Ode to Joy

These kids are not playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but rather Spring, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I guess this has gone viral, and why not. The looks of joy as they play are contagious.

12 thoughts on “Ode to Joy

  1. MT,

    This is a lovely piece, stirring feelings of joy inside me. Marimba going baroque is a splendid thing, indeed. And the happy, spirited children are a delight. I could go on and on about the positives reflected in this video.

    That said, I also sense there may be some skullduggery afoot (?) – certainly not with the music or the video itself (nor with you posting this) – but the timing of this, given that you implied it has gone “viral.”

    Accordingly, I am so curious as to how you came upon it. The channel you linked to is . . . well, suspect (?) . . . and this Education Africa video featuring the Goede Hoop Marimba Band was originally posted online in January, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-Pn4usTSi8.

    I apologize, MT. I can elaborate more on this “why now” aspect, if you are not upset with me . . . For now, aside from the music, did you notice anything about a couple of the children’s faces, or the part where it says “infectious footage?” Does Vivaldi sound similar to a Texan town recently plastered all over the news?

    Perhaps these are not questions for you, but, rather the AI/algorithms (?) . . .

    Happy Father’s Day, my friend. I sure hope I did not ruin the mood with my forthright and impolite – yet well meaning – reply (probably unsurprising coming from me). In no way would I want to take away from the beauty of the moment captured in the footage. That should stand on its own, regardless.


      1. MT,

        That information is most helpful, as it led me to this pertinent article: https://www.classicfm.com/composers/vivaldi/south-african-marimba-school-band/?fbclid=IwAR18ohV28RGfbfkeqe2fI8-ydxjQWSXZdpz-PH-Sns5pTDcWc8QqZRuyMu0.

        I will try to point out what I perceive between the lines later today or tomorrow . . .

        I see on Facebook that the video (not via the You Tube channel you linked) has had 5.8 million views: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=1008311440048410&external_log_id=1f7a67fa-c62b-460d-8963-36a5966a75f9&q=vivaldi%20africa. I suspect the majority of those views have accrued since the “resurfacing” of the footage. So, you were not wrong when you guessed the video went viral. However, I suggest it may have been “contagious” for unconscious reasons, based on weaponized memetics and AI algorithms pushing it out across the air waves. The implications, I suggest, are actually quite nefarious and indicate mockery – even though we are seeing a moment of pure beauty.


          1. yesterday, as I walked by the water’s edge, I found myself feeling like the convid era was somehow behind us & can see how easy to slip back into the sending of joyful music videos, as was my previous habit, to pass on joy, as we all would wish for, so your comment about a potentially nefarious ‘mind-wipe’ agenda made perfect sense, linking in my mind as part of the overall control agenda


        1. I would be interested in hearing more about how things “go viral.” The obvious suspicion would be that anything unhelpful to the narrative is down listed, and anything “helpful” – even some counter-narratives I guess – is promoted. But I don’t have an inkling how actively curated that would be, and how much it would be algorithms (or what factors would enter into the algorithm.) One hypothesis might be that the majority of it is algorithmic, but if the algorithm promotes anything to a certain level, then human curators – narrative managers – would step in to supervise.


          1. TimR,

            I hope to circle back to your inquiry in more detail (RE: algorithms/AI), but for now, I suggest you explore the woman who reportedly initiated the propagation of the viral video (as noted in the article I linked above) – keeping in mind she is a “blue check” on Twitter. That is key. Do you think she is in the business of curating, and managing narratives? It would seem so.


            *It seems this blue check fellow was involved as well:


            Stefan Simanowitz
            Media Manager- Amnesty International (International Secretariat)
            London, England, United Kingdom 500+ connections

            Amnesty International
            8 years 3 months
            Media Manager
            Apr 2014 – Present 8 years 3 months
            Africa Press Office
            Apr 2014 – Oct 20147 months

            Journalist & Communications Consultant
            Jan 2007 – Present 15 years 6 months
            A London-based journalist, broadcaster and communications specialist.

