A research project

Here’s a research project for anyone who wants to take it on:

As early as 1833 [sic*], Konstantin Tsiolkovsky had calculated that a rocket would work in the vacuum of space. The man was a visionary, detailing many of the requirements of the space-age which would only begin to take shape decades later. In 1895 he published an article postulating space travel as a possibility and in 1898 published findings that were to be of the greatest importance: namely that liquid propellants would be more efficient than solid propellants and that of these, a mixture of either oxygen and hydrogen or of oxygen and kerosene, would be most suitable for rocket engines. (Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, Mary Bennett and David S. Percy, page 134)

Obviously, since the topic has come up so often in the comments here, I an interested in the first sentence more than anything. A research project like this would imply that access to Tsiolkovsky’s 1833 work would be necessary.

* Tsiolkovsky was born in 1887. I suggest this year should be 1883.

44 thoughts on “A research project

    1. I wouldn’t waste too much time on the rocket equation guy. It’s just decent psi-fi end of the day…

      I do not remember how it got into my head to make the first calculations related to rocket. It seems to me the first seeds were planted by famous fantaseour, J. Verne.

      Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


      1. We need to look at the actual work he did on the subject. Is it available? Translated? This whole idea that there is no propulsion in space has never settled with me.


  1. For context that is not specific to his actual work, this was emailed to me by Jennifer Lake a few weeks ago (references Fyodorov in addition to Tsiolkovsky):


    “The qualitative level of Russian science in the last decade preceding the revolution was very high. Brilliant work was being done in mathematics and mechanics by A. M. Lyapunov and A. N. Krylov, and in mathematical analysis, in particular, by that outstanding mathematician, V. A. Steklov. Theoretical discoveries of tremendous practical importance in the field of aerodynamics were made by N. E. Zhukovsky, S. A. Chaplygin, and K. E. Tsiolkovsky. P. N. Lebedev’s work on ultra-short radio waves and on light pressure made him famous as one of the world’s finest experi-mentators. The attainments of the older generation of physicists were paralleled by a number of important works that brought prominence to scientists of the rising generation. Such were P. P. Lazarev, who initiated modern physical research into photochemical processes; D. S. Rozhdestvensky, who elaborated an ingenious method, since established as a classic, for the quantitative determination of anomalous dispersion of metal vapour; A. F. Joffe, who became widely known for his experiments in the field of photoelectricity and the physics of crystals. In the natural sciences, Russia could boast such men as K. A. Timiryazev, then engaged in his immortal research into vegetable photosynthesis; the famous selectionist and geneticist I. V. Michurin, and the Darwinian zoologists M. A. Menzbir and A. N. Severtsov. In the field of geology and mineralogy, the Russian natural sciences were represented by the famous crystallographer E. F. Fyodorov; by the “father of Russian geology,” A. P. Karpinsky, and by the founders of geochemistry, A. E. Fersman and V. I. Vernadsky.


    1. I cannot read the 638 page volume, but did delve a few pages into the first 22 pages, which I will finish tomorrow. I did transcribe correctly so the authors of Dark Moon are obviously mistaken about the 1833 date. Now that I wrote that I will check it in the morning. The piece on Marxism and science, I once communicated with a guy from Houston, Jim Versluys, very high intellect, too much for me, who insistently told me that the Russians were the smartest and best scientists on the planet. All beyond me then. And now. I guess I have to read that too. Stephers, you are like a college professor saying read, dammit it! Read! You’re a taskmaster.

      This stuff about propulsion in space is multi-varied, but instinctually I reject the idea that space travel is fake. It seems to me that if you create propulsive force, the result will be motion, even in a vacuum. There are going to be some bruised egos here. Fortunately, I never invested in the debate and am merely an observer. It helps to keep the ego in check.

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      1. Tsiolkovsky’s rocket equation doesn’t answer your question about space propulsion. It’s just a mathematical exercise that sets delta v equal to specific impulse times the natural log of the initial mass and final mass.


        1. Without mathematics we have no passenger jets, bridges or skyscrapers. If there is propulsion in space, as I think to be the case, it has to first be worked out mathematically. Yes, there is much deceit in the science of space travel, as in going to the moon har har, and as far as humans are concerned we’ve probably never gone beyond LEO, but that does not negate the concept of travel in a vacuum. To do that you would have to overcome Tsiolkovsky’s mathematics, not simply dismiss it.


          1. Tsiolkovsky’s maths is correct. My point was it doesn’t prove space flight is real on its own. Goddard expanded the equation to take into account g and resistance at least. Goddard was credited with proving that the last magician’s third law applies in a vacuum. That’s why he was called the ‘moon man’. Story goes everyone thought he was nuts. That is until the Apollo missions and the New York times famous retraction.
            Your time would be better spent reading Goddard’s smithsonian sponsored paper ‘ a method of reaching extreme altitudes’.


