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Our Dam Obesity Problem

The following does not constitute medical advice. It is opinion. Before you make any changes to your medications, diet, or lifestyle, be sure that the person in charge of overseeing your health care is fully informed. By the way—that person … Continue reading

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Too Many People? On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

We’ve all heard it: “That can’t possibly be true—too many people would have to be involved. Somebody would have spilled the beans by now.” In fact, that is usually the first reaction I hear from people I’ve tried to enlighten … Continue reading

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Critical thinking skills and conspiracies (Part 3)

See Part One See Part Two In the JFK assassination, skeptics noticed a high death rate among witnesses due to unnatural causes such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, suicides. Death by accident is a rare occurrence, so let’s say that … Continue reading

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Critical thinking skills and conspiracies (Part 2)

See Part One The most common example used to demonstrate the principles of critical analysis of evidence is the coin toss. It is easy to follow. Statistics is a branch of mathematics, and deals with probability. Nothing is impossible in … Continue reading

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Critical thinking skills and conspiracies

Note to reader: This post originally appeared on Monday, 3/16, and the first reactions I got were that it was too long. I therefore decided to re-post it in three parts, the second and their to appear tomorrow and the … Continue reading

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Holy crap! EU lands space ship on fricking comet!

The Rosetta landing was an inspirational feat, and may tell us if we are alone in this universe (so very highly unlikely!) But more than that, on seeing what they pulled off there I realized that the impetus for space … Continue reading

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Uselessly overadvantaged

We have also noted how power structures successively dominate over human affairs had for aeons successfully imposed a “specialization” upon the intellectually bright and physically talented members of society as a reliable means of keeping them academically and professionally divided … Continue reading

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Worth watching …

You all probably know about this, since I am usually several years behind on TV viewing. Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan’s widow, and Seth McFarlane, who gave us Ted, have produced a new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson in the … Continue reading

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Fathoming the unfathomable

Recently I came across a TED talk* by Elaine Morgan, an old gal and a counter-cultural writer who has challenged the academic world with her advocacy of the water-born theory of human evolution. It’s been around for a while. She … Continue reading

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Why not ice cream for breakfast?

I have been struggling to come up with a way to incorporate the suffix “itute” onto the word “dietitian” as a means of conveying the essential bankruptcy of that profession. Another profession equally bankrupt, economics, lends itself quite easily – … Continue reading

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