A night of Vivaldi

If you are not a classical music buff, don’t be concerned. Neither am I. I only know a little of  Beethoven, a dab of Mozart (I do not care for most of his work, Vivaldi and a few others. There is so much to take in. We took time the other night to go to Sainte Chappelle Cathedral here in Paris to hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

If you, like me, imagine that this Vivaldi package is the brief pieces we hear now and then as backdrop to advertising or at high school concerts, not so. The seasons are quite involved and go off in many directions. By the time Winter, a brief and beautiful piece, rolls around, we have experienced almost an hour. I will give due credit to the amazing magicians later when I have more time  [Paul Rouger was far and away the star of the show, a brilliant violinist.]

We were treated at the beginning to Pachelbel’s Canon in D and then Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor. Each of these beautiful pieces is recognizable even to the untrained ear … you know, like mine.

At the end there was palpable excitement among the hundreds of people in the crowd, as there usually is at the end of a remarkable performance. I could not help but marvel at the depth of talent in our species, and the power of collaboration. I cannot imagine that we live and develop these remarkable talents, and then just die. There has to be more!  Has to be.

Of course, many do not develop our potential, and so become truck drivers, cooks, politicians and accountants. We had a piano in our house when I was a kid. None of the four of us boys ever learned to play.

The Siren Song of Sage of Quay

This post is intended to achieve some specific objectives, as follow:

  1. To put to rest the idea that Paul McCartney died an early death. (Part One)
  2. To put to rest the idea that he was replaced by an unknown but eerily similar-looking character whom the Sage of Quay, Mike Williams, refers to as “Billy Shears.” (Part two)
  3. To understand why the Beatles, at long last, are being exposed as frauds by Williams, in effect, being thrown under the bus. (Part three)
  4. To understand the true nature of the Beatles psyop – an immense operation still going on, but from now forward without the illusions that the four boys involved possessed any exceptional musical talent. (Part four)
  5. Of lesser importance, but just for the fun of it, to show that their public swan song, the famous Rooftop Concert, was, like them, fake.

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Put this in your pantry with your cupcakes

Paul Simon will turn 81 next month. I am currently 72, and am therefore older than 78% of the population. So writing about him here today is not something of general appeal. I get that.

Above is their famous concert in Central Park from 1991. It is almost 90 minutes, and I do not ask that kind of time from my readers. My wife and I watched it on Friday, rapt, unable to turn away. They are the river that flowed beside us in our 27 years together, gentle and moving, deep and even dark. Paul Simon is, to me, the greatest living musician, perhaps the greatest of our time. I know those are strong words, and that music is always subjective. Let me defend myself.

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[This is Part 1 of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series ~ How life on Earth is being reimagined by techno-sorcerers as commodified 0s and 1s to enable gamified, militarized mixed reality.]

We all watched our Platinum Queen

Light up a Tree from her green

The scheme was Magenta

so soon we’ll all renta

some space in her great World Machine

By Jen Lake @ https://jenniferlake.wordpress.com

Writer’s Note: It takes a village — even if only a small handful of individuals — to send out warning signals to society that unsettling and nefarious plans are afoot. I surmise these plans involve a seemingly attractive, alluring — and as I hope you will come to perceive — entrancing color, with the objective to blanket reality with a synthetic overlay. People can choose to heed this caution, or not. Part 1 of my series represents a collaborative effort shared by this village. For grounded and helpful context, please read this analysis by Alison McDowell, and watch this examination by Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conscience (QofC). A generous hat tip to Matt’s engaged and independent-minded QofC viewers for their collective input. I should note that it was Alison who first clued me in to this notion of the Magenta Beacon, when she detected the magenta podium to which the Queen of England approached at the June 2, 2022, Platinum Jubilee Beacon lighting ceremony. The Queen’s symbolic touch of a globe (placed on the magenta-lit podium) set off a chain of magenta (transitioning to white) LED lights from Windsor Castle — leading to a Principal Beacon outside Buckingham Palace. I chimed in that the carpet on which the Queen stood also appeared to be magenta-hued (in some footage/photos it appears red, in others more magenta). Incidentally, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, looked “Marvelous in Magenta” at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Well, the rest may be ongoing magenta history (with covert signaling, AKA weaponized memetics) occurring in front of — and to our eyes — most people being completely unaware. Read my take here (from July 2020) on how weaponized memetics is used to unconsciously program the masses via strategic embedding and anchoring, and listen here about memetic engineering (referencing “Soylent Green”) being applied by the W0RLDBU1LDERS to transform our reality, by incorporating an artificial veneer.

