Pelosi details

I don’t wish to jump on someone else’s wagon here, as Mr. Mathis has written a 13-page paper on the alleged attack on Paul Pelosi. He covers everything quite well, and I am only here to report on what the media is saying in addition to his remarks concerning the Capitol Police.

This article in the LA Times answers some questions not asked, at least by news media.

  • One, is the family of Nancy Pelosi covered by Capitol Police? The LA Times article is vague on this matter, saying that since the speaker was not at home, but rather in DC, that the Pelosi home was not covered.

This sounds like nonsense. Suppose there really were terrorists like David DePape intent on harming Pelosi. He could as easily kidnap her husband and demand concessions. Imagine, for just a second, that Obama is president but while he is traveling, White House security for his wife, children and dog is suspended. It just does not work that way. The Speaker of the House, second in line for the presidency after the Vice President, gets full protection, she and her family, no matter where she is located.

  • Security cameras around the Pelosi residence were on, but were not being monitored. They are usually not when she is in DC.

This too is nonsense. Why have security cameras at all? We will find on that every inch of that property is monitored, constantly. If you watch TV detective shows at all, you know that people are paid to watch everything at all times, otherwise there is no point in having the cameras turned on. These people know about security, and are good at it.

  • DePape got in by smashing a patio window.

This would have set off alarms within the house, and with the guards on the property. Probably the SF police too. Neighbors have reported that there were always guards present on the Pelosi property, and that no one could get close to the front door without being screened, authorized and invited. Do you think they simply forgot about the back entrance? (Oops!)

  • MM reported on this, but I will reiterate: A blow to the head with a hammer is lethal, even fatal for a senior citizen.

I mention this because I heard on the news today that Paul Pelosi is back home. It’s been seven days. I would imagine that part of his skull was fractured or broken, and that he would be heavily sedated or dosed up on pain pills to manage the pain that goes with a head wound. I can see that hospitals want to free up bed space as soon as possible after an accident, but for an 82-year-old man with a severe blunt force head wound, it would be like Vito Corleone returning home just a few days after being shot.

Far more likely he is said to be home today because the election is tomorrow, so the story has now officially ended. Newt Gingrich predicted massive losses for Democrats nationwide, but I have to say, other than seeing our rotten Colorado governor, Jared Polis, turned out (and that for mere personal satisfaction), I am yet to see elections having much effect on public policy.

Strike that – Montana did eliminate the mask mandate after Democrats were turned out en masse in 2020, and the legislature passed a law prohibiting vaccination as a condition of employment. (I do not know what became of that law, as there were immediate court challenges that I did not follow.)

I do not know as much as I like to think I do. That really happened in Montana, and a change from D to R preceded it.

PS: I made an unintentional funny with my wife. She asked why they would stage an incident like this, and I said that it was likely due to the elections, that Democrats are in trouble, and nationwide are going to get “hammered.”

33 thoughts on “Pelosi details

  1. How, in your estimation, would this old man getting (fake) attacked affect elections?

    What do you think the oligarchs’ line of thinking is re: this event?


    1. As I mentioned at the end of the post, I do not understand politics well. The Mathis piece spells out many details on the perp, a lot of blackwashing going on, him being 911 Truther and anti-vax.


  2. “The Speaker of the House, second in line for the presidency after the Vice President,”
    And to thinkn this person is able to put on theater for the mass media. Seems like it would go against policy to lie to th epublic. They must have found a loophole.


  3. Almost all Frisco swells, including Pelosi, live in Pacific and Presidio Heights in the northern part of town.
    The houses in the Pacific/Presidio Hts. area are often empty, as these elites jump all over the place to their other venues. These local flops are largely for fundraisers, meetings and PR staging. They are relatively small within these cramped neighborhoods, though opulent. The only place with genuine grandiosity is the Spreckels mansion which has been owned for a long time by “novelist” Danielle Steel, née Schuelein-Steel.
    A long ago friend of mine was a high end delinquent who ran with Steel’s late first son, Nick Traina. He hung out at the mansion a few times and each time was thoroughly frisked by uzi toting security. This for a romance novelist, not the third most powerful person in the government.
    The only question remaining is why these hack writers think this convoluted, ever mutating story would sell. Are they so contemptuous of our intelligence or are they the idiots? Or is the nonsense simply an incomprehensible distraction because if this wasn’t being overcooked in the media, they would have to report on the polling that usually dominates pre-election news and the Dems can’t have that as their dwindling base may be confronted with a truth so devastating that their supporters just stay home in despondency and the rout is even worse.
    ‘Natch, that last bit assumes some actual ballot counting…

