Interview with an automaton

I once knew a professor of philosophy, Fr. David Stanley as I recall. I am no philosopher, though I admire the profession and think it important. I mention Fr. Stanley because of his sense of humor. He gave a brief talk at an informal gathering, and counted to ten … philosophically. It was very funny, but I only remember a small snippet. He said, and don’t hold me intellectually responsible for this, that there is a problem in counting in that getting from zero to one is an insurmountable goal. How to do it? You use existentialism – you AFFIRM one.

[I can’t help this, unrelated and not well understood by me, but Jean-Paul Sartre was sitting at a coffee shop on a street in Paris, and a waitress took his order, coffee, no cream. Later she returned to tell him “Monsieur, we are out of cream. Would you like your coffee instead without milk?”]

Anyway, Fr. Stanley popped into my head as I watched the brief interview above with Alok Sharma Luke Murphy, who is apparently a wind-up doll. He regurgitates falsehoods automatically, with no scientific evidence to support him. When the interviewer calls him out, he does not respond, but rather AFFIRMS his position. Julia Hartley-Brewer is incredulous, even mocking him, to no avail. Sharma Murphy is paid to lie, as are all of the major figures in the climate alarmist movement. The whole movement from the beginning has been about affirmation of falsehoods supported by techniques in propaganda.

It is heartening to see the interview, Hartley-Brewer openly calling him out. As a rule of thumb, alarmists do not appear on contested forums, and this is why. They got nothing, but somehow have to count their way from zero to one.

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