Another podcast…

In the past two weeks, I have missed two dentist appointments, and even as I knew I was going to interview Ab of Fakeologist at 6PM on Monday, there I sat in my chair when he called to remind me. We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to liven up a new Yeti microphone I purchased (I am planning on doing live interviews in the not-too-distant future, perhaps using Zoom). Who to interview? I would start with the people who comment here.

Anyway, beneath the fold is the latest conversation between Ab and me.We did it over the phone, as technomoron here could not get the new microphone to work.

3 thoughts on “Another podcast…

  1. Wonderful news! Entering into your True Self, Spiritual reality, you are becoming an anathema to the machine. Hence tech and other matrix os issues. This change/Transformation is inconvenient within the matrix world, but ultimately, Soul and Life-saving when applied to navigation out of the trap into the new paradigm reality, and cause for celebration.

    Where one world descends, another ascends. To catch the new paradigm train (via Frequency) you have to SEE/FEEL it, which requires Holy Spirit Vision (not antilife spirit). Discernment is key, accept no substitutes – they are traps within the trap. All the Best to you.


  2. MT, you inspired me to break my podcast cherry. I am glad I did, since your speaking style is about what I had imagined; easy and measured. Ab is funny and has a nice locution spiced with irony, but without veering into sneering.

    Looking forward to DK’s visionary piece as well.


  3. Ab’s suggestion of ProtonMail is a good one.

    Also, my Hotmail account on “Outlook” ( allows [right-click] “Empty Folder”, or a multi-select checkbox. Either way – thousands of Messages gone in seconds.

    Surprising that Ab had never heard of Firstenberg.


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