What follows herein is a compilation of what has been recently scrutinized in relation to deconstructing what seems to be an overwhelming and highly obscure presentation of the color, MAGENTA. I suggest the world is being painted with this rare, bright, and equivocal color — a phenomenon that may be both intentionally directed, as well as driven by the changing reality itself, exhibiting this technological transition from what we perceive as natural into a mixed reality; and ultimately, an entirely synthetic existence. Let’s just say, magenta may be the new “33,” as it seems to be serving as a marker, an embedded anchor, and also a facilitator of synthetic, fantasy-like reality. At the very least, it may be an esoteric signaling phenomenon to look out for what I refer to as faux-tonics (the weaponized use of magenta color/light to actuate and perpetuate the simulacra). I think it is important to emphasize that just as we may notice the “33” frequently in our life once we take notice of it (as in seeing it more often on the clock as we go about our day); so, too, may we begin to “clock” the magenta presenting more prevalently. My point, though, is to notice when the magenta (like the “33”) is being utilized strategically in an occult manner. In accordance with my theory, as you will see in the extensive list below, media narratives in June and July 2022 have been profoundly magenta-forward

Introduction to the W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series

Before I jump into this first installment examining the magenta scheme, following is a description of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG series . . . 

Acknowledgments: I would like to express a loud shoutout to both Sebs and Aly of (what was) the highly undervalued Doom&GloomHQ You Tube channel (Note: Due to complex circumstances, unfortunately, Sebs and Aly had to remove their channel). There is one conversation, in particular, that inspired the title of my new series. It is captioned “Fake Spirituality, Theosophy & Peter Thiel w/John Brisson [we’ve read the documents].” (Note: This video link is still active.) In the last ten minutes of their dialogue with John, Sebs and Aly referenced a relatively unknown 2002 film called, S1M0NE. POM readers may have already seen the movie, but it was unfamiliar to me. I realized at the moment Sebs and Aly described the film — and its stylized title — that it might offer an umbrella concept under which to encapsulate most of my previous, current, and ongoing examination of the emergent digital imprisonment of society. I intend to circle back to the film, S1M0NE, in a future installment, “W0RLDBU1LD1NG: One GAN at a Time.” 

The premise on which installments will be founded is the following: The culture creators on this planet are reshaping life to contain, constrict, and code life inside a Skinner Box. What was innately permeated with the spark of spirit and nature will be re-formed as mathematical datafied commodities encompassed by 0s and 1s, digitally entrapped in a programmable World Operating System. Plans are in place to not only create human digital twins (see here, here, and here) of each of us, but to eventually converge these human digital twins (HDTs) with us.

We, as cognizant human beings (pre post-human), can willfully refuse consent to a “new world order,” but only if we understand what this new model truly entails. Hint: If you are still reading analyses decoding Davos, The Great Reset, and Agenda 21, these are only scratching the surface. It is time to dig deeper. 

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Ode to Joy

These kids are not playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but rather Spring, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I guess this has gone viral, and why not. The looks of joy as they play are contagious.

Spiritual awakening

The above video is at the center of my spiritual awakening in the early 1990s. Typical of me at that time, I was not aware of the song even three or four years after its release nor had I heard of the band called U2. I was busy working and being a dad to five kids, and growing away from my wife. In fact, I had already left her mentally, or as Kramer famously said in a Seinfeld episode, “George, in my mind I am already gone.” George’s look at Kramer after that remark was a classic deadpan. I still laugh.

By the way, I have not been kind to people who put up their favorite videos here, just out of the blue, as if saying “You must like what I like.” Music is personal. I am writing about this particular video because it represented an awakening, a turning point, a point in my life when I had a future that was going to be very different from my past. I will write first about my experience, and then about the song, the instrumentation, the video and the lyrics after. Rolling Stone places it at number 93 in its list of 500 best rock songs.