            1. Yes, the last magician’s third law applies in a vacuum.
              And the last magician’s third law is precisely what negates propulsion in a vacuum.
              The last magician’s third law says that the force applied to the rocket (reaction) MUST be equal to the force needed by the exhausting gas to expand in the opposite direction (action).
              Now you just have to calculate the force needed to expand a gas against ZERO resistance (= the amount of internal energy expended by a gas that expands against zero resistance).
              Whatever is the result of your calculation, it will exactly match the amount of propelling force.


      1. SMJ,

        My foray into Russian cosmism has been nearly exclusively via Vernadsky and his Noosphere. He has been a research interest of mine, and I have been planning to write about him (as I sense he is a pivotal figure) – I just have not gotten around to it.

        When you say thoughts, can you be more specific? I have plenty of material on Russian cosmism (and its relation to present transhumanism) that I can pull from (some collaboratively aggregated via Alison McDowell and Jennifer Lake), but I do not know what intrigues you most. Personally, I am much more interested in the Psi aspect (ie – noosphere) of Russian cosmism than the rocketry/interplanetary travel angle, as I think it has more direct bearing (albeit insidious) on humanity.


        1. My bad. I had the fountainhead of the movement in mind because I reckon princely gagarin fyodorov and his common task had a major role in leading us to the current state of affairs. The accelerationist push for ai, one world government thru the great reset, human/machine interface and immortality thru tech, the Malthus inspired need for planetary colonization thru spaceships, and the uploading of the gullible apes’ lives into the cloud thru social networks(noosphere) is straight out of fyodorov’s philosophical playbook.

          Perhaps that’s why Theil, the don of the PayPal mafia, was apparently saying great resettish things like this in the early 90s.

          “It would also not be a society of separate nation-states because all the resources of the planet and all productive forces will need to be pooled together in a kind of a planetary union. There will be no competition, no private property, no hierarchies, probably no ethnic or gender differences: nothing that can produce strife or war. Besides, everyone will be immortal so you couldn’t kill anyone even if you wanted to.3”

          Click to access art-without-death.pdf

          It’s all a fraud of course. None of it is truly possible but a repetitive narrative does cause a sort of instinctual belief and therefore a willingness to play along with said narrative.


          1. SMJ,

            Yes, it seems Fyodorov is pivotal in the way you described.

            From your link above . . . It is the “social psychomancy” (AKA swarm intelligence; the psychosphere) that sticks with me most. Unfortunately, I get the sense it is quite easy to remotely influence/impact and predict thinking/behavior amidst the superconsciousness (AKA authentic noosphere, and eventually the artificial noosphere).

            When you say, “It’s all a fraud . . . None of it is truly possible . . .” How can you be so certain? When I delve into the human-machine interface tech, it actually seems not only possible (ie – uploading consciousness), but fairly simple to implement (albeit unethical and anti-life, in my opinion). My sense tells me that sci-fi depictions are intentionally hyperbolic; while, conversely, overt revelations of the tech have been under-stated. Thus, the reality may be somewhere in the middle – giving rise to the possibility that some means of cloud-based living (including human consciousness) may already be operative. But I can only speculate.


            1. I’m certain that I’ve seen no convincing evidence that any of these clowns can even properly define consciousness(assuming there is such a thing)let alone upload it into the cloud. If you have some I’m all eyes.


              1. SMJ,

                This is quite a loaded comment – that would require a very long reply. I will have to circle back at some point . . .

                Suffice to say, no convincing evidence will be found by tracking the Russian cosmists; and any “clowns” you speak of do not necessarily need to properly define “consciousness” in order to upload what they consider to be “minds” into the cloud. Even if not full, raw consciousness (including the notion of spirit/energetics or the “MIND”), what is to say that memories and information extracted from an individual’s brain (not mind per se) can not be harnessed onto a silicon chip or embedded in a crystal, and digitally uploaded. You and I may know for certain that this is not pure consciousness, but does it not seem possible to you?

                I have a family friend who works for Martine Rothblatt. He has signed NDAs, so he cannot divulge any inside information to me. Nonetheless, aren’t you the least bit curious as to what really may be going on with Rothblatt and her (his) colleagues? What do you think these transhumanists – despite them not fully grasping, nor respecting consciousness/spirit – are actually doing?


                1. I reckon they are building a narrative. That creature Rothblatt was also in the satellite and the genome game and I believe in neither of course. So I see no difference between those hustles and the purported ability to digitize memories.

                  I suppose it’s theoretically possible but what isn’t? It is quite the extraordinary claim though.


                  1. SMJ,

                    Aren’t piezoelectric crystal substrates already utilized as a way to digitize memory in nearly all modern electronics?


                    Brain-on-a-chip technology (that which is publicized) seems to be progressing: https://emulatebio.com/brain-chip/, as well as implantable neural prosthetics to encode memory: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6576290/.