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    1. I looked at polling, and it says that our creepy governor Polis is favored to win reelection by large margins. It is either public stupidity or electronic manipulation. Either way, I lose. I resign. But I voted! At least on this one creep. Of course my vote mattered.


      1. Electronic manipulation, I would say.
        Also the David Depape charcter seems to be a family member.
        PS. The alledged killer of the Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini (1974) was also a Pelosi. Maybe theatre is a genetic thing with the Pelosis.


      2. Voting is the adult version of writing a letter to Santa Claus. Gross.

        Mathis (and you) can’t possibly be so gullible and naive as to think that voting has any actual effect. It’s all Kayfabe, obviously. Is Statism really so deeply ingrained? I refuse to believe that those so otherwise intelligent can possibly still buy this claptrap.

        Another tell that Mathis is controlled opposition is that he claims to believe in heliocentrism, despite the fact that every scientific experiment ever conducted has shown that the earth is stationary (Michelson-Morely, Kennedy-Thorndike, Sagnac, etc.)8

        Let the theater continue!


        1. Good way to put it, letter to Santa Clause. Unless the country is in Stockholm Syndrome, no way did they return to office the assholes who locked them down, forced them to mask and fired them for not vaccinating. I have a strong distaste for all liberals, and cannot imagine I am different from everyone around me. They are monsters.


          1. Most likely, those clowns were preselected by the usual hidden criminals that actually run this country to be put back into their government offices after the sham elections. The peasants had no real say or impact on who won such elections and who are in “power” now.

            Voting in America (and elsewhere) – as it is in its current form – is just simply a mirage to give the gullible, stupid masses the illusion of choice as it concerns major (or even relatively minor) important elections and the political actors involved.


        2. I agree with you, Cy: literally all meaningful elections are fake.

          The reported margins, the delays, and everything else is theatre. What gets reported is all and ONLY about releasing specific, purpose-serving narratives to manipulate rubes.

          The poll-site computers do indeed function, and they do indeed collect every individual’s votes. But the votes are not applied to any voting. The votes append to a database that is unleashed to profile us, our neighborhoods, our cities, etc., for use later. Against us.


        3. Cyrus, what are the other tells that Mathis is controlled opposition?

          And what’s his assignment? In what ways is he spinning us off?


          1. I’ll get the ball rolling by briefly answering my own question while anxiously awaiting feedback from Cyrus and any others.

            If MM is a project, perhaps the extremely subtle and clever agenda is:

            Always point all fingers at Jews, Phoenicians, and Peeragers to cover for the true perps hiding even deeper, like perhaps The Vatican, Freemasons….
            Normalize and whitewash the literal mental illness and culture infestation that has been labeled as “gay” by telling us relentlessly and ceaselessly that all famous people are so-called “gay” and that he has known many “gays” throughout his life.

            That’s a start.


            1. Always look at what these alleged “truthers” don’t say.

              Mathis pushes his “Phoenician Navy” agenda. The “Phoenician Navy” control everything. He writes long, tedious papers pointing the finger at these boogeymen.

              Yet, Mathis won’t mention that “history” and “chronology” are one Big Lie. In fact, he lashes out at the very idea. He also arrogantly dismissed the very suggestion that EGI may be real. And he scoffs at criticisms of spherical Earth.

              Why? Because Mathis is a CIA trap. He’ll happily admit that George Floyd or JFK Killings were faked. And, he’ll repeatedly tell you, it was those darned Gay Lebanese Sailors all along! Yet, when it comes to bigger, more important issues, Mathis returns to his CIA factory setting, regurgitating the wiki-approved “facts” like an automaton.


