As a guitar player I liked much of the 80’s stuff. There is a website called metalsludge which has some interesting reads on all the bands. However most of the commenters and the website owner Steven Hanseter, are pro vaccine and pushing Covid as real. Steven seems to be juiced as his stories don’t always seem to have the entire truth in them. All those band people regardless of their financial success would be controlled employees of sorts.

    I wonder what would happen to Bon Jovi if he came out with videos,social media posts and said hey don’t take the vaccine, it’s a death shot, Covid is a hoax. Would they fake retire him? There is so much nefarious behind the scenes workings in that industry, the material to investigate and write about is endless. For example Razzle from Hanoi Rocks may not have died, there may not have been a car crash at all that night, afterwards Vince Neil and Motley received a lot of headline news to help promote their next album. Did Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot really die of a cocaine overdose? Did Steve Clark of Def Leppard or Bon Scott from AC/DC really die from too much alcohol, probably not.
    Neat article Cranky, thanks, I could talk about this stuff all day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Total agreement with you there, Greg. Rock ‘n Roll used to be about youthful rebellion, now it’s about kowtowing to fascists/tyrants.


      1. Rock&roll has always been a counterculture by design to demoralize and foment rebellion. Change was and still is the goal of the elite who designed it as they did many other countercultures.


        1. youthful rebellion = sexual revolution (think The Runaways for example)

          In the early days of Rock&Roll, twisting your hips was considered offensive, but now anything goes. The level slid down at a frantic pace.

          Video clips that children watch would have been considered porn in the 1950s.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I was wondering if Ted Nugent would be loud mouthed about the hoax like he is on other issues. However he stated he had Covid. So he is against the vax but saying Covid is real which is odd, like he doesn’t have to be all in on it like the others, just 50/50.


      2. Since Nugent is well-established as a “right-wing” rocker, his stance is perfectly consistent with the false reality the Global Capitalist elites have set up. There’s no inherent or logical reason why people on one side of the artificial Left/Right paradigm should question the Covid narrative, while people on the other side of it don’t. There was also no organic reason why objecting to the horror we perpetrated on Viet Nam to be should have been a “liberal” left-wing activity. To politicize the masses’ thoughts is to control and constrain their thoughts. Nugent is—knowingly, I suspect—advancing the Elites’ agenda just as surely as all the masked-up and (allegedly) jabbed rockers.

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    2. I knew the Razzle death story was BS as soon as I read that “the party stopped when everybody realized they were out of beer.” As anybody who has ever partied as a youth knows, you only notice when you’re ALMOST out of beer. LOL


  5. Hey everybody, I’m not sure if anybody knows about Rick Beato’s youtube channel. He is the real deal, and his content should be immensely entertaining for any music lover. Any musician who appears on that channel must be a true musician. Otherwise, they would be outed by Beato’s deep knowledge and intelligent questions. I’m going to link his interview with Sting here, but all of his content is great. (Not being a “truther” nor an “insider,” he believes things like Lennon’s death, but so did I at one time.)


    1. Years ago, when Russell Crowe was the biggest star on screen, he was on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Sting came out later, and the last segment was the guy who invented the Segway. Leno and Sting got on theses idiotic contraptions, but Crowe was too cool to leave the couch. Sting barked at him: “Russell, get over here!” Boy did he. Clearly Gordon Sumner outranked Russell Crowe by a few degrees at least.


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