                    We report here the first demonstration of a closed-loop neural prosthetic based on ‘writing’ information ‘codes’ for memory into the hippocampus of human subjects. Previous studies that focused on human memory restoration or enhancement implemented pharmaceutical facilitation (Epperly et al 2017), single electrode/fixed-frequency stimulation of brain regions other than the hippocampus (Suthana and Fried 2014, Jacobs et al 2016), or even fixed frequency stimulation of the hippocampus proper (Ezzyat et al 2017). The results reported here illustrate, for the first time, that multi-site spatiotemporal codes designed to mimic specific memory-related neural ensemble firing have been demonstrated to facilitate memory in humans. This demonstration is an important first step in the development of a neural prosthetic for memory which utilizes the information content of hippocampal neural ensembles in a manner similar to prosthetics developed for visual (Weiland et al 2011), auditory (Lim and Lenarz 2015) and neuromuscular (Chase et al 2012) recovery and facilitation.

                    Again, this only reflects what is being overtly reported, and it is only the tip of the iceberg. It may not represent the capability to digitize memories that is envisioned in sci-fi depictions. Nonetheless, the notion of capturing memories (which is essentially data) in crystals or semiconductor chips (including nanoscale NEMS) may not be as far-fetched as you have considered.


                    1. Piezoelectric is about voltage. I do not assume we are logic gates and hard disks. This takes us back to von Neumann inspiring the dna hustle.


            2. The following comment over at CJ Hopkins’s latest caught my eye: “Paraphrasing the eloquent words of the Cowardly Lion -I do believe in “vaccines.” Specifically, with all this wonderful nanotech sitting on the shelve, why use a crude tool like airborne dissemination, when bio-synthetic carrier waves provide read and write access to the neocortex and the ability to manipulate gene protein synthesis remotely with sound and light?”

              Bio-synthetic carrier waves for the masses. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-20764-2

              Good to see evidence of a growing awareness. I consider this an example of “cross-pollination,” or,
              in my world, progress.

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              1. Steve,

                This commenter is over the target (in more ways than you can imagine), and precisely what I have been tracking and theorizing. Alison, Jen, and I have aggregated a good deal of information in this regard. More to come on this front . . . But the ritual that I referenced on another comments thread is highly pertinent (in other words, Revelation of the Method). Here is what Alison tweeted today following our private exchange: https://twitter.com/Philly852/status/1533851632265580544?s=20.


                1. Revelation of method for sure. Please thank Alison. Despite living in UK I have managed to avoid all such publicity so had not seen this..
                  Thank you Stephers and Steve

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                  1. Kath,

                    My relevant comment from the other comments thread for context:

                    June 5, 2022 at 3:10 pm

                    On this note – speaking of evoking the DNA spiral and serpent energy (double helix) . . . Did you see the Queen ignite the Platinum Jubilee beacon a few days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfL9HebGZz0? Note the spiraled and laddered “Tree of Trees” (invoking the unifying Tree of Life). This is highly ritualistic, and deeply primordial – with a high-tech LED spin (signifying the injection of advanced/frontier tech – namely, photonics, given what Alison, Jennifer (Lake), and I are collaboratively tracking).


                    1. A tweet from Alison:

                      A limerick from Jennifer:

                      We all watched our Platinum Queen
                      Light up a Tree from her green
                      The scheme was Magenta
                      so soon we’ll all renta
                      some space in her great World Machine

                      More to come on magenta . . .


                2. Looks like the poor old girl wonders what this is all about, but at least she knows she’s to push the button, and wow-eee, look at those lights!

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                    1. Wow, that is some heavy ritual going on with the illuminated strand, and she looks like a confused toddler, but does hit the mark…the first comment on the clip made me laugh to the point of tears, “Black Star: Practically indistinguishable from a Monty Pythons skit”

                      Was Bloomie there to provide moral support to Andy? The whole thing is creepy AF.

                      The collapsing soldiers motif is too morbid to consider the implications, but not beyond the pale for this clan. Hard to believe it was the heat; the high was 72F, low 62F.


                    2. Baja Az,

                      . . . and to top it off . . . a hologram of the Queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRHEfoeIquY . . .
                      and the Queen with Paddington Bear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UfiCa244XE

                      On Bloomberg’s presence at the Jubilee:

                      https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10880139/Queen-wears-new-Platinum-Jubilee-brooch.html (scroll down for photo of Bloomberg beside Prince William)

                      RE: Collapsing soldiers – it seems this is a regular occurrence (reportedly) with the Queen’s guards – here from 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDp9u5IhTxE (actually looks like a dummy to me – is it even a real body?) and a report here from 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4TtUMQ0Mz4 (displaying a photo from the 2016 footage around the 1:01 timestamp – still looking fabricated to me)


                    3. Yeah, I neglected to say that if 5 of the boys fell at this event, then is that the average for these affairs?

                      If fabricated, to what end?