    2. The outrageousness of the lie is part of its genius. I would bet people who live in that neighborhood and know exactly what you do about the level of security in those elite homes nevertheless believe everything the media says happened.

      I recently had a fascinating conversation with an Ivy-League-educated young woman who described the way a man she later realized was a malignant narcissist wormed his way into her life and basically terrorized her for years. I’d never heard the term “malignant narcissist,” but when I read about it, I thought the Davos crowd must be packed with them. This guy got her to let him into her home at 2 in the morning by telling a fairly obvious lie, and then switching to tell a series of even more obvious and increasingly contradictory lies in order to get her to let him sleep on her sofa. She described how she had doubts, but chose to believe him, tossed him a pillow and a blanket, then went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, he was naked in bed with her. He said he was surprised she’d invited him to sleep there with him. She experienced a moment of horror that he was lying about something she knew hadn’t happened–she hadn’t been drunk, she’d left him on the sofa, she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested in sleeping with him. But then she wondered if maybe she’d said or done something that he’d misunderstood, or if she’d accidentally given him a mixed signal of some kind. This was an extremely intelligent, assertive woman who received prestigious grants to study the debilitating effects of propaganda and social media on society… but when an individual used tried-and-true, obvious propaganda techniques on her, they worked like a charm. And even after what she went through, and even after acknowledging that everything he did over the course of many years mirrored the manipulative, fear-mongering, gaslighting nature of news media, she still thinks “conspiracy theory” is crazy and that it’s impossible to believe the wealthiest people at the top could be using those techniques in a deliberate way to mindfuck the public the way that guy mindfucked her.

      So I don’t think it’s a matter of the reality-weavers being idiots… or even, necessarily, having contempt for our intelligence. That malignant narcissist knew what an impressive scholar his victim was, and her intelligence was probably a big reason he became obsessed with her. Propagandists use stories like this, using techniques like telling glaringly obvious bald-faced lies, because they work, that’s all.


      1. What a fascinating story. Curious that she’s a professional student of gaslighting and propaganda, yet doesn’t believe in “CT”.. I guess she’s compartmentalized somehow? Seems like there’d be a large overlap.


        1. There’s a huge overlap. I’ve become good friends with her, but I realized I had to stop sharing my point of view on world events, because she really thinks of “conspiracy theorists” as people who are just lost. She wants to help us get out of the hole of delusion and ignorance we’re stuck in.

          What’s interesting is that she has left academia speaks quite lucidly and wittily about how compartmentalized, phony, unnatural, dishonest and cut off from reality people in that world are. Yet she uses the academic credentials of government and media appointed experts to justify her position on things like Covid. It’s fascinating and infuriating to me.


          1. That sounds like quite the conversation, would love to be a fly on the wall.

            I’ve encountered that sort of reaction too, where someone worries you’re lost in a fantasy world. But they have so many assumptions and projections about it, rather than seeking to actually understand one’s views.


          2. The ways this guy fucked with her–which apparently are typical of malignant narcissists, and are absolutely typical of our leaders. I wish she’d write a book about it, or let me.

            He would tell her about how he had deliberately destroyed other people’s reputations and careers, threatening her implicitly and overtly, but doing it in a dispassionate way that seemed devoid of anger. It was just how he operated. When people didn’t worship the ground he walked on (as most people in their Ivy League world did, and she made the mistake of not doing), it became his mission to destroy them. The really crazy thing is that he also wanted to marry her. I guess this kind of behavior was what he had in place of the passion of actual love, and he didn’t know anything else. It definitely gave me a different perspective on the Davos crowd.


          3. “She wants to help us get out of the hole of delusion and ignorance we’re stuck in.”

            Ironic coming from a person who lives in her own world of delusion and ignorance, as you’ve shown in detail elsewhere. Self-reflection on her part, much? No wonder The-Powers-That-Be are having such a field day with people like her: I would, too, if I were in their shoes.


      2. He was naked in the bed next to her? Sounds like she’s gaslighting herself! She didn’t lock her door? She’s such a heavy sleeper, even while in a heightened state of angst with someone she didn’t quite trust in her home? This is why she can’t understand the CT viewpoint—and why you should be questioning her and not believing everything she says when she’s put some kind of spin on that anecdote, because it makes no sense.


