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Two years ago in March I was on a bird walk with a group of people, and was just coming to grasp the intensity of the propaganda storm that was coming our way. I still believed in “viruses” per se, but not in Sars-Cov-2 and said as much as I walked along with the group leader.

He said “Are you a scientist then?” He was implying that mere mortals were not qualified to express any doubt about “scientists.” I was not prepared for that question, and my “No” response cost me the argument. I was flummoxed.

I haven’t watched news for decades, but I do know that news readers emphasize that certain people they interview are “experts.” What does the word even mean?

One with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.

That’s the official definition. But I don ‘t think that is how the word is used in practice. In real life, I think the definition of “expert” is as follows:

A person whose opinion relieves all others of the need to think.

That is how experts are used in the news media. They don’t bring in experts to clarify, as in any matter of complexity, there are going to be differing views. Then, as with Dilbert above, it is up to us to decide which expert to trust.

But that is a problem as well, in that we are really just deciding which expert to use to relieve us of the need to think. The real problem is that we are trained to rely on experts, and not to trust our own intellectual resources.

I was astonished to read the scientific paper done by John Franklin Enders that in 1953 led to his being awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1954. I’ve read other papers since who claim to have isolated viruses. They do no such thing. It’s a con game. (Part of the point here is that even lay persons should read scientific papers.)

Virologists are paid to find viruses. None of them seem able to wrestle their way into real science and the scientific method, which would lead to the finding that viruses do not exist.

There is sloppiness in their methodology: A Petri dish of monkey kidney, bovine fetal material, calf serum, antibiotics, and God knows what else, waiting to see if there is tissue death and then claiming (without a control experiment run alongside) that said tissue death was caused by a virus. They cannot prove that, but none dispute their findings.

It is all a game that is so big and so out of hand that thousands of virologists are merely groupthink participants.

The real purpose of viruses, as I see it, is to protect industry from lawsuits for damages. As can be seen with HIV and Sars-Cov-2, viruses are also used to achieve mass political control objectives. However, primarily, viruses protect corporations from litigation that could lead to bankruptcy.

Polio, still with us (name changed to AFP, or acute flaccid paralysis) was caused initially by lead arsenate, a pesticide. Later DDT would play a significant role. It was used in summer and early fall to kill gypsy moths, which were destroying crops. Importantly, it was used while kids were out of school.

The lead arsenate was ingested by anyone who came close to a crop or an orchard being sprayed. It would then settle in the lower intestine, eventually ending up as part of human waste. In children, however, the lower intestine was right next to the base of the spine, and in thousands the pesticide gravitated there. It caused paralysis.

In adults, even as they too ingested the pesticide, there was enough distance between the lower intestine and the spine to prevent polio.

I just Googled “real cause of polio” and at no point, pages in, was lead arsenate mentioned. So I Googled “lead arsenate” and found a paper put out by the Wisconsin State Health Department called Lead Arsenate Pesticides in Soil. I’ll reprint the opening paragraphs:

A wide variety of pesticides were used in Wisconsin over the past 100 years. One, a lead arsenate based pesticide, was used extensively to control agricultural pests in fruit orchards until the late 1950s.

Direct pesticide exposure occurred with workers who mixed or applied the chemicals in the orchards. Indirect exposure can occur with the pesticide residues found in the soil today.

The pesticide residues bind tightly to the surface soil layer, where they have remained for decades. As a result, the residues may pose a human health risk when the land changes from agriculture to other uses. For example, lead arsenate contaminated soil can be hazardous if children continually play in it.

Oddly, the word “polio” is never mentioned. But I gather from that text that they know it is dangerous. They go on to talk about the dangers of arsenic and lead, but not polio.

Other viruses achieve similar purposes, Zika, for instance protecting a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto that sprayed pesticides on crops in Brazil and Argentina that resulted, according to Argentine doctors, in microcephaly in infants. That’s babies born with shrunken heads.

It is also said to cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome in pregnant women, or, again, paralysis.

That, to me, sounds like damage a pesticide would achieve as well.

Experts either do not understand any of the above, or are paid to lie about it. In fact, the whole field of virology, tens of thousands of experts, are lying to us whether they know it or not.

The answer: Think for ourselves. It is difficult, it is work, and most of us lack the confidence to do so. But it must be done if we are to protect ourselves from corrupt news, medicine, and science.

Everything I have written above is a result of my own research. I am no expert, but I do know how to think.