                    4. OM,

                      My sense is that while there are real instances of soldiers/guards fainting/collapsing during ceremonies all over the world (ie – from dehydration, overheating, low blood sugar, locking knees, etc.), many of these instances are also fabricated. My guess (and based on rumblings I have heard) is that this is an initiatory ritual (masonic/secret society). One hint can be read online . . . from “Freemasonry Imbedded in Mozart’s The Magic Flute” (it is a PDF that I could not attach, but available online to review):

                      “In Freemasonry when a man has to undergo these trials he has to symbolically “first die in their former life if they are to be born into their new one later” (Chailley 127). To do this the initiate would lie on the ground for a while, very still and almost like he was dead to show his symbolic death before he could begin his trials, which would lead him into his new life within the society. In the opera Tamino’s initiatory trial is shown at the very beginning of the opera when he sees the serpent and faints. This fainting, which leaves him lying on the ground very still and silent, almost death like, for a while is his initiatory trial.”

                      I have noticed time and time again, that many of the clips of fainting soldiers (even celebrities, politicians, etc.) often only show the individual laying on the ground, but do not even present coverage of the actual fainting episode. It is simply assumed, and most often the viewer actually thinks they saw the fainting, when, in fact, all that is shown is the person already laying on the ground. I have also noticed that responders tend to delay their response in situations that may indicate it was for ritual purposes, and not authentic incidences of fainting.

                      I hope this makes some sense the way I have described it. You may have to watch some coverage of fainting incidents on You Tube to get your own sense of when fainting “spells” look like ritual, or simply real occurrences. Note fainting “spell,” as in magic conjuring.

                      Here is one silly, yet highly symbolic example of a celebrity “fainting”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2WzbfOhnx8. Note the emerald green color coding, the crown coding, the Statue of “Liberty” coding, etc.


                    5. Stephers,

                      I wonder what “new life” the perpetually fainting Hillary Clinton was supposed to be entering?

                      For me, the symbolism had more to do with the collapse of the democracy illusion and the rise of Donald Trump. It’s funny, I had already stopped watching the news, but during the Trump/Clinton election battle, I remember watching a clip from “Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley” on CBS and was surprised that–before Trump was “elected,” and even though the show had a neo-liberal slant–they changed their opening music to a trumpet solo, and Jane Pauley’s opening catchphrase at the top of the show became, “Let the trumpet sound!” I’m not as keyed into the “twilight language” of media as you are, but that stood out to me as a glaringly obvious example.


                    6. ScottRC,

                      Keen insights, my friend.

                      One week prior to her 9/11 ceremony fainting incident (in September 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnbDZXoA78k&t=1s), Hilary Clinton was interviewed briefly about “conspiracy theories surrounding her health during an in-flight press gaggle en route to a campaign event in Illinois”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4PI8BUitEM&t=1s.

                      In the one-minute clip (on the airplane) linked above, watch the young man beside her – at the 12 second timestamp, he flashes the “Lion’s Paw”: http://whale.to/b/devil_claw.html. Read here about the Lion’s Paw and its symbolism denoting resurrection and immortality: https://freemasoninformation.com/bee-hive/the-lions-paw/.

                      Perhaps with each fainting spell (among other rituals, of course), she has acquired a successive step farther up the masonic ladder (?).


                  1. I wonder if she is not actually the Queen. She looks different somehow. There is a look-alike actress out there who does comedy sketches sometimes. Probably more than one look alike..


  2. Whatever space carny proposes, they are trampling the laws derived by the great Isaac Newton, by applying them without problems in space.

    Newton has never been to space, and his laws were formulated based on atmospheric Earth physics.

    Space travel is, just like aliens, a myth.

    Jules Verne came with the non-scientific “escape velocity” of 11 km/s (combatting an acceleration-based force), a value directly taken by the space scammers.


  3. Speaking of freemasonry… Of course it’s all over movies, but I saw a pretty overt reference in the recent “Nightmare Alley” by Benicio Deltoro. Can any esotericists decode it?

    A grifter is running his con on a wealthy couple who have invited him to their home. He is acting as a medium to put them in touch with their son, who died in the front lines of WWII (when the movie is set.) He and the wife are locking arms, channeling the spirit. The husband stands by looking on. It’s subtle, but his hands are lightly clasped in front of him in a masonic grip(?) – the right hand fingers holding the forefinger of the left hand. His right hand holds a compass against his body, though only the top triangle part is visible.


  4. The concept of “escape velocity” would only makes sense in the case of a rocket fired straight up. Yet space engines always start circling the earth “to gain speed” using some kind of sort of weird catapult effect.

    Space travel, it’s all bullshit.


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