        1. There was a lot more to the story and a lot more to that particular incident, and she has no reason to lie. Especially since the story doesn’t make her look good and she does not flaunt or fetishize victimhood the way so many people do.

          Even if she made the whole story up though–which would have been quite an undertaking as it is a long and detailed story–the parallels between his methodology and the methodology of propaganda are fascinating.


  4. “Imagine, for just a second, that Obama is president but while he is traveling, White House security for his wife, children and dog is suspended.”

    Or imagine the same thing for the Kennedys that didn’t travel with JFK to Dallas, Texas in late-1963 – but instead stayed at the White House unprotected. The fact that then-President Kennedy had no proper security detail surrounding him during that fateful trip is in itself an anomaly, much like his decision to visit Texas at such a divided time in America’s history, so I’m surprised that they at least didn’t remove top-notch security for his children and relatives left behind in Washington, D.C. from the storyline.


  5. HPM (re: your December 8, 3:37 pm post): Precisely!

    Candidates and elections are 100% fake. And registering and voting are tricks/traps.


    1. Which also means that claims of “election fraud” are yet more misdirection to make the plebs think that their votes still count, which is why some evil forces like “those damn liberals/conservatives!” or “the Russians!” rigged or stole the electoral victories from them, including their votes.

      In reality, as you’ve pointed out, it’s all a gigantic scam on the gullible sheeple that still believe their input on anything political really matters to the ruling elite.


      1. Exactly.

        Politics and media are 0.000% about truth or substance, and 100.000% about narratives/propaganda employed for manipulation and brainwashing.

        It’s all fake, and it’s all a con.

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        1. Yet nothing substantially is being done about anything we want changed for the better. Lots of talk and no walk. All of the articles, books and discussion for how many years now, pointing out our predicament and nothing has really changed. The Calvarly that’s supposed to ride in and save the day are military intelligence or actors. The anarchy and revolution is staged so everyone sits at home and watches.


          1. That’s because there are no actual politicians and no actual media.

            Everything presented to us, always, from all sources, is literally nothing but propaganda narratives.

            And those who are “on our side”, pushing the sensible narratives, are all controlled-opposition deceivers.

            I don’t see even the very-slightest hint at a possible solution for saving ourselves.

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            1. “I don’t see even the very-slightest hint at a possible solution for saving ourselves.”

              Well, in that case, humanity is pretty much getting what it deserves, because if it can’t find or invent an attainable solution to saving itself from catastrophe or even solving its present problems – meanwhile exacerbating their existing ills by partaking and promoting them – then we ultimately have nobody to blame here but us for allowing things to continue as they are.


              1. “…can’t find or invent an attainable solution…”

                Won’t… it is not allowed. Many have said it: these are not human beings running the show. Those in control could rectify the situation in mere months, perhaps just weeks; this is not their desire though.

                “Shana, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say let ’em crash!”


                1. Won’t… it is not allowed. Many have said it: these are not human beings running the show. Those in control could rectify the situation in mere months, perhaps just weeks; this is not their desire though.”

                  I wasn’t talking about The-Powers-That-Be in my above comment, but your solid points about the elite not wanting change are accepted. This also explains why they invest plenty of time and resources at their disposal into making sure that things stay as they are by keeping everybody divided, distracted, afraid, and/or apathetic (which is where the next paragraph below comes into play.)

                  As for the masses, I don’t think there’s really any obstacle to plebs’ possibly wanting to improve their situation before it’s completely too late. Their sheer mass and numbering as a group prove this, IMO, because if humanity wanted to come together and dethrone our tiny, corrupt global rulership, it would have done so a long time ago with no problem and we wouldn’t have this conversation.

                  Yet, that hasn’t happened, which to me speaks volumes about how bad humanity’s situation is.


                2. “These are not human beings running the show.”

                  Maybe that’s what the tv show “V” was all about: the demons-in-charge admitting, as if compulsed, right to our clueless, gullible faces, that non-human entities in-disguise rule us.


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