19 thoughts on “Expert texpert

    1. I knew it! I knew it! This is top of page worthy. In this country they do not have a vaccine register, but don’t we all know that Obama was injected with saline? When I suggested to Chomsky that part of the reason for his longevity was that he did not have to undergo vaccination, ever, for anything, he must have been pissed at such insight.

      [“A a major news outlet” will be reporting on this subject … I seriously doubt it.Such an organization that would report openly and honestly does not exist.]


    2. it creates the impression that if you don’t belong to the elite you’ll get the poison. I still don’t know anybody who really got sick after the jab and the majority of people i know got at least 3 covid jabs till now. I therefore don’t believe the jab contains any poison. The jab itself is not harmless of course. Injecting unknown fluids into your body can’t be good for anything. And why should they risk exposing themselves that easy?


      1. Tyrone,

        Major caution is needed with this article you linked. Baxter Dmitry – previously reporting for fake news site – is a known disinformation agent: (mainstream, but still some important nuggets)

        I found out about Baxter Dmitry in December 2017 (warning a few of my friends at that time). Dmitry’s fake articles spread like wildfire, and get picked up verbatim. When looking into this character, information led me to believe that Dmitry is actually an AI agent being programmed out of Latvia. So, technically, there is no proof that Dmitry is even a real person, and is most likely an AI. The AI aggregates some true information, but then spins it to weave a false tapestry.

        Accordingly, I think anyone would have a really tough time verifying the information reported by Dmitry. I have been unable to do so, and all roads lead me back to Dmitry.

        Only one commenter – at a link to Dmitry’s article posted at SOTT seems aware of this (

        Martin Harris · 5 days ago
        Uh oh. Baxter Dmitri. A known disinfo artist with a long record of fake news articles. I’d be checking this one very carefully before believing it.


        1. Thanks for this info. I noticed no source was cited by “Lioness of Judah.”
          It keeps seeming like they’re going to do a “rug pull” on the vax narrative and flip the mainstream, but then it stays on the fringes.


        2. The source may be suspect but I know these asshats are this hypocritical. The link is making the fringe rounds but it seems to me now, upon reflection, like a feeble attempt to, one: Insist the vax is something more than the sugar water it is, because why risk scandal if the vax is just that? And two: That there are higher powers of justice that will call bullshit on these pharma asshats. Add the likely fake name of Faro, a banking card game, and the consonance with the term Pharma, and you have plenty to trigger the sheeple into despondent confusion. In the aggregate it probably should be ignored, but hopium can be, at times, irresistible.


          1. The NoAgenda podcast covered it, so I guess it is a “real fake” story, ie, to be considered real within the narrative, just not well-publicized (at least not here in the US, and at least not yet.) So it could be part of the slow motion rug pull of flipping the official narrative. There’s nothing too hopeful/ hopium-laced about that, that I can see, as it would just be part of the controlled dialectic. It would just be subversion propaganda, as part of the overall plan of tarnishing current institutions, pushing larger numbers into the “antithesis” camp – anti-government, anti-Pharma, etc – in order to bring in the new. Use those peoples’ anger to tear down the old, create chaos, and demand change. Of course the “solution” will probably be more centralized, more tech infused, AI, collectivist – more of a technocratic cattle farm.

            I don’t think the vax is just sugar water, because I see too many real people at least reporting mild/ unpleasant side effects, a day or so of unpleasant symptoms sometimes. But it’s hard to know through the noise and agit prop how accurate say Steve Kirsch’s data on vax harm is.


  1. back then when commenting online press was not restricted and liking was allowed I commented frequently on some German media just to provoke certain reactions. From some papers I got invitations to become “an expert” and write for them. No kidding. It’s meant to generate emotions of all kind and they are searching for people who are willing and capable of doing it. The same with movie making. It’s not the story which counts, it’s the emotions.

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    1. Induced, prolonged fear and anxiety is good for business.

      “The potential effects of chronic fear on physical health include headaches turning into migraines, muscle aches turning into fibromyalgia, body aches turning into chronic pain, and difficulty breathing turning into asthma, said Moller.”

      Mind, body and soul work as one. Overemphasis on the body alone seems like a common error “experts” make, which perpetuates the steady stream of “sick” billable patients that never seem to show any improvement, just more treatments. Kind of like perpetual war, used to get rid of the “old” military hardware to make buying new equipment a matter of necessity (“national security”). Thanks, Hagel, Nietzche, et al.