I invite others to use this post to recount similar experiences. Please limit yourself to one song or video.

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Sir Faul

Sir Faul

Boat photo with arrows

It all started with the boat photo, and two “Paul’s” visible. I have arrows pointing at them in the photo above. I saw this photo long before I discovered the McCartney twins, and it stuck with me. But I did not know to follow my instincts. It just struck me as very strange.

Years later (it is now 2022), I do not think the guy under the arrow on the left is Paul. The secrecy around this band would preclude any photo of the two of them together. He is someone else. But the guy in the middle (I can see his cowlick) is Mike McCartney. It is not his twin brother, Paul. Mike is the guy we today call “Macca”, or “Paul McCartney”. He is a huge phony.

We were walking through Barnes & Noble not too long ago, and I came across a book called The Lyrics, supposedly the words and stories behind all of the musical work of Paul McCartney, maybe the biggest walking impostor of a genius who ever tread on our planet. Lorne Michaels, the man behind Saturday Night Live, calls him a “fucking Mozart.” That’s OK by me, as I do not care for Mozart either. I do not buy all the stories about this child prodigy who was writing complete symphonies at age six. He was a project. So is Sir Faul. He is a guy who is perfectly comfortable taking credit for the works of scores of anonymous others. He did not write Yesterday. Neither did his brother, Paul.

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Sunday stuff

Taylor Tomlinson’s imaginary illness

I watched a performance by comedian Taylor Tomlinson last night. She is young (currently 28) and having lots of success. She’s also blue, that is, quite a big of her act involves sexual experiences and attitudes about sex and guys in general. I suppose part of that is that she is very attractive, so as with, say, Iliza Shlesinger, there is an element of imagined accessibility for guys. Neither are stunners, but both exude raw sex appeal. Most guys would fantasize that they perhaps have a shot with her. That type of fantasy does not happen with true knockouts, where guys realize they have no shot.

That’s not why I am writing about her (them). Both are very funny, and I wish them both long and prosperous careers. During Tomlinson’s act, she talked about being “manic depressive”. For anyone who does not know, that condition, sometimes referred to as a “disease” and treated with antidepressants and antispychotics, probably doesn’t exist. It is like the hundreds of disorders promoted by the DSM-5, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition. There is no physical or blood or urine test that would give any indication of illness, no medical test of any kind. Like so many of the “disorders” promoted by the psychiatric profession, they are voted up or down. It’s based on symptoms, things like bouts of depression or spells of anxiety, erratic behaviors, or substance abuse.

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Identity Fraud, Part 2

In April of 2017 I published a post I called “Identity Fraud.” In it I made the claim that Buddy Holly, whose 1959 death was faked, later re-emerged as “Gram Parsons”, who also faked his death. For reasons I do not remember, I was struck by the resemblance of two men, one a music mogul and the other movies, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. These two men are the “G” and the “K” in Dreamworks SKG, a former film distribution company. The “S” of course is Spielberg.

I have many, many hours of labor behind the Identity Fraud post. Unfortunately, at that time I was using GIFs rather than face splits, and the results were very hard to follow or agree with. I thought that rather than reinventing the wheel, I would merely convert the GIF’s to face splits. However, in so doing I decided that it would be better to start over. I still stand by the original work, regret the poor presentation, and hope to come out the other end here with a clarified and evidence-based piece. In the original I started with Geffen and Katzenberg and worked my way backward. I think it better now to better understand the Holly work we did.

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The choice: To know but to be silent

Last evening I was tired and watching a movie that I just could not get into, a best picture-nominated movie called The Power of the Dog. That’s all on me, I am sure, as my attention span was wavering. The movie received 12 Oscar nominations, so who am I to say that it is not excellent?* I will attempt to watch it again while it is still available on HBOMAX, oops! Netflix. As an alternative, I put on some music for background, and ended up listening to Simon and Garfunkel.

My brother Steve was a composed and quiet man, and when traveling would listen to S&G more than anything else. In 2011 he lay on his deathbed, we around him waiting for the inevitable. They were playing religious music over the speaker for his benefit, and my son went down to the nursing station and asked that they play S&G instead, and they obliged. Steve went out listening to two of the finest musicians of my era, and certainly the best songwriter.

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