Milankovitch cycles, just for the fun of it

Below the fold is a twelve-minute video that explains (and demonstrates) two aspects of Milankovitch cycles, those two being tilt (aka obliquity) and precession. There is also orbital eccentricity, maybe covered in another video. Between the three, Milankovitch worked out mathematically the Earth’s rotating progression between ice ages and interglacial periods like our current one.

“Climate change”, a propaganda thrust that we are currently hyperbolic about, really pales in significance to hundreds of thousands of years of ice ages. And, interglacial periods are really nice to have. Without them, there would be no human progress as we have enjoyed these last 12,000 years or so of the Holocene, which includes in its span warm periods called Egyptian, Minoan, Medieval, and our current Modern, the least warm of those listed here. Note how names of warm periods coincide with advances of civilizations.

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