      “One will rarely err if extreme actions be ascribed to vanity, ordinary actions to habit, and mean actions to fear.” – Nietzche


  2. It’s funny you noticed that “Dilbert” strip too. I used it as a springboard for a couple strips I did – just took the first line and “rewrote” it from my perspective, or trying to make a different point from Adams (hopefully these won’t post too large):

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    1. I’m enough of a cartoon nerd that, even if I disagreed with the “message,” I’d love this anyway. Hand-drawn and hand-lettered! Hand-shaded! Drawn with actual ink on actual paper! (I wouldn’t have known that for sure if you hadn’t already told me you work that way, but I would have suspected.) Great work, Tim.


      1. To clarify a point only two or three people will care about: I meant I wouldn’t have known for sure it was drawn on paper, since there are very convincing digital substitutes. But I know hand drawing and hand lettering when I see it. Most cartoon lettering fonts have a few variations for each letter of the alphabet to give the text some verisimilitude and create the illusion of human hand-lettering. But whenever I look at a cartoon, I always study the lines and the lettering. I fancy myself an “expert” at catching computerized elements… which, I guess, makes this comment tangentially relevant to the original post, maybe, but not really, okay, that’s all, carry on.

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  3. Agree 100 % with every word. And here is a complementary definition of what an expert is:

    Expert – person allowed to talk and write on mass media in order to tell the public, if not what to think, so at least what their thinking has to be categorically bounded by.

    From a recent conversation with a family member from the USA wrt the Corona scam:

    Then there’s science and medicine!  I would encourage you to research Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is just one of countless medical professionals, who have always spoken truth and facts!! Then there are countless university professors and professionals.  Are you saying that they are wrong?? I know I’m not going to change your Beliefs and opinions, but please know that you are in the minority when it comes to your views on Covid.
    … …
    Since you discount the views and expert opinions of the medical and professional community, there is no point in further discussion.
    … …
    You are certainly entitled to your opinions!  But when you deny science, there is no point in further discussion. You have joined the ranks of the modern day fascists and with that foundation you simply can’t accept logic and reason because you believe that only you are right in your opinions, which you believe to be facts.

    My rationale is that things which the public is encouraged to denounce the denial of by mainstream media should be met with radical doubt. So-called science qualifies.

    By the way, funny how it was assumed that me or anyone else, for that matter, being in the minority would have any bearing whatsoever on what constitutes the reality of the matter.

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  4. To BE an expert means to have experience, which means basically to have done something with your own hands (body /action) which by implication is to have experimented ( a controlled and perhaps repetitive experience?) to try
    “To HAVE expert knowledge” seems to be more at the original meaning and the original meaning usually can show us how our thinking has changed over the centuries; this is one of the reasons that the study of etymology can be a foolproof method for historical research. The word “research” itself is revealing in that the original meaning was more at “circling around”, “turning” “returning” and “wandering”, until finally it came to mean searching. All these words suggest obtaining knowledge by observing and doing and experiencing which not coincidentally is the way you come to have expert knowledge. These ideas seem to fit well with the fact that the changes in meaning of these words began at the same time that our worldview came to be based on the scientific method, on rational thinking as opposed to intuitional thinking

    there is no reason to slander wholesale the word “expert” as anyone who has been a DIYer knows that sometimes an expert is a godsend; you may think painting your house is easy until you try it, fail and watch how smoothly a professional can do it. Beyond this, of course, i am also disgusted with the way the word is used today.

    But you know when people say they are “doing their own research” they must still depend on other researchers and there is really no way to avoid that if you continue to have the same mindset as the experts and researchers that you are scorning; in other words, you must first see that you are still inside the very mindset that you have set out to discredit.

    So called facts are exactly like statistics; they can be put to use to prove any point of view; only if we could see every point of view can we possibly arrive at the truth but even then, absolute proof seems unobtainable; absolute certainty is a product of the will and is easy, but absolute proof/truth is a different beast because, truth is like a first principal; it is Aristotle’s unmoved mover; it is God and cannot be proven since it has no cause that we know of;

    in the end, we have only what has been called “Intellectual intuition” : knowing you are right because the feeling (based on experience and knowledge, mostly of your own heart) comes to you with overpowering certainty; at that point you know that all talk is useless and you are left alone with no means of communication with the other.

    with all that said , man being the simplifying animal, the animal that needs to cling to “being right” i too fall into the same trap ,and almost on a daily basis!

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  5. Uvalde… Say it aloud it sounds kind of like “evil day.” Also day = dei/ deity.

    Voldemort is the Harry Potter villain. Darth Vader is nearby.


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