Another chat with Ab (Fakeologist)

I did not know that when Ab asked me to be on his podcast last night that he wanted to talk about, of all things, 9/11. I really wasn’t prepared, and in fact, have not written much about that day over the years because others have it covered. It is so big, so much research has been done, and more yet to be done.

One guy who has done yeoman’s work on that day is Simon Shack. The podcast below is over two hours, pretty daunting, I know. If anything, listen to the first hour, which is Simon. It is really interesting.

Ab and I cover a wide range of topics, Including, at the end, moving this website off WordPress. I am going to be immobilized for a couple of weeks in October, and Ab has a contact who does that sort of thing. We both agree that being with WordPress is a tenuous situation, that I could wake up one morning to find everything gone. What a waste that would be … Ab read to me a piece I wrote in 2013, nine years ago, and I did not remember a word of it. I thought it was interesting, and brand new. That must be an advantage of senioritis, the ease with which I can be surprised.

Anyway, here it is, and I hope you enjoy all or parts of it.

2 thoughts on “Another chat with Ab (Fakeologist)

  1. I was refreshed. I was provided a few things that I did not know of.

    Ab: “You take a lot of stuff off of your blog.”
    MT: “…I was embarrassed.”

    Maybe you did this too, back in the day: I wrote to my local paper and the Chicago Tribune. I’d like to retract a bunch of that. Too fucking late, obviously – Hard Copy.
    I too am embarrassed… not 911 related though. I have said to Wifey a number of times: people change; intelligent people adjust their views. So, just back the fuck off on those statements made a decade ago (unless they are still promoting the content of course). In my little group, now almost ended (for me), I have remained necessarily silent on a number of fronts – else I would have been shunned much longer ago. Willful ignorance abounds.

    Anyway, Mark, what now? Why beat this dead horse? I do not think that Ab or You, or even Simon is reaching any tipping point of informed and capable individual humans to do anything about this fucked up world – beyond their, our, immediate (and I do mean SMALL) area. We are drowning in stupidity and indifference from/of the masses. Those that are thinking are buried alive in financial malfeasance from above.

    Yes, I know that I have asked this before, and you indicated that you will strive to remain informed and live [peacefully] amongst those you care for… and just watch this world circle the drain (affecting those you care for – more than you, I might add). I am not criticizing that, but I will say that you appear to be financially secure – that is a HUGE difference from the regular Joe, please keep that in mind.

    If you adhere to the collective consciousness schema (matrix world), we are still screwed, being such a minority. “Make this life what you want.” I have heard this a million times. Pray tell how. I wish to be left alone harming no one. To do this, I must effectively hide.

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    1. I hear you. What to do, where to go? I have to get my ankle fixed so we can travel and hike once again. My wife went down the road alone yesterday to climb Mt.Bierstadt … we used to do that in prep for our European trips, and then came Covid. The Italian Alps are amazingly beautiful. That’s all I can say … I know I am not changing any minds, but I haven’t thought that possible for years. I get a good feeling out of writing. I did a podcast with Travis Mateer some time back, he’s in Missoula Montana and writes locally, and at one point he says “You don’t care what people think, do you?” I think I said “No,” but the real answer is yes and no, mostly no. I won’t blurt things out at family gatherings. I just remain silent and let it all go on. But on the blog, anything goes. I enjoy that.

      And yes, I am financially OK, but remember Black Swans, Nassim Taleb’s wonderful little book sitting right next to me. I like to think I’ve been smart, but luck plays a huge role. The price of natural gas right now is the wind in my sails, but for years was so depressed that people were bailing left and right. I stayed in because bailing made no sense … no one would pay me shit. No choice. So now it is lucrative. But I’ve long known that fossil fuels are our only real choice, and the people behind the climate nonsense know this too. That is being both unable to move and being somewhat enlightened. Go figure. Both smart and frozen in a block of ice.


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