            Written on politics and culture for publications in the UK and around the world including:

            Guardian, Independent, Financial Times, Economist
            Washington Times, Global Post, Huffington Post,
            New Statesman, In These Times, New Internationalist,
            Prospect, Lancet, Salon.com, Contemporary Review,
            Mail & Guardian, Vice.com, Resurgence, Think Africa Press,
            Africa Report, Afrik, Contemporary Review…
            Show more
            FiSahara Film Festival Graphic
            International Coordinator
            FiSahara Film Festival
            Mar 2010 – Feb 2014 4 years
            Helping to coordinate the Sahara international film festival http://www.festivalsahara.com now in its 11th edition.

            Media Manager (consultant)
            UNICEF UK
            Feb 2012 – Jun 2013 1 year 5 months
            London, United Kingdom
            Three separate consultancy positions working on UNICEF’s Syria campaign, climate change campaign and other emergency campaigns.

            Compact Officer/Manager
            Aug 2007 – Jun 2009 1 year 11 months
            London, United Kingdom

            Legal Info Officer
            Citizens Advice
            Aug 2006 – May 2007 10 months
            London, United Kingdom

            Research & Communications Manager
            Jun 2004 – Mar 2006 1 year 10 months
            Producing quarterly publication for Association for Research in the Voluntary & Community Sector. Providing research, training and support to voluntary sector organisations across the UK.

            PR Manager
            Paul Winner Consultants
            Nov 2001 – Jan 2003 1 year 3 months

            Centaur Communications
            Aug 1998 – Jan 2000 1 year 6 months
            London, United Kingdom
            Working for LAWTEL, the legal publisher. Designed & built Human Rights Interactive site launched to coincide with the enactment of the Human Rights Act. Legal editing and management of reporters in the Royal Courts of Justice.

            Senior Consultant
            European Commission
            Aug 1995 – Apr 1996 9 months
            Brussels Area, Belgium
            Wrote and edited a report on human rights for the European Day of Disabled Persons. Report presented at the European Parliament and informed later EU disability discrimination legislation.

            Research Officer
            Oct 1994 – May 1995 8 months
            London, United Kingdom
            Undertook numerous research projects. Reports written for the European Commission and for submission to the UNHRC on immigration, prison conditions and disability discrimination.

            Press Officer
            Aug 1992 – May 1994 1 year 10 months
            Cape Town Area, South Africa
            Part of small team running press office for ANC Western Cape ahead of South Africa’s first democratic elections.


          2. TimR,

            To more specifically respond to your inquiry about how things “go viral” . . .

            I went through my files to try to find an efficient way to explain this phenomenon, and I recalled this 26-minute presentation by Truthstream Media that I watched in July 2018: “Selfish Ledger: A Talking Cricket, a Self-Writing Quill, and the Coming Hive Mind” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ekkwAyNf1w.

            In my opinion, the main takeaway – and what is most pertinent to your interest – is the concept of AI-driven “behavior sequencing” (tracking, nudging, and predicting human behavior via online data mining).

            While not laid out in detail, nor referenced directly, the short documentary represents the application of weaponized memetics/swarm intelligence (artificial stigmergy). I have spoken to these notions before, as they are critical in grasping the hive mind, and how AI-directed algorithms steer individual minds to merge (group-think via strategies like Google’s Selfish Ledger).

            I hope this is helpful. If not, and you are still interested, I can keep digging through my related material.

            In conclusion (for now), the AI still needs some (although increasingly minimal) human intervention to make decisions; but the goal, of course, is for the AI to become “strong,” such that it is self-sufficient, determining human behaviors without humans even knowing they are being completely controlled. This begins, of course, with ever increasingly sensitive “feeds,” which are merely curated suggestions; but, as the linked presentation depicts, the feeds will eventually be seamlessly connected to the minds of individuals (as they become herded). I am not explaining this very well, so best to watch the video.

            *Note: Be patient with the video, as there are disruptions – not to mention a couple ads. The AI does NOT like Truthstream Media (TM) videos; and thus, makes it challenging for the viewer to watch uninterruptedly. Melissa and Aaron (of TM) have spoken to this in the past.


            1. Thanks Stephers. I’ll give it a watch. Not trying to give you any assignments or anything, just curious about the topic.


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